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Ep. 203: When Butch Chicks Exhibit Toxic Masculinity: Elsa Waithe the Woke Comedian

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Ep. 203: When Butch Chicks Exhibit Toxic Masculinity: Elsa Waithe the Woke Comedian

De The Manwhore Podcast: A Sex-Positive Quest

Longitud: 91 minutos


Dudes aren’t the only people who can exhibit toxic masculinity. Pre-woke comedian Elsa Waithe was a queer, butch f*ckboi once upon a time. But now she is a leader in the New York City activist movement, leading protests against racial oppression and anti-queer Trump antics. Activism even led her to Love in a fascinating Black Lives Matter meet cute. Hear her story and start making a protest sign! Check your privilege at the door—and roll your eyes at me if you must! ALSO: Dillon Birdsall has an exciting update about his documentary V-Card! PLUS: racism, “girl clothes”, Facebook jail, gender, Proud Boys, and #MeToo apologies! Join us for today’s Fanwhore Facebook Live Hangout! Hashtag Pay For Your Porn! This month I supported Trenchcoatx! Mentioned in the show: Them.us The Proud Boys Swipe It Forward Safety Pin Box See Elsa record a half-hour on March 2nd! Get tickets for V-Card: The Film at Cinekink on March 15th! Check out Elsa Waithe online! Twitter: @elsajustelsa Affirmative Laughter 2 Spicy podcast Get your weekend pass to ManwhoreCon at www.ManwhorePod.com/tickets. Become a member of my fanwhore community for just $1! Click here to pledge today! Go to a 24/7 digital strip club in your home on CamSoda! Get 50 free tokens when you sign up at www.camsoda.com/podcast! The Manwhore Podcast is sponsored by Pure. Download Pure to get casual sex tonight! Email your comments, questions, or to support the ManwhoreCon Scholarship “Fund” at manwhorepod@gmail.com. www.ManwhorePod.com
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