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English Written Test
School Year 2008/09
11th form
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January’ 09

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Please read this text carefully:
Who are the heroes and villains?
In recent years, scientists have connected increased flooding, higher levels of intense
rain and snowfall, and the planet’s rising sea level to global warming. Scientists predict
that if the Earth heats up by between 1º C and 3º C in the next 100 years, which is
20probable, then the sea level will rise between 15 cm and 120 cm in that time, or up to 20
cm by 2030. This means that major US cities such as New York, Boston, Miami and
Washington DC could soon find themselves submerging in water. By present day
calculations, any area 2 m above sea level will be at risk in a only 30 years time. In
Washington DC, many national landmarks are vulnerable, as are waterfront districts of
25New York City. Past floods in these cities have caused score of deaths and hundred of
millions of dollars worth of damage – but the effects of predicted floods will be many
times greater.
Favourite vacation spots in the US and worldwide could be devastated by eroding
30beaches and decimated wildlife. Ocean city, Maryland, earns much of its income through
tourism. As it is developed right up to seafront, millions of dollars would be necessary to
haul in new sand to maintain about 60 m of beach. Islands in North Carolina and
Chesapeake Bay in Maryland contain rich and diverse ecosystems which would be
destroyed, and the Everglades National Park in Florida, one of North America’s most
35important wetlands, would certainly be affected by rising sea levels.
But the US is not the only target: global warming leaves no country untouched. The
Great Barrier Reef in Australia would be at risk of bleaching along its entire length,
thereby destroying many species. Sea levels around the British Isles would actually
recede due to ocean and atmospheric circulation patterns. In Russia and Canada, forests
40which trap CO2 and help guard against global warming will be at risk of forest fires and
pest attacks. Ten percent of mammals in China are already threatened with extinction, and
climate change could affect the lovable giant panda. Wetlands in Spain and Brazil could
lose their own endangered species. As tropical climates spread, mosquitoes will multiply
and spread malaria and yellow fever to new areas. Heat waves and droughts will dry up
45land and harm existing ecosystems, drastically affecting the quality of life we know
Source: Current May-June 2002

move back or away 10 b. what can be done to decrease global warming? Give at least 40 three reasons. 3 × 6 = 18 pontos 1. recede d. ecosystems c. 12 pontos _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ . 1. 15 pontos _____________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________ 4. gradually be destroyed 3. 20 _____________________________________________________________ 2.A. 25 _____________________________________________________________ C. Quote from the text to support your decision. Point out some consequences of global warming in countries like Australia. Use your own words. In your opinion. Answer the following questions about the text. The citizens of Washington DC shouldn’t worry about the city’s national landmarks. 20 pontos _____________________________________________________________ 2. eroding a. floods 5 2. uncontrolled amount of water 4. “Who are the heroes and villains?” State your 30 reasons. 35 Canada and China. Decide whether these statements are True or False. _____________________________________________________________ 3. Answer the question on the title. According to scientists global warming is responsible for major environmental problems. What will happen to some USA cities in the future? 10 pontos _____________________________________________________________ 3. all the plants and animals in a particular area 15 B. Join the words in column A to their corresponding meaning in column B: 4 × 2 = 8 pontos 1.S.A. Global warming is a problem that only affects the U.

35 2. Find. Rewrite the following sentences.D. 4 × 5 = 20 pontos 1. this (line 6) _________________________________________ 2. its (line 15) _________________________________________ 3. Heat waves and droughts will dry up land and harm existing ecosystems. similar __________________________________________ II A. their (line 28) _________________________________________ 5. Land _________________________________________________________ 30 B. The documentary gave students a broad perspective of global warming. What do these words refer to? 5 10 15 5 × 3 = 15 pontos 1. Scores of death _________________________________________________ 2. CO2 is released into atmosphere when fossil fuels are burned by factories. In the last forty years rainforests ___________ (reduce) by half. reduced __________________________________________ 2. 25 Factories ______________________________________________________ 3. we (line 31) _________________________________________ E. Students ______________________________________________________ 4. Make the necessary changes without altering the 20 meaning. one (line 19) _________________________________________ 4. Complete the sentences below with the correct verb tense. in the text. Past floods have caused scores of death in this city. . strong __________________________________________ 4. A few decades ago people ____________ (not / be) aware of most environmental problems. 4 × 5 = 20 pontos 1. words that mean the opposite of: 4 × 3 = 12 pontos 1. below __________________________________________ 3.

10 B. Write an argumentative text expressing your opinion about the following issue. Where ________ you __________ ? (be) 4. 50pontos A. B. refer the one which is the most dangerous for you and explain the reasons you’ve chosen it.3. From all the environmental threats that you’ve studied in this unit.= 50 pontos . Total do Grupo 4 × 3 = 12 pontos = 110 pontos Grupo II A. 4 × 5 = 20 pontos Total do Grupo 5 × 4 = 20 pontos = 40 pontos Grupo III A. III 5Choose one of the topics and write 120 words on it. 4 × 2 = 08 pontos 3 × 6 = 18 pontos 20 + 10 +15 + 12 = 57 pontos 5 × 3 = 15 pontos E. C. D. “Is development incompatible with the environment?” ________________________________________________________________ 15 ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 20 ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ 25 ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ Good Work Cotações Grupo I A. B. They ____________ already ___________ (arrive) from the Amazon forest. or 2. 1.

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