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Quick Reads about Climate Change
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The Atlantic
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Avoiding Two Degrees of Warming 'Is Now Totally Unrealistic'

Michael Oppenheimer has been thinking about climate change about as long as most Americans have been alive. For almost four decades, he has worked on answering the phenomenon’s two most pressing questions: How dangerous will climate change get? And what can humanity do about it? So after President Donald Trump announced his decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement on Thursday, Oppenheimer was one of the experts I most wanted to hear from. It helps that Oppenheimer, a Princeton professor since 2002, has worked on or in some of the most important environmental programs of the modern era. He
Bloomberg Businessweek
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Your Country Is Flooding? Tough Luck

Christopher Flavelle • Trump’s disdain for climate aid is an American tradition • No “recognition that we actually depend on other countries” Twenty years ago, Senate members gathered to vote on Resolution 98, colloquially known as Byrd-Hagel. Its 700-odd words could be distilled into two ideas: The U.S. shouldn’t sign any international climate agreement likely to harm its economy, and developing countries should receive no special treatment. Ninety-five senators voted in favor, none against. Byrd-Hagel is remembered mainly for keeping the U.S. out of the Kyoto Protocol, which President Bi
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How Your Sandwich Changed The World

What if you could go back in time and follow your food from the farm to your plate? What if you could see each step of your meal's journey — every ingredient that went into its creation, and every footprint it left behind? Back in February, The Salt reported on English researchers who did just that: They rigorously investigated the origin of a single loaf of bread, from wheat field to supermarket. Their report is full of incredible detail. How big a field would you need to grow enough wheat for a loaf of bread? Seven square feet. How much fertilizer? About a third of a cup. How much greenhouse
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Convince the skeptics…

The more evidence presented, the more people seem to resist the scientific evidence supporting climate change. Marshall interviews climate change deniers and top psychologists to explain the phenomenon and give you the tools to persuade any skeptics in your life.