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Name: @ction 7 EXAM Units 1 & 2

(Exam time: 40 minutes)


A. Answer these questions.

(2 points each = 10 points)

1. What are you going to do next weekend?

(Personal answer.)

2. Are you going to finish school next year? No,

Im not. Im going to finish school in _______ .

3. I have a cold. What should I do?

You should drink some tea with lemon.

4. I am a little fat. What should I do?

You shouldnt eat much sugar.

5. Is your best friend going to be a journalist when he finishes school?

(Personal answer.)

B. Match the sentences and complete the answers. (1 point each = 8 points) 1. Should Tim study for the test? 2. Is Kate going to go out with Millie? 3. Will Jim be a millionaire when he grows up? 4. Are Tim and Jim going to visit their grandmother next Saturday? 5. Did Mrs. Granger go shopping? 6. Does Mr. Granger write for a newspaper? 7. Do Tim and Jim play football well? 8. Can Paulo speak English? ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
3 5 4 1 8 2 7 6

) ) ) ) ) ) ) )

No, Yes, No, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes,

he wont she did they arent he should he can she is they do he does

. He never saves any money. . She bought presents for all the family. . They visited her last Saturday. . The test is tomorrow. . He studied it before he came to the United States. . They always go out together. . They are part of the school team. . Hes a journalist.

C. Mr. and Mrs. Granger are talking on the telephone. Complete the conversation with the words in the box.
(1 point each = 7 points)

me you him her it us them Mrs. Granger Mr. Granger Mrs. Granger Mr. Granger Mrs. Granger Mr. Granger Mrs. Granger Mr. Granger Mrs. Granger Mr. Granger Mrs. Granger Mr. Granger Peter! Peter! Hello! Can you hear Yes, dear. Now I can hear
you me

fine. Where are you?


Im at the mall, buying presents for the kids. Good. What are you going to buy for shes going to like Well, didnt you buy
it her

Well, Im going to buy a book for Kate. Do you think ? a book last year too?

Oh, I guess youre right. Ill have to think of something else. Well, I got a football flag for Tim. Thats what we gave

two years ago.

Well, then I cant give Tim that. Well, dear, I also bought something for you and me. Really? You bought a present for Isnt it great? Yes, dear. Well, Ill see you when you get home. (I dont think I should tell her thats what she bought last year, should I?)

Yes! I bought a new sofa for the living room.

D. Write a paragraph about your future. Talk about occupation, marriage and children, traveling and hobbies. (10 points)
Personal answer.

E. Complete the crossword puzzle with the occupations you know.

(1 point each = 15 points)

Across 5. A president, a governor, a senator 8. She takes care of the house. 12. He takes care of peoples mental health. 13. He designs houses and buildings. 14. police Down 1. He/She works as an executive. 2. race car 3. He wears red clothes and he has to be very courageous. 4. Britney Spears is one. Madonna is another. 5. soccer 6. He helps the doctor. 7. He flies planes. 9. Jorge Amado is one. Machado de Assis is another. 10. He takes care of peoples teeth. 11. He defends people in court.
4 7 5 2 1



























@ction 7 EXAM Units 3 & 4

(Exam time: 40 minutes)

A. Complete the text with the parts of the car from the box.

(1 point each = 9 points)

trunk headlights gas pedal clutch hood steering wheel brake mirror seat belt Driving is easy. When you get into the car, you have to fasten your to be safe. Then you start the car, step on the s eat belt clutch and change the gear using the gearshift. gas pedal To go faster, you step on the . To stop, you step brake mirror . Look in the to see the cars on the teering wheel to turn right or left. If you are behind you. Use the s headlights driving at night, turn on the to see better in front of trunk . And if you want you. If you have bags, put them in the hood . Its simple, isnt it? to look at the motor, just lift the B. Rewrite the sentences below as in the example.
(2 points each = 10 points)

Brazil is smaller than Russia. Russia is bigger than Brazil. 1. A motorcycle is cheaper than a car.
A car is more expensive than a motorcycle.

