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1. For each of the items [i-x] choose the correct answer from among the given alternatives and its letter besides the items number.

i] Zinc oxide, aluminum oxide and lead [ii] oxide forms a class of oxides known as a] neutral oxides b] amphitricha oxide] basic oxide oxide d] acidic

ii] The maximum number of structural isomers which can be written from the molecular formula c5h8 is a] 2 b] 4 c] 3 d] 6

iii] If 6.16g of a divalent metal is reacts completely with 100cm3 of 2.2m hcl solution the relative atomic mass of metal b is a] 54 b] 26 c] 64 d] 56

iv] The method of separating a mixture of two liquids and the dissolved sample in it by titration is known as a] decantation b] evaporation c] solvent extraction d] filtration

v] Which soil sample is likely to contain the greatest amount of nitrogen? a] clay b] sand c] gravel d] loam

vi] The morality of 5.3g Na2C03 in 100ml of solution is a] 0.2m b] 0.5m c] 0.05m d] 0.05m

vii] The oxidation state of chlorine in sodium chlorate Naclo3 is a] -1 b] +2 c] +5 d] +3 viii] Mixture of a liquid and insoluble powder which has not settled down is called a] solute b] suspension c] solvent d] residue. Ix] Which of the following metal is most dilute? a] Aluminum b] Silver c] copper d] Tin

x] The compound CH3CH2CLis named as a] Carbon dichloride b] Methlylchloride c] Methyhloride d] Ethyl chloride

The items in list A with the responses in list B by writing the letter of the correct response beside the item number.

LIST A i. Nitrogen dioxide ii. Urea iii. Polymerization iv. Hypothesis v. Class c fire vi. detergents vii. Electrovalent bond viii. Desiccators ix. Air

LIST B A] Keep substance constantly dry B] Sodium salt of fatty acids C ] is formed between two oppositely charged ion D] Artificial fertilizers E] Binding together of soil particles F] Brown-ring test G] A gaseous mixture H] The burning materials is in liquefied state I] Combination of monomers

SECTION B 3a. Define the following terms i. Standard solution ii.Equivalent point of titration iii. Bassist of an acid b. Industrial sulphuric acid is usually labeled as containing 98% of acid and having density of 1.84g/Cm3 i. Calculate the morality of the acid ii. Calculate the volume of the acid required to prepare 2dm3 of 0.5m sulphuric acid. c. Explain with the aid of equation when sulphuric acid reacts with i. 0.5m sodium hydroxide ii. Sugar cane

4a. Explain with the aid of chemical equation and draw its energy profile i. Endothermic reaction. ii. Exothermic reaction.

b. From the energy profile diagram drawn above explain all labeled symbols and their applications.

5. a If 0.5g of hydrogen gas are exploited in air, what is the mass of water formed?

i. 2fecl2[aq+ H2s[aq- --2feCL2 + S[s]from above equations calculate the mass of iron

ii. Chloride formed by excess of the hydrogen sulphide gas on a solution containing 54.0g of iron iii. Chloride. c. Explain what will happen when ; i, Nitric acid is left in sun light for long time. ii. Nitric acid reacts with aluminum foil.

6. Identify the substance by using the following information write equation where necessary ii. A tightly closed bottle containing a color less sample of concentrated nitric acid was left in the sun for a long time. iii what will happen when aluminum chloride is dissolved in water. iv. A metal which burns in steam but does not react with cold water v. Sodium nitrate [NaNo3] is strongly heated

7a. Explain the triangular cycle of fire b. Explain why water is not used as an extinguisher in flammable flames eg petroleum products

How marble chips [calcium carbonates] it is used in fighter fighting.

8. Complete and balance the following equations i. N02 ii iii IV v.

SECTION C 20MARK 9a. Explains the following properties in periodic table


Electro negativity. Electropositive Ionization.

ii. iii.

b. Periodic table it is divided into four parts explain each part with the aid of example whenever necessary

10 a. Define the following terms i. Homologous series ii. Functional group iii. Organic reaction. b i. Two beakers A&B one contains alkenes and the other alkenes they have lost their lablle give the chemical test to distinguish between alkenes and alkanets. ii. Complete the balance the following reaction i ii iii

11a .What is pollution? b i. Explain the effect of over concentrated level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere [at least 2effects] ii. With equation explain the effects of the following gases to ozone

Sulphur dioxide gas SO2

b. Nitrogen monoxide NO c. Chloroflocarborn gas CLFC

iii. Explain three effects of destroying the ozone layer.