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Paragraph Writing

A paragraph deals with a single

controlling idea.
Principles Of Paragraph Writing
1.Proper Length
4.Logical Development of ideas
1.Proper Length
Adjust Paragraph Length to Readers.

Adjust Paragraph Length to Subject

Adjust Paragraph Length to the
demands of Variety and Emphasis.

Unity of thought :
Unity is the principle of oneness.
Unity in communication means that
the components as a whole deal with
one idea or thought.

Topic Sentence
The topic sentence expresses the
main idea of a paragraph, and the
remaining sentences build around and
support it. Placement of topic
sentence depends on the writers
Topic Sentence at the
Example :
A majority of the economists
consulted think that business activity
will drop during the first quarter of
next year. Of the 185 economists
interviewed, 13 % looked for
continued increase in business
activity, and 28% anticipated little or
no change from the present level. The
remaining 59%looked for a recession.
Topic Sentence at the End
Inventories represent 3.8 months
supply. The dollar value is the highest
in history. If considered in relation to
increased sales, however, they are
not excessive. In fact, they are well
within the range generally believed to
be safe. Thus , inventories are not
likely to cause a downward swing in
the economy.
Topic Sentence in the Middle
Numerous materials have been used
in manufacturing this part. And many
have shown quite satisfactory results.
Material 329,however, is superior to
them all. When built with material
329, the part is almost twice as
strong as when built with the next
best material.

Some cohesive devices are---
(a) Common pronouns such as they,
we, it etc.

(b) Demonstrative pronouns such as
this, these, those etc.

Sentence Linkers

Moreover, for example, in fact, in
addition, at that time, meanwhile, on
the contrary , to conclude,
Use of sequence words/phrases

After, first, then, now, next, later, finally
afterwards etc.

Use Of Parallel Structure:
It means using similar grammatical structure for
similar ideas .i.e. matching adjectives with
adjectives, nouns with nouns, infinitives with
infinitives and so on.

The new executive is competent and a fast worker.
The new executive is competent and fast.

Some More Examples of Parallelism
The new grade of paper is lightweight,
nonporous, and it is inexpensive.
The new grade of paper is lightweight,
nonporous and inexpensive.

John is not only proficient in word processing
but also in desktop publishing
John is proficient not only in word processing
but also in desktop publishing.
4.Logical Development of Ideas

As one word in a sentence leads to
another, one sentence in a paragraph
leads to another.
Techniques for Paragraph

Comparison and Contrast
Cause and Effect
Problem and Solution

Develop the following
ideas/themes into paragraphs. Use
the themes as topic sentences of
the paragraph :
a. Computers have revolutionized information
b. Accidents in factories result from ignorance of
safety regulations.
c. Petroleum is an important source of energy.
It is understandable that your respected firm is
exceedingly anxious to secure the valuable services of
competent young men who have undergone specialized
and detailed training in the outstanding educational
institutions of our day and let me say in a patriotic
aside, our noteworthy institutions are indeed comparable
in prowess and achievement and dignity to the most
heralded universities and colleges of any nation- and
thus it is my earnest conviction that when you go far
afield in search of promising prospects for your
dominant organizations, you will proceed eventually to
the hallowed college from which I send forth this