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International Marketing

CHAPTER 1 The Global Marketing Imperative .

International Marketing Definition International Marketing .The Global Marketing Imperative the process of planning and conducting transactions across international borders to create exchanges that satisfy the objectives of individuals and organizations. .

3) Need for global cooperation 4) Internet: The Internet and electronic commerce revolution 5) Expanding market opportunities.II. . Why Global Marketing is Imperative 1) Saturation of domestic markets 2) Global competition intensifying.

Selected U.S. Companies and Their International Sales .

20th Century Fox . It takes the whole world now to make the economics of movie-making work” . we’d lose money.William Mechanic President..S.Why Global Marketing is Imperative “If we only distributed pictures in the U.

Foreign Acquisitions of U.S. Companies .

III.3 trillion. The Importance of World Trade  World trade in merchandise: from $6.5 trillion to $3.  World trade in services: from $1.  Global growth of trade has outperformed the growth of domestic economies in the past few decades.1 trillion in 2008.2 trillion in 2000 to over $15. .

investment on a global scale .international specialization and cross-sourcing . The Importance of World Trade  Provides new marketing opportunities such: .access to talent.access to otherwise unavailable goods .III.increased quality and variety of goods . . new management knowhow . etc.use of technology to enhance business functioning.

IV. mica.) IK . coffee. diamonds. chromium. bananas. Advantages of International Trade for Consumers       Better quality More quantity Greater variety within product categories More customized products/Services Lower prices Choice of products not available without international trade (silk. and much more.

V. Advantages of International Trade for Firms Access to: – Bigger markets – Foreign resources – New management knowledge – New technologies Experience with selling to diverse markets Chance to deal with different forms of governments Chance to work in different competitive environments Enhanced ability to compete in home market IK .

or other factors  More than half of revenues come from abroad  Organization takes on global perspective .VI. Global Marketing  Company treats world. including home market as one market  Market segmentation decisions no longer focused on national borders  Defined by income levels. usage patterns.