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Integrated marketing communication topic II

Advertising clutter in consumer magazines: dimensions and effects. John Dehmardan

Impact of advertising clutter
 Advertising clutter: The density of

advertisement in a media vehicle
 Impact of clutter level on effectiveness of

an advertisement

Similarity of the advertised products interferes with brand-name recall . 2.Overloading consumers with large quantity of information.impact of advertising clutter  How clutter works against memory of advertisements ? 1.

Flexibility of human memory .Selective attention .impact of advertising clutter  Clutter has no negative effect on advertising effectiveness. .

Memory  Affective responses .Purpose of study  Traditional approach: Cognitive information processing .Attitudes .

Three dimensions of clutter 1.Competitiveness 3.Quantity 2.Intrusiveness .

Three dimensions of clutter  Quantity : number of advertisements and the proportion of ad space in an media vehicle .

Three dimensions of clutter  Competitiveness: The degree of similarity of the advertised products and the proximity between the advertisements of competitive brands in the same product category in a media vehicle. .

Three dimensions of clutter  Intrusiveness: The degree to which advertisements in a media vehicle interrupt the flow of an editorial unit . -Reactance theory .

Clutter and advertising effectiveness  Advertising effectiveness measures are employed to examine the impact of advertising clutter at different stages of advertising communication process. .

( Aav ) 2.Attention stage : Advertising effects can be measured by the degree of advertising message involvement .Advertising exposure stage: Effectiveness can be measured by attitudes toward advertising in a media vehicle and general ad readership.Advertising effectiveness measures 1. ( AMI ) .

Advertising effects can be measured by the attitude toward the ad. ( Aad )  Evaluation stage: .Advertising effectiveness measures  Processing stage: Advertising effectiveness can be measured by the memory of the ad.

Brand equity .Advertising effectiveness measures  Response stage: Advertising effectiveness in terms of response to the advertising can be measured by the resistance to competitive ads and brand equity .Resistance to competitive ads .

Research design  3 experimental groups and 1 control group  Each treatment manipulated one of the 3 dimensions  All 3 dimensions of clutter kept low in the control group .

70-page consumer magazine .Identical editorial contents .Research design  Advertising effectiveness measures were compared between high and low clutter levels.Mix of articles and advertisements .  Stimulus material .

Research design  Ads chosen .Top 10 advertising product categories .41 ads of 32 product categories .Full-page four-color ads .Authentic look .

a catalog clothing brand.  Evaluate the magazine as potential subscribers  The responses were collected in a questionnaire .Research design  The focal brand: Spiegel.

Number of product categories .The # of ads in the product category .The average # of pages between the competitive ads .35 ads for High-quantity clutter condition .21 ads for low -quantity clutter condition  Competitiveness dimension of clutter .Advertising clutter indexes  Quantity dimension of clutter .

Cutting across magazine articles .Advertisements in different paper texture from the paper used for the editorial content  Low-intrusiveness: no ads cutting across  High-intrusiveness: 12 ads cutting across .Advertising clutter indexes  Intrusiveness dimension of clutter .

No difference for brand equity . Aav .Higher score for attitudes towards advertising in a media vehicle .No difference for memory of the focal ad .Results and implications  Effects of quantity dimension of clutter .No difference for attitude toward the ad .No difference for resistance toward competitive ads .

No effect on resistance .Higher general readership .Higher advertising message involvement .No significant impact on Aav .Results and implications  Effects of competitiveness dimension of clutter .No effect on brand equity .No effect on the memory of the focal ad .

No impact on advertising message involvement .No impact on resistance .Higher Aav .No impact on general ad readership .Results and implications  Effects of the intrusiveness dimension .No impact on brand equity .Better memory of the focal ad .

Results and implications  Realistic setting  Perceptions vs.  Valid concerns reality .