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"Fatora-sama, I'd never cheat on you! You're the only object of my affection!" "What about the redhead?

" *Shayla-Shayla shakes hher head in vehement protest* * * * * * * * * * *

Tuxedo Jack ~and~ Craptacularly Spignificant Productions ~present~ A walkthrough for Exile III: Ruined World -bySpiderweb Software Disclaimer: The game's by Spiderweb Software. ( Pay for it. It's good. The walkthrough's by me. You like it, yosh. You don't like it, ah, well. You can download and print this for personal use. Don't post it to anywhere except GameFAQs or without e-mailing me first and asking permission. You can reach me at Just remove the NoSpam to do it. Apparently, parts of this can apply to Avernum 3 (which is a redone, upgraded version of Exile that's in 3/4 overhead view with a waaaay longer plot and game). I'll do an Avernum-specific walkthrough soon, assuming I don't fail out of college. This walkthrough is cross-platform; i.e. this will work on _both_ the Mac and PC versions. It's arguably also the only comprehensive walkthrough outside of the Spiderweb Hint Book, and I'd wager that mine is quite a bit more in-depth. * * * * * * * * * *

Version History Version 1.6 August 3rd, 2003 *Fixed formatting issues with the tables of statistics. *Added the following sidequests: - The Calloc Deserters - The Mandrake Shop - Go Suck a Drake! - Steal the Identify-icon - Troglos and Strife - Wolfrider Warren - Loot Upper Exile _Dry_ - The Unicorn Pit

- Gukhbar's Hovel *Added a new section in chapter 1 - "Legal, Gainful, Semi-Safe Employment." The search keyword is "Ifurita." Yes, I was on an El-Hazard jag at the time. So sue me. *Added a comprehensive list of spells and a short discourse on each. The search keyword is "Richmond." *Began the following lists: - List of items and their effects/statistics - List of monsters (courtesy of the BoE Editor) - List of shops and their goods - List of alchemical ingredients and their locations Version 1.5 July 29th, 2003 *Added the following sidequests: - Bail out the Nephilim - The Golddale Mines - Marish and the Undead (OUCH) Version 1.42 July 22nd, 2003 *Added Levy's rewards for dealing with the plagues. *Added a new chapter: "Sidequests, More Trekking, and Pain in General." This chapter covers the sidequests and interesting tidbits that go on in Valorim and Exile that you might want to check out. *Completed and added the following: - Joining the Anama - Rentar-Ihrno's Pantless Dungeon - The Tower of Magi, Part Deux - Dryad's Grove - The Perfect Flower *Added coordinates for a stairway to the second floor of the Tower of Shifting Floors. Thanks to Insomniac Hyperpunk for slapping some sense into me when I forgot to include the coordinates. *Added a new section: "Reader Comments." I'm still working on the Tower of Vahkohs and the Woodsy Tower. Suffice it to say, if you stumble into these areas, RUN LIKE HELL. Get out of there and don't look back... yet. Version 1.3 July 17th, 2003 *Props to Ming Wang for helping me out on the Black Halberd quest. That walkthrough segment's now completed. *To the administrators of the German site I've already given you permission to post this on your site. STOP E-MAILING ME. I don't want to get hundreds of mails about this. Just post it and leave me be. You MAY post the updates. Just _stop mailing me every damn time I update!_ Version 1.2 July 11th, 2003 *Added a bunch of comments and information. Many, many thanks to Magus999.

*Began consolidation of Sidequest Guide into this, since I'm a lazy bugger who didn't want to write a separate FAQ. *Added the Artifact Quests. -BUTI'm stuck on the pillar maze in the Black Halberd quest. Anyone who wants to help me out there is welcome to. *Added Ehrenfeld's Armory in Sharimik. Version 1.1 *With the help of EALacey, I've updated a ton of stuff and fixed a few errors. Megakudos to him. However, through my running to the Control Panel 10 times, I maintain that the Amulets _are_ needed to complete the game. Version 1.0 June 9th, 2003 *Original release. * * * * * * * * * *

To skip to a certain section of the walkthrough, hit Ctrl+F or Command+F and type in the Search Keyword in the right column corresponding to the section you wish. Table of Contents CHAPTER 1 Getting Started Starting Character Generation Skill Overview Key Commands Legal, Gainful, Semi-safe Employment Beginning the Game Exile Wolf Pit Bandit Hideout Back to Exile New Cotra and the Boat Krizsan Province The Inn of Blades Krizsan Proper The Agate Tower The Slime Pit Post-Slime Cleanup CHAPTER 2 Nope, no bug spray for you! In Transit to the Isle Roaches and Strife Circumnavigating the Island The Filth Factory CoreLinux Gonads Elephantine New Jersey Trithilon Barcalounger Phosphorescent Wombatizer Ifurita Obfuscate Subwoofer Presario Electrifying Qapmoc Gnilb Thrustmaster Mabellion Retupmoc Butrition Doonesbury Ecchi Search Keyword

