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Principles Of Selection And

Adaptation Of Song And

The Reasons For Using Poetry Are:-

enable students to apply the knowledge
and skills they have learned in their own
creative production and critical
appreciation of poems and songs.
students have the opportunity to see the
language work creatively and freely.

strengthen students skills of
understanding and appreciating the
themes, structures, features and language
in a range of poems and songs

help students to respond to and give
expression to the imaginative ideas,
moods and feelings expressed in poems
and songs through written, oral and
performance means;

Enjoy thinking to get students to relax
with their work, just listening to poems
There are poems of immediate sense
appeal, there are funny poems, there are
quirky poems and there are protest

Poem can lead to the pleasure of
dictionary exercises. For any assign poem,
all student should know precise lexical

Give children the opportunity to explore
the power of words and to play with the
rhythms and patterns of language.
Music is highly memorable and motivating.

It can develop all skills in an integrated way
and encourage physical involvement.

It often works well to create a poem
collaboratively with the whole class first
before children work on their own poems
individually, or in pairs or groups.
The Skeleton Dance Song
To Introduce New Topic
Its a fun and simple song
Parts of the body
foot, leg, knee, thigh, hip, back, neck
To introduce new vocabulary
Fun and easy way to introduce new
vocabulary to the pupil using a very fun and
memorable way.
Right and Left
To attract pupils interest
Its a fun
Catchy chants song that can attract pupils
interest especially year 1 and year 2
Dem bones, Dem bones Dem, Dancing bones
The Pronunciation Poem

Here is some pronunciation.
Ration never rhymes with nation,
Say prefer, but preferable,
Comfortable and vegetable.
B must not be heard in doubt,
Debt and dumb both leave it out.
In the words psychology,
Psychic, and psychiatry,
You must never sound the p.
Psychiatrist you call the man
Who cures the complex, if he can.
In architect, chi is k.
In arch it is the other way.

To Teach About Pronunciation
Pupils learn correct pronunciation by following
the guide lines given by the song.

My Puppy Punched Me in the eye
My puppy punched me in the eye
My rabbit whacked my ear
My ferret give me a frightful cry
And round-house kicked my rear

My lizard flipped me upside down
My kitten kicked my head
My hamster slammed me to the ground
And left me nearly dead

So my advice?
Avoid regrets!
No matter what you do dont ever let your family pets
Take lesson in kung fu
To Teach About Verbs And Nouns
In this poem pupils can learn action verbs and
animal of animals