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Dollar desam synopsis : America discovery Colonies of British, spain etc Black slavery Protest against slavery Abraham

lincoln American internal war - Whites vs Blacks Reasons for american development identified as extreme hard work of blacks -agriculture, thrust on infrastructure rail roads and favourable tax and immigration laws. All started by lincoln American secret of success is outsourcing. Right from railroad construction 1847 - arrival of Carnegie from scotland for steel manufacturing. Became richest in world by 1901 John d rockfellar started oil business in 1862 Meat business by philip armer Auto -Henry ford , financial company by george backer American fascination for research 1867 type writer was collosal hit Followed by telephone and electric bulb. America started introducing usable research in school curriculum to develop interest America had abundance of natural resources like water gold coal oil The american immigrant domination over red indian lands and resources The last land rush driving red indians out of oklahoma which was originally allotted for them Andrew johnson succeeded lincoln , fared miserably getting to o soft on south america Only success was buying alaska for 726000 dollars and winning over french in mexico Ulysses grant succeeds Andrew White house 1600 pennsylvania avenue planed by george washington President house then executive mansion finally named as white house by theodor roosevelt in 1901 Rise of communism in global scenario. Karl marx born in german rhineland living in london under diplomatic shelter Mckenly US prez defeated spain to take control over cuba and manila Theodor roosevelt architect of modern america Controlled capitalism Panama canal by winning over columbia Peace resolution between russia and japan in 1905 Successor to roosevelt was william howard daft. He brought in dollar diplomacy Next came the democratic party prez candidate in utro wilson First world war - started between austria and serbia. Germany supported former while russia the latter. France and britain entered the fray with japan and italy all against germany. German submarines attacked britain but also US trade ships forcing US to enter war. War ends in 1918. United nations 14 point testament by wilson Benefits for US in first world war. They planed for export quality production of food arms medicines juices petrol coal steel etc and exported to war torn countries in credit

Frankline D.Roosevelt was the Prez for maximum years in the history of US - 13 years He was a shadow dictator He proposed a beneficial self employement with the only condition that it must be beneficial to the community

Government bodies were established to monitor, aid such development activities. E.g. Federal Emergency reserve administration(FERA) and Works Progress Administration (WPA) National Labour relations act was passed Stock market was purged. Government fixed ceiling price of any stock trading in the market. Generally Countries then were of four types Capitalist Dictatorship Communist Poor Hitler hated Jews and Communists After first World war's defeat of Germany - Hilter was extremely miffed and has always been inspired to make Germany rule the world WW II In 1939 (21 Mar) he sent a letter to Poland commanding Surrender of Dantsing province. Poland refused and Hitler launched the "White Plan" With the German military might - he introduced "Lightning strikes" and conquered Poland Follows that up by further conquests of Scandinavian countries - Norway Sweden and Denmark Simultaneously he had taken in Austria, Czeckoslovakia and proceeded further by conquering Netherlands, Belgium and advanced towards France At this juncture, Britain jumped in to the fray supporting France Italy supported Germany and started attacking France while Germany shifted its focus towards Britain At the end of this war, Germany and Italy won Hilter further proceeded to conquer Romania and for good will - he gave that to Hungary and Bulgaria He then cast his sights on Moscow and advanced to Russia in 1941 Japan entered the fray and launched the Pearl harbor attack on Apr-7 1941. Trade reasons were the undercurrent of this attack but this officially pulled US in to the World war FDR, Churcill and Stalin -BIG 3 allied together with the fourth support coming from Shiange Sheik (China) US Attacks japan and wins over Us introduces Radio transmission spying and intercepted military broadcasts planning their attacks accordingly and winning the opposition Germany, Italy and Japan were called AXIS forces At Stalingrad - Russia wins over Germany US, Britain starts reconquering all German conquests - Belgium, NL, France etc Russia reconquers Poland FDR dies by cerebral haemorrage in 1945(Apr 2) Truman succeeds FDR as American Prez Apr 30 1945 - Hitler commits Suicide Germany surrenders to Russia East Germany conquered by Russia West Germany conquered by US, UK forces Japan kept on fighting with meagre resources and US dropped Atom bombs on Aug 6, Aug 9 on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and Japan was devastated 1945- Sep : End of WW II Though Russia, US and UK were in one team, US was always against Communist spread which meant that it did not like Russian conquest of Germany and other countries in Axis forces while the Russian troops advanced towards Berlin. Infact - US did not want Germany to surrender to Russia but thats what transpired US decided to put an end to Russian communist spread by forming NATO(North Atlantic Trade Organization) and SEATO(South East Asian Trade organization)