Filth Factory, Second Floor Clean Up What You Squash CHAPTER 3 They Might be Giants

Humidifier Stargazey

Warning: To go any farther requires the fully registered game. Off to Sharimik! The Troglo Temple To See the King You Really Don't Want to Do This Back to Sharimik (Again) Lorelei (Not Gilmore, Though) Cave of the Giants The Deepest Dank Pits Let's Bust Outta Here! Use the ChibiGas! Cleaning up the Troglos' Mess Playing Detective in New Formello The Bunker CHAPTER 4 The Kabbalah Can't Help You Now! Cross the Mountains Don't Step in the Lava The Defiled Crypt Another Long, Pointless Trek Golems Aren't a Walk in the Park Trek, Trek, Trek... Why Me? I _HATE_ Conveyor Belts! Time for the Cleaning Lady! CHAPTER 5 Diplomacy Sucks Off to Blackcrag Into Blackcrag Fortress Back and Forth, Back and Forth... Cartman Systemworks Nosebleed Sephirothic Riverdance Millenium Godawful Simpson Shakespeare Scooby Kimmel Airplane Gabomba Austin Indubitably Trekkery Saotome Hentai Prizery Penitentiary Miniature Terrence Poirot Marple

CHAPTER 6 The truth is out there... and so are things that want to tear your head off Into Footracer The Vahnatai Bastion From Tinraya to Hell CHAPTER 7 It's all over but the shooting The New Factory What, _MORE_ Walking?!? Deep Below The Keep of Rentar-Ihrno CHAPTER 8 Ratcheting Powerpuff Mordor Grimes Bosnia Massage Mojo Jojo

It's over already? Ending CHAPTER 9 Artifact Quests Recover the Orb of Thralni Pachtar's Plate Fury Crossbow Black Halberd Knowledge Brew Ring of Endless Magery CHAPTER 10 Sidequests, More Trekking, and Pain in General Joining the Anama Rentar-Ihrno's Pantless Dungeon The Tower of Magi, Part Deux Dryad's Grove The Perfect Flower Bail Out the Nephilim Golddale Mines Marish and the Undead (OUCH) The Calloc Deserters The Mandrake Shop Go Suck a Drake! Steal the Identify-icon Troglos and Strife Wolfrider Warren Loot Upper Exile _Dry_ The Unicorn Pit Gukhbar's Hovel CHAPTER 11 Appendices Spell List and Discourses CHAPTER 12 Interesting stuff Reader Comments Acknowledgements and Thanks Contact Methods * * * * * * * Peanut-Gallery Arigato Mamoru * * * Richmond Clergy Kono! Broflovski Shoujo-ai Megadeuce TiVo Festively Fushigi Leary Chibiusa Cheesypoofs Sparring Professor Hammertime Negotiator Akira Hakaider Philip Armoire Michiba Kenichi Sakai Ishinabe Uberraschung

CHAPTER 1 Getting Started * * * * * Trithilon

Starting Click the Start Menu, then Exile III - Ruined World,

and last, Exile III - Ruined World. That pulls up the game. If you're playing the Mac version, click on Macintosh HD (or the OS X equivalent - I don't know, I'm still running 7.5.5, and that ain't gonna change), then Exile III - Ruined World, then Exile III - Ruined World. That launches it. If you've not installed it to the default path, you've to launch it on your own. Easy, eh? * * * * * Barcalounger

Character Generation

When you hit "Start New Game," you'll get a window with six characters in a list. The buttons are as follows: Race Delete Good/Bad Traits Delete deletes the character. Graphics changes your character's graphic. Race Good/Bad Traits lets you pick the character's race and traits. On Race: Slithzerikai get bonuses to strength and intelligence, as well as pole weapons (spears, lances, etc.). However, there's a tradeoff - each level requires 20% more experience than a human. Nephilim are felinoid and get bonuses on dexterity and missile weapons. They also have the level penalty, but it's less severe than that of the Slithzerikai: it's merely +12% more per level. Humans are your everyday, run-of-the-mill men and women. They get no bonuses and level at normal experience. On Advantages: Toughness makes you stronger in general. Blows do less damage. However, it's +10% experience more to gain a level. Being Magically Apt increases the power of your spells. This is incredibly useful if you tend to rely on status spells (and believe me, starting at around the Slime Pit, you're going to). It's +20% more experience to gain a level. Being Ambidextrous allows you to use a weapon in each hand. However, you still can't use two two-handed weapons. Nice try. This experience penalty is +8%. Nimble fingers increase your thief skills - lockpicking and disarming traps. It's nice, but not really necessary. Experience penalty is plus 10%. Cave Lore is pretty much useless. It's good in the first 2 Exiles, but here, since a good 95% of the game is on the surface, it's Train Graphics

