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Couple Money Podcast

Couple Money Podcast

Couple Money Podcast

147 episodios de podcast


Couple Money Podcast tackles how to build your marriage and wealth together!
We talk with financial experts, renowned journalists, and real-life couples who have done extraordinary things with their money such as paying off six figures of debt, overcoming financial infidelity, and retiring early!

Get the tools and tips that have helped them be successful with their finances and marriage.

Each episode covers crucial money topics like lending money to family, dumping debt faster, and the keys to financial independence.

Episodios1-10 de 147 episodios


[Simplify & Enjoy] Real Estate Investing: Is It Right for You?

Real estate investing can be a way to build up a passive income, but is it the right mo...

31 minutos
Jun 23, 2021

[Simplify & Enjoy] Mid-Year Reviews: How to Keep tabs on your Investments

It's June. The year is halfway over. Now is the perfect time to hit pause and do a midy...

34 minutos
Jun 16, 2021

[Simplify & Enjoy] Should We Invest in Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Cryptocurrency is part of the mainstream conversation and in the news, but should it be...

16 minutos
Jun 09, 2021

[Simplify & Enjoy] How to Diversify Your Income

Learn how you can protect your family’s finances and open up more opportunities by dive...

31 minutos
Jun 02, 2021

[Simplify & Enjoy] 2021 Summer of Savings

We're all looking to reconnect and have fun this summer. Today, we're going to go over ...

17 minutos
May 26, 2021

The Art of Being Frugal: How to Live Well While Spending Less

We’re all looking to get the best value, but how can you balance saving money, hitting ...

35 minutos
May 19, 2021

[Simplify & Enjoy] How to Protect Your Finances and Identity From Credit Card Fraud and Data Breaches

With credit card fraud and identity theft happening more frequently, we all have to ste...

24 minutos
May 12, 2021

[Simplify & Enjoy] What You Need to Know to Prepare For Retirement

Around 82% of Americans said their finances were affected by the pandemic and the fallo...

24 minutos
May 11, 2021

[Simplify & Enjoy] Fun and Memorable Family Vacation Ideas to Try This Year

Many families are looking for a getaway this year, but also want to stay on budget. We'...

22 minutos
May 05, 2021

[Simplify & Enjoy] Boosting your Income with Side Hustles

Need a boost with your income? Learn how to find the best paying side hustles for you! ...

19 minutos
Mar 10, 2021