SEATO was blatantly anti-communist Greece episode - To stem down Left wing group the Greece govt(then ruled by Britain) labelled them as Terrorists and invited US to militarily force them to Surrender who obliged and achieved it. Russia became furious at this and Cold War commenced ! Truman who was by now, towards the end of the term was supposed to be defeated but surprisingly he won the next elections and continued as US prez Russia stops trade agreement with the WEST and Churchill famously called this the IRON GATE Meanwhile In China there was an internal war against Shiange Sheik. In 1949 US sent aid to Shiange Sheik but he still was overthrown In 1950 - US -Korea war started Japan had ruled Korea pre WW II and post war it was split as North Korea and south Korea. North Korea was conquered/ruled by Russian contingent while the latter was by US contingent (Similar to Berlin) North Korea wanted to win over South korea and make Korean country as one unit for which it needed Russian support. Russia instead of directly doing so - asks North Korea to ask China. China had earlier wanted Russia to help in Farmosa invasion and used this as an oppurtunity to please Russia and agreed to help North Korea During 1949 Nov to 1950 Feb : 3 countries plan to conquer South Korea 1950 - March CIA spies and finds out the motive behind the plan and alerts US but the General who is deputed in South Korea dismisses this as false threat 28-Jun 1950 - Seoul conquered by Russia and china South Korean General McArthur (US deputed) feels guilty and wanted to retaliate with a all out war against North Korea but Truman was against that and a One - Korea motive . There was factionalism brewing between Truman and McArthur Elections came in US and and EisenHower succeeded as US Prez. EisenHower realised the role of US in global scenario and coined the term "Alarmist Like" meaning that US will be involved in each and every war in Europe and US dominating over Europe economically EisenHower had a military background - He was the Supreme commander of the allied forces in WW II and after that became the commander of NATO forces After his swearing in, EisenHower went to South Korea and holds meetings with McArthur Meanwhile Stalin dies in Russia in 1953 on Mar 5 and war ends in Korea in June Till date US has its eyes in North Korea US advocates Atomic Energy for Cooking peace !! Meanwhile the issue of Slavery/racism haunted US again 2 Famous Incidents : 1. Kansas - Linda Brown incident and 2. Alabama - Rosa Parkes incident Linda Brown is refused admission in a school coz she is black against which her father protests in Court which dismissed the plea leading to huge protests by Blacks. Later Apex court admonishes the local court and orders admission of Linda Rosa Parkes is arrested in Alabama as she refuses to get up and help a White man get seated in Bus which sparks massive protests In Montgomerry - White activists demolish the house of some Martin Luther King(Jr) MLK is the foremost character in US Struggle against Black oppression In 1957- TIME honored him by the tile Most Influential Human being In 1964- He received Nobel peace prize at the age of 35 His words - Peace is more precuious than Diamonds Was Assasinated on Apr 4 1968 Technology revolution in US after 1950s During these times Intelligence Spies were used by US widely Soviet Union used it better and put it to best use to spy on US. Two super powers were heavily deploying spies to intrude the other.

