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Dr. P. V. S. Sai, MA (IR & PM), (MBA), Ph .D. He is Director (T & C), SSIM and has overall 31 years of experience out of which 5 years in Industry, 4 years in Consultancy and 22 years in teaching. He Specialized in Human Resource Management, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship. He has 25 publications to his credit. He has completed one major research project sanctioned by University Grants Commission. He has guided 4 M. Phil and 2 Ph.D students. Dr. V. G. Chari, M.Com, Ph.D, CFA, CAIIB, DBM (IIB), DFS (IIB), AIII (III) He is the Director (Academic) at SSIM (1st Shift). He is a professional with rich industrial and academic experience spanning over 30 years and a research guide at Rayalaseema University. He is the editor of SuGyaan, Management Journal of SSIM. He has published many research papers and edited books. Dr. M. Anil Ramesh, MBA (Marketing), Ph.D. He is the Director (Academic) at SSIM (2nd Shift) and has over two decades of work experience both in India and in foreign countries. He has published many articles in journals of national and international repute. He has recently published a book titled “Marketing Commonsense” Dr. S. F. Chandra Sekar, MSW, Ph.D. He is Head (HR), SSIM and has around two decades of experience in the corporate and academics. He has published three edited books on Corporate Communications, New tools in Performance Planning, Implementation and Evaluation, Creating Enduring Indian Corporations: Lessons, Models and Challenges Ahead. He published 71 papers in national and international professional journals. He has submitted seven project reports to the government of India and three reports to corporate bodies. He is guiding Ph.D. Scholars from Osmania and Rayalaseema Universities. Dr. Harish: (Statistics), MBA, Ph.D. He is an Associate Professor with 15 years of work experience and specializes in Econometrics and Sample Surveys his core area is Circular, Quotients and Remainder Distributions of Specified Base Distributions”.

Dr. Sasi Kumar: M.B.A., M.F.T., M.A (Economics), M.Phil., Ph.D. He is an Associate Professor with over a decade of experience in industry and teaching. He has published research papers in national Journals. Dr. Shahaida P: MBA (Marketing), M.Phil, Ph.D. She is an Associate Professor and has a blend of Industry (4 years) and Academic experience (9 years). She has published 10 research papers in national journals and 3 research papers in International journals. She is Asst. editor of SuGyaan, Management Journal of SSIM.

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Dr. Shahaida P,, 09908177866 Dr. Sasi Kumar K,, 09848192864

About the Siva Sivani Institute of Management
Siva Sivani Institute of Management, located in a serene locality in Secunderabad, is a group institution of S.P.Sampathy’s Siva Sivani Educational Society, founded by late Sri S.P. Sampathy, a doyen in the field of Education. Siva Sivani Educational Society has been in existence for the last four and half decades and Siva Sivani Institute of Management since 1992. It is one of the first Autonomous Management Institutions in AP to get approval from AICTE to conduct Two Year Management program. Today, it is the largest AICTE approved Autonomous Business School in South India with a permitted intake of 420 a year in six diversified and specialized full time management programs. All the programs. Four programs are residential and two are non residential. SSIM is consistently ranked among the top Business Schools in the country. Currently, SSIM is ranked 1st in Andhra Pradesh for placements (World Synovate B-School Survey, 2010), 9th at all India level for MDPs (Business and Management Chronicle, 2011), 25th amongst the BSchools of Excellence (CSR-GHRDC Survey 2010) and rates as A++ Category (Business India B-School Survey, 2010).