2. John is fatter than Ted.

Ted is thinner than John.

3. The blue car is cleaner than the black car.

The black car is dirtier than the blue car.

4. A bus is longer than a car.

A car is shorter than a bus.

5. English is easier than German.

German is more difficult than English.

C. Match the questions and the answers.

(1 point each = 6 points)

1. Whose car did you drive? 2. Who drove the car? 3. Which car did you drive? 4. How did you drive? 5. Where did you drive it? 6. When did you drive it?

( ( ( ( ( (

4 1 5 3 6 2

) I drove carefully. ) I drove Marks car. ) I drove it in Fortaleza. ) I drove the blue car. ) I drove it last month. ) Mark drove the car.

D. Change the sentences as in the example.

(2 points each = 6 points)

John is a careful driver. He drives carefully. 1. Mary is a beautiful dancer.

She dances beautifully.

2. Peter is a hard worker.

Peter works hard.

3. Karen is a good speaker.

Karen speaks well.

E. Underline the correct pronoun.

(1 point each = 6 points)

Kate Paulo Kate Paulo Kate

Wow! Is this laptop computer yours / his, Paulo? No, Kate. Unfortunately it isnt yours / mine. Its Larrys. Whos Larry? Hes a boy from my class. This computer is his / hers, but he lets me use it sometimes. Great! Listen, can you do Millie a favor? This diskette is yours / hers , but her computer isnt working. Can you print her history homework for her?

Paulo Kate

Well, I dont have a printer, but I can ask Tim and Jim if I can use theirs / his. I already asked and they said no. Well, Im going to ask Mom if she lets me use hers / his.

F. Read the conversation in exercise E and answer these questions.

(2 points each = 6 points)

1. Whose computer is Paulo using?

Hes using Larrys computer.

2. Why cant Millie print her history paper?

Because her computer isnt working.

3. Whose printer is Kate probably going to use?

Shes probably going to use her mothers computer.

G. Write a paragraph about the things you always have in your bag and why you like to have them. (7 points)
Personal answer.

Name: @ction 7 EXAM Units 5 & 6

(Exam time: 40 minutes)


A. Answer these questions.

(2 points each = 10 points)

1. How long have you studied in this school?

(Personal answer.)

2. Have you ever been to the United States?

(Personal answer.)

3. What books have you read this year?

(Personal answer.)

4. Have you lived in the same house or apartment since you were born?
(Personal answer.)

5. What has the weather been like?

(Personal answer.)

B. Complete the paragraph using the correct form of the verb in parentheses. Use the Simple Present, the Simple Past or the Present Perfect.
loves travels My uncle Carlos (love) to travel. He usually has visited (travel) three times a year. This year, he (visit) two went (go) to Mexico in January different countries so far. He has taken (take) many pictures of and Switzerland in June. He likes (like) to eat different beautiful places all his life. He has tried (try) many exotic dishes. Last year kinds of food and he ate buys (eat) rat in Belgium! He usually (buy) he has collected (collect) strange souvenirs from his trips. He strange objects for many years. (1 point each = 10 points)

C. Complete the paragraph with the words in the box.

(1 point each = 5 points)

already since for last week never My dream is to travel to Australia. I have read books about Australia since I was 10 years old. Im 15 now, so Ive read these books for never 5 years. I have been to Australia, but I know already watched many movies everything about that country. I have about it, too. In fact, I watched a fantastic documentary about koalas and last week . It was really great! kangaroos

D. Complete this story with names of appliances in the pictures.

(1 point each = 5 points)

Corel Stock Photo


PhotoDisc PhotoDisc

Im really unlucky! Last week I invited some friends to have dinner with me. Then we were going to have milkshake and watch a movie. However, there was a blackout in my city. There was no electricity for four hours. range didnt It was terrible! We couldnt cook because the blender wasnt work. We couldnt make milkshake because the working, either. We couldnt watch a movie because we couldnt use TV VCR and the . And we couldnt listen to the CD player . Life without songs because we couldnt use the electricity is really difficult!


