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International Commerce Law

Semester 1 (2012), Monday class (DO1239105) Assignment of cases

WEEK 3 - Dispute Settlement in the WTO

Group 1 Case: Remarks: Group 2 Case: Remarks: Canada Aircraft, WT/DS70 Textbook, pp. 123 sqq. EC Hormones, WT/DS26 Textbook, p. 126

WEEK 4 - The role of domestic law in international commerce

Group 3 Case: Remarks: Portuguese Textile, European Court of Justice Case Nr. C-149/96 (access via Textbook, p. 98. Only focus on the alleged Breach of rules and fundamental principles of the WTO, paras. 25 to 52 of the judgment. Korea Import of cosmetic products, European Commission (access via Also review the website for better understanding and illustration of the EU Trade Barrier Regulation.

Group 4 Case:


WEEK 5 - Enforcement of WTO obligations: remedies and compliance

Group 5 Case: Remarks: Group 6 Case: Remarks: US Stainless Steel, WT/DS179 Textbook, pp. 149 sqq. Brazil Aircraft, WT/DS46 Textbook, p. 165 (but the focus of case analysis should lie on showing the various procedural steps, not so much on the rather unusual second compliance panel here)

WEEK 6 - Most Favored Nation Treatment / National Treatment

Group 7 Case: Remarks: Group 8 Case: Remarks: Treatment by Germany of imports of sardines, BISD 1S/53 (GATT case) Focus your analysis on points II. and IV. of the Panel report. India Measures Affecting the Automotive Sector, WT/DS146 Textbook, pp. 250 sqq.

WEEK 9 - Tariffs, quotas and other barriers to market access /

Subsidies and countervailing duties Group 9 Case: Remarks: Group 10 Case: Remarks: Japan Trade in Semi-Conductors, BISD 116 (GATT case) Material for case presentation will be provided by the instructor. Korea Commercial Vessels, WT/DS237 Textbook, p. 337

WEEK 10 - Antidumping / Safeguards

Group 11 Case: Group 12 Case: Remarks: Thailand H-Beams (Anti-Dumping Duties), WT/DS122 Argentina Footwear Safeguard, WT/DS121 Textbook, p. 447

WEEK 11 - Free Trade Agreements and Customs Unions

Group 13 Case: Remarks: Group 14 Case: Remarks: Turkey Restrictions on Imports of Textile and Clothing Products, WT/DS34 Material for case presentation will be provided by the instructor.

In Re Live Swine from Canada Material for case presentation will be provided by the instructor.

WEEK 12 - The Korea-EU FTA as example

Group 15 Topic: Group 16 Topic: The Korea-USA Free Trade Agreement

The Korea-Singapore Free Trade Agreement