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Stressors are the things that cause stress It is important for the managers to understand and recognize stressors

s because they are job-related stress They influence the work attitude and behavior

Some jobs are more stressful then others Higher level jobs contain high amount of in-built stress in form of time pressures ,too many meetings, difficulties in meeting standards ,interpersonal games etc. Lower level jobs contain stress-producing situations that emerge on technical grounds or role frustration The more interdependence between a persons task and the task of others ,the more potential stress there is. The following jobs are considered to be more stressful: Laborer Secretary

A Role is a general set of guidelines indicating how persons holding certain positions should or ought to behave.

Types Of Role Conflict

o o o o Intrasender conflict Intersender conflict Interrole conflict Person-role conflict

Occurs when position holders are uncertain about limits of their authority and that of others, company rules, job security and the methods used to evaluate their work. It is related to low job satisfaction and to feeling of job related threats to mental and physical well being

Persons who experience this condition show clear signs of stress and report health problems

Having nothing to do or being asked to do too little in ones work can also be quite stressful. This could lead to low self esteem, increased frequency of nervous symptoms and complaints, increased health problems

Poor interpersonal relationships in organization results in stress. Three aspects of job stress which have negative influence are Amount of contact with others Amount of contact with people in other departments Organizational climate

Stress can result from lack of communication or from a right kind of communication at the right time

Different types of responsibility, function differently as stresses. This can be classified in terms of responsibility of people verses responsibility of things

Individuals and work undergo constant changes as organizations try to become more competitive and aggressive in the marketplace. These changes can cause stress for the job holder.

Physical surroundings, psychological climate and faulty job designs produce lot of stress for people working in companies

Traumatic experiences in life can have significant impact on the psychological well-being of individual.

Type A personalities are more prone to stress than type Bs

A persons belief in locus of control is related to susceptibility to job stress. Internals generally describe their job are less stressful than externals.

Excessive rules and regulations could also act as powerful forces of stress

Subjective Effects
Anxiety Aggression Bad Temper

Behavioral Effects
Accident Proneness Excitability Drug Use

Cognitive Effects
Decision Making Forgetfulness Mental Blocks

Physiological Effects
Increased Blood Pressure Increased Heart Rate Sweating

Organizational Effects
Absenteeism Poor productivity Job dissatisfaction

Time thoughts
You cannot control how much time you have but you can control how to use it Time cannot be managed like other resources, rather you have to manage yourself in relation to time.

Tips for time management:

carry your to do list with you at all times. Write a new list every day. Do the most difficult part first Ask yourself is this important?. Review the list in the evening.

Exercise reduces depression , anxiety and phobias. When you do the exercise regularly, the daylong tension on the job is given a decent burial. The benefits of exercise for overall health and to the cardiac disease. Not surprisingly, many organizations nowadays encourage their executives to be physically fit and active.

Mind gets the needed relaxation when we engage in a creative hobby like painting , gardening ,etc., The wonderful effects of prayer as a relaxation measure have well-documented in our ancient scriptures. Meditation is a way of focusing on something in a relaxed state in a serene and quite environment. You can focus on muscular relaxation , an image , an object , a symbol , a point or anything you like.

Stress management includes stress prevention as well. This is best achieved through certain organizational coping strategies, which includes:

Define employee roles clearly. Employees must have a clear understanding of the job. Stress ,most often , occurs when employees are not very sure about their work roles or fear they cannot do their jobs.

Factor such as freedom to think and act independently , participative decision making, friendly conversation all help in reducing stress levels in an organization. If supportive climate builds among employees they will be quite happy to help management, when required.

CLEAR CAREER PATHS To reduce uncertainty , each employee must be sure of where he is heading. A clear career path and the job rewards and benefits that follows committed service would reducing stress levels greatly.
COMPANY-WIDE PROGRAMMES Variety of programmes can be used to manage work stress. These include:
Job enrichment Employee Counseling Training and Development Establishing work groups Establishing Variable work schedules