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Dogs And Pigs Get Bored, Too

Think about the last time you were bored — seriously and persistently bored. Maybe you had to carry out some mind-numbing repetitive task for hours on end, or maybe you were just trapped at the airport or train station, waiting out a lengthy delay without a good conversational partner, book, or movie. You look at a clock and it seems to move at a surreal, glacial pace. Charlotte C. Burn, a biologist at The Royal Veterinary College of the University of London, captures that feeling in her definition of boredom: "Boredom is an unpleasant emotion including suboptimal arousal levels and a thwarted
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Race to Reduce Risk

Just one alcoholic drink a day might raise premenopausal women’s risk for breast cancer by 5 percent (9 percent for women postmenopause), according to a recent study. But the researchers also noted that vigorous exercise, such as running and fast biking, appears to have a protective effect. The most active premenopausal women studied had a 17 percent lower risk than the least active subjects; postmenopausal women had a 10 percent lower risk. “Exercise can lower excess insulin and some blood markers of inflammation in women of any age,” says Anne McTiernan, M.D., Ph.D., lead author and cancer p
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Schools Are Missing What Matters About Learning

When Orville Wright, of the Wright brothers fame, was told by a friend that he and his brother would always be an example of how far someone can go in life with no special advantages, he emphatically responded, “to say we had no special advantages … the greatest thing in our favor was growing up in a family where there was always much encouragement to intellectual curiosity.” The power of curiosity to contribute not only to high achievement, but also to a fulfilling existence, cannot be emphasized enough. Curiosity can be defined as “the recognition, pursuit, and intense desire to explore, nov
13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do
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13 reasons why you should read this…

If you’re jealous that your friends are more successful than you, that’s part of what’s holding you back from achieving your own happiness and success. Find out all the other thoughts you’re not supposed to give in to and how to build up your mental fortitude to overcome these roadblocks.