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In 1974, three years after independence, the rulers of the UAE decided to establish a joint flag carrier: Gulf Air. However, a tense relationship between the airline and the Dubai government existed ever since its commencement, for some reasons regarding open-skies policy by Dubai government. In reaction, Gulf Air reduced frequencies and capacities to and from Dubai by more than two thirds between 1984 and 1985 without advance notice (Wilson 2005). Since foreign carriers proved unable or unwilling to fill the gap, Dubai's ruler, Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Maktoum, organized a team of experts headed by Maurice Flanagan and later joined by Tim Clark and the ruler's 26-year old son, Sheik Ahmed bin Saeed Al-Maktoum, to devise an emergency plan. The group's recommendation to set up a home carrier for Dubai was quickly accepted by the ruler, but imposed two conditions: 1. The new airline should meet the highest quality standards 2. There would be no additional capital injections from the government other than the agreed USD 10 million start-up capital.

The airline was the sixth largest airline in the world in terms international passengers carried and largest in the world in terms of scheduled international passenger-kilometers flown in 2010. and passengers carried as of 2007. fight EK600. The Airline's first flight. 2011. The airline has become the largest airline in the Middle East in terms of revenue. Air transport World gave Emirates Airlines the title of "Airline of the year" for 2011. Air Blue and Shaheen Air International on all four of its routes to Pakistan. while low-cost sister company flydubai and . and its very rapid growth. Allama Iqbal International Airport in Lahore and Benazir Bhutto International Airport in Islamabad are both served by non-stop flights seven times a week and from November 2. Company Slogan: "Fly Emirates. Emirates Airline faces competition from PIA. both from Pakistan International Airlines which were returned in 1987. Peshawar International Airport is served by three weekly flights. MAJOR ACHIEVEMENTS OF EMIRATES AIRLINE IN AIRLINE INDUSTRY Emirates have built up a strong brand name as a leader in the aviation industry. The following major achievements reflect Emirates Airlines' success. Now. particularly in terms of service excellence. The company operates four of the world's ten longest non-stop commercial flights from Dubai to Los Angeles.EMIRATES AIRLINE Dubai-based Emirates Airline was founded in 1985 with just two leased aircrafts. EMIRATES AIRLINE CONNECTIVITY WITH PAKISTAN Emirate has enhanced connectivity with Pakistan by launching additional flights to Islamabad. With effect from October 31. San Francisco. and Houston. it is one of the fastest growing and most consistently profitable carriers in aviation history. Hello Tomorrow" Emirates Airlines has launched a new global brand platform and direction called ‘Hello Tomorrow’. Dallas. These additional services have helped Pakistani exporters with greater export capacity to the UAE and strengthen the country’s export potential via the airline’s global connections. The award has been given based on recognition of its commitment to safety and operational excellence. customer service trendsetters. financial condition including a 22-year consecutive annual profit. Emirates is embarking on an integrated marketing communication campaign with a new brand promise as the company continues its evolution from a travel brand to a global lifestyle brand. was Dubai-Karachi on 25th October 1985. which positions the airline as the enabler of global connectivity and meaningful experiences. Lahore and Peshawar. 2011. coupled with consistent profitability.     The airline ranks amongst the top 10 carriers worldwide in terms of revenue and passenger kilometers. fleet size.

