Round 1:
1. How much of Mexico’s territory was lost to
Texas after the Texas War for Independence?
Round 1:
2. Which state accepted Spanish as a second
state language?
Round 1:
3. What is meant by “Mestizo”?
Round 1:
4. What is the Bracero Program?
Round 1:
5. What are the Zoot-Suit riots?
Round 1: Answers
1. About ½
2. New Mexico
3. Both Spanish and Native Mexican heritage
4. Allowed day-workers to come from Mexico to
the US
5. Anglo soldiers attacking Mexican American
Round 2:
1. What does LULAC stand for?
Round 2:
2. What type of flower is most commonly used
during the Day of the Dead?
Round 2:
3. What is the Great Tradition?
Round 2:
4. Jews from Spain are called ________.
Round 2:
5. What is yiddishkayt?
Round 2: Answers
1. League of United Latin American Citizens
2. Marigolds
3. Codified and systematized, official version of
4. Sephardim/Sephardic Jews
5. Little Tradition from Russia
Round 3:
1. What did the Alien Land Law do?
Round 3:
2. After which war did the US assume colonial
rule over the Philipines?
Round 3:
3. Early Sikhs who immigrated to the US were
from which region in India?
Round 3:
4. Early Arab immigrants to the US were
considered to be _______, meaning that they
weren’t laborers, but didn’t have large land
Round 3:
5. Early Lebanese immigrants to the US were
primarily of what religious tradition?
Round 3: Answers
1. Barred non-citizens from owning or leasing
agricultural land
2. Spanish-American War of 1898
3. Punjab
4. Middle Peasants
5. Christian
Round 4:
1. What were the goals of the Arab American
Round 4:
2. What language is spoken by the Old Order
Round 4:
3. What is La Raza Unida?
Round 4:
4. What is a Bird of Passage, and which groups
had the highest and lowest rates of this
Round 4:
5. Mexican Americans draw pride from their
heritage to what ancient culture?
Round 4: Answers
1. Increase political activism for Arab Americans
2. Pennsylvania Dutch
3. Political Party, gained some success in Texas
4. Moving back and forth between countries
1. Italians/Jewish Americans
5. Aztec heritage
Round 5:
1. Which Asian group is characterized by a high
rate of intermarriage with Anglo Americans?
Round 5:
2. Which Asian group was exempted from the
Oriental Exclusion Act of 1924, and why?
Round 5:
3. What is the “Parole Power” of the president?
Round 5:
4. True/False: By 1869, all Amish people had
immigrated to the US.
Round 5:
5. What did the War Brides Act do?
Round 5: Answers
1. Japanese Americans
2. Filipinos, American nationals
3. Allows an entire group to come to the US as
5. Allow foreign spouses and children of US
servicemen to come the US