Biosíntesis de triacil gliceroles

Colesterol, transporte y regulación

Hormone Manufacturing One of the most important jobs of cholesterol is to aide in the production of hormones. Cholesterol is stored in the adrenal glands, ovaries and the testes and is converted to steroid hormones. These steroid hormones perform other vital duties to help the body function properly. Without steroid hormones we will have malfunctions with weight, sex, digestion, bone health and mental status.
Digestion Cholesterol plays an important role in our body's digestion. Cholesterol is used to help the liver create bile, without the bile our bodies are unable to properly digest foods, especially fats. Building Blocks Cholesterol is a structural component of cells. Cholesterol along with polar lipids make up the structure of each and every cell in our bodies.

Isopreno, la unidad fundamental en la biosíntesis de colesterol

Formación de Mevalonato

Formación de Isoprenos activados

Síntesis de escualeno

Síntesis de escualeno

LCAT: Lecitil-acetil transferasa, un enzima que se encarga de la síntesis de colesterol esteres para ser transportados en los quilomicrones. Transportadores ABC: Son proteinas transportadoras de membrana con tres dominios, se encargan de transportar Lípidos, colesterol y drogas.


Transporte de colesterol en la célula

Regulación biosíntesis de colesterol

Hormonas esteroides

Resumen del metabolismo

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