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June 2012

Quarterly publication of Life-Growth Inc. is Greek for life

One of the highlights of the graduation was the installation of the LGI Ministers. LGI members Dr. Mimi Damian, Engr. Art Calaguas, Dr. Mem Soriano, Pastor Golda Taopo, Vida Mei Rivera, Sonny Navarro, and Ester Bartolome, who have finished theological studies and serve in WindWatch Prayer-Healing Service, were named LGI pastors. Rev. Bing Dakanay, Pastor Tina Gervacio, Pastor Jonathan Patadlas, Pastor Eileen Arriola were also honored as LGI pastors. Mr. Isaac S. Puno, WindWatch Coordinator for Sydney, Australia, gave the opening remarks and welcomed everyone to his home church. He shared that Puno UMC and LGI have a common mission and are ideal partners in educating Christians about the ministry of the Holy Spirit. Cris Descalsota (Integrated Biblical Studies), Girlie Bangunan (Christian Life Skills), Dr. Mimi Damian (Christian Faith-Coaching), and Fred Calunsag (LifeBuilders for Jesus) gave their testimonies on how their respective classes made an impact in their lives. Cris Descalsota was also given the honor of being the class topnotcher as he excelled in all the course requirements. LGI Deputy Director Rev. Criscelyn Navarro released prophetic declarations for the graduates and led them to a commitment prayer of continuing to advancing the Jesus-Agenda. LGI Board of Trustees member Rev. Bing Dakanay gave a moving closing prayer and a powerful benediction to close the ceremony. Everyone enjoyed a sumptuous fellowship lunch after catered by Mary Abigails Food and Services Inc. -ccc

Retired Chief Justice Puno graces LGI 2012 graduation

An excited group of graduates and special guests trooped to Puno United Methodist Church in Don Antonio Heights, Quezon City to participate in and witness the Life-Growth Inc. graduation ceremony of batches 2011 and 2012. A total of eighty-six (86) students graduated from five LGI courses under the newly established Prophetic Christian Training Institute. Thirty (30) graduated from the Integrated Biblical Studies course, sixteen (16) from the Christian Life Skills course, twenty-five (25) from the Christian Faith-Coaching Course, and six (6) from the newly restructured School of Hope Program. Nine (9) students from the Life Builders for Jesus course, the newest LGI course offering, were also present and came all the way from Midsayap, Mindanao. The students celebrated the completion of the first level of the two-year course. Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno (ret.) delivered an inspiring and challenging graduation message emphasizing the need to find Who the truth is in order to find out what the truth is. He encouraged everyone to be firm in the Christian faith even when it is unpopular and looked down upon. His presence was appreciated and enjoyed as many of the graduates and their guests took pictures with him before, during and after the ceremony. The Chief Justice, who himself is a Prophetic Leadership Training graduate, was visibly pleased when LGI Executive Director Rev. Dr. Mina Palomo introduced him as a Revivalist, Spirit-filled and Passionate man for the Word of God as revealed by the Holy Spirit on top of his long list of accolades and achievements both here and abroad.

Rev. Dr. Mina N. Palomo bids farewell to her WindWatch family

My dearly beloved WindWatchers, I am now where God wants me to be, preparing to write His books in this retirement phase of my life. As I have been teaching you, where God leads, we follow. I am so happy with my beloved staff- excellent, Spirit-filled, prophetic, and filled with love, righteousness and joy in the Holy Spirit. To their anointed hands I leave my most loved WindWatch, the symbol of who I am in the Lord a Worshipper more than anything else, eagerly pursuing what Gods will is for

my life and ministry- nothing less and nothing more. I am am giving a little meal offering for all of you, as a token of my deep gratitude for your love for the Holy Spirit who is not quite welcome in many circles. Also, as a token of my deep gratitude for your love for me, your trust in my ministry, your confidence in my administration of our ministry- spiritually, administratively and financially. I speak love and blessings to our WindWatch Founders and Overseers who were with me for 5 years. I love that you were as happy as I was when we were but a handful, feeling rich when we received a total offering of P2,000, ecstatic when our numbers grew from 5 to a whopping 12!!! We thought wed got it made when we availed of the giant electric fans at People of Grace, formed a Worship Team after about 2 years of just Cookie leading us accompanied by whoever was available.

