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Eminent Historians

Their Technology, Their Line, Their Fraud


During the British

rule of India,
History taught in
schools was
specially doctored
to deprive the
natives of the
knowledge of their
own heritage and
culture, and on the
other hand to
admiration of their

Arun Shouries
Historians, informs
the reader that this
dangerous trend in
the writing of
Indian History is
still rampant.

Arun Shourie

History must not be made a tool for

serving political or other ends

Marxist historians have been suppressing facts and inventing

lies by seizing control of institutions such as the Indian
Council of Historical Research (ICHR), the National
Council of Educational Research Training (NCERT),
large parts of Indian academia, and nearly all of the
English-media newspapers and publishing houses.

Marxist historians and the corruption by them



Status of project

K. Rajayan

Before 1857

Submitted but not traceable

S.R. melhotra


Not submitted

Bipin Chandra

1885-1886, 1932-1934

Not submitted

B.R. Grover


Submitted and published

Sumit Sarkar

1905-1907, 1907-1909

Not submitted

M.N. Das


Not submitted

T.K. Ravindran


Not submitted

V.N. Dutta


Submitted and published

Sita Ram Singh


Submitted and published

Amba prasad


Not submitted

Bimal Prasad

1927-1929, 1930-1931

Not submitted

Gopal Krishna


Not submitted

Included as principals in this group of

Marxist historians are Romila Thapar, Satish
Chandra, K.M. Shrimali, K.M.Pannikar, R.S.
Sharma, D. N. Jha, Gyanendra Pandey, and
Irfan Habib.

The Islamic conquest of India is probably

the bloodiest story in history.

Marxist party line is to project Hindus as

exploitative feudalists and Muslims as

Book: Bharat Katha, prepared by the Burdwan Education Society,

Teachers Enterprise, published by Sukhomoy Das.

Page 113: According to Islamic law non-Muslims

will have to choose between death and Islam. Only
the Hanafis allow non-Muslims to pay jaziya in
exchange for their lives.
After Edition:By paying jaziya to Alauddin khaliji,
Hindus could lead normal lives.

Page 89: sultan mahmud used force for widespread

murder, loot, destruction and conversion.
After Edition: There was widespread loot and
destruction by Mahmud.

No reference to killing, No reference

to forcible conversions.

How the Buddhist priesthood perished by the

swords of the Muslim invaders has been
recorded by Muslim historians themselves.
Still Marxist historians are suppressing this fact.

Sultan Mahmud
bin Ibrahim
Sharqi( AD
in Tabkat-iakbari
After sometime he
proceeded to Orissa
with the intension of
jihad. He attacked
places in the
neighborhood of that
province and laid
them waste, and
destroyed the
temples after
demolishing them

Sultan Sikandar
Lodi at
In abullahs
He was so zealous a
Musalman that he
utterly destroyed
diverse places of
worship of the
infidels, and left not
a vestige remaining
of them. He entirely
ruined the shrines of

25 May 1679:
Auragzebs reign
Bahadur returned
from Jodhpur after
demolishing its
temples, and
bringing with himself
several cart-loads of
idols. The emperor
ordered that the idols
should be cast in the
quadrangle of the
court and under the
steps of Jama masjid
for being trodden

The language of the record speaks for

itself. It leaves no doubt that they took
immense pride in doing what they did.

Sultan Ahmud
Shah I Wali
in Tarikh-iFirishta.
wherever he(Ahmud
Shah) went put to death
men, women, children,
without mercy
Whenever the
number of slain
amounted to 20,000, he
halted 3 days, and made
a festival celebration of
the bloody event

1 January 1705:
Aurangzebs reign
The Emperor,
Muhammad Khalil
and Khidmat Rai, the
darogha of hatchetmen ,ordered them
to demolidh the
temple of
Pandharpur, and to
take the buthers of
the camp there and
slaughter cows in the
temple It was

Even after records provided by Aurangzeb

himself, Marxist historians force us to
believe that whatever Aurangzeb did was
for economic purposes. That there were no
conflicts on the base of Religion.

The real color of


Even after all this, such extracts were found

from the textbook for Class V, saying:
Islam and Christianity are the only religions
which treated man with honor and equality

Excerpts from Quran

Quran, 9:123 :"O you who believe, fight those of

the unbelievers near you and let them see how harsh
you can be...

Quran, 4.89: ...take not from among them friends

until they fly (their homes) in Allahs way; but if

they turn back [to their homes], then seize them and
kill them wherever you find them...

Historians shut their eyes to all this.

Composite culture is all they speak.

How a group of few

invading Aryans
over-ran this
extensive culture
without leaving any
archeological or
literary traces. It is
never explained.
Still this ridiculous
theory which has no
historical records is
taught in schools.
Excavation shows Harappan civilization
covered areas from musa khel in the North
west to Kolapur in southernmaharashtra to the far east.

Historical records dose not support Aryan

invasion theory. It is a concoction of the
Europeans to make Indians feel lowly of their

But these historians still force us to

believe it.

The main concern of our eminent historians

is to completely forgive Islam of these notions
and of campaigns and deeds which flow from

These Historians have always malign

Hinduism. But they dont see any fault with
Islamic killing.

When anybody tries to rewrite the true

history, they say its a plot to distort
the history.

Arun Shourie and K.M. Shrimali were

invited on aap ki adalat ,a
programme on Zee TV.
Raghuvanshi asked Shrimali whether
Aurangzeb was a religious bigot.
But, Shrimali gave no clear answer, only
asserting that Aurangzeb's court had many
Hindu nobles.

Foul play of Marxist historians

There are two pillars of present history-writing
in India:
To produce evidence which will establish

Hindus to be intolerant .
To respect and show an sympathetic

understanding of Islamic communalism.

Foul play of Marxist historians

N. Jha says:
The Brahmins depend on sacrifices. He even said

that animal sacrifice was a source of their

So Ashoka preached Buddhism and non-violence to
undermine Brahmin influence.

No need for any historical evidence.

Effect of History on Students

Effects on students of the history

taught in schools and colleges
They get estranged from the real history.
They takes these assertions to be truth.
They never ask for the evidences. For
them it becomes:

A truth which has been

proven for ages.

The communist theory has failed in other parts of the world.

But not India.
Because these people occupy pivotal positions in media and
the educational structure.

After 34 years scholarly work is again being

done which reveals the real facts.
But it is not being allowed to reach a large