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MISSION “To set world class standard in juice industry through providing a diverse range of high quality products that are prepared in according with Islamic principals serving to satisfy customers tasting and need and serving the society” .


RAW MATERIALS From farms of Malir and Thatta .

Red Beetroot along with the essence of Fresh Carrot .

a gentle and long-lasting energy effect.. The ideal solution for those who need a little extra energy. fruity alternative to all previous energy drinks with the addition of vegetables. What is FruNergy? FruNergy is the refreshing. keeps you awake and fit with the full force of healthy. but prefer a natural. FruNergy. FruNergy contains 20% natural fruit & vegetable extract and natural caffeine green coffee bean . . Thus. fruity taste. delicious fruits.INTRODUCING A NEW DRINK TO REFRESH YOU.

STRENGTHS WEAKNESS •Coming in market with unique taste and idea •Latest technology used in plant •Adequate availability of raw materials •Providing quality product within range of every individual •No market share due to new entrant in juice industry •Brand acknowledgement and limited financial resources •Small distribution network •Limited experience of customers OPPURTUNITIES •Attractive and undifferentiated market segment •Participation with a growing industry. •Competitive advantage over carbonated soft drinks and energy drinks •Enhance demand and selling opportunities THREATS •Political and economic instability •Cut throat competition •Unstable government policies •Scarcity of raw material •Retention of consumers .

TARGET MARKET   Primary and Secondary Markets Market Segmentation o o o o Geographic variables Demographic variables Psychographic variables Behavioral variables .

Contd.. Primary Market  Kids – Fond of Fruit Juice  Teens – More experimental  Youth – Experimental and more buying power  Working People  Housewives  Old age people .

collages. Railways and Local Transport Systems Movie Theatres.. . Malls. hotels. restaurants etc.Contd. Amusement Parks.  Secondary Market Travel Industry – Airlines. school.

4. 2. .Market Segmentation  Market segmentation is the process in marketing of dividing a market into distinct subsets (segments) that behave in the same way or have similar needs  Variables Used for Segmentation Geographic variables Demographic variables Psychographic variables Behavioral variables 1. 3.

Tariq road.Geographic variables ROYAL DESIRE has set its geographic segmentation on: Metropolitan Cities. we divide Karachi city into different segment in order to reach more efficiently and effectively. Saddar. Firstly. major cities of the country. Gulshan-e-iqbal. Landhi.)  B zone (Nazimabad. and towns. DHA. Shah Faisal Town. Gulistan-eJohar)  C zone (Malir. Korangi and other densely populated areas) . Cantt.  A zone (Clifton.

Working class age between (18-35) Students.Demographic variables        Kids Old age people Patients Females who wanted to look glowing. Medium to high income group .

House wife's Labour who need energy Personality: Achievers sports persons .Psychographic variables Social class: approach both Middle and high class Life style: business persons.

 Users willingly spend on products related to health and lifestyle.  Users drink fruit juice as a refreshing alternative to carbonated drinks.Behavioral variables  Users perceive fruit juice as a healthy drink. .

Major competitors .

Marketing Strategies     Product Place Pricing Promotion .

Cancer. Cholesterol. Digestion and Digestive Disorders. Stress and hypertension.Product Type Fruit and vegetable Juice Features •Fresh original fruit juice •Provide proteins and minerals •Provide vitamins •Beneficial for Blood Cooling and Purification. Skin Problems. and Improves Stamina. •Excellent in taste •Gives freshness •Tetra pack protection packing •Increase white blood cells •Useful in increase of hemoglobin PLC Our product lie in introduction period Identification brand name – FruNergy .

Product Life Cycle Our product lie in introduction period  Low sales  High costs per customer  Negative profits  Few competitors Objective: to create awareness and trial  Offer a basic product  Price at cost-plus  Selective distribution  Awareness – dealers and early adopters  Induce trial via heavy sales promotion .

Place    Distribution Channel Product location availability Modes of transportation .

.Where can I get it …? Available at Also available at your Nearest Retail Stores..

Pricing .

Pricing Strategy – Market Penetration .

4/Rs.6/Rs.Pricing Strategy –  Pricing in Pakistan Rupees for 250 ml Market Penetration Fruits and vegetable cost  Factory over head  Miscellaneous  Retailer margin  Profit  Total price  Rs.25/- .6/Rs.3/Rs.6/Rs.

Core sources of promotion • Electronic media • Print media • Cable network • Billboards • Hoardings • Test Marketing .








Rejected Leftovers are used for Making Fertilizers.  .  Replace our 10 Empty Juice Packets with 1 Brand New Packet of FruNergy.


So we have Research and Development Department to bring Innovation…. “Continuous Change Is Needed” .We Believe that a Company cannot survive on one Product alone..

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