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. • Soil is a complex mixture of organic and inorganic components and living organisms and is the main resource for food production.SOIL –Precious gift of Nature • It is formed by the weathering of rocks and it covers the surface of the Earth.

SOIL EROSION  Soil erosion refers to all physical processes that detach the particles. transport and deposit on land surface.  Much of the erosion is due to instability of land mass due to gravity and the balance is directly lost due to excessive moisture or water in the earth mass. .

NATURAL EROSION. Overgrazing. involves in Soil forming and distribution and maintains Earth surface in uniform level. Economic Developmental activities .CAUSES OF SOIL EROSION GEOLOGICAL EROSION-It is a long time process.Volcanic eruption. flood ANIMAL AND HUMAN ACTIVITIESDeforestation.

. melted snow(Glacial Erosion). floods.  It depends on the nature of soil.TYPES OF NATURAL EROSION WATER EROSION:  The separation and transport of soil through Rain.  Siltation-transport of soils to short distances. slope of the land. Surface creep-Large soil particles transported at ground level with high velocity of wind. WIND EROSION:  The fine loose soil particles are blown from the surface of the land and transported by the winds. Suspensiontiny particles carried high and remain suspended. velocity of water.


Rill erosion 4. Sheet erosion .TYPES OF WATER EROSION 1.Rain drop or Splash erosion 3. Gully erosion 2.

SHEET EROSION -The thin film of water over the entire field moving down-slope. RILL EROSION-The Collection of sheet erosion water into channels called Rills. GULLY EROSION-The increase in size of rills forms large gully or a channel. once the rate of falling rain is faster than infiltration.RAIN DROP EROSION: The impact of the raindrop breaks apart the soil . . runoff takes place.


 The sediment carries agricultural chemicals which pollutes streams and lakes-death of aquatic organisms  Reduction in Storage capacity of rivers. streams. .IMPACTS OF SOIL EROSION  On-site effect: The loss of productivity by the loss of valuable top soil  Off-site effect : the siltation of rivers and streams.

 Contamination of drinking water by the Pesticide residues. .  Loss and degradation of habitat from clearing grasslands and forests and draining wetland.