Secunderabad. discriminant analysis and cluster analysis. Value Addition • • • • Demonstration of literature review through electronic databases Demonstration of statistical techniques through popular software tools Practical examples from previous doctoral research and market research Dialogue with expert research guides on issues faced by researchers Important Dates Registration forms along with DD should reach the FDP Office latest by 25th April. Participant Investment Non-residential – Participant fee of Rs. data analysis and interpretation including multivariate statistics such as ANOVA. social sciences and commerce. A Clear understanding of research and research methods are indispensable for researchers. teaching faculty (from any discipline of social sciences).Overview of the Programme There is a heightened importance to research and research methods both in academia and corporate sectors. demonstrations.1200/. Questionnaire construction is both an art and science requiring tests for validity and reliability. factor analysis. Objectives • To enable Research Scholars. Participants can come with their doctoral research proposals (at any stage of research) to clarify their doubts. Research Methodology. corporate executives and researchers to develop appropriate methodology for research studies. To develop understanding of Research Methodology with reference to Quantitative and Qualitative Techniques. hypothesis testing (parametric and non parametric). SPSS) in data analysis Prerequisites Participants should have an inclination towards research. questionnaire design (including reliability and validity testing). To make participants familiar with techniques for different research approaches To understand the use of computer software (MS Excel. The focus of the FDP is to familiarize the participants with the tools that can be used for conducting research.1200/. two tea breaks and study material. . hypothesis testing. is important to determine reliability and validity of findings in all types of research such as management. correlation. Day 2 will focus on effective literature review. Selection would be done on first come first serve basis. human resources and marketing. 2011. drawn in favor of Siva Sivani Institute of Management. research process and contemporary issues in three major functional areas: research in finance. payable at Hyderabad. and literature review. practical. Therefore it is essential to learn contemporary approaches to research using appropriate statistical techniques. D. Academicians Practitioners working in any functional area interested in research Course Content Day 1 will focus on the objectives of research. • • • Course Delivery The pedagogy will be a careful mix of lectures. with special emphasis on linking the entire research process right from problem definition. Phil and Ph.per participant The Participant fee includes lunch. Beginners who wish to pursue any type of research: PhD. A comprehensive literature review will identify the gaps in literature and help establish precise and measureable objectives. market research etc are welcome. measurement through questionnaire and analysis through appropriate techniques. academic publishing. Who should attend? • • • Research scholars of M. the acceptance will be communicated by 1st May 2011 by e-mail. This programme will empower the participant to design the entire research process with hands-on practical inputs for each and every stage of research. objectives. Planning and executing a thorough research project requires an understanding of research methodology and decision making skills. regression. How to enroll? Participant may enroll for the FDP programme through duly filled in registration form along with a demand draft for Rs. An abstract of the proposal or proposed research work can be sent in advance (one week) to enable discussion on the same. an appropriate data analysis plan using suitable statistical techniques will link the objectives with outcomes and show the contribution of the study clearly. Proper definition of a problem enables a researcher to set the framework of research with clear concept clarity. This will facilitate suitable hypothesis formulation along with checking for type I and type II errors.per participant towards the registration fee. relevant examples and discussions.

Chari.ssim.53. Secunderabad – 500 014. Director – Academic. Ph:040-27165450.51.54/ 040-65457236/37. ___________________ Date______________________ Amount ______________________________________________ Date : Place: SIGNATURE SIVA SIVANI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT NH-7. Siva Sivani Institute of Management. Secunderabad. E-mail: samaroh2011@ssim. The filled in application form along with DD in favour of Siva Sivani Institute of Management. Kompally. can be sent to Prof. V. No. Secunderabad 500014.D. Chief Coordinator. NH-7.REGISTRATION FORM BOOK-POST FDP on Research Methods for Academicians Research Scholars & Practitioners 6th & Date for Receipt of Application 20th July 2009 . AP. May 2011 Name: _______________________________________________ Designation: _________________________________________ Name of the College: _________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________ ______________________________________________________ Phone:(Off) _________________ (Res) __________________ (Mobile) ____________________________________________ E-mail: ____________________________________________ Registration fee details Name of the Bank _____________________________________ D. Fax:040-27165452. Website: http://www. May 2011 FDP ON RESEARCH METHODS FOR ACADEMICIANS RESEARCH SCHOLARS & PRACTITIONERS 6th & 7th.G.

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