useless. If you want it, it's a 4% penalty. Woodsman is incredibly useful. The herb-finding component of it is a boon when you're hunting ingredients for Knowledge Brew, and the experience penalty's only 6%. Good Constitution has a penalty of 10% and reduces the effects of poison and disease. It isn't really that useful until you get in a melee fight with a bunch of Pack Leaders late in the game. Being Highly Alert gives you the edge against magical sleep. This status wasn't in the first two Exiles (it was called "Unholy Ravage"). It also lowers the chance of surprise attacks. The penalty is 7%. Exceptional Strength is _excellent_. It lets you carry more stuff and does a touch more damage than usual. This bonus is very much evident when pole or blunt weapons are equipped. The penalty is 12%. Recuperation isn't that useful. It slowly regenerates you, but the penalty - 15% - makes it cost-ineffective. On Disadvantages: Sluggish characters have 2 or 3 less AP (action points) per round. This can be offset by equipping Boots of Speed or a Ring of Speed. The bonus to experience is -10% to gain a level. Those who are Magically Inept can't use potions or scrolls, but rings and equipped items will affect them. The bonus for this is 8%. Frail charactees take extra damage from poison and disease. The bonus is 8%. Chronic Disease is _not_ pretty. Every now and again, a disease effect will hit that character, and it won't be good. This condition is incurable. However, the bonus is 20%, so it's a condition worth considering, especially since you're probably going to get a cleric. Those with a Bad Back simply lose some carrying capacity. The bonus is 8%. * Skills * * * * Phosphorescent

To increase a skill, one must have the requisite amount of skill points as well as gold. Skill Hit Points Magic Points Ability Power +2 HP +1 MP Skill Required 1 1 Gold Required 10 15

Notes: These skills are self-explanatory. Strength +1 Str 3 50

Dexterity Intelligence

+1 Dex +1 Ntl

3 3

50 50

Notes: Don't start without at least three points of one of these disciplines. It's very critical if you want to be effective. Note from Magus999: "You might want to point out that Strength does affect HP gain per level, so if you're a Mage, Str > Dex unless you are actually physically fighting." Edged Weapons Bashing Weapons Pole Weapons Thrown Missiles Archery Defense +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 Edged Bash Pole Missile Archery Defense 2 2 2 1 2 2 40 40 40 30 50 40

Notes: If you're a warrior, get three points in the specific discipline that you want this character to specialize in. Mage Spells Priest Spells Mage Lore Alchemy Item Lore level of spells. There's a cap of 7 on those two. Mage lore is necessary for learning spells in books. Alchemy is useful for creating potions and such, and if you have enough item lore, the Identify spell is rendered useless. Note from Magus999: "With item lore, any dropped items will be automatically identified, but any items found on the ground or from specials will *not* be identified. Item Lore is still helpful (mainly to determine whether you want to waste inventory space picking up that item the enemy just dropped), but you will still have stuff that needs Identified. In any case, paying for ID is only expensive early on (relative to the money you have) and unfortunately, early on is exactly when you won't have the spell points for Identify (or the spell itself) or high item lore." +1 +1 +1 +1 +1 Mage Priest Lore Alchemy Item 6 5 1 2 4 250 250 25 100 200

Notes: Each skill in priest and mage allows you to cast a higher

Disarm Traps Lockpicking Assassination Poison Luck

+1 Disarm +1 Lock +1 Assassin +1 Poison +1 Luck

2 1 4 2 5

30 20 100 80 0

Notes: Disarm Traps is useful, but I'd personally take the damage rather than waste the skill points. Same with lockpicking the Unlock spell is more useful. Assassination is friggin' awesome - it does a crapload of damage on occasion, and if you've got two weapons, you can get an assassination blow on your first attack and then a special attack on the second (if your second weapon's augmented). Forget poison; Major Blessing does the job for you. Lastly, increase Luck. Just do it. From EALacey: "Really? As I recall, you can only assassinate using the first weapon you hit with (although you can get the similar flaming bonus from both weapons)." Note from Magus999: "Yes, Luck can be nice to avoid dying (though it does often fail unless you have insanely high Luck), but it costs 5 skill points. I'd recommend getting something of actual value instead. Luck is not effective in small doses (anything under roughly 5 is usually a total waste) and large amounts cost lots of skill points which would be better invested in something of offensive use. Yes, you might have a Luck 20 Feodric if you invest a lot of skill points in it and yes, he won't die very often, but with 100 skill points wasted in him, he's not going to be very useful in actual battling, unless you want to run around laughing at the enemy. And remember, unless everybody has that same high luck, everybody else will die and even 20 Luck *will* fail at times." * * * * * Wombatizer Effect Waits for 40 moves. Regenerates 2 MP and 5 HP. Initiates a rest command. This may only be used

