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Hints and Tips Colour Guide – German Infantry

By Michael Farnworth March 2008

German Infantry Germans in Greatcoats Late War Germans

Artizan figures by Andrew Taylor of Ares Painting

Artizan figures painted by Mick Farnworth

Item Helmet Uniform Uniform (variant early war) Greatcoat Webbing Bread Bag, Shovel Cover Gasmask Tin, Canteen Canteen (late war) Water bottle Cover Water bottle Lid & strap Anklets / Gaiters Boots Notes

Colour Dark Grey Field Grey Reed Green Field Grey Black Khaki Green Dark Green Khaki Yellow Brown Black Dark Green Black

Vallejo Model Colour German Dk Grey 70.995, German Field Grey WW2 70.830 German Uniform 70.920 German Field Grey WW2 70.830 Black 70.950 Russian Uniform 70.924 German Dark Green 70.896 Desert Yellow 70.977 German Camo Red Brown 70.826, Flat Brown 70.984 Black 70.950 German Dark Green 70.896 Black 70.950

Uniforms were produced in field grey (Feldgrau) but the colour changed during the war years. At the start, it was a dark grey with a blue green tone. Towards the end of the war, cloth supplies were limited so many variations ranging from mid grey to brownish grey were used. Late war variations can be made by mixing grey or brown to the standard shade.

Hints & Tips - Paining 28mm Armies Copyright Mick Farnworth - October 2007


Vehicles in the early war period were grey. ammunition boxes and mess tins were grey in the early period and ochre in the late period. In the early war period. Insignia German army soldiers wore Heer symbols on the collar. Bread bags and anklets were produced in field grey but being cotton faded rapidly.896 Flat Brown 70. Camouflage See Artizan website for detailed notes in Farnworth German ww2 patterns Splinter Item Splinter Camo . Painting Tip German soldiers often look best if the bread bag and gas mask tin colours are clearly different from the uniform. it was onto grey fabric.base Swamp 43 .ch October 2007 2 .Paining 28mm Armies Copyright Mick Farnworth . The same was often on the front of cloth caps. Camouflage was added using red brown and dark green. These can be simulated by painting a small white = symbol on the collar.990 German Dark Green 70.882 German Camo Beige 70.camo Swamp 44 .821 German Dark Green 70. new vehicles were painted in yellow ochre. Infantry wore white piping. even towards the end of the war.896 Flat Brown 70. From 1943 onwards. Shoulder boards were black with coloured piping on the edge.Camo Swamp 43 .camo Swamp 43 .base Swamp 44 .Base Splinter Camo .Camo Splinter Camo . Panzergrenadiers wore green piping and artillery had red. However. Metal items such as heavy weapons.984 Hints & Tips .farnworth@bluewin. On the left breast the eagle symbol was worn.984 US Tan Earth 70.camo Colour Grey Dark Green Dark Brown Beige Dark Green Maroon Tan Dark Green Maroon Swamp 43 Swamp 44 Vallejo Model Colour Light Grey 70.896 German Camo Black Brown 70.874 German Dark Green 70. this went on a dark green patch but later. Water bottles had a black painted aluminium cup which served as the lid and a brown wool cover.camo Swamp 44 . grey items were still common. This can be painted in white or light grey.

Europa Militaria No 17: Wehrmacht Camouflage Uniforms and Post-War Derivatives (The Crowood Press) Daniel Peterson. Osprey books are also very good but there are several which touch the October 2007 3 . Germany Jean De Lagarde: German Soldiers of World War Two (Histoire & Collections) A very useful book with colour photographs showing original uniforms and equipment. Europa Militaria No 18: Waffen SS Camouflage Uniforms and Post-War Derivatives (The Crowood Press) These books are aimed at military uniform collectors and contain details of real and fake garments. (The Crowood Press) A very useful book with 150 colour photographs showing original uniforms and equipment. Chris McNab: 20th Century Military Uniforms: 300 Uniforms from Around the World (Grange Books PLC) This book is similar in style to Andrew Mollo’s book and has many of the same illustrations. Calvin Tan.Further Reading Books General Andrew Mollo: The Armed Forces of World War 2 (Little. Andrew Steven & Peter Amodio. There is an A5 reprint that does not include the Eastern front. The original 1981 version is a large format book.farnworth@bluewin.Paining 28mm Armies Copyright Mick Farnworth . Brown and Company) This book is a very useful overview of uniforms and insignia. Hints & Tips . so it is difficult to recommend one item. There are 250 colour drawings and 100 photographs which cover every nation involved in WW2. Europa Militaria No6: Waffen SS Uniforms in Colour Photographs. Daniel Peterson. Osprey Modelling 23: Modelling Waffen SS Figures. (Osprey Publishing) This is a master class for detailing and painting 54mm scale figures.