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Assignment 2

- .290.Task: International advertising campaign for the German market to promote the Annapurna and Everst region in the Himalayans in Nepal.May Budget: €709. Client: HELIWORLD Time limit: September.

Competitive regions:  Alaska  Canada  New Zealand .

Advertising Objective: Creating awareness Advertising Strategy: Initial name recognitions and reminder advertising – encourage to make an initial purchase of the product .Client Objective: Increase German tourism in Annapurna and Everest region in the Himalayans.

A.Age Young. Ethic or religious background N. Middle. Family life cycle N. Trendy.A. and Adventure Social class Middle/ Upper Opinion Opinionated Activities and interests Sports. snowboarding .A. skiing. and Elderly Gender Male and Female Education College/ University Income Medium/ High Marital status N. Lifestyle Exciting.

)  German households: receive on average 30 channels (3.2 million (36 min.0 hours a day)  Radio stations: 230 (3.Advertising in Germany  Large number of media available  Daily newspapers: 23.5 hours a day)  Almost all households equipped with TV & Radio  Special interest/ weekly/ monthly magazines  German consumes 8 hours 22 minutes of media coverage daily  Argument based style – 60% of the advertisements: actual facts and reasoned arguments .

laws.Hofstede – Cultural Analysis  Low power distance: society de-emphasizes the differences between citizen's power and wealth. regulations.  Individualism: individual rights are paramount within the society  Masculinity: assertive and competitive  Average/ High uncertainty avoidance: rule- oriented society. and controls  Low context: Message can be understood as it stands  Short term orientation: open to change . rules. equality.

Positioning:  Exclusivity  Once in a life-time chance  Personal Challenge  Experience .

jeremyjones. and number of exposures. among the target audience  Magazines Ski Magazin . Choosing the most cost-effective media to achieve the necessary coverage.skiers Playground Magazine – snowboarders  Television Extreme Sport Channel  Posters Strategic locations  Internet/ Web advertising banners .

 Magazines 2 magazines once a month  Television 30 weeks of one advertisement during special events  Posters on 300 locations with 1000 flyers each  Internet/ Web advertising 195 hours of banners and optimum use of free blogs .5 OTS are needed before any reasonable degree of impact is achieved  20-30 peak transmissions Flighting . Advantantages: heavier weight. little waste.involves intermittent and irregular periods of advertising alternating with shorter periods of no advertising. unified campaign. Frequency .

49  OTS 18 Frequency: once a month Costs: €141.-  Internet/ Advertisements Frequency: 5 hours per week total of 195 hours in the period of advertisement Costs: €14.Total Budget (September-May) €709.290.-  Magazines  CPT: €60.- Posters Costs: €73.165.-  Television  OTS 30 Frequency: once a week for 30x per year Costs: €480.625 .500.000.

Thank you .