Key Commands Key W R

when on the world map. However, it may not be used and will be cancelled if an enemy comes within sight. T U P Shift+P A F E dead. G sight, adjacent to you. L B M Shift+M Arrow keys Number Pad 1-6 9 * * * * Initiates a talk command. Use the Number Pad to select a direction. Uses an item or object. It must be adjacent. Pulls up the Cast Priest Spell dialog box. Cast the last Priest spell cast again. Pulls up a map of the dungeon. Very effective if combined with the Magic Map spell. Initiates Fight Mode in towns/dungeons. Ends Fight Mode, but only if all enemies are Issues a Get command. If an enemy is within you may only get items that are Initiates a Look command. Issues a Use command. Pulls up the Cast Mage Spell dialog box. Cast the last Mage Spell cast again. Moves your party/PC in that direction. Moves your party/PC in that direction. Switches the active PC. Pulls up your Special Items list. * Ifurita

Legal, Gainful, Semi-safe Employment

Sometimes, you'll run out of gold, and you'll need to get more quickly. However, it's time-prohibitive to kill things, you say. It's easily remedied with a nice little feature Jeff Vogel built into this Exile game... The job system. There are job dispatchers in certain cities that will give you jobs to do, such as killing a creature and taking its hide to someone, delivering an item, or do other things. The pay's usually nice; it's better than hunting monsters for gold. To get a list of jobs, ask the person about "dispatch." There are dispatchers at the following locations: *Krizsan, at 45,16. *Shayder, at 49,45. *Sharimik, at 53,43. *Lorelei, at 37,39. There is no jobs dispatcher in Gale, due to the town's being turned against you. * * * * * Obfuscate

Beginning the Game

First, get used to the X and Y coordinate system. To obtain the coordinates where you stand, cast the level 1 priest spell "Location." There's absolutely no excuse for not having this spell. Well, you've finished the character training bit. Now, click Done and you'll end up in Fort Emergence with a load of decent items for starting out. Two squares to the right, you'll see a white dot. That dot is a special encounter. Walk over it, and things happen. You'll see these throughout the game. This one just allows you to stay there as in an inn, but free. Get the items near you and use the Piece of Paper. It gives you directions to Anaximander's (the commander of Ft. Emergence) office and locates a room where you can store your items. This is one of the three places you can drop items, so remember this. The three places you can store items are the room where you started, the House on the Hill (145,267 on the overworld), and Hawke's Manse in Lorelei. Go to Anaximander's office. It's at the extreme northwest corner of the town, and I highly suggest that you explore the fort. The coordinates for his office are 5,7. The storeroom is where you started the game. There are supplies for you - decent armor and items in the storeroom at 22,34. If you've played Exile II: Crystal Souls, you'll be familiar with the knight in charge of this fort, Ko. You can find him at 16,34. Marian, a woman from the cave of Motrax (the one dragon not showing up in this game) is a wandering woman in pink. You have two choices now: you can go north, out to the surface, or to Exile, which is to the south. I recommend for you to go south into Exile at this point, as level 1 characters may be too weak to go to the surface. So exit the fort to the south. * Exile So you're out in Exile. Where do you need to go now? Follow the road along its path, and cross the bridge to Upper Exile proper. From here, you can go northeast to a goblin lair and a bandit cave. I suggest you do that. You're going to find some random encounters here, but I'm not going to cover them, since they vary every time, and you'll easily whip them if you've got at least 3 PCs in your party. Follow the east wall of the cave to the north, and at 87,106 head south to the * * * * Subwoofer

goblin cave at 92,111. Enter the cave. It is dark inside. If you've got a mage with level 3 skill, cast Long Light. If not, cast Light or use a torch or two. Just remember, you can't attack what you can't see. Kill the guard at 41,33. Don't worry, they're just Goblins and a Wolf. Since this is a large dungeon, and it's fairly straightforward, I'll tell you of a few locations of interest. 38,36 has a ten-pack of darts for you to use. 26,43 has a chest containing an Iron Knife and garbage. 18,36 has a Stone Club for you. 18,43 has a Bronze Short Sword. 4,14 is a locked door. You can bash it, pick it, or cast Unlock on it. I recommend the last. Behind it is a Chitrach and two larvae. Don't go in here if you can't take 50 or more damage at one time. Odds are the big bug'll waste you. The only treasure in here is a Stone Knife. 29,4 is a burial room. There's a Nephil Warrior here. It's fairly strong, but if you've gor 4 PCs, you can take it down. There are goblins too, but heck, they're nothing. 45,22 has the chief's treasure chest. It has 25 gold and a Weak Healing Potion that can be ued twice. 43,5 is a room with a dark altar. If you pray to it, nothing happens. 15,15 is the prison. The three doors contain, from left to right: a Mung Rat, a Giant Lizard, and a corpse. 4,8 is a secret passage, but the end's blocked by a pit. 11,14 and 2,23 are stairwells down. You can't go back up if you take them, but you _MUST_ take them to get an important Special Item. (2,23 is reascendable.) * * * * * Presario

