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Adolescence Nutrition

Ella Marcelo
Eric Madrid
Aaron Agbuya
Beatrice Topacio Ralph Torres
Rosarito Espia
Esmeraldo Reyes
Christine Rivera
Adolescence is a particularly unique
period in life because it is a time of
intense physical, psychological and
cognitive development. Increased
nutrition is needed at this period.
Why you may ask? Simple.
Adolescents gain up to 50% of their adult
weight, more than 20% of their adult height,
and 50% of their adult skeletal mass during
this period. Caloric and protein requirements
are maximal. Increased physical activity,
combined with poor eating habits and other
considerations, e.g. pregnancy, contribute to
accentuating the potential risk for
adolescents of poor nutrition. In summary,
the main nutrition problems affecting
adolescent populations worldwide.
You may be confused about what
you should eat to stay healthy. In
fact, making healthy food choices
isn’t hard at all. Let’s have a
countdown of healthy Philippine
vegetables from 1 - 5, shall we?
Green Leafy Vegetables:
Vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, and thousands of
other plant chemicals known to provide health benefits.
Locally, we have cabbage, pechay, kangkong and camote
tops (talbos), and spinach. Broccolis are healthy, too, but
they’re quite expensive. Green leafy vegetables contain
varying amounts of fiber, potassium, calcium, folate, iron,
and vitamins A, B, and C.
Oily Fish:
Sardines, tuna, mackerel, and salmon are filled with
healthy omega-3 fatty acids, a type of fat that
makes your blood less likely to form clots. Oily fish
are those fish which have oils throughout their
body and in the belly cavity around the gut.
Researchers suspect that omega-3s may block the
production of inflammatory substances causing
rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Studies that
suggest that omega-3s may protect brain cells from
Alzheimer’s disease.
Raw tomatoes and those found in ketchup and
sauces may reduce the risk for heart disease,
prostate cancer, and other cancers of the
digestive tract. Tomatoes are extremely high in
antioxidants, especially carotenoids like beta-
carotene and lycopene. Tomatoes are likewise
valuable sources of vitamins C and E, and
potassium, too. Canned tomato is fine as long
as it doesn’t contain too much sodium, so
choose the low-salt variety.
Citrus fruits like calamansi, suha (pomelo), dalandan:
The overflowing amounts of vitamin C in citrus fruits are
the reason for their high ranking. Locally, we have
calamansi, suha, and dalandan. Oranges and lemons are
splendid, too, but are more costly. Vitamin C may
alleviate inflammatory conditions like asthma,
osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis. It also protects
the heart and boosts the immune system. That’s why it’s
good for preventing colds.
Carrots are naturally fat-free and have very few
calories, only 35 calories per half-cup serving. To get
the maximum nutritional benefit, eat the carrots raw
(peeled baby carrots), but cooked and canned carrots
are also healthy. Take advantage of this inexpensive
vegetable and include carrots in your salad, soup, or as
a side dish with your main meal.
The background shows what
adolescents LOVE to eat, junk foods.
Money is usually a problem that’s why
adolescents buys cheaper and junk
foods are cheaper than healthy foods.
Now, let’s know what both Junk foods and Healthy food gives us. Let’s have a
showdown between these two foods.
First off, why do we love junk foods? Well, here are the Top 5 Reasons
why we love junk foods.
 They are a pleasure to our taste buds. Do we get the same pleasure in eating a
bowl of fruits that we get in a cheese burger?
 Junk food is very tastier than healthy food. Yummy cheesy sandwich vs. a
bowl of seasonal fruits; a war is going on in your mind…which one will you
choose for your snack? Sandwich always wins.
 Temptation plays a very important role when it comes to choosing junk food
over healthy food. The melted chocolate dripping out of chocolate fudge is
more tempting than an apple.
 Another reason for junk food craving is the mood. It has been noticed that
when you are overtly stressed you crave for sweet junk food like cakes,
pastries, brownies or chocolates.
 Junk foods are always available in fast food chains. Much quicker, much
cheaper and it’s a buy-and-go food. So what else?
Now that we know the advantages of junk food, let’s see its disadvantages.
 Junk foods add to pounds and pounds of weight. That’s the reason why so
many of us suffer from weight problems these days.
 All packet and fried foods are rich in trans-fat. This is the worst kind of fat that
results in a number of chronic diseases. This type of fat is the main culprit for
a variety of heart diseases.
 Junk food being low in fiber content also results in high blood sugar and high
 Junk food also contains added colours and preservatives, artificial sweeteners
which might not be properly tested.
 Fried junkies like chips, chicharon, french fries will satisfy to a great extent
when eaten, These foods being over-fried foods have left behind all the
nutrition where it had been prepared. What you get is all grease and calories!
Let’s see at the Healthy Food side.
Here are the advantages of healthy food.
 Healthy foods can lower risks of diseases and cancers.
 Eating healthy foods help you keep active providing energy.
 Like it was said, eating healthy, you live longer.
 And hey! Healthy foods keeps you relaxed.
 Healthy foods also prevent you from becoming obese.
And here are the disadvantages of healthy
 Healthy foods are way more expensive than junk foods!
 Sometimes, planning delicious meals out of healthy foods are kinda hard...
 Let's admit it, vegetables are not as delicious as junk foods...
 It's kinda difficult to maintain a healthy diet when you are surrounded with
sweet, delicious foods!
 Preparing your meals using healthy foods is needed to be prepared ahead of time.
Now that we learned the advantage and disadvantage of both sides, so… A double win-
win? Let’s just move to the next slide… Only on this slide, please click/press the arrow
key/mouse/enter to proceed.
The group now
presents to you, THE
Healthy foods give you
more strength in
achieving your goals.
The healthier, the
more chance you’ll
Another version of the
pyramid is the Eatwell
Plate. It cuts the right
balance in halves. You
could also plan how
much will you eat
everyday! Try planning
your own plate! But
remember, balance
what to eat, plan what
to eat. Every meal has
a advantage and
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