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Examen Final 2
Llene el crculo correspondiente a la respuesta correcta.
l . The children O a) has O b) have O c) are O d) doesn't have O e) are not

blond hair.

6. O O O O O
7. O O O O O

they feel happy or sad? a) 1s b) Aren't c) Do d) Who e) What

11. We are a little O a) thirsty O b) blue eyes O c) red hair O d) students O e) not hungry 12. No, he's excited. O a) Does he have short hair? O b) Are they tired? O c) 1s she hungry? O d) 1s he tall or short? O e) 1s he bored?

2. O O O O O

He a) have b) does c) has d) isn't e) hasn't

tall. He's short.

That a) people b) men c) woman d) women e) girls

has long red hair.

3. Are you hungry? No, O a) I'm not O b) you aren't O c) she isn't O d) not hungry O e) not
4. O a) They are O b) 1s O c) Are O d) Isn't O e) Do

8. Does he have hair? O a) red or red O b) short or tal1 O c) green or brown O d) curly or straight O e) sad or happy

13. I'm not a child! I'm a O a) baby O b) teenager O c) Martin O d) infant O e) Nancy
14. Does the m a n have blue or green eyes? O a) Yes, he has eyes. O bj He doesn't have hair. O e) No, he doesn't. O d) Yes, he green or blue eyes. O e) He has green eyes.

you tired?

9. O O O O O

the boys feel?

a) How b) Do c) How do d) Short e) Do short

5. O O O O O

We a) don't b) isn't c) is d) doesn t

e) feel


10. He is very O a) infant O b) pretty O e) beautiful O d) middle-aged O e) handsome

15. Is the teacher single O a) or married. O b) and married. O c) and not married. O d) and married? O e) or married?

Conocindonos M s
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