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The YES Project of the DOLE Working Youth Center (WYC) Program

2010 Gender Statistics on Labor and Employment, BLES

One-half of the unemployed were 15-24 years old (50.8% or 1.438 M out of 2.831 M) Youth unemployment rate is 17.6% or more than 2 x the national figure of 7.5%. Of the total unemployed persons, 544,000 are college graduates and 619,000 are college undergraduates.

NSO says :
ONE MILLION (1 M) new entrants join the labor force every year. Of this number, only some 750,000 find employment.

Are the YOUTH disadvantaged as employment seekers? less employable than adults due to their lower qualifications, shorter or lack of work experience limited social networks linking them to labor market information low awareness level on issues that affect them

Are the YOUTH disadvantaged as employment seekers? passive participation in government programs designed to uplift their living conditions. wage employment, in large, cannot absorb the youth, including college graduates, looking for jobs seen as local migrants contributing to urban blight and squalor.

Youth entrepreneurship is . . .

the wave of the future the most viable, alternative gainful economic activity for the unemployed youth and the new entrants to the labor force, including the college graduates

one of the major goals of the Philippine Program for Youth /Development and Employment


Philippine Program for Youth Development and Employment

Productive and Competitive Youth by 2010

Priority Group: Disadvantaged Youth (15-24 years old)


Increased Self-worth & Disciplined, Responsible Youth


Mobility & Competency

Reduced Mismatch of Youth skills Supply & Demand

Value Formation, Education & Training

Career Planning

Youth Employment Facilitation




What is YES?
Youth Entrepreneurship Support A project under the Working Youth Center program (almost 25-year old) of DOLE, one of the support programs on Capacity Building for Livelihood For graduates and graduating students of college or technical-vocational courses (preferably but not exclusively agriculture or fishery or related fields; business-related courses)

YES Developmental Objectives

To mobilize the college and technical-vocational graduates to become young entrepreneurs thereby generating income and jobs in the countryside; To meet the employment needs of young graduates through a comprehensive and coherent package of entrepreneurship-related services that will contribute to uplifting their living conditions;



YES Developmental Objectives



To help raise the quality of life of households and increase household economic worth by unleashing youth entrepreneurship potentials in innovative community-based business ventures ; and .To intensify enterprise development through collaboration and partnership between the DOLE and the educational institutions in preparing college and technical-vocational graduating students and graduates for business undertakings.

The YES Project envisions

the young college and technical-vocational graduating students, college graduates or would-be members of the labor force as

productive, resourceful and self-reliant entrepreneurs.

YES Project Components


3. 4.

Partnership and Consensus Building Identification / Organization of YES Buddies Values and Leadership Formation and Social Preparation Capability Building and Capital Assistance


PARTNERS YES Resources Sustainability YOUTH

DOLE YES Partnership / Consensus Building

YES Buddies Identification & Entrepreneurship Formation

Educational Institution

Business Plan Implementation

Business Plan Approval For Funding

Deliberation, Commitment pledging & MOA signing

process cycle

Business Plan Preparation, Finalization & Acceptance YOUTH &EI



1. 2.




DOLE collaborate with EI, LGUs and their PESOs, other GOs, industry players concerned with the cause of youth in the region. facilitate youth organizations registration and their social preparation activities and training-cum-production courses, to include basic business management, marketing and resource generation, etc utilize appropriate DOLE & COA Guidelines and provide funding support for the EI-endorsed projects or business plans that meet the requirements supervise, coordinate, and monitor the YES project plans and activities; provide technical assistance and capacity building activities to YES beneficiaries and/or intermediate partners and other stake holders, if necessary. prepare regular reports on the status of the YES project for submission to the concerned DOLE C O for analysis and evaluation

PARTNERS ROLES Educational Institution / EI Foundation


help in identifying, organizing and molding interested students into college graduates who are capable in venturing into a small enterprise or business undertaking. provide the necessary values and leadership formation among the identified beneficiaries, jointly with DOLE and other partners help in guiding the youth beneficiaries in implementing their projects, assisting DOLE RO in monitoring the status or progress of these projects and likewise submit regular reports to the DOLE ROs serve as the DOLE accredited co-partner or conduit that will receive from DOLE the funding assistance for training or capital for the youths business undertaking and ensure the required equity






L G U / Private Property Owner

help identify and make accessible to the youth beneficiary/ group an idle parcel of land/site /property for utilization in the YES project.


allow the implementation of the youths YES project on its property without interference
(if desired by the private property owner) be authorized to collect a pre-determined and agreed percentage share from the projects net income as incentive or subsidy in paying real estate taxes.



YES buddies / Youth group or organization

1. prepare

and submit a YES project proposal or business plan to the EI for approval, including other documentary requirements set by the DOLE Guidelines and, as DOLE beneficiary, strictly abide by the YES implementation framework. 2. (if applicable) apportion a pre determined and agreed percentage share from the net income of their project to help the private landowner pay the real estate taxes. 3. submit a status report on their project to the EI, which in turn will submit the same to the DOLE RO. 4. allow inspection/monitoring visits from the EI, DOLE and other members of the project implementation team.

JOIN the YES Project

of the DOLE Working Youth Center (WYC) Program


YES BUDDIES . . . productive, resourceful and self-reliant


entrepreneurs !