In 1957 - Russia launches Sputnik. Nikita Kurutshev who succeeded Stalin put a massive stride in Space reasearch and this was the result of such a focus. US was dumbfounded and forms NASA in 1958 In 1961 - NASA sends a man (Allen Sheperd) in Satellite revolving around globe In 1969, Man lands in Moon and NASA registers its name in Space exploration history. Cold war reaches greater heights Vietnamese episode - US : Vietnam war Russia always had an edge over US in east Asian war because of geographic proximity. Korean war was an example. Historically Vietnam was a French Colony. Since 1860 France ruled over Vietnam with a lot of restrictions on Natives These was Anti french sentiments brewing which reached great heights during WW II As Many British colonies were being granted freedom during these times, Vietnam wanted to free itself from French Clutches and a lot of Internal uprising resulted Since 1954 the struggles yielded results and the government was slowly realising that the end of French rule was near They organized a meeting in Geneva As the Vietnamese Freedom fighters were communists it was almost inevitable that communist spread will happen in Vietnam but France and US were agsinst this development Meanwhile Russia and China discussed about this and wanted to Make sure Communists reign there Russia advised Vietname to split itself in to two - North Vietnam will be under Communist rule and South can be managed by US, France supported government and this can be handled later EisenHower meanwhile observed the developments and wanted to make sure that communists do not enter South Vietnam government. Ngo Dinh Diem was identified and EisenHower by crook made him the leader of South Vietnam much to everyones despair and surprise But even after election, Communists made sure Ngo will find the going very difficult as he was thoroughly inefficient and corrupt He called EisenHower for help and launched an attack on North korea in the pretext of some retaliation and Vietnam war started in 1957 US supported Ngo with massive military and financial aid EisenHower's second term ended in 1961 and John F. Kennedy succeeded EisenHower Inspite of being in Power for only around 3 years the achievements he realised in his tenure makes him the MOST FAMOUS US prez of 21st century Refer the book JFK An unfinished line by Robert Delek JFK had led some US contingent against Japan in WW II and was famous for his might even then He then entered politics and soon won over Public imagination through extremely well articulated thought process and communication. He could have been a successful writer for his amazing skills He performed well in debates and soon became Vice Prez and after EisenHowers term he competed against Nixon and won for Democratic Party. Ask not what the counrty did for you but ask what you have done for your country - JFK Had a body completely ridden by lot of diseases Was very flirtish as per the rumours But all these were masked by the thorough integrity he displayed in State Affairs of US- Particularly the way he handled Vietnam war War was against South Vietnam forces backed by US against North Vietnamese supported by China/Russia Massive Military force was deployed by US in Vietnam and the bombs used there exceeded those used in Germany in WW II Buddhist monks immolated themselves against South Vietnamese government which made Public sentiments extremely favor Communist movements and North Vietnam received a massive boost.

