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The Atlantic
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What We Still Don’t Know About the Islamic State’s Foreign Fighters

The Barcelona attackers killed 14 people—a middling tally for an ISIS attack in Europe. Watch one of the attackers prancing around like an idiot on the streets of Cambrils, Spain, before being shot dead by police, and you can see why the death toll might not have been higher. These do not appear to be trained commandos, moving calmly and tactically like the Bataclan attackers in November 2015. They are amateurs, and if they had any training at all, it doesn’t show. The biggest concern for counterterrorism officials, and indeed anyone interested in not being blown to smithereens in a Brussels s
The New York Times
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Religion & Spirituality

Don't Believe in God? Maybe You'll Try UFOs

This article is accompanied by an illustration by Marion Fayolle that is available at no charge to clients of The New York Times Op-Ed service. THE LESS RELIGIOUS PEOPLE ARE, THE MORE LIKELY THEY ARE TO THINK ALIENS EXIST. Are Americans becoming less religious? It depends on what you mean by “religious.” Polls certainly indicate a decline in religious affiliation, practice and belief. Just a couple of decades ago, about 95 percent of Americans reported belonging to a religious group. This number is now around 75 percent. And far fewer are actively religious: The percentage of regular churchgoe
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Religion & Spirituality

Trump’s Cabinet Is Reportedly Holding White House Bible Studies. Is That Unconstitutional?

Several of President Donald Trump’s key Cabinet officials meet regularly for bible study in the White House, according to a laudatory report released Monday by the Christian Broadcasting Network. At least one expert said she finds the news “troubling” — not because of the meetings themselves, but because of who’s conducting them. The man who’s leading the meetings, Ralph Drollinger, is an evangelical minister with a history of anti-LGBTQ sentiment and the founder of the evangelical Capitol Ministries, a group with the stated goal of spreading “the Gospel” to public servants. Maggie Garrett, t
White Hot Truth
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