3540 Pakistanis are working in the airline including 25 captains and 97-cabin crew. Economy Class passengers not using online check-in should arrive at the airport 3 hours before flight departure time. Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) dominates with a 34. Pakistan is very profitable route for Emirates Airlines.7 per cent share of the Origin and destination traffic during year 2010. According to its check-in policy:     Passengers checking baggage should arrive at the airport 90 minutes before flight departure time. Passengers carrying only hand luggage can bypass the Emirates check-in counter and proceed directly to immigration and then to their boarding gate without standing in queues at the airport. For successful operations in Peshawar. Online check-in is available 24 hours prior to flight scheduled departure time and closes 90 minutes prior to scheduled departure for all passengers who have e-Tickets. Islamabad and Peshawar can print their boarding passes at home 20 hours prior to flight departure time.Malaysia Airlines also offer service between Dubai and Karachi. Two Pakistani nationals are the pilots of A380 which is the largest passenger jet in the world. Passengers not checking baggage should arrive at the airport 60 minutes before flight departure time. Emirates has limited air traffic rights for Pakistan and is utilizing maximum limit of traffic air rights at the moment by operating a total 45 flights from Pakistan with an average of 82% seats booked in each flight. Emirates senior vice president West Asia and Indian Ocean. developing a new taxi-way as well as the apron for aircraft parking. followed by Air Blue with 22. EMIRATES AIRLINE POLICIES IN PAKISTAN Check-in policy: Emirates Airline has introduced online check-in and electronic Boarding Pass (eBP) facility at all four stations of Pakistan.6 per cent of the traffic. For online check-in. From August 1. This gradual growth has enabled Emirates to operate bigger aircrafts in Peshawar to cater to the growing passenger demand. Passengers flying Emirates from Karachi. 2012. the airline will be operating to Jinnah International Airport in Karachi five times a day and it will be operating 54 weekly flights to and from four cities in Pakistan. of which two frequencies are subject to Government approval. including 28 from Karachi. Emirates airlines have improved the aviation network in Peshawar by strengthening the airport runway. According to Sheikh Majid Al Mualla. Passengers are expected to show up at the boarding gate at least 35 minutes prior to departure and gates are closed 15 minutes prior to departure. 7 each from Islamabad and Lahore and 3 per week from Peshawar. . Emirates Airlines is the third largest operator between the two countries with an 18. First and Business Class passenger’s not using online check-in should arrive at the airport 1 hour before flight departure time.5 per cent share. passengers must have the Booking Reference/PNR from their e-Ticket. Lahore.

. The establishment of software for the industry is an excellent addition to Emirates' portfolio of business strategies. it trains other people within the industry which makes its workforce much even stronger. car services agencies. Infant Policy: Children under the age of 2 years don’t need to book a separate seat in Emirates airlines. internet service providers who administer Emirates web page and provide internet services and host their facilities. Emirates Airlines has developed IT Development Company for the international airline industry. it does not allow pets to fly in the cabin of the aircraft with the exception of medically certified service animals. Information is given only to credit card verification providers. It also requires a health certificate indicating that pet is healthy enough for travel and is not contaminated with diseases.Pet Policy: According to pet policy of Emirates Airlines. according to its regulations. Information is also given to custom and immigration departments or other regulatory authorities in the country of departure and destination in order to comply with the law in those countries. Children under the age of 5 are not allowed to travel if not accompanied by an adult of at least 16 years old. and consumer research companies that assist Emirates with understanding consumer interests by conducting surveys. Minor Policy: Emirates airline provide a service to assist children traveling without a parent or legal guardian from their point of departure to their final destination. Resort. BUSINESS STRATEGIES Development of International Airline Information Technology: Through the use of its knowledge and trained programmers. Hotel and Tourism Strategy: Emirates Airlines has successfully moved into the resort and tourism space. Emirates only shares personal information to the extent required for the performance of such services. Privacy Policy: Emirates do not sell or trade personal information of its customers to third parties. Extensive Aviation Training: Emirates Airlines gives an aviation education to other people within an industry. Lap children and infant seats are not allowed in Exit rows. If the flight is very long and the pet is other than dog or cat then Emirates Airlines transport pet in the cargo section of the aircraft in a pet crate. data warehouse and customer relationship management centre. They have created and acquired various resorts along keeping a great emphasis on quality control and have built a tourism service also. If one adult is travelling with more than one infant under 2 years of age then a separate seat will be purchased for each additional infant. when runway temperature is above 29C degrees at the departure airport then pet cannot be board as cargo and when temperature is below 7C degrees then Acclimation certificate is required. According to pet travel airline temperature restrictions. Its fundamental key strategy is that instead of adding and keeping aviation talent within their employment. marketing organizations who provide support to marketing and promotional communications. Reservations for pet cannot be made online. Infants travelling on parent’s lap or bassinet are discounted from the full adult fare. While children aged 5-12 are entitled to Unaccompanied Minors service if travelling on a full adult fare ticket.

