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Sertaconazole Nitrate

Generic name: Sertaconazole Nitrate

Therapeutic class: Antifungal
US FDA Approved for the treatment of Tinea pedis.

Sales Training

Sales Training .Sertaconazole Nitrate Therapeutic Class: Benzothiophene Imidazole antifungal.

Sales Training .  Is an important membrane of all the cells.Role of ATP ATP Adenosine Tri Phosphate.  Without ATP the cell membrane cannot survive.

Sales Training .Mechanism of Action Sertaconazole causes direct cell membrane damage within 10 min of exposure by causing leakage of ATP.

Mechanism of Action Fungistatic Lanosterol Sertaconazole Ergosterol sterol 14 Alpha demethylase Proper fungal development and growth Sales Training .

Scopulariopsis. Alternaria. Torulopsis & Trichosporon. Activity has also been observed against Trichomonas and some gram-positive organisms (staphylococci & streptococci ) Sales Training . Fusarium. Candida tropicalis Malassezia furfur Opportunistic fungi :Aspergillus.Broad Spectrum of Coverage with low MIC Dermatophytes: Epidermophyton. Microsporum & Trichophyton Pathogenic yeasts : Candida albicans.

Broad Spectrum of Coverage with low MIC Sales Training .

TNF . IL-4. ketoconazole and fluconazole Sales Training . GM-CSF and INF and reduces inflammation better than miconazole.Anti-inflammatory and Anti-itch activity Sertaconazole inhibits inflammatory mediators released from activated Lymphocytes like IL-2.

Sales Training .Faster Penetration and Reservoir effect Highly Lipophyllic Benzothiophene matrix increases Dermal Penetration and retained even after 72 hrs of topical application.

 Topical sertaconazole has undetectable serum and urine levels.  Cutaneous absorption: 64% of the dose at 12 hours and 72% at 24 hours following topical 2% cream.Pharmacokinetics Absorption and bioavailability:  Highly lipophilic fragment. even on repeat administration Distribution:  High epidermal concentrations on topical application. Sales Training .

candidal infection) microbiological cure was 85% in 2 wk and 98 % in 4 wk.Onset and duration of action in dermatophytosis Initial action: 1 week Adults : Superficial dermatophytic or candidal infections. Clinical cure 20% after one week. Peak action: 2 to 4 weeks Superficial mycoses (dermatophytosis. Cure is seen in most patients after 4 weeks Sales Training .

Indications and Dosage Tinea and Candida Infections Superficial fungal infections: Twice daily for 2 weeks Tinea Pedis: Twice daily for 4 weeks Sales Training .


This behaviour is characteristic of antifungals which are fungicidal as a result of a direct membrane damage. Thus sertaconazole. in addition to the mechanism of action responsible for its fungistatic activity (inhibition of ergosterol synthesis). Arzneimittelforschung. Sertaconazole caused a dose-dependent decrease in intracellular ATP after only 10-min exposure and a concomitant significant increase in extracellular ATP.Direct membrane-damaging effect of sertaconazole on Candida albicans as a mechanism of its fungicidal activity.42(5A):721-4. has a second mechanism of action providing a significant fungicidal activity due to direct cell membrane damage. Sales Training . 1992 May.

sertaconazole nitrate inhibited contact hypersensitivity and scratching responses in a murine model of pruritus.298(4):191-9.Anti-inflammatory and anti-itch activity of sertaconazole nitrate. and Miconazole nitrate were all found to have anti-inflammatory activity. Arch Dermatol Res. Sales Training . only sertaconazole nitrate reduced the release of cytokines from activated lymphocytes and mitigated inflammation in animal models of irritant contact dermatitis and neurogenic inflammation. ciclopirox olamine. Epub 2006 Jul 26. While butoconazole.. fluconazole. In addition. 2006 Sep.

1. Arzneimittelforschung. 2005. Sales Training . Its rapid appearance in the stratum corneum after application and the earlier finding that Sertaconazole nitrate is not distributed into blood in substantial quantities the pharmacokinetic properties of this antifungal preparation therapy can be regarded as favourable.55(6):338-42.Rate and extent of percutaneous absorption of sertaconazole nitrate after topical administration.

Cutis. 1. The stability of the mycologic cure rates through weeks 5 and 6 (2 weeks after cessation of therapy) indicate that sertaconazole protects against reinfection. Sales Training .The safety and efficacy of sertaconazole nitrate cream 2% for tinea pedis. 78(4):268-74. 2006 Oct.