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Motilal Nehru Institute Of Research And Business Administration (University of Allahabad)

Project Report On Marketing Strategies of PEPSICO

Submitted By: Ajay Kumar Gupta (MBA 2nd year)

Companys Profile
Company PEPSICO. Founded North Carolina. U.S (1965). Industry Beverages. Founder Donald Kendall & Herman Lay. Head Quarter Purchase, New York. Area Served Worldwide (200 Countries). Key People Indra Nooyi (Chairman & CEO).

To analyze, interpret and study the entire beverage market of Kanpur & related areas. Comparative study of the various brands, packs and flavors available in the market. Analysis of the strong and weak point of the competitors products and compare it with PEPSI. To assess the reach and feasibility of the product. Assess the promotional measures in the context to the sales of PEPSI.

The retailers in many cases ,are reluctant to answer many questions. The respondents may be biased or influenced by some other factors. Time and money were the greatest limitation in carrying out the survey. A number of retailers (Pan-shop) being illiterate, it took us lot of time in collecting information. The mere information which we get from the retailers is not sufficient to arrive at a conclusion. The seasonal changes affect the sell.

Research Methodology
Research Design To collect Data with helps of Questions. To Formulate Data Clearly. To gather maximum and valuable information. Research Approach Customer Preferences Considering Factors are Customers taste, Category, Image of Brand.

Research Methodology
Research Instrument Set of Questions Sample Size Method of Data Collection Observation Interview Focus Group Survey

Data Analysis
Awareness of Pepsi household scheme.

35% Yes 65% No

Data Analysis
Do you provide home delivery of Pepsi?
20% Yes 80% No

Data Analysis
Which Brands of soft drink do you sell?
5% only Pepsi 40% 55% only Coca-Cola Both

Data Analysis
Which quantity of Soft drink you have?



200 ml 300 ml 500 ml 2 lt



Data Analysis
Chilling equipment owned by you?
10% 30% 60% Only Pepsi Only Coca-Cola Both

Data Analysis
Who gives better Service?
5% 40% Pepsi Coca-Cola Both


Data Analysis
Has advertisement increase your sale?
8% 2% Yes No 90% Can't say

Data Analysis
Market Share of PepsiCo Products.
17% 20% 7% 24% Pepsi Mountain Dew Slice Mirinda Lehar



Data Analysis
Demand of soft drink within Age group.
10% 40% Children Youth Old


Data Analysis
Market Share of Soft Drink Brands.
11% 45% 44% Pepsi - Cola Coca - Cola Others

Findings And Observations

Soft drinks business behavior is not governed by brand, so the availability of the right brand, at the right place, at the right time is the key for winning consumer in soft drink business. Another critical issue was the presence of duplicate products of PEPSICO in the market. The position of PEPSICO in the corporate was not up to the mark and Coca-Cola had a better scene in this context. The present distribution system of PEPSICO is the best in the entire FMCG industry in Kanpur & related areas. The enhancement in the distribution network would definitely increase the market share of PEPSICO.

Findings And Observations

The retailers played critical role in the increment in the sales volume of the product and had to be kept satisfied in order to increase the market share by offering better schemes, discounts, display materials etc. The existence of sub-dealers and super stockiest are also the major area of problem, as they do not give the schemes and

other display materials and incentives information to the

retailers, which is one of the reasons for the dissatisfaction among retailers.

Uniformity in schemes and discounts, offered to the retailers. Activities of sub-dealers and super-stockists should be controlled and checked in order to ensure fair prices and distribution of schemes. Incentives to small retailers to avoid discontent among smallholdings and outlets.

Every possible step should be taken for the satisfaction of the


Soft drink is still considered a treat virtually a luxury, so company

should cut down its price especially of cans.

Supply of posters, glow- sign boards, tin-boards, banners and sun pack sheets etc. should be made at regular interval. Claim should be provided to the deserving retailers. Wall painting should be made regularly in the area, as it is a good medium of advertisement. Retailers need display materials to enhance the marketing of the products.

Q.1 Are you aware of Pepsi house hold scheme? a. yes a. Yes Q.3 Which brand of soft drink do you sell? a. Only Pepsi-Cola a. 200ml a. Lehar Soda (Pepsi-Cola) a. Aquafina (Pepsi-Cola) a. Only Pepsi-Cola b. Only Coca-cola b. 300ml c. 500mld. 2 lit. b. Kinely (Coca-Cola) b. Kinley (Coca-Cola) c. Other c. Both c. Both e. All. Q.4 Which quantity of soft drinks you have? Q.5 Which brand of soda do you sell? b. no b. no Q.2. Do you provide home delivery of Pepsi?

Q.6 Which brand of mineral water do you sell?

Q.7 Chilling equipment owned by you? b. Only Coca Cola

Q.8 Do you get timely supply of these brands with proper schemes? a. Yes b. No. Q.9 Is your chilling equipment working properly? a. Pepsi = Yes................. No.............. b. Coca-Cola = Yes................. No.............. Q.10 During breakdown of chilling equipment, who gives better services? a. Only Pepsi-Cola b. Only Coca-Cola c. Both Q.11. Is there increase in sales due to display of the racks? a. Yes b. No Q.12 Availability of glow boards provided by company through promotional scheme. a. Yes b. No Q.13 Are your customers aware of PEPSI HOUSE HOLD SCHEME? a. Yes b. No. c. Can't Say Q.14. Has advertisement increased your sale? a. Yes b. No. c. Can't Say