Wolf Pit

Take the stairwell at 2,23 from the Goblin Cave to emerge at 30,28 in the Wolf Pit. Three goblins and a Goblin Leader will be here. Kill them all. The north wall of the east pit (27,26) is a secret passage. Take it to find a chest with 7 gold, 10 food, and a set of 10 Iron Bolts for crossbows. Go west and fight an onslaught of wolves, then go north. Follow the

hallway, and you'll find a passage at 27,3 which leads to a stairwell. Climb up it, and you'll be at a room with a treasure chest. Open it, and get the Vahnatai Statue. Climb down the stairwell, and return to the Wolf Pit. 7,7 is the entrance to another dungeon. Don't go in there yet. After you explore the passage to the west of 7,7, go back to 7,7 and go north. Pass through the room and take the stairs up to the... * * * * * Electrifying

Bandit Hideout

Go east to 12,11 and go north. You'll fight an Archer, 2 Bandits, and an Assassin, so watch yourself. Kill them and unlock the doors to the north. Inside them, you'll find barrels and crates. Search them to get 20 food in the west room. The east room is trapped - if you've got a decent Disarm Trap skill, try to disarm it. If not, take the damage and continue on. Inside the crates here you'll find a Bronze Shield and Medium Poison. Go back to the room with the gates and head east through the door on the east wall. Continue to the next room, and Unlock the north door (25,4). It leads to a dark shrine, and inside are an Evil Acolyte, 2 Brigands, and an Archer. Kill them all. The altar here is dark, and if you have the spell "Ritual - Sanctify," cast it. It won't do anything, but you shouldn't have that spell this early anyway. The southwest door in the shrine leads to the Acolyte's room. The potion on the bed is a Weak Healing Potion (1). In the dresser, you'll find a Bronze Short Sword. Go back through the shrine and east over the rocky ground to 40,8. There's a Soldier, an Apprentice Mage, and a Captain here. If you're level 3 or so, you'll be fine. Go north into the chief's quarters, and go to 41,2, which is a secret passage. Three traps and 2 bolts of light (damaging) later, you'll find 300 gold, a Potion of Paralysis (don't _ever_ use this), Basic Powder (4), and a Shield Mace, which is a rare artifact weapon. Equip this to your character who is proficient in bashing weapons _now_, since it's +8 attack and +3 defense. Go back to 46,9 and Unlock the door to the south. Go in, get the supplies, which are Iron Darts (8), a Bronze Broadsword, Boots, a Leather Helm, and Leather Gloves. go to 32,10 and go southwest. You'll have to fight 4 Brigands, a Soldier, and 3 Archers. This fight's gonna hurt, so have a cleric ready with healing spells. Enter the door at 23,21, but only _after_ you fully heal _everyone_. There are many, many enemy soldiers in here, and you've got to kill them all. Go south through the door at 24,28. More archers and brigands are here. Kill them and pick up the archery supplies here, which are:

Darts (10) Javelins (8) Arrows (12) Cavewood Bow After that, continue onwards to 9,37 and head east through a secret passage. Kill the Brigand there, and head south to exit the dungeon and go back into Upper Exile. * * * * * Qapmoc

Back to Exile

You emerge from the bandit cave at 92,90. Go northwest to 58,64, then go west into Ghikra, the Vahnatai town. Find Kyhar, the Vahnatai child. Talk to her, and say "Buy." You can buy the alchemical recipes "Graymold Salve" and "Weak Energy Potion" from her. Next, find Tekora-Tel, who's a Vahntai adult. You can buy several level 3 Priest spells from him, such as Smite, Manna, and Forcefield. Remember that statue you found in the Bandit Hideout? Time to put it to good use. Go through the door at 34,18 and talk to the Vahnatai named Koriba in the room north of that door. Ask him about "statue" and he'll give you a Soul Crystal. Buy his two spells off him - Capture Soul and Simulacrum, which are level 4 Mage spells. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT THESE, as they allow you to summon practically any monster in the game. Finally, go to 14,10, but don't step on the rune to the west. Just look around for the Vahnatai there, and talk to her. She's Rentar-Ihrno, the strongest mage of all the Vahnatai. Do not piss her off. If you attack her or anger the town, you'll die instantly. Ask her about "visit" and she'll let you talk to the Crystal Souls here. If you want a good fight, there's a Spiny Worm south of her lab. It'll hurt you bad. Exit the town. You'll be coming back here, so remember where it is. * * * * * Gnilb

New Cotra and the Boat

Return to the road just north of Fort Emergence next to the sign. This time, go west until you get to 47,124. From there, follow the road north to New Cotra. Enter the town. There are many things to do here in New Cotra, among which are iron weapons, a stay at the inn, and most importantly, the boat. First, if you've got items to sell, go to Elspeth's Ironworks at 10,22. She buys items if they've been identified (if they're not,

go back to Fort Emergence and talk to the guy in blue, Habecker). She also sells iron weapons, which may or may not be a step up from what you have now. Miles Alchemy, at 13,22, sells weak and medium powered potions. He also sells Strong Curing Potions. Hmurr's Foodstuffs is at 33,22. It, as its name states, sells food, which is necessary to feed your PCs over your long journey. I recommend buying about 500 food at a time, as that'll last about 30 days. The inn is at 31,25. Talk to the barkeep for food or a room. Also, there's a man in red in the bar. Talk to him and ask him about "boat." Buy the boat from him for 500 gold. That's all you'll need to do in this town for a while. Exit it to the west. * * * * * Thrustmaster

