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Wilde ‘was born in New York, and grew up? in Washington, DC. She spent her summers at the family home in Ardmore, Ireland. She says: "Tove Ireland: the Jandscape, the smell’ even the freezing cold* sea!” Wilde studied at Dublin's Gaiety School of Acting, She discovered writers like Samuel Beckett, Sean O'Casey and Oscar Wilde. In fact, her stage name is in honout of Oscar Wilde. HAIRSTYLE What makes Olivia Wilde special? She ate 33 pancakes* to win an eat- Olivia Wilde’s Literary Family Her grandfather, Claud Cockburn’ (1904-811, was a famous left-wing” journalist. He wrote for London's The Timesas a foreign correspondent. He alsowrote novels, Devil”. He wi briefly mar to Jean Ross, Isherwood in Olivia’s advice Do you havea problem smiling for photographs? Wilde hasa brilliant suggestion. Imagine someone punches" you in the stomach, The result is grimace that really does look like a smile. Don’t including Beat The writer and actress. Ross famously met Christopher Berlin, She wasa cabaret singer. In as fact, she was the ried inspiration for Sally a Bowles in|sherwood's 1939 novel Goodbye to Berlin, Liza Minnelli starred as Sally Bowles in the 1973 movie Cabaret. 1930s imagine an extremely hard punch! Pechaps Prince William used the technique at his recent wedding, but the memory af the punch became distant, and his smile slowly lost focus. ing competition in Australia, She's a natural blonde, but prefers to be abnunettet. She says: "People treat” me better as a brunette. They don't assume* I'm stupid!” She was mar- ried to an Italian aristocrat. She ran away! with film direotor Tao Ruspoli when she was just 18 years old, Rus- poliis the son of Alessandro Ruspali, Prinoe of Corveteri. Strangely, they got married on a bus. The marriage’ ended this year. AMBIGUOUS Wilde's acting career began in tel- evision. She became famous as Alex Kelly in the American TV series The O.0.'The show created the ambigui- tyofWilde's sexuality. Horcharacter kisses co-star Mischa Barton. This notorious scene is still on YouTube. Buther most famous ole" is as Thi teen in House. Thirteen is a mystery. Her real name is nearly unknown" Her sexuality is ambiguous. She even disappears. Wilde seems con- fused by her role, too. She says “T'm now convinced that I'm a doctor. If someone has a pain”, Try to diag- nose the problem.” MOVIE CAREER ‘Wilde has also stared in films such as Turistas, Tron: Legacy and The Next Three Days with Russell Crowe. Recently she has been very busy" She returned to co-star in House. ‘There is Cowboys and Aliens. And she stars in upcoming" films, in- cluding the sci-fi movie In Time, a romantic comedy The Change-Up, anda thriller, Blackbird