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FOT 2013 Rush

Why You Shouldnt Pick Your Talent Like You Did Your Sorority Sisters

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Presenter Info
Holland Dombeck Marketing Manager at Kinetix (RPO, Recruiting) aka The Kid Editor at Fistful of Talent

Tim Sackett SVP at HRU Technical Resources Blogger #1 at the aptly named Tim Sackett Project Contributor at Fistful of Talent



Sorority Rush Has Bad HR Written All Over It.

Pre-Pledging and Recruitment Marketing

History of the sorority = About Us Officers of the house = Company Bios Symbols = Your Logo Study times = Office Hours Meeting times/events = Corporate Calendar Philanthropy = Community Outreach The Big Miss: What is it like to actually be in that sorority (work for that company)?!

Lily, Tory & Bad Sears Suits

Dressing the Part Does the way a rushee/candidate dress really tell you they are right for the role? Whats under the costume is what counts

Skit Day (Good Data vs. Bad Data)

Adding more steps does not lead to better selection Unstructured/ interview processes = more false positives in the hiring process What you get is lots of superficial data, but nothing relevant pertaining to their ability to do the job The underlying job profile should be focused on driving results of the organization

Legacies and Joes Niece

You know the drill Right name, but usually lacking the right skills (and drive!) But is it whats right for the organization?

Bid Day, Hazing and Onboarding

Secrets out! Do you still like it now that youre in? Initiation/operating within the probationary period We wear our letters on Friday = the team player trap


Finding, selecting, developing and retaining employees who are the best fit for the job and the organization is a challenge that keeps us up at night.

True or False My current hiring process looks like this 1) Screen resume 2)Behavioral Interview 3) Reference Check 4)Make the Offer

Ask the Expert

The Resume:
Greg Moran President and CEO at Established Author Former VP of Sales for PeopleAnswers Twitter: @CEOofChequed LinkedIn:

Rush This: The Underlying Job Profile

Revenge of the nerds Its about the freakin science! All your hiring efforts should tie back to an underlying job profile Supporting tools should also tie back to the underlying job profile Creating a job profile whats included? Skills, culture, past performance

You need a Hiring Plan and Action Strategy


Successful hiring begins with a mission to reduce uncertainty about a candidates potential to be the best fit relative to very specific criteria. However, many organizations fall into a pattern of incorporating information that is not job-relevant.

FOTs Complete Guide to Dumb Things Hiring Managers Do When Making Hiring Decisions and how to Change them

We Only Hire Pretty aka the Elle Woods

Aka Physical attractiveness bias Your hiring managers hire people who attractive, more than ugly people. Not just your male managers! Studies show that the more attractive you are, the more all positive skill and behavioral traits get applied to you in an employment setting I like girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch Men at risk of this bias more than women (Shocking!) Women may penalize other women with attractiveness higher than their own Men Like Women Who Women Like Men Who Some would say this naturally plays to age, but its broader than that

Short People Got No Reason aka the 86 classic Wimps

Aka: Height Bias Randy Neumann said it best: Short people get the raw end of the deal $789 more per year, per inch Fortune CEOs avg. 6 ft, 2.5 inches taller than avg. man. 30% over 62, only 3.9% of American population. Is it height or confidence? But wait! Theres gender stuff that affects how height is viewed:
Men actually prefer shorter women

Where Did You Go to School? aka Frank The Tank

Aka - Educational Background Bias Is it the most personal of all biases? We think so. Think referral networks, my friend Flavors:
I want a Ivy-League MBA for this role Alumni taking care of their own Concept of being over-educated for the role in question College Degree requirement Stigma of some college or seeing the name of the university without a graduation date

She has that certain something aka Van Wilder

Aka Smooth Talker Bias Studies show that effective communicators always perform better in interviews Effective communication or buzzword bingo? Building comfort and dialog with the hiring manager is key, as is shutting the hell up once in awhile Time of Possession in the interview is the key, as is reacting to the preferred cues of the manager

Weight Bias aka The Omega Mus

While obesity certainly can be considered part of bias related to attractiveness, it deserves its own mention Impacts women more than men Is Obesity a Workplace Disability? Americas new normal Linked to concerns around absenteeism and health beyond attractiveness Average annual medical costs claims per 100 obese FTEs - $51K (for 100 non-obese 8K) The real deal do qualifications and ability to perform outweigh cost concerns?


Q: Do you currently use any additional assessments or do you just hire with your gut? A) All gut, all the way B) Give me the freakin science, dude c) A little of this, a little of that

Hiring With Your Gut (No Pun Intended) When Does It Work, When Does It Get You Fired?

Study Hall

60% of the time it works every time.

When to Allow Managers to Hire with Their Gut

When the role is structured so past experience really has nothing to do with the job in question When KSAs are so close its a toss up When multiple interviewers are involved and agree its a toss up on who to hire


5+ Rush Strategies to end the Stepford Wife Plague in your HR shop today!

1. Screen Resumes like Heidi picking her Homecoming Date!

Youve got a bunch of resumes The worst thing you can do is hand the entire stack, or a small stack, to your hiring manager Broad choice = Implied ability to do whatever he/she wants Treat your desk like a search firm, control false positives by only providing candidates that are past a threshold of KSAs. Note This wont eliminate false positives, but it controls them

2. HR = Sorority House Mom

Its called peer pressure, folks. Its harder to make a decision that would appear shaky on paper when other people are charged with interviewing and giving the hiring manager feedback All the girls have a vote = Behavior that is socially acceptable, reduced risk taking, etc. Panels? We prefer multiple interviewers in single sessions, follow by brief, facilitated breakdown sessions

3. Who let the Crazy girl into the house?

Lets say you dont do a lot of candidate screening for your managers, and you dont have time for multiple interviews. How do you control some of the hiring biases weve covered? Simple make them accountable by keeping score Idea Hiring Manager Batting Average how many hires made by the manager are around in 12 and 24 months Not enough volume? Roll it up to the dept level with breakouts for the individual manager level. Scoreboard = Attention to Quality of Hire (Post Publicly)

4. My Little Sister is Fab!

Nothing shows you how someone can perform better than live work experiences, performance drills, etc. Helps the victims of bias show their true colors to you and your managers. Its hard work but worth everything youll put into it!

5. Like, I know her ex-boyfriend

What is the final step of 99% of recruiting processes, before the offer? You need to move it up. You need to go deeper. You need to make it competency based, and You need to stop doing them (if youre doing them wrong!)

Graduate and Grow. Heres 3 More Ways

1. Train your Managers on the 5 Biases weve covered today, then actively discuss as part of final candidate pools 2. Use Assessments to dig deeper into the behavioral fit of candidates for each open position at your company

3. Go quick final interview with the executive in charge of the location, functional area, etc.


The Last Lecture

A Guide to Talent Selection in the Modern World, Mistakes to Avoid and Practices that Accelerate Performance
Key steps in the ideal talent acquisition process Root causes for inadequate hiring How to leverage science and technology to gain incremental predictability in the hiring process How to use big data to constantly improve your talent selection

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