Krizsan Province

Return to Fort Emergence and go through the north exit. This time, you'll end up on the surface. Go through the Lengthy Expositional Dialogue Sequence (LEDS) and save. Save, save, save, I cannot stress that enough. Save every 10 steps; it doesn't matter, but do it often. Explore around the surface. Rest if you run out of MP, but your first destination is the Inn of Blades, and the coordinates for that are 121,416. Go in. * * * * * Mabellion

The Inn of Blades

Enter the bar at the Inn of Blades. Talk to the mage in blue at the southwest corner. He's missing his Mythril Bar, and he'll send you on a quest to reclaim it. Hope you're level 4 or higher. Anyways, exit the Inn and go north to 126,395. Take the lumps of metal and you'll enter into a fight with Apprentice Mages and a Mage. While they're not difficult on their own, you're in deep crap since these have banded together. Anyways, kill them all and head back to the Inn. Talk to Arion again, ask him about "metal," and he'll teach every party member Conflagration and Summon Beast, which are 2 level 2 Mage spells. The former's useful, the latter's crap. Exit the Inn of Blades. * * * * * Retupmoc

Krizsan Proper

Follow the road south to 118,449. From there, go south to the large castle. That's Krizsan, the capital of Krizsan Province. Enter the town. Points of interest in Krizsan include the following: *Jinx's Smithy, at 18,29. You can buy bronze and stone weapons and sell items here. *Benedict's Armor, at 26,29. Nothing useful here. *Shrine of the Revealing Light, at 13,20. You can get healed here, and this is incredibly useful if you've got a dead PC. *The Rowdy Oar Inn, at 19,12. Talk to the barkeep for a room or food. *Herron's Herring, at 20,15. He sells food. *A clue to an artifact, at 57,15. Take _TONS_ of money; the hint's something like 5,000 gold. Courtesy of EALacey: "The character who gives you this travels between several towns. He's in Krizsan about 1 day in 3, and the same for a room in the inn in the town directly west of Krizsan (Delis/Delan?)" *A secret tunnel in and out of town, at 54,54. *City Hall, at 39,28. *The mayor is at 39,17. Talk to him, and ask him about "mission." Accept the mission, and you're charged with destroying the slimes. After you heal up, exit Krizsan. * * * * * Butrition

The Agate Tower

Go west along the road from Krizsan to 84,458. From there, go due south untli you see a path going east (84,471). Take it until you see a tower. Before you see it, though, you'll get into two fights with brigands and slimes. Waste them. Take the left path and use your mages and priests to smite the archers inside the archery pit. Continue west, then south, until you get to 11,24. Unlock the door south of you, and enter. You can pass through the magic barrier, but you'll get hurt every time you do. You'll learn a spell that'll dispel them later... much later. Anyways, look in the crates to pick up: *10 Throwing Knives *4 Lockpicks *12 Bolts *3 Boots

Go to 13,12 and step on the special encounter to the east. Take it, go downstairs, and kill the goblins to the west. Explore the caves, killing everything that moves, and continue to 3,15, which is a secret passage. Take it, go west, and grab the Cursed Shield. Drop it immediately. Go to 12,13 and enter the Evil Temple. Step on 12,18 and say yes when it asks you to kneel. It summons an Imp. Kill it. This fight's just for experience; you can skip it if you want. Also, if you have Ritual-Sanctify, cast it on the altar. It'll destroy it. Go in the door in the southeast section of the temple. There's a Spiny Worm in there. If you beat the one in Ghikra, this one's easy. Unlock the door at 7,32 and go through it. Continue down the corridor to the hallway at the end and go east. Kill the spiders there and return to the crossways at 7,36. Go west this time. Pick up the item marked "Gem;" it's a Sapphire. While you can't use it now, it's a component for the Magic Map spell. Give this to your mage, and you should give every Sapphire you ever find to him or her as well. Keep going south into the Throne Room. Kill the slimes and go through the secret door at 1,43. Go south, and make sure you're fully healed. Follow the path of the pillars and after killing a few slimes, you'll fight Jordan the Mage. He's nothing special; just pound on him with your fighters and use the clerics/mages to heal. Once you kill him, pick up the Scroll of Flame on the table and search the bookcases in the room to the east. They tell you how to kill the slimegenerating pools - use the Fireball spell. Get the things in the desk. They are: *9 Gold *Scroll of Major Haste *Scroll of Charm *Leather Gloves *Sapphire *Piece of Paper (Map to the Slime Pit) At 15,33, there's a secret passage. Take it and go into the room with the chest. The special encounter will teach you Minor Summoning. Inside the chest, you'll find: *6 Magic Darts *Medium Strength Potion (1) *60 Gold To test this Fireball method, go east through the door at 15,39 and go into fight mode. Cast Fireball on the Slime Pool.

