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Anupriya Saraswat

“Space and light and order; those are the things that
men need just as much as they need bread or a place to

in Switzerland on October 6. 1887  Studied at the La Chaux de Fonds art school.EARLY LIFE Born as Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris. under L’Eplattenier. in La Chaux de Fonds.  Worked under Auguste Perret in 1906  Worked under Peter Behrens in 1910  . and Rene Chappallaz.

INFLUENCES UPON HIS WORK Swiss Art Noveau Cubism Classical Architectural Proportions Fordism Charterhouse in the Valley of Ema .

CONCEPTUAL WORK AND PHILOSOPHIES Purism Domino House •Purity of form and composition •Open floor plan •Emphasis on Concept •Rejection of the bizarre and the original •Nature as the fount of all forms •Staircase on one side of the built form •Customizable floor space in terms of usage •Minimal number of RCC columns to support concrete slabs around the edges .

THE MODULAR  An anthropometric system of scales involving the golden ratio.240m) Derives from the Vitruvian man Based on the model of a six-foot tall man standing with his hand raised Used to derive a relationship between the imperial and the metric system . the Fibonacci sequence. and human measurements    The red scale is based on navel measurements (half height) and the blue scale derives from the full height of the man (2.

 Roof gardens  Open floor plans  The free design of Façade  The Ribbon window Villa Savoye-Poissy-Sur-Seine. Cambridge.LE CORBUSIER'S FIVE POINTS OF ARCHITECTURE  Pilotis – The replacement of supporting walls by a grid of RCC columns. Massachusetts . France Carpenter Center of the Visual Arts-Harvard University.

OTHER IMPORTANT FEATURES  Brise Soleil – Sunbreakers  Ramps  Brut Concrit  Wide expansive piazzas  Monumental scale of buildings  Irregular fenestrations  The Open Hand – La Main Ouverte .

•Initially planned in steel framework.MAJOR WORKS Unite D’habitation •Situated near Marseilles. also known as the radiant city. •Consisted of 16 blocks of cruciform plan form residential blocks made of steel frame and glass curtain walls •Designed to house 3 million residents . constructed in rough cast concrete •Consists of 337 apartments on 12 storeys all supported on piloti •Gave inspiration for brutalist architecture Ville Contemporaire •Proposed on the north bank of seine in Paris.

MAJOR WORKS Chappele Notre dame du Haut Villa Roche •Constructed in Ronchamp. France •Commissioned by Raoul La Roche •Most popular for its introduction of the architectural promenade . France near the Jura mountains •Commissioned by Father Couturier for his reformist sect •Most popular for its response to local climate and light play •Constructed in Paris.

MAJOR WORKS Millowner’s Association Building •Situated in Ahmadabad •Entry through ceremonial ramp •The building consists of three floors consisting of boardrooms. offices and conference halls •The façade comprises of symmetric sun breakers Swiss Pavilion •Built in Paris for transfer students •Entire structure supported on 6 massive RCC columns •Southern façade consists of a continuous glazed curtain wall .

of 800X1200 meters .50.000) and Phase II with 17 sectors (population3.  Design based on the module system. being the Sector.Commission later transferred to Le Corbusier for his grid Iron Sector planning City divided into 2 phases – Phase I with 30 sectors (population-1.50.000)  City plan of Chandigarh showing the 47 sectors  The entire city catered to half a million people.URBAN PLANNING-CHANDIGARH   Planned in 1948 Initially proposed by Mayer and Novicki.


. •Front façade comprises of vertical piers supporting a forward thrusting roof slab at 60 ft height in order to create visual prominence.CHANDIGARH-CAPITOL COMPLEX Secretariat •Build as a 254 m long concrete slab with a height of 42 m •Made of rough cast concrete •Consists of two massive ramps which wind on either side of the building •Entire façade consists of brise soleil State Assembly •Built with a much more conventional square plan form •The facades are completely symmetrical.

with direct access to court rooms from the floor level •Façade is independent of internal planning •Aligned precisely on the north – south axis •Designe d as a one sided hall •Not complete d .CHANDIGARH – CAPITOL COMPLEX High Court Tower of Shadows •4 towering brise soleil act as piers for the main entrance. concealing a ramp within •Ground floor is left partially open.