By then It was an open secret that Vietnam war was a chapter in Cold war between US and Russia and not for any freedom struggle in vietnam. Even JFK realised that his strength is not much in this context US experienced massive setbacks in the war and US could not fathom a single reason why this was so - Was it Russia or China or Gorilla warfare tactics of North Vietnamese? The real reason was a single man - Ho chin minh ! Ho Chin Min was born in Vietnam while it was a French Colony and after education, joined as a chef in French ship and travelled around globe. He assimilated world knowledge and idealised Communism as his ideals were in those lines. He travelled to Soviet Union to learn communist principles and soon impressed leaders with his aptitude and dedication. He was sent to china as a teacher of communist Ideals. He sowed seeds of Communist Party in vietnam from Thailand. His identity always had to be undercover as he faced French rule in Vietnam, British rule in Thailand, Shiange shek rule in china all of which were anti-communist Later after WW II he went to Vietnam and was the ruler of North Vietnam. He was dead against the separation of North and South Vietnam and with the support of Russia/China was the forefront of war against US to unite South and North Vietnam He was particularly against US involvement in Vietnamese war While the war started in Eisenhower's time and continued during JFK's reign - it stretched even beyond in Lindton Johnson's time as well Infact Johnson wrote a letter to Ho Chin Minh to end the war and the latter put the ball in Johnson's court to stop attacks and then request It was long known that North Vietnamese might and organization was much better than US and South Vietnamese position and it was only a political issue from US to continue the war. Massive losses to US ensued He was a chain smoker and had heart problems due to the massive stress and unending hardwork for the nation He died in 1969 War ended only in 1975 with North winning over South Vietnam to give birth to One Vietnam. The capital city was rename to Ho Chin Min City in his memory During 1950 to 65 US increased its Military might by increasing the budgeted spend for Militia and created 1500 atom bombs, lot of nuclera bombs and remote controlled rockets fit enough to hit Moscow on straight target range During JFK's time US provided financial aid to a lot of small countries and made sure to win their good will. For countries which didnt need the aid, US abetted some revolutions in the country - over turned government and installed a puppet govt favoring US. e.g As in Iran in 1953, Guatemala in 1954.. Even during Eisenhower's time US sent its troops to Lebanon for the same reason Guatemala's prez Jacob Arbanez was a leftist who proceeded to take action against United Fruits (American company) which had built a monopoly business in Guatemala All of these were net practices for the Cuban Chapter. One of the most important historical events in the history of United States Cuba was a Spain colony. A Very small country which became independent in 1898 and formed a govt with a support from US Cuba is a very fertile nation which was almost exploited by US since its independence till late 1950s(General Batista). It was then a Leftist organization which stood against the dictatorship of Batista. That movement was led by one, Mr.Fidel Castro Sugarcane manufacturing was rampant then and US had set its sight on that Industry In 1953 - Castro planned an uprising against the Government but was defeated and captured. He escaped to Mexico after that

He met Che Guevara from Argentina there. Che was a different kind of Ideologist whose only Ambition in life was to free people from Dictatorship in any corner of the globe. He fights, gets them independence and moves to the next country Both Che and Fidel travelled back to Cuba and started to assimilate forces for whom Che Guara gave training in all the skills he possessed. Che was supposedly one of the most talented soldier with expertise right from Arrow launching through to rocket launching They inhabited dense forests and started to attack the government from there. Cuban people supported this movement against the dictatorship regime there Jan 1 1959 Fidel captured hawana putting an end to the terrible rule by Batista America dint know much about Fidel Castro and infact It requested him to clarify on what he intends to do with America Fidel was a rich person by birth and was extremely hard working and intelligent in academics. He completed law in Hawana university and became a lawyer often arguing for lesser previleged clientile He raised a case against this military regime which was discarded by the court forcing him to move to military methods from advocatorial First thing, he did was to assume control over all land assets in the country and divided it among the citizens(Public Ownership) as there was a huge divide between rich and the poor in the country Fidel was a Pucca Marxist communist who wanted to bring Industries and Agriculture under complete government control - like in Soviet Union Fidel required Funding for making his country efficient as it was in ruins because of Batista's rule but US refused aid because of his communist ideals. Then Fidel requested IMF for funds but even IMF was shadow managed by US resulting in no funding. Then without much choice, he requested Soviet union for funds which infuriated US. Fidel's first move was to import Oil from Russia. US refineries in Cuba refused to refine imported Oil from Russia which made Fidel cancel all their licenses and drive them out of the country. America retaliated by stopping Sugar imports from Cuba Soviet union offered to take all of those Sugar as Imports from Cuba which made Fidel realise well that he was one of the major arrows in the Cold war between US and Soviet Union. Nevertheless he challenged america that he was indeed a Mzrxist communist with a Socialist government in Cuba. US wanted to use the same approach as earlier and Eisenhower ordered CIA to create some group to start some revolution and overturn the Cuban Govt finishing Fidel Castro. When JFK succeeded EisenHower, he continued to support this Anti-Fidel initiative but asked CIA to exercise secrecy in its work CIA assembled some 1500 anti-Castro revolutionaries from Guatamala and trained them to start some uprising in Cuba. While they infilterated through Cuban shores, Fidel's army was ready and they literally pummelled those making a mockery of this uprising. This was done with massive public support While Media was extremely keen in unearthing the US part of this event - White house pushed more than its weight to avoid embarassment and a lot of news stories were suppresed. "I'm really happy to reach 80. I never expected it, not least having a neighbor the greatest power in the world trying to kill me every day." Fidel Castro, July 21, 2006 "state must limit the freedoms of individuals in order to protect the rights of the collective populace, such as the right to employment, education and health care" - Castro Kennedy - while involved in Vietnam and Cuban disasters - made sure that internally he passed a lot of beneficial resolutions for the benefit of American citizens e.g. Medical benefits for Senior citizens - Subsidized treatment without much formalities He introduced very good Insirance schemes particualrly for elders

