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VENDINFO/README for Spanish Bible 98 (Reina Valera) ===== Product Information ============================== Product: Spanish Bible 98 (Reina Valera)

Spanish Electronic Bible for Windows 9x Version: 98.5.0es (SP2) Version Date: 2-Jan-1998 Product Type: Software Basic Distribution Policy (see License, below, for details): Freeware, copyrighted but freely distributable and useable Product Description: Spanish Bible 98 (Reina Valera) v98.5.0es (SP2) Reason for version: NEW First Spanish Bible 98 Release v98.5.0es (SP2) Category: Keywords: Required Packages: This Package: Religion - Christian - Bible Bible - Spanish BIBL98ES BIBL98ES

Required Configuration Processor Family: Intel 80x86 (minimum 80486) Minimum OS: Windows 95 Programmer's Info: Address: Dr. Maged Nabih Kamel (The Holy Bible Web Site) 22 Dr. Ahmed Amin Street, St. Fatima Square, Heliopolis 11361 Cairo, EGYPT (Flat #12) (202) 2438942

Phone: Internet: Web URL:

===== Information for Users ("READ-ME") ================ Spanish Bible 98 Version 98.5.0es for Windows(r) 9x/NT -----------------------------------------------------(c) 1995-1998 Dr. Maged Nabih Kamel. All rights reserved. - An all-new electronic Spanish Bible designed for Windows(r) 98 (also runs under Win95/NT4) - Reina Valera Bible (RVA - Old and New Testaments) Features: --------- Compiled to native code (32-bit) for faster execution; instant retrieval and display of any biblical verse or chapter - Cool interface with Windows 98 look-and-feel and easy single-click Web browser-like navigation - A tree-like classified listing of the books of the Bible -- click to explore - Fast full text search capabilities with advanced options, including Boolean operators, sub-string matching and more... - An animation is displayed while search is in progress - Search results can be copied to Windows Clipboard - Whole chapters, single verses and maps can be copied to Windows Clipboard - Drag-and-drop copying of text and maps from Bible 98 to other programs supporting OLE is also supported

- Hundreds of cross-linked biblical passages covering 147 topics in 4 main sets: Messianic prophecies, major Gospel events, Christ's miracles and Christ's parables - 11 colour maps covering important biblical places and events; maps can be magnified (Zoom in) - Selectable font size and font face for both verse and chapter display windows; auto-scrolling of single verses with adjustable delay - Resizeable passage display window for reading whole biblical chapters with extreme ease; all other child windows (e.g., Verse Reading window) also match user's expectations when resized - Automated application Setup and Removal (Uninstall) - Windows 98-style toolbars with ToolTips, a new tabbed Study Aids window, MDI interface, online Help and tips, and much more... - Download other language versions of this program, including English, French and Arabic, as well as updates (if any) at: ---------------------------------------------------------------------===== Packing List ===================================== As released by the author/publisher, this package contained the following files in addition to this README.TXT, and FILE_ID.DIZ and VENDINFO.DIZ files: Filename Size Date Time SEARCH.AV_ 20796 1-Jan-1998 05:00a BIB98ES.DA_ 6809600 1-Jan-1998 05:00a ASYCFILT.DL_ 120592 15-Jan-1997 12:00a COMCAT.DL_ 22288 31-Oct-1996 12:00a CTL3D32.DL_ 27136 21-Aug-1996 12:00a DAO350.DL_ 582144 5-Dec-1996 12:00a MSJET35.DL_ 1039360 21-Dec-1996 12:00a MSJINT35.DL_ 37136 13-Jan-1997 12:00a MSJTER35.DL_ 24336 5-Dec-1996 12:00a MSVBVM50.DL_ 1334032 16-Jan-1997 12:00a MSVCRT40.DL_ 326656 31-Jul-1996 12:00a OLEAUT32.DL_ 491792 15-Jan-1997 12:00a OLEPRO32.DL_ 32528 15-Jan-1997 12:00a VB5DB.DL_ 78608 24-Jan-1997 12:00a VB5STKIT.DL_ 29696 16-Jan-1997 12:00a VBAJET32.DL_ 18192 22-Jan-1997 12:00a SETUP.EXE 89600 16-Jan-1997 12:00a BIB98ES.EX_ 333824 2-Jan-1998 05:00a SETUP1.EX_ 164864 16-Jan-1997 12:00a ST5UNST.EX_ 71680 16-Jan-1997 12:00a BIBLE98.HL_ 10253 1-Jan-1998 05:00a SETUP.LST 8457 2-Jan-1998 05:00a BIBLE98.OC_ 53760 1-Jan-1998 05:00a COMCT232.OC_ 154896 16-Jan-1997 12:00a COMCTL32.OC_ 597264 28-Feb-1997 04:23p STDOLE2.TL_ 16896 15-Jan-1997 12:00a TAHOMA.TT_ 105312 1-Jan-1995 12:00a CRC32 DC85F828 D4D707FE 67C8ED80 07716D90 28A66C20 D1BEB135 7A424260 67BA190C A0CE667F 26CE58A3 97F738D1 40308EFA C3305D39 E07C3867 EF2AF0F6 F6780BB1 9274D771 4A804F54 2FD4EC2D F255B560 E9130D41 ABBBF7BD 1FFEDC66 A8ADDC69 4B39ECAD 7C14B052 1856892F

===== Installation ===================================== Unzip the files in this compressed archive to a temporary folder, then

run SETUP.EXE from this temporary folder. After Setup is complete, it is recommended that you open your Windows FONTS folder in Windows Explorer and press F5 to refresh the FONTS folder. E-mail: ===== License for Use and Distribution ================= FREEWARE/DonationWare - This archive may be distributed freely (Internet/CD-ROM) *_ WITHOUT _* modification of any kind! If you like this program, why not show your appreciation and support this ministry by making a generous donation to (NOT mandatory): Suggested: US $5 or US $10 cash in an envelope. Dr. Maged Nabih Kamel 22 Dr. Ahmed Amin Street, St. Fatima Square, Heliopolis 11361 Cairo, EGYPT (Flat #12) Don't miss EFMC98 - Second Edition CD-ROM offer! (Find the details in the program's About box.) Visit The Holy Bible Web Sites: E-mail: ========================================================