E. Ask questions for these answers.

(Possible answers:)

(2 points each = 10 points)


When did we buy our CD player?

We bought our CD player three years ago. 2.

How long have we surfed the Internet?

Weve surfed the Internet since the 1980s. 3.

Have we used diskettes for ________?

No, weve used diskettes for about 40 years. 4.

When did John Baird invent the television?

John Baird invented the television in 1926. 5.

Did Captain Cook discover Hawaii in _______?

No, Captain Cook discover Hawaii in 1778. F. Write a paragraph about an important invention. Mention how long it has existed, why it is important and how it affects your life. (10 points)
Personal answer.

Name: @ction 7 EXAM Units 7 & 8

(Exam time: 40 minutes)


A. Answer the questions your teacher will read. Use complete sentences. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.
Do you like dinosaurs? Why? (Personal answer.) Have you ever met a famous person? Say his/her name. (Yes, Ive already met ______. / No, Ive never met a famous person.) Whats the most interesting movie you have ever seen? (The most interesting movie Ive ever seen is ________.) Have you studied dinosaurs yet? (Personal answer.) What are the geological formations you have ever seen? (Personal answer.) (2 points each = 10 points)

B. Complete the conversation with tag-questions.

(1 point each = 10 points)

Paulo Kate Paulo Kate Paulo Kate Paulo Kate Paulo Kate Paulo Kate Paulo Kate Paulo

isnt it ? Hi, Kate. Its a nice day, have you ? No, it isnt. You havent been out, No, I havent. Why? Its snowing a lot. You can see it through the window, cant you ? I know, and I love it. do you ? Oh, you dont have snow in Brazil, Well, in my state, Santa Catarina, sometimes it snows, but its not very common. I prefer the beach. There arent many nice beaches around here, are there ? Not really, but there are other interesting things. We went to a didnt we ? nice museum last weekend, You mean the Exploratorium? Yes, it was interesting, wasnt it ? It sure was. You have been to the Aquarium in Monterrey too, havent you ? Yes, I have. Its absolutely fantastic. The jellyfish have the dont they ? strangest colors, Yes, they do. Well, California is nice. Maybe we could go to Santa couldnt we ? Monica on the weekend, That sounds great!

C. Read the text about the sitcom Dinosaurs and mark T (true), F (false) or N (if its not in the text). (1 point each = 5 points) Dinosaurs was a sitcom about a family of dinosaurs that was on TV from 1991 to 1994. The show featured animatronic dinosaurs created by Jim Hensons Creature Shop. The show was about the Sinclair family: the father (Earl), the mother (Fran), the son (Robbie), the daughter (Charlene), the baby (Baby), and the grandmother (Grandma Ethel). Earls job was to push over trees and to do whatever his boss, B. P. Richfield, commanded. The Sinclairs were a typical American family with all the emotions that families revolve about: Earl was not satisfied with his job and his rude boss; Fran was very busy running the house and taking care of the Baby, the most famous character in the story; Charlene is a vain girl with a lot of typical teenage problems; Robbie shocks his family when he declares he wants to be a vegetarian; and Grandma Ethel show how the elderly live in the dinosaur world, so different and yet so similar to ours. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Jim Henson loved dinosaurs. The Sinclairs are dinosaurs. Fran is the most famous character in the show. Charlene, Robbie and the Baby are teenagers. B. P. Richfield is Earls boss. ( ( ( ( (

) ) ) ) )

D. Complete this conversation with already, yet, for, or since.

(1 point each = 10 points)

Ethan Monica Ethan


Ethan Monica Ethan


Monica, have you bought the tickets for the basketball game yet ? already Ive told you, Ethan, I havent bought them yet . for Why not? Ive been waiting to see this game since weeks. My team has gotten so much better they bought that Brazilian player. already I know you are crazy about basketball, but I have called Ticketmonster and they say they havent received any yet . They say they would call as soon as they tickets got the tickets. How long have you been waiting? since Lets see... Ive been waiting Monday... So Ive for been waiting four days. Well, I guess thats OK. Ive been waiting for this game for such a long time, that I think I can wait for the tickets a little longer. Really? Thats good.