Education was thrusted with maximum important with a lot of scholarships rtight from Schooling thro till doctrate He removed any restriction that existed for Black and made sure they did not feed the rascist heat He established a President's task force on the Peace Corps who travelled to most of the countries to spread US "love" and aid to make sure they come out of any problems plaguing the countries One of the masterstrokes was to make sure communists parties or policies are nipped in the bud - Still US worker's benefits and interested are kept at a very healthy state because of JFK's schemes. In 1961- Soviet union installed a Rocket Launch base in Cuba much to the ire of JFK. He immediately sent a big troope with Atom bombs warning Cuba and Soviet union to shut the shop and get back to Soviet union and surprisingly it worked. Russia took its unit back to its country JFK also strived to improve relations with Russia during these Cold war times, which was a laudable feat Infact he entered in to an agreement with Britain and Russia to stop atomic research for warfare which was widely appreciated In 1963 he started an Internal tour around US earning huge praises wherever he went. On Nov 22, he was assasinated by Lee Harvey Ozvalt who was later identified as a mentally disturbed person Linton Johnson succeeded JFK who was an extremely aggressive President. He continued the good work of JFK on Internal affairs like Medical facilities betterment for Old people, facilities for laborers , Non Rascist measures etc But in Vietnam war - he got too agitated and deployed more and more troops incurring massive losses Operation Phenix by CIA on Vietnam Vietnam though massively destroyed by US bombs, retaliated much to the shock of US killing 40000 US in a single strike once. Johnson became extremely unpopular in US and the rest of his term - though he tried to salvage some pride in doing Internal policies - was very bitter Richard Nixon was vice president during Eisenhowers time He was a smart cunning and corrupt president Was extremely talented in smart speaches During his tenure as Vice prez he solved the Venezuala crisis - there was an anti american sentiment which he successfully reverted HE also played a good role in patch up with Russia Other good things he did was to support Anti Rascist policies His election as president was primarily due to weak opposition He promised to bring an end to Vietnam war but later people realised that it was a farce Few food things Nixon did in his tenure were - Reduced Expenses by Govt - Made Criminal law in US much sterner - Travelled to China to create new strategic ties - Travelled to Russia to create more animity -Partially withdrew forces from Vietnam gradually - called this Vietnamization Watergate Scandal Watergate is a hotel which also houses offices of a lot of organizations. One of the offices belong to the Democratic party One midnight a group of 5 persons broke open the Democratic party office and tried to install a few spying tools and were caught by guard on rounds It was initially assumed to be a break and steal case and there was not much seriousness associated to this capture Washington Post media wing smelled something and started to devote a lot of resources to follow this and they just got lucky

