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This Could Happen in Your Hometown

“Sunny day” flooding— caused not by rain but by rising tides—in 2015 in Miami. According to a report by the American Meteorological Society, the region “is more likely to experience [this type of] flooding…caused by global warming.” Warmer temperatures, which are linked to climate change, dry out the land, making forest fires—like this June 2016 one in L.A.— more extreme. Women of all stripes and political leanings have become passionate activists about issues that matter to them. But our progressively hotter planet—an issue that impacts us all—has drawn less zeal than it should. Maybe that’s
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Greenland Is Still Burning, But The Smoke May Be The Real Problem

More than two weeks after they were first spotted, wildfires on the west coast of Greenland are still burning, worrying local residents and drawing the attention of scientists. The fires are roughly 90 miles northeast of the second-largest Greenlandic town, Sisimiut, as we previously reported. There are currently three growing hotspots, according to an analysis of NASA data by Stef Lhermitte, an assistant professor of geoscience and remote sensing at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands. Nina-Vivi Andersen, a reporter for Nanoq News in the capital, Nuuk, has lived in Greenland her
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U.S. Already Feeling Consequences Of Global Warming, Draft Report Finds

A draft government report on climate says the U.S. is already experiencing the consequences of global warming. The findings sharply contrast with statements by President Trump and some members of his Cabinet, who have sought to downplay the changing climate. The document, which was leaked ahead of publication, says Americans are seeing more heatwaves and rainfall as a result of climate change. The report, known as the Climate Science Special Report, is part of the National Climate Assessment, which is mandated by Congress every four years and provides a synthesis of the federal government's kn
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Convince the skeptics…

The more evidence presented, the more people seem to resist the scientific evidence supporting climate change. Marshall interviews climate change deniers and top psychologists to explain the phenomenon and give you the tools to persuade any skeptics in your life.