There's a secret passage at 3,19 and 300 gold behind it. At 36,1 you'll find a secret passage leading to a chest containing 60 food. A Steel Short Sword is on the anvil at 39,3. 46,2 is a secret passage leading to another chest which contains 60 gold. Six uses of Comfrey Root (alchemical ingredient) are in the room at 43,14.

Go south from 43,14. Take the boat southwest, take the stairs up from 22,28, and go east. There's a lever at 19,24. Pull it. Travel through the various rooms and grab all the treasure you can. Around 22,11 there's a Bronze Broadsword and a Cavewood Bow. Take them if you want. Continue to the north, then go west when the path demands it, and exit the Agate Tower. Go back to Krizsan, heal up if you have to, and exit to the east. * * * * * Doonesbury

The Slime Pit

You've got a stop to make before you get to the Slime Pit. First, trek east from Krizsan to the ruins of Colchis. Enter them. You've got to be _quick_ here. Go to the southeast corner of town and cast Move Mountains on 36,40. Go west and _talk_ to the shade there to find out that two items which help you resist the slimes' powers of acid and sleep are in a pillar and an anvil here. However, you won't be able to get them unless you talk to the shade. Anyways, talk to him, get the locations, and go for the treasure. The anvil holds a Helm of Alertness and the Basic Necklace is in the pillar. Once you've got them both, exit Colchis and continue east to 171,467. Go south from here, follow the path, and waste all the slimes in your path. After that, enter the Slime Pit. Since the Slime Pit's a mjor dungeon, I'll only give coordinates to you and tell you how to get to where you need to go, along with major locations. Proceed to 32,30. Click the top-right button and Leave. Go to 58,1. Go east, take the stairs down, and proceed to 50,4. Enter fight mode, cast Fireball on the Slime Pool, and climb back up to the first floor. Return to 32,30. Press the second button from the right and proceed to 50,22. Take that stairwell down and go to 50,15. Cast Fireball on the Slime Pool. Return to the stairwell and climb up to the first floor. Go back to 32,30 again. Click the center button and go to 55,57. Unlock the

door beneath you, then unlock the one on the east wall of the next room. Kill the Wight, read the spellbook, and learn Wall of Force and Flame Arrows. Go to 38,62 and go west through the secret passage. Go north from the stalagmite and take the stairs down. Go north through the barrier, Unlock the door, kill the Null Bug inside, and get the loot. It is: *Brew of Ironskin (1) *Steel Rapier *Iron Greathelm *2 Sapphires Return through the stairwell to the first floor and go to 31,53. Take the stairwell down. Go to 33,26, etner fight mode, and cast Fireball on the Slime Pool. Fight your way back to the stairwell and then return to 32,30. This time, press the second button from the left. Go to 6,55 and take the stairs down. Use the boat to sail along the west wall and kill any slimes in your way. Go north and enter the inlet at the northeast edge of the lake. Go to 15,20 and cast Fireball on the Slime Pool. Return to the stairwell and go to 32,30 for the last time. Press the button on the far left corner. Go to 3,60 and take the stairs down and go to 2,1 after fighting off a tons of Mauve Slimes and Slime Zombies. Read the obelisk, then go to 6,14 and walk east through the secret wall. From there, go to 9,3, enter fight mode, and cast Fireball on the Slime Pool. That's the last Slime Pool. Now you've got to fight the Giant Slime, who is the boss of this dungeon. Heal yourself and save. Go to 18,5 and enter Fight Mode. Bless and Haste your whole party, then move east into the giant chamber. Target all assaults on the Giant Slime. If you've got a level 4 mage or a level 3 priest, cast Flame Arrows or Smite on each square where the Giant Slime is and you'll do more than normal damage. After it dies, go north to 24,4 and go north through the secret wall. Go east, read through the LEDS, and make your way back to the entrance. Exit the dungeon and make your way back to Krizsan. * * * * * Ecchi

Post-Slime Cleanup

Talk to the mayor of Krizsan and ask him about "mission." He'll reward you with 1500 gold and a letter of recommendation, which is automatically delivered to the cities of Shayder, on the Isle of Bigail, and another city, which will be named later on. From there, return to Fort Emergence. The coordinates for that are 73,406.

