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Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN)

EE (400) Presentation Prepare by Wael Ba-deghaish Mohamed Ba-oum For Dr Samir Al-Ghadban

Presentation Outline:
1 Introduction

2 Stander 3 Archatcher 4 OSI Layer 5 WBAN Drawback 6 Conclution

What is WBAN?. What is the benefit of using WBAN( Ali story). Learn How this Tech work

Figure 1:data follow into integrate in WBAN system[3]

WBAN Stander
Not yet specified. WBAN application of WPAN (WSN , Zigbee) 802-15

Figure 2: wireless group stander[2]

Three Tire

Figure 3:WBAN architecture[1]

Tire: WBAN Sensor

Consist of intelligent node ( sensing, sampling, processing, and communicating) Sensor Arcticture

Figure 4: Sensor node[3]

Example of WBANs
1 ECG(monitoring heart activity) Figure4:

2 EMG (electromyography)

3 For sensing motion ( activity)

figure5: Example of sensor node[3]

interface the WBAN sensor nodes through Zigbee or Bluetooth. Connected with the medical server through mobile telephone networks (2G, GPRS, 3G) or WLANsInternet Implemented regularly at cell phone. Functions: 1-Register type and number sensor node . 2-manages the network channel sharing, time synchronization, and processing data. 3-Send data to MS

Tire2: Personal server

Tire3-Medical server
Function: 1-to authenticate users 2-Save patient data into medical records 3-analyze the data . 4- recognize serious health cases in order to contact emergency care givers , 5-forward new instruction to user.

WBAN Layers
Why layering?

Physical Layer
Radio Band
figure6: Radio Band of WBAN [1]

Modulation Data Rate

table 1:modulation type of WBAN[1]

table 2: data rate of WBAN sensor[1]

Data Link Layer

Data Link Layer
Objective DLL Responsible for Reliable Transfer of Frames from one node to the other (no loss, no corruption, no duplication)

MAC Control access to the shared medium (radio channel) Avoid interference between transmissions

Data Link Layer

MAC protocol
(CSMA-CA) use with wireless LAN simplicity implementation lower system cost reliable data transmission

TDMA( Schedule Protocol) WWAN like (GSM)

Figure 7: CSMA/CA protocol procedure [1]

MAC protocol comparison:

table 3: comparison between TDMA and CSMA/CA

Network Layer
Protocol is IP network topologies within WBAN
Peer-to-peer communication (WLAN)
Ad-Hoc Routing

Infrastructure (WWAN)
Access point (AP) or base station (BS)
Figure7: Two different network topologies are depicted: (a) ad hoc mode and (b) infrastructure mode [3].

Transport Layer
TCP protocol
Reliable (because relate with human health) Acknowledgment

Application Layer
Data from sensor send as email Use Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)

Summary WBAN Layers

Drawback WBAN
Battery Life
factors affecting the battery life is The radio transmission update period battery live for months

To make WBAN more security:
Authenticate Verify Encrypt Key Management FHSS
figure 8: Battery live for WSN [2]

Figure9: FHSS protocol [2]

Conclusion :
WBAN serve patient and Doctor Improve WBAN to avoided security and interference problem In future may Build new stander WBAN In future improve WBAN to use with 4G (WI-MAX)


(Performance Evaluation of a Wireless Body Area Sensor Network for Remote Patient Monitoring)
Jamil Y. Khan, Mehmet R. Yuce, and Farbood Karami

Dr Ab-dulghani (P&CSD/PID/CNU) Handout Aramco coures, (wireless network and wireless plant application) Katrin Bilstrup, A Preliminary Study of Wireless Body Area Networks, Halmstad University, School of Information Science. 4-Tomas H. Gorhm, Play Simplicity for Wireless Body Area Networks, IEEE Gornal,2008-11

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