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Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide

Calculating your calories with Insanity can be complex. Follow the steps below to find your number. *Enter values in all boxes where "0" appears in orange to complete spreadsheet Step 1 - Harris Benedict Equation - Basal Energy Expenditure Women's Equation - 655 +(4.35 x weight)+(4.7 x height)-(4.7 x age) Weight (lbs) 0 Height (inches) 0 Age 0 Total 655 Men's Equation - 66+(6.23 x weight)+(12.7 x height)-(6.8 x age) Weight (lbs) 235 Height (inches) 73 Age 29 Total 2260 Step 2 - Activity Factor Exercise Factor 1.2 1.375 1.55 1.7 1.9 Category Sedentary Lightly Active Moderately Active Very Active Extremely Active Enter activity factor Total Step 3 - Adjust Calories for Goal Men's Equation Weight Loss (subtract 500) Weight Maintenance Weight Gain (add 300) Enter Selection Here Total Calories Required Caloric Value of Each Meal -500 3002.9225 600.5845 Women's Equation Weight Loss (subtract 500) Weight Maintenance Weight Gain (add 300) Enter Selection Here Total Calories Required Caloric Value of Each Meal The Fit Club Network 0 1015.25 203.05 Little to no exercise Light exercise (1 to 3 days/week) Moderate exercise (3 to 5 days/week) Hard Exercise (6 to 7 days/week) Hard daily exercise and/or physical job 1.6 3503

*If you are following Insanity, then you are either very active or extremely active

Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide

Start Eating!
The Elite Nutrition guide suggests that you eat 5 meals that are approximately the same caloric value. Look at the "Caloric Value of Individual Meals" for this number. Pick from the meals below and adjust each to ensure you are eating 5 nearly equal meals. Meal 1 Breakfast Shakeology Shake Bagel & Lox Cereal Bowl Proatmeal Peanut Butter Toast Egg White & Fruit Plate Egg White Breakfast Wrap Berry Protein Smoothie Fruit & Cottage Cheese Meal 2 Mid-Morning Snack Mexican Eggs Warm Cereal Bowl Protein Pancake Egg Sandwich Protein Omlet Yogurt Bowl Deli Sandwich Turkey BLT Peak Performance Bar or Results & Recovery Formula Post Workout Vanilla-Berry Protein Shake Meal 3 Lunch Shakeology Shake Sushi Roast Beef Sandwich Teriyaki Grilled Tuna Chicken Ranch Wrap Lean Burger Meal 4 Afternoon Snack Sashimi Cold Cut Platter Roast Beef Wrap Turkey Chili Protein Pizza Muffin Shrimp Cocktail Meal 5 Dinner Dinner Omlet Steak w/ Broccoli Chicken Meatballs Turkey Burger Brown Rice Bowl

Citrus Baked Chicken w/ Glazed Carrots Salmon Nicoise Rotisserie Chicken Grilled Salmon w/ Plate & Salad Asparagus Whole Wheat Baked Cod w/ Nut Butter & Jelly Pasta w/veggies & Steamed Carrots Sandwich Feta & Cauliflower Chicken Stir-Fry Turkey Lettuce Black Bean Soup w/ Broccoli, Wrap & Bean & 1/2 Sandwich Mushrooms & Salad Snow Peas Grilled Chicken Salad Tuna Salad in a Tomato Pasta w/ Seafood Marinara

Veggie Omlet

*Pick one menu item from each meal category to make 5 each day *Each meal is designed to be around 300 calories add Food Blocks to increase calories (See next page) The Fit Club Network

Insanity Elite Nutrition Guide

Food Blocks
100 Calorie Food Blocks 1/2 cup cottage cheese & 1/4 cup berries 1/2 apple & 1/2 oz of reduced fat cheese 1 hard boiled egg w/ baby carrots 1 banana 12 raw almonds 1 cup skim, almond, rice or soy milk 1/2 cup nonfat pudding 2 oz of sliced turkey on 1 slice of light style whole wheat bread 1/2 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt w/ 1 Tbsp Grape Nuts or other high-fiber 1/2 of a whole-grain English muffin topped with 1 slice of tomato and a thin slice of reduced fat cheese 200 Calorie Food Blocks 1 banana w/ 1 Tbsp peanut butter 1 large orange w/ 12 almonds 1 Shakeology shake w/ 1/2 banana 1/2 cup of oatmeal (measured dry) w/ 1 Tbsp almonds or walnuts 1 slice of wheat toast w/ 1 oz. turkey & 1 oz. low fat cheese 1 whole grain rice cake w/ 1 Tbsp natural peanut butter or almond 1 cup nonfat vanilla yogurt w/ 2 Tbsp Grape Nuts or other high-fiber cereal 1 cup whole grain high-fiber breakfast cereal with 3/4 cup skim or 3 oz. of water packed tuna mixed w/ 1 Tbsp light mayonnaise on a whole grain rice cake Egg salad made with 2 egg whites & 1 yoke & 1 Tbsp. light mayonnaise served on 1/2 of a whole grain

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