As the accused were brought to court one of the accused admitted to the fact that he was a security consultant to CIA which sent shockwaves across the country Slowly it came to light that the entire episode was a part of a larger conspiracy of a plan to make Nixon succeed in his presidential term. Before the judgement was passed - there was still skepticism that this could all be wrong- and Nixon was infact reelected But the judgement of the case, was against the accused and CIA's role in the whole episode began to come to light. This scandal was investigated by FBI who traditionally hold a animosity towards CIA and slowly the conspiracy began to unravel As the case dived to deeper terrains, even Senate started an independent investigation as the stakes were much higher FBI learnt during the trial that in White house there are 4 places which are always on Camera's eyes : Oval Office( Office of the Prez) , Cabinet Room , Bedroom and Camp David Presidential cabin. They demanded the tapes of the four places to ascertain the truth Nixon opposed this but the court ruled in FBI favor and Nixon had to surrender the tapes which revealed a lot of discussions where money was strewn to make sure Nixon was back I nthe presidential seat On Aug 8, Nixon resigned from the President post to be succeeded by the then Vice Prez, Ford. Ford immediately arranged for public excuse for Nixon In 1969 July 20, Apollo 11 landed on moon in Nixon's tenure Post that great space event the Cold war between Russia and US had reached greater heights Both the superpowers turned their attention towards the Oil fields of Middle east US had been vying to enter the Middle east zone for a long time but till Nasser's rule in Egypt It was not possible In the middle east zone, Oil was available in abundance. The government had a policy that whoever explores oil has to give 50% of profits to government and the rest is his. So it was a money minting business for a lot of locals there and government also earned its pie. US for a long time had its eyes in Iran, Iraq but it was able to start off its spread from Kuwait In the entire Middle east zone the cooperation between the rulers was very bad. Iran and Iraq were loggerheads. Iraq had problems with Kuwait and Saudi. Jordon and Lebonan were foes and Israel was against any country in the zone especially Egypt Internally there were a lot of troubles and some countries had military domination as well US/Russia wanted to spread their influence on the Middle east ever since 1950s when they realised that it was a Gold mine with Oil resources. But only around 1970, the time became ripe for achieving the purpose Middle east crisis : - Where there was a war between Israel and other Islamic countries In Middle east , 99.75% of the population was Islam and less than .25% were Jews Israel had problems with Palestine, Egypt, Cyria, Jordonm, Saudi etc and everyone were waiting for a chance to wage war against Israel US aided Israel. Soviet Union aided other Middle east countries Nasser - while ruling Egypt managed to keep the US influence out of Middle east by being a charismatic leader who almost managed to keep the entire Middle east zone in his influence After his time, Sadhak succeeded the throne and found it very tough to come out of Nasser's shadow. He was infact notorious in his own country. He wanted to somehow make the people recognize him as an able leader and wanted to do something to make that happen. He then thought about waging a war against Israel