Life-Growth Inc.
Center for Christian Learning and Prophetic Leadership 144 Scout Limbaga St. Quezon City, Philippines

LGI helps raise spiritually-connected kids

LGI added two new courses under its Kids in the Spirit Bible School this 2012: the Prophetic Kids Summit and the All About God Curriculum. Kids in the Spirit Bible School is designed to raise up godly children who are intimate with Jesus and the Holy Spirit through its different courses. Last summer, 640 children and youth unlocked the doors of ancient blessings as they underwent the Prophetic Kids Summit experience. The Prophetic Kids Summit and its Youth edition is a fivelesson course designed to help children understand and appreciate their connection with Israel. It also teaches children to love and pray for the Jews and walk in the realm of the prophetic and miraculous. The students learned about the Abrahamic contd from page 1 covenant and the Dead Sea Scrolls, experienced worshiping like the Jews in the Temple in Jerusalem, prayed for different nations, and welcomed Jesus and built His temple in their hearts. This year, LGI is launching its first Sunday School Curriculum and Family Devotion. The All About God Sunday School Curriculum is a 39-week course that will help children discover, experience and serve God through the power of the Holy Spirit. It is made up of 3 modules: Discovering God, Experiencing God, and Serving God. Each module is made up of 13 lessons with experiential learning and worship activities. Interested churches and individuals may call the LGI office for details. -ccc


Prophetic Christian Training Institute

LGI is pleased to introduce its new course logos under the Prophetic Christian Training Institute.
IBS is designed to unlock secrets to a transformed and powerful life. Learn to skilfully answer questions about complex and controversial doctrines, make a stand on ethical and moral issues, I N T EGRATED BIBLICAL STUDIES and address the dangers in the Integrated Biblical exercise of spiritual gifts through hard teachings made easy. Studies
S I N C E 2 0 0 5

Building Lives Changing Lives

Rev. Dr. Mina N. Palomo.

When we formalized our Gatekeepers Team, now headed by Pastor Mimi, everything ran so smoothly, I could afford to just relax and prepare myself for preaching the Word. When we moved to Team Ministries, we thought again, this is it! Weve got it made. But I know, with God, things move from glory to glory, from better to even much better! Today, when our offering is lower than P20,000 a night, Marlene Gutierrez, who is forever our cash counter is sad. She says- ah, wala kasi sila Calaguas at si Bong. But you know what? Many times, kahit wala sila, we make it! I am so touched that many of you give generously to WindWatch when I know that you are supporting your own churches, prioritizing them and rightly so. You make sure that meron kayong tinatabi para sa WindWatch! It moves me to tears when I think of it. And when I think that you are so inconvenienced in coming over, and you will still have to brave the traffic going home so late and without dinner. I just go deep into my spirit and ask the Holy Spirit with tears in my heart to please reward you so abundantly. We at LGI are moved to serve you. Our LGI staff fasts for you after Sunday dinner all the way until after WindWatch- that would be almost 24 hours weekly. We pray for your prayer requests individually everyday with travailing, with warfare, with pleadings, with prophetic utterances- however way the Holy Spirit leads us. Kayo ang nagpapasweldo sa amin- ibig sabihin, you are the ones who advance the Jesus-Agenda of LGI! Because of you, we have daughter WindWatches! Dadami pa yan! Im so honored to leave WindWatch in the very capable hands of my beloved staff, with so many new prophets, with new pastors, with a powerful Worship Team, and most of all, with Pastor Cris, my dear cousin and partner in the prophetic ministry for over 20 years! Her heavy anointing which I needed to curtail in the earlier years because of the dangers of power- well now in our WindWatches, you have the privilege of receiving the ministrations of our dear Holy Spirit through her. She will open many doors as the Holy Spirit has given her many keys 20 years ago, saying that she will unleash Spirit-Secrets from the kingdom of God- for you, your families, and your churches. As for me, Pastor Ester gave me a WK- my schedule is already planned out up to year 2014! For now, I am looking forward to the wedding of Charles and Cookie, our first WindWatch Couple, birthed by the Holy Spirit Himself! Last year, we had our first WindWatch Baby, Eana, also birthed by the Holy Spirit Himself! This year, we just installed our first WindWatch Lay MInsters. Oh Lord, what more can I ask for? My dearest WindWatch Family, you indeed are my letters of commendation, my crowning glory in my ministry. I love you all and from my spirit, thank you so much for everything. Yours in the Holy Spirit, Pastor Mina

Life Builders for Jesus (LBJ)

LBJ is designed to equip and raise up transformational Christian leaders to become visionary prime movers in their spheres of influence. Institutionalize the JesusAgenda and become effective and efficient ministers of the Holy Spirit.

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Christian Life Skills & Faith-Coaching

Christian Life Skills and Christian Faith Coaching is designed to raise up Christians who successfully apply life skills based on Bible doctrines. Develop life management skills, manage difficult relationships, learn to love people you dont like, counter change-resisters and energy drainers in your life and become an LGI certified Faith Coach.

School of Hope

School of Hope is an evangelistic and social responsibility program designed to strengthen the missions and outreach ministries of churches.

SINCE 2006

Kids in the Spirit Bible School is designed to raise up godly children who are intimate with Jesus and the Holy Spirit through its different courses.

Kids in the Spirit

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