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Rock Your Brand Podcast

Rock Your Brand Podcast

Rock Your Brand Podcast

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How do I start an online business? How do I build a brand online? How do I get traffic and attention to my online business? The biggest question is, can I start a business online and replace my current JOB? Welcome to The Rock Your Brand podcast show where we answer ALL of these questions and a ton MORE! Scott Voelker, the host will share with you everything you need to know and help you to build a Future Proof Business that will allow you the ultimate Freedom. Scott shares tips and strategies he used himself to build multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses over the past 18 years. Along with sharing Scott’s tips and strategies, he also interviews top business experts, such as Pat Flynn, John Lee Dumas, Rick Mulready, James Clear, Chris Ducker and so many more. Scott also shares his private coaching calls with listeners and students to show exactly what it takes to build a successful online business and brand. With millions of downloads and counting, The Amazing Seller “The Take Action Effect” movement is growing everyday and now it’s YOUR TURN to create the life you want and deserve. Are you in? Let’s Do THIS!

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RYB 997: How To Write Emails If I'm Not A Good Writer? - Jam Session

What we're going to be talking about on this Friday jam session is how to write emails....

35 minutos
Jun 11, 2021

RYB 996: (Coaching Call Recap) New Email List Funnel with Digital Product Offer

Today we will do a little hot seat recap, and this will be with one of our brand creato...

40 minutos
Jun 09, 2021

RYB 995: Digging Deeper To Reach Success [Monday Mindset]

RYB 995: Digging Deeper To Reach Success [Monday Mindset]

13 minutos
Jun 08, 2021

RYB994: What Are Good Email Open and Click Through Rates in 2021? - Jam Session

Today, we will be talking about good email, open rates, and click-through rates. We loo...

26 minutos
Jun 04, 2021

RYB 993: The Secret To Building A LOYAL Audience In Your Niche That Will Buy

Today. I'm excited because we will be talking about the secret to building a loyal audi...

38 minutos
Jun 02, 2021

RYB 992: One Day At A TIME Lesson Changed My Life (Monday Mindset)

If you are tuning in to this Monday mindset on a Monday, well, guess what you are here ...

18 minutos
May 31, 2021

RYB 991: How To Write A Perfect Email Sequence For NEW Subscribers? - Jam Session

Today we're going to be talking about a great question and one that I think you need to...

24 minutos
May 28, 2021

RYB 990: The Passive Income Website I Almost Bought for $40k Making $1,299 Per Month (Why I Didn't)

Today, I'm going to share with you the site that I'm looking into buying. This is the o...

48 minutos
May 26, 2021

RYB989: Clearing Mental Clutter To Gain More Focus - Monday Mindset

Suppose you feel like you have many different things going on in your head. All this me...

18 minutos
May 24, 2021

RYB 988: How Long Before I Start Selling To My Email List? Friday Jam Session

This is probably one of the highlights of my week because I get to hang out with some c...

29 minutos
May 21, 2021