He requested help from SU who refused to much irritation of Sadhak. SU had its troops in Egypt because of earlier ties with Nasser. Now an upset Sadhak ordered SU to take the troops out which was a tactical blunder This made Egypt vulnerable to Israel attacks. Egypt then took the help of Syria and Saudi(money) to wage a war over Israel In 1972 Sadhak started assembling the countries and in Oct 1973 - he suddenly attacked Israel He blocked Suez Canal blocking any trade flow Israel who did not expect this, suffered massive losses at the beginning Suddenly seeing this response, other Middle east countries started supporting Egypt . Jordon sent two army troops, Iraq sent 3 army troops(got maximum losses subsequently), Saudi provided petrol bombs etc CIA chipped in to support Israel and advised Israel to first attack Cyria Arial Sharon who was the military general of Israel also had the same plan and this is when US and Israel struck chord Originally Sadak while he severed relations with SU expected US to come to his help but actual events transpired against his wish After Initial losses, Israel recuperated and started massive air strikes and demolized Syria. Advancing further it almost conquered Cairo US sent a package of arms to Israel to complete the domination and seeing this, SU though earlier aggreived, sent a flight full of ammunitions to Egypt This was slowly becoming a US vs Russia war and both the countries put a stop to it by arranging for a peace agreement on 22-Oct 1973 This war is called Fourth Arab Israel war Post war US immediately started to provide help to Israel to make it self sufficient to face any such crisis independently CIA trained Israel military Egypt however achieved one thing - added itself to US friends' list but it was not accorded with an equal respect as Israel for US. This irked SU and other Arab countries Meanwhile in US Nixon resigned and Ford succeeeded him Ford tried to improve US Russia relations but he was not very popular or successful. In 1976 he lost in elections to Jimmy Carter from Democratic party. (jimmy as a famous pet name was a political satire employed by his opponents) Carter was a gentleman and he promised transparency in government affairs which led to his election After swearing in, he did a lot of good things like Passing Human rights resolutions, Bettering relationships with China and SU etc But US was plagued by a lot of problems like Unemployement, Inflation and Stock market volatality. Carter also played an important role in bridging relations between Egypt and Israel In Nov 1979 - SU troops advanced in Afghan which shocked Carter, no end. Russia had a massive military might then with the country built by strong leaders in Stalin, Kurutchev and now Prashnov The Afghan Chapter : Both US and Russia had their eyes on Afghan for different reasons. US wanted Afghan to be its vantage point to have a control on Middle east oil and Russia historically shared a good relationship with Afghan kings politically. when Lenin established communist rule in Russia Afghan was the first country that supported him which led to good terms In 1919 Afghan attained independence from British rule Ameer Amamnullah khan ruled Afghan till 1930s In 1933 Jagir shah drove Ameer out of the throne and became the ruler. He was an extremely oppresive ruler but still maintained good relations with SU

He ruled the country for 35 years In 1973 Mohammed Dawood ousted Jagir shah and became the next rule Though Dawood wanted SU support, the religious fundamentalists in his rule were against SU as Communists were atheists and non believers . They opined that US support is much better as US was a god fearing country. US sensed the oppurtunity here and Installed its camps in Afghan assuring support whenever needed In 1978 Afghan Democratic party staged a coup and conquered power by force Huge chaos ensued and Government took over the lands of many land owners leaving them to ruins. Those affected victims resorted to Terrorism against government US started helping these terrorists and CIA prepared them to counter the governement and even SU (if it comes to support the govt) if there is any initiative from SU Ronald Reegan who was the next president after Carter wanted to use this Muslim Nationalization to make sure that all Muslim countries attacked Russia. This attracted Osama bin Laden who flew from Saudi to Afghan which was then the epi center of this religious fundamentalism A peep in to why US eyed Afghan : Before Saddams rule in Iraq, US had got access to Iraq oil (1.7 million barrels) then it slowly spread its influence on Iran and Other middle east countrues But SU had greater oil resources as it had very good relations with its neighbours in Turkmenisthan, Kazakasthan, Kirkisthan and other middle east countries To reduce SU hold on this Oil resources US wanted to use Afghan as conduit to reach the middle east countries In North of Middle east, US had Israel to reach those countries and In South US wanted Afghan Coming back to US politics - History Of reegan : Reegan was California governer where he instroduced tax reforms which led to massive popularity He initially belonged to Democratic party and later switched to Republican party - Only Us prez to shift parties

In Afghan, meanwhile - Mohammed Dawood was thrown out of Power by Afghan democratic party (ruler was Noor mohammed Tharakki) who was ousted in a year by Hafisulla Ameen who infact murdered Noor. SU was enraged at this event and sent its troops to afttack Ameen It became a four front war between SU and Ammen, Ameen and internal uprising, Right wing fundamentalists vs SU and US in the mix as well. In 1978 SU Afghan entered in to an agrement with Noor and when Noor was murdered SU was enraged Infact CIA and KBG did not have any idea about whose side Ameen will side. SU troops later realised that Ameen was against SU and it waged war on Afghan. In no time, SU defeated Ameens army and executed Ameen and his supporters US had silently begun watering Terrorist units in Afghan against Russia and as a part of that actiivity Osama travelled from Saudi to Afghan. He then proceeded to Peshawar in Pak where he started to mastermind against SU. In Peshawar Osama met with like minded groups and at all these times Osama was supported by the Saudi government Story of Osama Osama was a wealthy Arab whose father was the owner of the Bin Laden group - a construction company in Saudi. Huge projects like Mecca, Madina renovation and Jerusalem renovation were done by this company. He was one among 52 songs and was a devout muslim He did not graduate but went to private classes from religious leaders