E. Complete these questions with the superlative form of the adjectives in the box. (1 point each = 9 points) big old small bad long heavy far dangerous expensive 1. Whats 2. Whats 3. Whats 4. Whats 5. Whos 6. Whats 7. Whats 8. Whos Hes terrible! 9. Whats
the farthest the longest

river in the world? country in the world? animal in the world? telescope in the world? man in the world? country in the world? snake? soccer player in the world?

The Nile. It extends 6,695 km in length.

the biggest

Russia. Its area is 17,075,200 km2.

the heaviest

The blue whale. It weighs up to 130 tons.

the most expensive

The Hubble. It costs 3 billion dollars.

the oldest

Joan Moll. He was born on December 15, 1889.

the smallest

Vatican City. Its area is only 0.44 km2.

the most dangerous

The king cobra. Its poison can kill in seconds.

the worst

Z Man. He plays for Tabajara Club and he never scored a goal. planet in the solar system?

Pluto. Its very distant from the sun. F. Write a paragraph about the things you have already done in life. Talk about the places you have visited, the different foods you have eaten, the interesting people you have met, etc. (6 points)
Personal answer.

Name: @ction 7 QUIZ Unit 1

(Quiz time: 20 minutes)


A. Your teacher will ask you some questions. Write the answers below.
(2 points each = 6 points)

1. 2. 3.

I have a toothache. What should I do? (You should go to the dentist.) Will you marry somebody next month? (No, I wont.) What will you do when you finish school? (Personal answer.)

B. Write questions for these answers.

(2 points each = 6 points)


Will your mother travel to another country?

No, my mother wont travel to another country. 2.

Should I wear a dress?

Yes, you should wear a dress. Its a formal party. 3.

What will you do next weekend? / Where will you go next weekend?

Im not sure, but I think that I will go to the beach next weekend. C. Make sentences about these superstitions using the words given and should / will.
(3 points each = 9 points)

break a mirror/put the pieces under running water/or seven years of bad luck If you break a mirror, you should put the pieces under running water, or youll have seven years of bad

spill salt/throw some over your shoulder/or bad luck If

you spill salt, you should throw some over your shoulder, or youll have bad luck.

find a cricket/not kill it/or lose money If

you find a cricket, you shouldnt kill it, or youll lose money.

D. Write the names of the problems under the pictures.

(1 point each = 4 points)





Name: @ction 7 QUIZ Unit 3

(Quiz time: 20 minutes)


A. Complete the conversation with the words from the box.

(1 point each = 7 points)

mine yours (2x) his (2x) hers ours Tim Jim Tim Jim Tim Monica Tim Monica Tim Monica Jim Tim Monica Hi, Jim. Did you see the bike in front of our garage? Of course I did. Its Its
yours mine

? When did you get it?

Mom gave it to me this morning, just because Im her favorite son. Thats not fair! Hi, Tim. Mom, did you give Jim a bike? No, I didnt. That bike isnt Oh, so its
hers his his

. Its Kates. .

, and not

Right. And I have a little present for you two. A video game. Great! Look at my video game. Its not your new video game. Its Yes, its
yours ours

, isnt it, Mom?

. Now go and play.

B. Write questions for these answers using the words given.

(2 points each = 6 points)


Whose schoolbag is this?


Its Mikes. 2.
Whose pens are these?


Theyre Sallys. 3.
Whose umbrella is this?


Its Davids.

