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Planned Parenthood Ready to Close Four Iowa Clinics, After Funding Attack From Lawmakers

A string of political scandals eclipsing the Trump agenda, and by extension the future of the Republican Party, have not distracted from Iowa's GOP-led efforts to choke off funding to Planned Parenthood. As a result of a new state law preventing Medicaid patients from seeking health care through the family planning provider, Planned Parenthood announced on Thursday that it will have to close four of its Iowa clinics, the Huffington Post reported. The clinic closures in Sioux City, Burlington, Keokuk and the Quad Cities will effect nearly 15,000 patients a year in Iowa, according to HuffPost. T
The Atlantic
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The Art of Teaching the Youngest Students

Scattered around a meeting room in groups of three or four, 13 women bent over laptop computers and smartphones, squinting at Colorado’s hundreds of child-care regulations. They were child-care and preschool employees from all over Denver on a scavenger hunt of sorts, searching for answers to worksheet questions such as how quickly child-care workers must be trained on child-abuse reporting and which eight kinds of toys and equipment classrooms are required to have. The exercise on a recent Tuesday night was part of a 120-hour course—the equivalent of two college classes—that leads to a nation
The Atlantic
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Losing Planned Parenthood

Alexandra Rucinski has been a patient at the Planned Parenthood in Burlington, Iowa, since she unexpectedly became pregnant with her son five years ago. She was 22 years old then, and she didn’t have health insurance. So she drove to the clinic on North 8th Street, where staff helped her understand her options. Rucinski chose to have the baby, and she has since continued to visit the health center regularly: every three months for her Depo-Provera shot, a form of injection contraception, and once a year for a breast and pelvic exam, so clinicians can monitor abnormal cells in her cervix. On Ma
How to Fall in Love with Anyone
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Science meets emotion…

In the day and age of Tinder and online dating, finding “true love” seems more elusive than ever. Part memoir, part scientific investigation into how love works, Mandy Catron has advice on love that both hopeless romantics and jaded cynics need to hear.