His family was very close to the Saudi royal family Islamic brotherhood was his objective where he wanted to unite all Islamic countries and spread the religion as the most powerful one in the entire globe. He got acquinted to a lot of terrorist groups to help him achieve this While Osama travelled to Peshawar with Afghan leaders he understood that the biggest problem Afghans had to counter was lack of talent and training though there was willingness among the terrorists to fight SU Osama assured to do something for this and he travelled to Jordon to meet Abdullah Asam who was an ex member of Palestine liberation army Both of them mobilized resources and in 1984 - they launched Afghan service bureau Osama went on a recruitment drive right from America to East phillipnes secretely and employed around 10000 Ahmedians taking them to Afghan to be trained and deployed against SU US gave their maximum support for this initiative of Osama and Abdullah. Even before Osama and Asam Hamas and Palestine Islamic Jihad had their setup in US and US wasnt very averse to this Mosques in US were used as primary locations to fuel the Muslim brotherhood motive A magazine was started to express Muslim sentiments and it was slowly proving to be against US as well who failed to notice the trend Huge sums of money was collected and large scale recruitments happened. People were of two types. Those who directly wanted to involve in Jihad and others who were ready to lend outside support (as they held US passports) As Asam became more and more famous in this group, Osama suspected dilution in ideals and he proceeded to Kill Asam by planting a bomb and quickly taking over the entire gamut Osama- all these time - was controlling even the US operations being outside US Meanwhile Osama grew stronger and launched Systematic attacks on SU army Now focussing on Middle east crisis: Persian Dynasty lasted for 2500 years in Iran. The last king was Shah. (Shia muslims) Ayadulla Gomani succeeded Shah Shah was a US conduit for Middle east oil Ayadulla Gomani had political asylum in France as his life was in threat in Iran and Iraq (Saddam had refused asylum) Gomani was 76 years old when he was elected Gomani was anti-American He ordered execution of Shah's ministers and purged the political structure of any US influence. Drove out American Oil companies and other companies which had any business relations with US Though other Middle east countries were happy at this progress, Iraq was not interested Gomani wanted to teach a lesson to Saddam but with the help of some supporters or ex ruler Shah, Saddam surprised Gomani by waging a war in 1980 (on Sep 17).This deadly war lasted for 8 years American Supported Iraq forcing many other countries to adopt to the same stand supporting Iraq. Iran then considered 2 options - One to approach North korea for arms and another to buy arms in black market and it chose the latter US meanwhile forced other middle east countries to participate in the war supporting Iraq Iran took one year to procure arms and slowly it started to retaliate heavily turning the tide in the war in its favor Saudi, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and UAE supported Iraq financially and with civil supplies Later Eqypt and Jordon supported Iraq. Eqypt provided continuous supply of guns and Agaba (in Jordon) became a port of Iraq Syria supported Iran

Iraq against US advise started to target Oil wells in Iran. Iran retaliated by destroying wells in Iraq resulting in massive losses US paralelly initiated Naval attacks against Iran and slowly Iran was feeling the pinch In 1987 July UN issuesd a warning to stop war to both Iran and Iraq. Saddam accepted but Gomani refused. US asked Saddam to conquer the Fa province of Iran before ending the war and he promptly did so. War wanted in 1988. Ronald reegan was the US president then. Played an active role in signing a treaty/agreement.

US, UK etc Germany, Italy, Japan etc Russia, China etc India

in 1950

Socialism vs Communism