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The New York Times
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Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism

Kristen R. Ghodsee, a professor of Russian and East European studies at the University of Pennsylvania, is the author of numerous books on European communism and its aftermath, including, most recently, “Red Hangover: Legacies of 20th-Century Communism.” This is an essay in the series Red Century, about the history and legacy of communism 100 years after the Russian Revolution. When Americans think of communism in Eastern Europe, they imagine travel restrictions, bleak landscapes of gray concrete, miserable men and women languishing in long lines to shop in empty markets and security services
The Atlantic
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Donald Trump Eats First

This week, as Donald Trump publicly attacked Attorney General Jeff Sessions, an assault one restrained observer described as “a multitiered tower of political idiocy, a sublime monument to the moronic, a gaudy, gleaming, Ozymandian folly,” even David Horowitz, the anti-Leftist intellectual and author of Big Agenda: President Trump’s Plan to Save America, felt compelled to admit something to his Twitter followers: “I have to confess, I'm really distressed by Trump's shabby treatment of Sessions.” Trump has always been vehemently opposed from the left and distrusted on the right by Never Trump c
Financial Times
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Former DoJ Chief Sally Yates on Being Fired by Trump

In a corner of a small, farm-to-table restaurant in Atlanta's old meatpacking district, Sally Yates, the former acting US attorney-general, who was fired for her audacity in defying Donald Trump, is piling vegetables on to my side plate with a dollop of Southern charm. "Let's get you a . . . get a fork in. Let's just put some on a plate. Let's do a mini veggie plate for you, is that OK?" She has already picked up my fork and is scooping portions of corn succotash, fried okra and green spring vegetables from her plate on to mine. "You came to my hometown and I need to make sure you have a good
Strangers in Their Own Land
Ashley M., Scribd Editor
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Scale the empathy wall…

Is America really more divided than ever? To try to figure out what was going on with the far right in the years leading up to Donald Trump’s election, Hochschild spent five years with Tea Party supporters in Louisiana, and her reporting makes it easy to sympathize with those you may not agree with. This book topped many best-of lists and was a finalist for the National Book Award with good reason.