to have travel agents. Catering Agency: Catering agency is charged with the duty of supplying food for a flight. Emirates is in partnership with Pakistan State Oil (PSO) for the supply of the aviation fuel. fuel is the major contributor to its expense account. it needs collaboration with diverse number of entities of the country from which it is to operate. Billing is done on semi monthly basis. A special type of cooling van is attached to the aircraft for cooling purpose. Ground Handling Agencies of Emirates in Pakistan are: Shaheen Airport Services (SAPS) and Jerry’s Dnata. Travel Agents of Emirates takes an Airline ID against which they can issue tickets to customers. Fueling Partner: For an airline to operate. Such agents are titled as Ordinary agents. Minimum security of rupees eight lakh is to be deposited with the airline to win the title. is a cost reduction strategy. Agents of Emirates are also member of International Air Ticketing Agency (IATA). Travel Agents make their earning from the commission based on semi monthly sales (of basic fair) amount. engines of an aircraft are switched off. Note that the catering does not include beverages and it is to be managed by the airline itself. PSA have to maintain a security deposit of rupees three million. Such entities or business partners owe great importance for the well function of an airline’s operations. Ground Handling Agency: The work of ground handling agency begins from apron. all the national and international airlines operating including Emirates have outsourced its key operations to the following categories of business partners: Travel Agents: Travel agents play a major role in an aviation industry. Five duties of ground handling agency that go hand in hand are:     Lodging Cleaning Fueling: Tugging: Tug is a type of motor vehicle that positions the aircraft towards runway for a takeoff Cooling: In standby position. In Pakistan. Catering is demanded according to the configuration of a flight that includes the seating capacity and time length. . Apron is an aviation term which means the place where the aircraft docks/hangs after landing and for takeoff. on ground. Their basic role is to provide ticketing solutions to potential customers. Emirates is in an agreement of extending a commission of 9% to Ordinary Agents and 12% to PSA.The major agents of Emirates in Pakistan are: Bukhari Travels and Tours (PSA) and Shimla Associates Travels.PARTNERS OF EMIRATES IN PAKISTAN For any Airline to manage its operations. For an airline. Another category of agents is called Passenger Sales Agents.

In Pakistan. The main services provided are: Booking a flight: Booking for a flight in Emirates can be done through online booking or going to the local emirates office. Avari and Hospitality Inn. The quickest and most convenient way to find and book flights is online at emirates. It also gives the travelers greater control over travel plans:     Build the exact itinerary as they need Access and manage the travel details anytime Request a particular seat. Hotels: Provision of accommodation to crew members (Cockpit crew + cabin crew) and passengers is also a major concern for a national and an international airline. They may also book travel through your local travel agent. The headquarters of Emirates in Pakistan are based in Karachi. travelers may book directly with their nearest Emirates office. EMIRATES SERVICES IN PAKISTAN Emirates operate in five cities of Pakistan which have international airports. most of the flights are scheduled to and from Karachi and Islamabad. special meal. or other service Pay online by credit card using our completely secure server. Online booking is the print or email the itinerary Select seats and submit dietary requirements Change the booking Upgrade flights using Skywards Miles or credit card Add and manage hotel or rental car bookings Purchase excess baggage at discounted rates .Emirates have outsourced its catering to: Gagon Foods and Al-Mukeet Foods. most convenient way to book travel with Emirates. either in person. Park Plaza. whereas the beverages are purchased from Riaz Bottlers. Managing a booking: Emirates' booking management tools put the traveler in control of his trip:       View.  Karachi  Lahore  Islamabad  Peshawar  Multan Emirates travel over 120 destinations in six continents. A set of crew of six to eight members of Emirates are provided accommodation in top of the line Hotels in Pakistan that includes Pearl Continental Hotel. but when it is not available. or by telephone.

Services to and from the airport: With the booking of flights. passengers can adjust the seat to suit their own preferences and comfort. Using the touch screen controller. dual port USB and extra-large table provide a comfortable workspace. adjustable ambient lighting. Business class:       Every Business Class seat on the Emirates A380 converts into a flat bed at the touch of a button. There are over 1. For in-flight entertainment. Business Class travelers 40 kg and if you are flying First Class you can travel with 50 kg of checked baggage. After reaching the destination. There is even a built-in mini-bar in every seat. On-flight Services: Emirates provide world class facilities and services to the passengers to make their travelling experience pleasant and comfortable. a personal mini-bar. Emirates also facilitates its travelers to hire a car or book a hotel. The Flat-bed seats also include several features tailored to the way business class passengers like to travel. An in-seat power supply for laptops. Emirates also offer first class private suites. mirror and wardrobe. Chauffeur driven airport transfer are provided as complimentary services to first class and business class passengers. First class:      The features for first class travelers include Emirates signature shower spa where passengers can relax and get refreshed before they reach their destination. video games and the latest news.Flight status: The status of an Emirates flight can be conveniently checked online by simply feeding in the flight no. Passengers can select dishes from a wide menu. Economy Class customers can check in 30 kg. Each suite comes fully equipped with a sliding door. and its own vanity table. The details of departure and arrival can be checked both by the travelers and their relatives. special services like fast track vouchers to help business travelers make their way fast and smooth through airport formalities and chauffeur drivers are available to drop them to their desired place. Emirates provide in First Class. and date. Baggage: Emirates has one of the world’s most generous baggage policies. touch screen television offering an enormous selection of movies and TV programs from around the world. from a personal storage area and in-seat massage functionality to a privacy divider. as well as music. Emirates give cuisine and service worthy of the world’s finest restaurants. . Emirates onboard lounges are available where passengers can sit and relax and socialize with others.200 channels of entertainment available on ice Digital Widescreen TV. Each seat extends to form a flat bed up to 79 inches long.

