ATTENDEES: ITALY: Barbara Lapornik, Loredana Gustin, Boris Grgič, Lidija Rupel, Melita Valič, Jana Veljak y Neva Zaghet GERMANY: Armgard Liermann SWEDEN: Romina Huerta, Åsa Holmström, Anne Duberg y Ulla-Britt Ahlén TURKEY: Sezen Dogan, Sabahattin Karatas, Sura Kilic y Emel Ozdemir CZECH REPUBLIC: Marie Sachetova SPAIN: Mª Eugenía Turpín Pardo, Antonio Cantero García, Víctor Baños Gómez With the assistance of the above-mentioned members of the project, the second meeting of the project "Believing in Humanity" proceeded to be held. The meeting addressed the following items: Reception at the host Center Gymnasium Duchcov. Visit to the Centre and its various units guided by various teachers of the Centre. Performances of different groups of students. Theatre, dance and dance. Viewing of a video-summary of the activities undertaken by the Centre Gymnasium Duchcov. In the evening a working meeting will be carried out with all the partners that addressed the following points: 1. Analysis and evaluation of the activities carried out by the partner coordinator in the first term: International Day Against the Gender Violence Solidarity Market and Buy Sale. International Day of Children. Constitution and Human Rigths Day. Religion in Lorca. Analysis of the survey: “What do you think?” Analysis and evaluation of the activities carried out by the rest of the partners in the first term. All partners except Turkey and Czech Republic take part. These latter cited explained that their activities were watched in the video shown in the morning. 4. Análisis y evaluación de las actividades del primer trimestre realizadas por el resto de los socios. Todos los socios intervienen salvo Turquía y la República Checa. Estos últimos citan como actividades las visionadas en el video visto por la mañana. 5. Proposals of activities to be carried out in the second term: The Peace day
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Lectures and talks by representatives of NGOs.. Posters for the 2012 Solidarity concert. International Women Worker Day. Chats and videoconference between students from the different school partners Compositions and experience "A day at your school". Diffusion of the different children sponsored by the Mediterranean IES. The Project Communications: Explanation of the use of the project web, blog and ETwinning, and active commitment to participation in them. The management of the etwinning page is explained in order to prepare the chat among students in the various schools. The partners are told the possibility of sending their material to Carmen Torres or José Ángel Moreno if they have any problem when uploading it to the official website of the project. 7. Suggestions to organize the concert of solidarity ("All different but the same"), to be held in each country in May 2012. 8. Activities Planning to be discussed at the third meeting in Sweden: Activities carried out by all partners during the second term of the year (January-March 2012). Scheduled Activities for the third term (April-June 2012). Diffusion, assessment and evaluation of the different solidarity concerts held in each of the countries partners.. Revision of the next meetings dates. the date of the third meeting is requested to be postponed, due to the mismatch of the summer holidays period in the different countries; that meeting will be held in September 2012 in Sweden. Similarly, the dates of the meetings to be held in Germany and Turkey are interchanged, for climatic reasons, therefore the Germany meeting will be held in November 2012, and Turkey will be in March 2013.

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Evaluation of the Duchcov meeting. Italian partners say they didn’t complete the evaluation of the meeting held in its school because they don’t find logical to assess themselves. German partners say they are not going to perform the assessment. 10. Comments and questions.

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