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Marketing Management

Sample presentation

Topic : STP + Marketing Mix

Product : Watch Company : Tag Heuer


REQUIREMENTS FOR EFFECTIVE SEGMENTATION Measurable Accessible Substantial Differentiable Actionable

Cities : Bombay, Delhi & Bangalore Pune - pallazio watch showroom Pune central mall, Shop one : population of 10 lakhs & above : urban crowd

Size Density

Age Gender Occupation : 25 55 years : male, female : Builders, IT professionals, Businessmen Education : graduates, postgraduates Nationality : Indians & NRIs, foreigners Generation : Gen X, Gen Y

Social Class


: upper middle class & upper class : achievers (successful businessmen, & IT professionals) : ambitious

Occasions Benefits User status Loyalty status Readiness stage : regular & special : design & quality : potential & regular users : strong & absolute : intending to buy desirous, interested : highly enthusiastic buyers

Attitude towards product

The community targeted for this product is a well defined set of dedicated buyers who have a desire to buy TAG HEUER. This is mainly concentrated towards the upper middle class & the high class community thus forming a niche market.

1. Pure, lines, strong design, the emblematic bracelet the ultimate expression of sports & elegance. Sports & outdoor: The daringness of a design developed with the action of the mind


: Men's range: Sports collection (fast moving) Professional collection Women's range: Party wear range (diamond studded) Casual range : 1 main service center : High caliber watches, does not function on batteries : Simple & unique design with classy finishing that differentiates it from its close competitor brand omega : Prestigious range - rolex, pierre cardin Medium range - tag heuer, omega Economy range - swatch : simple classy packaging - Variety

- Services - Quality - Design

- Brand name

- Packaging

List price - Ranges from 30,000 to 2, 16,000 - Based on caliber of watches (accuracy of watch) - Change in pricing policy does not affect sales to a large extent because the brand name plays an important role here.

Channels : Dealers with consistent flow of customers for Tagheuer. Eg. Pundol and Phoenix mall -- Coverage : major metros & developed cities Locations :Camp, Nagar Road Inventory : Limited inventory to suit the sales % - 6 to 8 watches/month

- Logistics:
A well connected system of carefully chosen dealers.
Main dealer Delhi

Sub dealers



Pune CT Pundol


Retailers C T Pundol Phoenix Mall

Promotes itself as a major sports brand using celebrities like Tiger Woods, Juan Pablo Montoya.(Car race driver) Uses top celebrities as brand ambassadors this also contributing to a large part of advertising. E.g. Shahrukh Khan, Priyanka Chopra, Sushmita Sen, Uma Thurman, Brad Pitt, Dicaprio Locally advertising through print media like magazines & hoardings. Limited promotional policies to target a particular sector of people.

Tiger Woods Golf player

Juan Pablo Montoya Race car driver

Cameron Diaz

Uma Thurman

Brad Pitt

Leonardo Di Caprio

TAGHEUER stands out for its unique design & brand name & this is successfully achieved through its high quality & powerful marketing strategies.

Presentation by Students
9th session : Students presentations. (tentatively 06 August 2012) 5 groups to give presentation Later (12 th session) 5 groups will give presentation on Real Estate Marketing

10th session will be the Class Test of 10 marks (13 August 2012)

Suggested topics for presentations by students

1) 2) 3) Societal marketing , examples , can also include Nokia recycling mobile phones CRM STP + Marketing Mix, of any product / service (motorcycle, car, mobile phone instrument or service, soap, toothpaste,pen, detergents, airlines / etc./ Nicmar, ) 2-3 groups can give presentation on the topic but on different products Marketing Plan : any product (Refer page 52 and Appendix A, PoM, Kotler & Armstrong, 12th edition ) Social marketing Brand ambassadors Creative ads Unforgettable advertisements Emotional appeal in ads : Love, pride, joy, humour Product placement Funny advertisements Effie awards Ad wars Marketing Research : any product , say toothpaste / soap/ mobile (meet 50 students in your section with a questionnaire) What is Quality ? ( Take example of a Consumer durable like a car)

4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15)

Guidelines for Presentations by students

1) Each group will have 5 students 2) Each group to give presentations in Power Point , using LCD projector. 3) All the members of the group shall give presentation 4) Each presentation will last for 12 minutes and remaining 2 minutes for Question Answers 5) Presentation will carry 10 marks. 6) Note : A picture speaks more than a thousand words