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By Any Name, Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda Was A Force

The music of the late Alice Coltrane Turiyasangitananda, the wife of the jazz giant John Coltrane, has always rested somewhat in the shadows. It didn't help that she gave her career up — to become a spiritual leader. But some of her Hindu-inspired recordings by this composer, pianist, organist, harpist, keyboard player and singer have just been released commercially for the first time. A concert featuring some of that material is taking place tonight in Brooklyn, as part of the Red Bull Music Academy Festival. Alice and John Coltrane were only together for four years before he died of liver ca
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Paramore's 'After Laughter' Is Something New, Built From Pieces Of The Past

What holds Paramore together? The beloved Tennessee band's decade-plus career is littered with false starts and laborious successes: More musicians have left the band than remain inside of it, and those who have departed did so caustically. Lifelong friendships have ended to keep this pop-punk powerhouse alive, and yet, its remaining members now find themselves at a place of critical reinvention. Being forced to constantly reevaluate what Paramore looks like has made them largely indestructible: When it feels like they've got nothing to lose, they shed their skin and become new. In 2017, Param
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Troker: Tiny Desk Concert

Mexico City is not known as one of the international jazz capitals of the world. New York, Tokyo — even Havana. But not CDMX (the new abbreviation of Ciudad de Mexico). There is, though, a fairly rich history of jazz in the country, going back to a guy named Tino Contreras, who has been swinging since the late 1940's (sadly no longer active) through to the Toussaint brothers (Eugenio, Enrique, Fernando), who formed a way cool fusion band, Sacbe, in the late '70s. There have been others, of course, but never enough to make Mexico a place known for jazz — until now. The young lions of Troker hai
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Beneath the surface…

Don’t judge a book by its cover. The grass isn’t always greener. We’ve heard the cliches before, but “Big Little Lies” is a fresh look at the complicated dynamics often lurking just below the carefully painted facade of our lives.

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Charming as all get out…

Charming and hilarious, these essays cover everything—from her young start on Broadway to her mixed feelings about “Twilight”—with candor and humor. Kendrick might be scrappy, but she's definitely no nobody.