Economy: Emirates facilitate its economy class passengers with the best possible services to make their travel more comfortable and entertaining. MasterCard. Tickets must be collected within the time limit specified for each country of departure or the booking will be cancelled. Visa Electron. The following special offers are provided by the emirates. some of which may not be available in certain countries. If booking online. Electronic Ticket (e-Ticket): No physical ticket is issued. Emirates Airlines is offering customers from Pakistan with . a person must pay with a credit/debit card. SMS telephone and email service at every seat METHODS OF BOOKING TICKETS FOR EMIRATES Emirates offer two ticketing options in Pakistan. Delivery Method Electronic ticket Applicable payment type Credit cards: Visa.    Appetizing and delicious menu selected for in-flight dining Personal seatback monitors that provide 1200 channels for news and entertainment. Asia Cup. events like jazz Cup. either in person. American Express Pay in person at an Emirates office in your country of departure Minimum time before departure 6 hours before departure Local office pickup 5 days before departure EMIRATES SPECIAL OFFERS Emirates Pakistan provides not only with travel services but also looking for entertaining its valued customer throughout the whole journey. Local Office Pickup: A person may book directly with nearest Emirates office. or by telephone or may also book travel through local travel agent. Person booking e-ticket must present his/her receipt and passport when checking-in at the airport. Other payment options such as PayPal. Bank Transfer and Western Union are available online depending on the departure country and the time remaining before departure. Diners Club. ICC Cup and many more are help there. Sharjah & Abu Dhabi. A Person may collect tickets from an Emirates office in his/her country of departure. Emirates Live: Cricket is the most favorite sports of Pakistan and every year there are dozens of events held in Dubai. and then print his/her e-Ticket receipt. Thousands of people from Pakistan visit to experience the thrill of seeing their favourite team in action.

M and it will reach Dubai at 5:40 A. PROBLEMS WITH EMIRATES IN PAKISTAN High Price: Usually in Pakistan people doesn’t have much purchasing power to travel in Emirates. PIA and Shaheen Air which are providing cheaper routes to Dubai. Bhoja. For example Emirates Lahore to Dubai return ticket rate is PKR 61. food and entertainment. Emirates Airlines is providing special offers to its valued customers in Pakistan to travel with Arabian Airpass with Dubai as a base. Arabian Airpass: Every year there are hundreds and thousands of people who visit different Middle East countries from Pakistan for tourism and vacations.complete package from the departure airport to the cricket stadium with transport. Emirates offering visit to 12 different cities in the region from Egypt to Oman.000 and PIA Lahore to Dubai return ticket rate is 21.M. .. Difficult in getting tickets: Local Airlines tickets are available everywhere and can be bought very easily. embedded in an ambitious visionary development master plan. In fact. Timings issues: Emirates airlines arrival and departure timings are too odd e. The Emirates Airline an ICC Official Partner has a long history of supporting cricket both at global and grassroots level and is set to strengthen its commitment to the sport by sponsoring a number of tournaments in Pakistan. Air blue.g. it is base on a hard-to-emulate mix of an excellent geographic location and outstanding management. but emirates tickets are difficult to get and have to look for a specific agent in particular zone of the city. similarly when returning from Dubai to Lahore the flight arrives at 1:50 A.g. It provides official stadium tickets.. So people opt for alternate airline companies. hotel.500 so there is big difference but luxuries are compromised using local airlines. Visitors to the Middle East can enjoy world-class accommodation and a superb range of cultural and leisure attractions. There are other airlines companies too e. the departure from Lahore to Dubai is 3:30 A.M. while other airline companies are providing not only cheaper but also day timing routes. Emirates Airlines has announced a sponsorship deal for domestic cricket in Pakistan with Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB). CONCLUSION Emirates' success is clearly not built on sand.

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