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Adult Bible Study Guide

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Adult Sabbath School Bible Study Guide

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Brge Schantz, Principal Contribu

Biblical Missionaries
Our Goal

We will look at mission first

and foremost as Gods means
for commu-nicating the gospel.
Mission is a core part of Gods
sovereign activity in the
process of redeeming
We will study how Gods
eternal purpose has been

Biblical Missionaries

The Missionary Nature of God

Abraham: The First Missionary
The Unlikely Missionary
The Jonah Saga
Exiles as Missionaries
Esther and Mordecai
Jesus: The Master of Missions
Cross-Cultural Missions
Peter and the Gentiles
Philip as Missionary
Paul: Background and Call
Paul: Mission and Message
Must the Whole World Hear?

Biblical Missionaries
Lesson 3,
3, July
July 18

The Unlikely


The Unlikely Missionary

Key Text

Luke 4:27 NIV

And there were many in

Israel with leprosy in the time
of Elisha the prophet, yet not
one of them was cleansed
only Naaman the Syrian.

The Unlikely Missionary

Quick Look

1. A Captive Maid
(2 Kings 5:2, 3)
2. An Undiplomatic
(2 Kings
5:9, 10)
3. A New Believer
(2 Kings 5:15-17)

The Unlikely Missionary

Initial Words

THIS lesson deals with the

healing of Naaman, a wealthy,
powerful, and very proud
idolater who, in his great need,
came to experience the power
of the living God and first did
so through the witness of a
unlikely missionary.

The Unlikely Missionary

1. A Captive Maid

2 Kings 5: 2, 3 NKJV

And the Syrians had gone

out on raids, and had brought
back captive a young girl from
the land of Israel. She waited
on Naamans wife. Then she
said to her mistress,
If only my master were with
the prophet who is in Samaria!

1. A Captive Maid
He Had It All...But

Naaman was in the top

echelon of Syrian society. He
exerted major influence on the
king of Aram, was held in high
esteem, and was the
kings right-hand man in
religious, as well as military,
matters (vs. 18). He was also
extremely wealthy (vs. 5).

1. A Captive Maid
He Had It All...But

Personal life disruptions,

tragedies, and transitions can
make people more open to
spiritual truth and set them on
a search for God.
The church has long been
that increased soul-winning
results tend to come in areas

1. A Captive Maid
An Unlikely Witness

Gods agent to plant the

knowledge of Him was an
unnamed little Hebrew slave
girl, cruelly snatched from her
home by a Syrian raiding
Instead of dwelling on the
cruelty and meaninglessness
of that act, and of her life of

1. A Captive Maid
An Unlikely Witness

who was working through

Elisha in Samaria (vs. 3).
Thus, like Daniel and his
companions in Babylon, she
was able to turn her own
adversity into a way to glorify
God; and thus, God turned her
captivity into an opportunity
to share her faith.

The Unlikely Missionary

2. An Undiplomatic Prophet

2 Kings 5:9, 10 NKJV

Then Naaman went with his

horses and chariot, and he
stood at the door of Elishas
house. And Elisha sent a
messenger to him, saying, Go
and wash in the Jordan seven

2. An Undiplomatic Prophet
Elisha, the Prophet

No question that Elisha was

called of God; he had some
incredible experiences that
must have confirmed his
calling in his own mind.
More important, his request
for a double portion of the
Spirit showed his awareness
that for him to do what he

2. An Undiplomatic Prophet
Elisha, the Prophet

Elisha didnt seem intimidated

by Naaman and his troops. In
fact, Elisha did not so much
as step outside to meet his
powerful caller; instead, he
sent a messenger, who gave
the military commander a
The only reward for Naamans

2. An Undiplomatic Prophet
The Healing of Naaman

Not only did the prophet not

personally come out of his
house to meet Naaman, but
he also directed him to the
Jordan River as the place to
get his leprosy cured.
From the viewpoint of
protocol, Elisha should have
left his house to greet him.

2. An Undiplomatic Prophet
The Healing of Naaman

The process was designed to

demons-trate, first, that there
was a prophet of the true God
in Israel and, second, that God
rewarded believing compliance.
It must have been hard for
Naaman to swallow his pride at
having to listen to a slave girl,
a foreign prophet who showed

The Unlikely Missionary

3. A New Believer

2 Kings 5:15-17 NKJV

And he returned to the man

of God...and he said, Indeed,
now I know that there is no God
in all the earth, except in
Israel.... Please let your servant
be given two mule-loads of
for your servant will no longer

3. A New Believer
The Experience of Salvation

The confession that the God

of Israel is sovereign in the
world is the main theme of
the Bible.
These words coming from a
pagan constitute one of the
high points in Old Testament
Naamans conversion made

3. A New Believer
The Experience of Salvation

Naaman is an example of how

true faith works: Naaman
received something that he
could never have earned on
his own.
The fact that Elisha refused
the gifts was a way of
showing how salvation cannot
be earned or bought but is

3. A New Believer
The Experience of Salvation

At the same time, however,

Naamans willingness to give
something to Elisha for what
he had done for him shows
the response of faith, a
response out of gratefulness
for what had been given him.

Final Words
EGW Faith and Works 16

If we accept Christ as a
Redeemer, we must accept
Him as a Ruler. We cannot have
the assurance and perfect
confiding trust in Christ as our
Saviour until we acknowledge
Him as our King and are
obedient to His