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Wholly Jewish

Wholly Jewish

Wholly Jewish

27 episodios de podcast


What do we all have in common? We all live - and balance - complex and nuanced identities, that, when braided together, make us wholly ourselves - and “Wholly Jewish.” Join April Baskin, the Union for Reform Judaism’s former vice president for audacious hospitality, as she speaks with Jews of Color who share their experiences, insights, and how their identities enrich and create a more vibrant Jewish community.

Episodios1-10 de 27 episodios


Noa: The Beauty of Taking Up Space

On the season finale of Wholly Jewish season 2, we are joined by NYU student and colleg...

20 minutos
Oct 20, 2020

Denis: Coming Out and Showing Up

For LGBTQ+ Jews, coming out stories differ from person to person, and the story of Deni...

19 minutos
Oct 06, 2020

Dara: From Parliament to the Bimah

Jewish innovation thrives on different perspectives, and it’s so vital that queer Jewis...

24 minutos
Sep 15, 2020

J: Breaking Down the Gates of Queer Judaism

Being queer and Jewish means something different to everyone, and those differences des...

21 minutos
Sep 01, 2020

Laura: Creating Peace Out of Wholeness

With so much turmoil and uncertainty happening around us, finding wholeness – with ones...

20 minutos
Aug 18, 2020

Max Antman: The Queerness and Politics of Torah

How can we embrace Judaism from not only a queer perspective, but also a “political” on...

21 minutos
Aug 11, 2020

Caroline: Forming a Sacred Queer Community

Being wholly Jewish means not having to hide parts of who we are when we enter Jewish s...

24 minutos
Jul 21, 2020

Leonard: Creating Seats at the Queer Jewish Table

Judaism is in a constant state of reform, and our approach to LGBTQ+ inclusivity should...

24 minutos
Jul 07, 2020

Mo: Standing in the Closet Doorway

Being queer means something different to everyone who identifies this way. Mo Selkirk (...

22 minutos
Jun 16, 2020

The Secret to Eliana's Fabulous Hair

During Shira’s conversation with Eliana Rubin (check out our June 2nd episode, if you m...

3 minutos
Jun 12, 2020