C. Write the names of the objects under each picture.

(1 point each = 6 points)

Corel Stock Photo





Corel Stock Photo


Eye Wire



D. You are Sally. Complete the conversation.

(Possible answers:)

(2 points each = 6 points)


Look, Sally. Which pants do you prefer, the blue ones or the black ones?

Sally Mark

I prefer the black / blue ones.

And how about the hats? Which one do you prefer, the white one or the green one?

Sally Mark Sally

I prefer the green / white one.

Yeah, me too. Its beautiful. And you, Mark.

Which T-shirt do you like, the yellow one or the red one?


Well, I like the yellow T-shirt. I dont like the red T-shirt. Its too bright.



Name: @ction 7 QUIZ Unit 5

(Quiz time: 20 minutes)


A. Ask questions for the answers below using the word ever.
(2 points each = 6 points)


Have you ever ridden a camel?

No, Ive never ridden a camel. Ive never been to Egypt! 2.

Has your mother ever eaten caviar?

No, my mother has never eaten caviar. 3.

Have your friends ever been to Paris?

Yes, my friends have already been to Paris. They went there last year. B. Complete this postcard using the Present Perfect of the verbs in the box. (1 point each = 9 points) eat invite take see play kiss swim find (negative) visit Hi, Mom, Tina and I are having a wonderful time in Australia. This is a wonderful have visited country! So far, we some interesting cities, and we are enjoying every minute of it. have seen We the Opera House in Sydney. Its very beautiful! have played have eaten We with kangaroos. We kangaroo meat, but we didnt like it very much. Its so strange to eat such cute animals! have swum We with many turtles in the Great Barrier Reef. They are very big. have taken We many pictures. Well send some to you by e-mail when we find a computer its amazing, but we havent found a cyber caf yet. Well, I have to tell you a little secret Tina has met a guy here. His name is has invited Lawrence. He her to have dinner with him, and I has kissed think he her! Shes really happy. Love, Gina

C. Write at least ten names of animals to complete these charts.

(1 point each = 10 points) (Possible answers:) elephant - koala - lion - kangaroo - dolphin - bear - panda - camel



crocodile - snake


shark - salmon


eagle - owl


toad - salamander

Name: @ction 7 QUIZ Unit 7

(Quiz time: 20 minutes)


A. Complete the text with the superlative form of the adjectives in parentheses. (1 point each = 6 points) fast tall heavy old long smart I love animals, and I like to study whats special about them. Take the the tallest animal on earth, and its neck giraffe, for example. Its the longest among all the mammals. And the elephant? is the heaviest Its land mammal, weighing more than 2 tons! Some the smartest animals people say that monkeys are intelligent, but The fastest seem to be dolphins, because their brains are bigger. animal is the cheetah. It can run up to 100 km per hour! The oldest turtle in the world died at the age of 188. Amazing, isnt it? B. Answer these questions using opposites as in the example.
(2 points each = 8 points)

This camera is very old-fashioned. No, its the most modern camera I know. 1. This sweater is very cheap.
No, its the most expensive sweater I know.

2. This dog is very stupid.

No, its the most intelligent dog I know.

3. This park is ugly.

No, its the most beautiful park I know.

4. This street is clean.

No, its the dirtiest street I know.

C. Match the definitions and the words.

(1 point each = 7 points)

1. canyon 2. cave 3. geyser 4. island 5. lake 6. river 7. volcano

( ( ( ( ( ( (

3 5 7 2 1 4 6

) Its a hole in the ground that ejects hot water. ) Its a body of water surrounded by land. ) Its a mountain that ejects lava. ) Its a hole on the side of a mountain. ) Its a deep valley with a river at the bottom. ) Its a body of land surrounded by water. ) Its a body of water flowing to the sea.

D. Complete the conversation using your own words. (1 point each = 4 points)
(Personal answers.)


Have you ever Yes, its the been to.

been to _______________

? place Ive ever

most beautiful


So have you ever Yes, I have. Its

eaten________________ most delicious

? food Ive ever eaten.

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