Consumer Rights

What is ‘Right’?
Do/should consumers
have rights? Why?

What’s Solution?

I bought a shirt but
home I changed my
mind. I took it back
to the shop the next
day but the staff
would not give me a

Can they do this?

Tina bought new
shoes recently but
the heel of one shoe
broke the second
them. The shop is
offering to repair
have to accept this?

When I got it home I discovered that it wasn’t working.  What are my rights?  .I bought a CD player after seeing a private ad in my local newspaper.

 I got a television set for my birthday but it doesn’t work properly. as the fault had nothing to do with the shop. The shop manager told me to send it back to the manufacturer.  Is this correct? .

 I bought a pair of jeans for 1200 taka but discovered that a shop down the street was selling them for 250 taka.  What can I do? .










The rid pharma incident Doctors negligence Fair and lovely----? Adulterated goods Price hike Fraud Less quality than pledged Producing copied products Less quantity/time expired/any activities endangers life and safety etc.. booster. . sharper’…….Think of situations           A promo ‘taller.

why consumers should be protected?  ‘Unequal bargain’. right to life  Social Justice  National interests .So.  Check Fraud  Human Rights i.e.

 Who has paid or deferred payment for an item  Ultimate user...  Should a commercial person fall within the definition of a consumer? ... No  Services free of charge--? No  ..Who is a Consumer? Who buys and uses goods and services..No.  Service mean? …’deficiency of service’.  Should a person who buys goods for earning livelihood by self-employment fall ‘commercial purpose’?.

quantity. 2. standard and price Right to Choose –quality. potency. preference . According to CI: 8 Normally: 6 Satisfaction of Basic needs (CI) Right to safety Right to Information: quality. 4. purity.What Rights Do Consumers have?   1. cost. 3.

Right to Consumer education (consumerism) – 8. Right to healthy environment (CI) .– 5. Right to be heard –raise voice – 6. Right to Redress –crux of consumer rights – 7.

Who can Complain? A consumer  Person/persons having interest  Consumer organization formed under law  NCRPC or any authorised person in that behalf  Government and government authorized person  Concerned distributor/retailer .

On what grounds?  Remind the situation discussed first  Unfair trade practice  Defective goods and hazourdous to life and safety  Deficiency in services –imperfection etc  More charges than the fixed. .

Against whom?  Seller  Manufacturer of Goods .

Where?  Civil Court?  Magistrate  National consumer rights council (jatiyo vokta shongrokkhon parishad)  National Consumer Rights Directorate  Through consumer associations etc .

Write the most important aspect of the complaint ---this is the most important part of the letter. in the plaint. branch office and the dealer for easy contact. Mention the date on which the grievance started. Make sure you mention the events and happenings in a chronological order. . contact number of its head/registered office. Clearly state the stake involved. email ID etc.How to file complaint?        Complaint needs to be in writing. Also send the supporting documents in the same order so the case is properly understood. phone number. permanent address. Here are some general points which you need to take care of while making a compliant: Mention complete details of your name. Mention the name and address of the opposite party including its email address.

. to the opposite party. Include as enclosures copies of earlier correspondence. if any. Mention it to the consumer group/authority for better understanding of the case. bills etc. Try to make follow ups to show your seriousness. Your complaint must be in complete form. bills. Do not cover up any mistake at your end. loan agreement. Mark a copy of the letter sent to the consumer organization. Cooperate with consumer organization as much as possible in its efforts to solve your problem. etc. cash memos. Even in case you lodge a complaint via email ensure the attachment of all these papers.. guarantee and warranty of products. reply from the opposite party. terms and conditions of credit cards. policy with terms and conditions in the case of insurance. .        Mention what exactly you expect the opposite party to do.Contd.

50000 taka to 3 lakh taka)  Replace goods with similar description  Reimburse price  Compensation for injury  Remove deficiencies in service  Withdraw sale of hazourdous goods  Cease manufacturing of hazourdous goods  Issue corrective advertisements  .Relief? Remove defect from goods  Punishment (ranging 1 yr to 3 yr.

Which one?  Let the buyer be aware ? Or  The buyer is the king? .


‘El Pueblo Unido Jamas Cera Vencido’ .

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