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Back ground
• Name originates from brother Dick and
Mac McDonald who ran Hamburger stands
in California back in 1954
• Ray Albert Kroc is the founder
• 30,000 restaurant
• serving 50,000,000 people
• in more than 119 countries each day
Back ground Cont..
The Happy Clown portrayed by Willard

First appeared on TV in 1963

Back ground Cont..
2005 / 2006
• Leading global food service retailer
• Leading share in globally branded
quick service restaurants
Industry: Restaurant / Fast food
Product: hamburgers • chicken •
french fries • soft drinks • milkshakes •
salads • desserts • breakfast
Market Cap: $ 60.07 billion (08)
Revenue: $ 22.79 billion (07)
Corporate Objective
Plan to Win Vision
• Products- Will serve food and beverages people prefer
to enjoy regularly
• People - Well- trained employees will proudly provide
fast, friendly and accurate service with a smile, in a way
that delights their customers
• Place - McDonald’s restaurants and drive-thru will be
clean, relevant and inviting to the customers.
• Price Will be the most efficient provider so that they can
be the best value to the most people
• Promotion All of McDonald’s marketing and
communications will be relevant
to our customers and consistent with our Brand
Brand Ranking
Brand Elements
• Logo

Meaning of the colour and symbol in the

McDonalds logo.
That red and yellow were picked up by the human
more quickly. So when young children see the
huge golden arches their able to call out the name
Slogans, mottoes and jingles
• Jingles
Perhaps the best-known slogan was "You
deserve a break today" -------------Barry Manilow
• The Big Mac's song (1975)
“Two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce,
cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun”
• The McDonald's $1,000,000 Menu Song
Reunion's 1974 hit single "
Life Is a Rock (But the Radio Rolled Me)",
Have Fun remembering these famous Slogans!

"I'm lovin' it!"

McDonalds Advertising Slogan

Comparative Analysis
McDonald KFC Wendy

Brand Ranking 2008: 8th 2008: 129th 2008: >200

Number of Restaurants 2000: 28,707m 2000: 289m 2000: 9,081

Total revenue/Turnover 2000: 14,243m 2000: 997m 2000: 1,31m

Share holders’ fund 2000: 1,46m 2000: 358m 2000: 99m

Perception Map
Perception Map
McDonald’s® Facts Summary
• Food Quality
• Food Safety
• Nutrition
• Jobs & Opportunity
• Our People
• Community Commitment
Franchising in the Global Market …
Evaluating Potential Market
• Companies prefer to enter countries
That (a) Rank high on market attractiveness
(b) That are low in market risks
(c) That which possess a competitive advantage
Franchising in the Global Market …
Modes of entry into Foreign Markets
• Direct investment
• Joint ventures
• Licensing
• Direct exporting
• Indirect exporting

(amount of commitment, risk, control and profit potential decreases as we descend the list)