Enter the fort. By now, you've probably grown a touch stronger, and you're wondering what to do with those new skill points. Well, there's a training hall at 52,19. Talk to the soldier inside and ask her about "train." Then go to Anaximander's office and talk to him. He'll give you new valuable information as well as a reward and a daily allowance (which you've got to get from a steward at 17,6). From here, go to Berra the mage's lab at 50,43. Talk to the guy in grey and ask him about "evidence." From there, go south and talk to the girl in green. Ask her about "tomes" and you'll learn a key-spell. Go to 49,51 and go south. Step on the specials, read the tomes, and learn the spells Symbiosis and True Sight, which is a low-level version of Magic Map. After that, talk to Anaximander. Go talk to Levy the steward in his chambers at 17,6. Ask him about "reward." You'll get a Strong Skill Potion (1). Remember this place, since you can get some nice rewards from him. From there, exit Fort Emergence to the south and return to Upper Exile. Go northeast to 90,10. From there, cross the bridge and go into Erika's Tower. This tower's the home of the incredibly powerful mage Erika Redmark. If you've played the other Exile games, you know that she can't ever go to the surface thanks to a curse the late Archmage Garzahd placed on her (she'll disintegrate if she's ever hit by sunlight). Talk to the woman in red. She's Erika. Ask her about "evidence," then "boon," then "amulet." Go to the fourth room on the left, step on the special, and get the amulet. YOU CANNOT COMPLETE THE GAME WITHOUT THE ACTIVATED AMULET. Despite the claims to the contrary, I've never been able to beat the game without it, so I suggest you get it and _SAVE_. Go back to Erika, ask her to activate it, and then, if you've got the money, buy some level 6 mage spells from her, such as Group Fear, Paralyze, Major Poison, and the awe-inspiring powerful spell that does just what its name says - Kill. Get out of the tower and don't look back.

From here, go to New Cotra again and this time, go in the town and go to 43,37 to pick up your boat. Sail east - far east. Navigate to 58,73 and go west, then disembark onto the island. Step on 52,72 and say yes to both questions to discover Silverlocke's Alchemy Shoppe. She sells Knowledge Brew, which gives you 2 skill points without having to gain a level... but it's 2600 gold. Exit the island, and sail just west of Ghikra, which is that tower to the northeast of the island. Sail into Ghikra. Sail due east and then walk east into the chamber. Step on the special, hit yes, and learn the best spell in the game - Major Blessing, a level 7 mage spell which blesses and hastes you entire party _and_ poisons their weapons to boot. Exit Ghikra and continue southwest to the edge of Upper Exile (6,135). Enter the tower there, which is the Portal Keep. Go to 4,9 and talk to the girl there. Ask her about "amulet." From there, go to 7,41 and talk to the woman in green there. Ask her about "permission" and then walk onto the portal. You're now in the most famous place in all Exile, the Tower of Magi. There are only six things you need to do here: *Talk to Solberg *Buy level 6 priest spells *Learn Major Summoning *Upgrade your intelligence *Get the Amulet *Check the variety shop for kickass items Solberg is at 23,53. Ask him about "reward" to learn Ice Bolt and Venom Arrows. From there, go to 56,16, talk to the priestess inside, and buy every spell you can from her. Also, if you drop 5 gold into the treasure chest in the temple, then pray at the altar, your intelligence for each PC will be increased by 2 points permanently (corrected thanks to the following note). This can be abused in that it repeats over and over if you keep dropping gold in, but most players wouldn't abuse the system... I hope. (Thanks to EALacey.) Note from Magus999: "In the walkthrough, the Tower of Magi temple increases INT by *2* points, not one. But the raising cannot go above 16 ever using this method. This means that ideally your Mages should start with an even number of INT (4 is good for early effectiveness on the slime quest, though you could go as low as 2 I wouldn't recommend it since then they're worthless until beating the slime quest), so you can

end up with 16 instead of 15." From here, go to the door across the hall (45,9) and talk to the guy inside. Buy his alchemical recipes. Go to 47,61 and walk north through the passage. Pass through the barriers, read the tome, and learn the spell Major Summoning. Next, go to 52,52 and talk to the guy in that room. He runs the variety store, and you might find a good item here, or you might not... the inventory's completely random each time. If you want to refresh his inventory, hit Shift+W to refresh jobs and shops. It's cheating, though... Lastly, look in the dresser at 52,38. Take the portal back to the Portal Keep and go back to Denise's room. Ask her about "amulet" again and you'll get a Scroll of Shockwave. Don't ever use this spell or scroll in a town; the people in it will get pissed at you and try to kill you. Well, you're done with the slime mission, and next up is the optional mission the cockroaches. And no, you don't get Raid. * * * * *

CHAPTER 2 Nope, no bug spray for you! * * * * * CoreLinux

In Transit to the Isle

Return to Fort Emergence and go to the surface exit. Exit onto the surface. From 74,406, go northwest to the hut at 60,393 and enter it. Ask the mage inside the hut about "buy" if you've got any gold and you'll save a lot of time. From the mage, go east through the door and over the rune that says "Pay Ernest First." The portal you need to go into is the middle portal in the top row. Go in it and you're at the capital city of the Isle of Bigail, Shayder. * * * * * Gonads

Roaches and Strife

Well, you've arrived on the east side of Shayder, which is on the Isle of Bigail. There are _MANY_ things to do in this town, most of which will affect your game permanently. This town - hell, the whole island - is biased against mages. People who have skills in Mage Skills (not Lore) generally are not welcomed here. Since this is a big town, I'll only detail locations of shops and critical events. *Sara the Mage, at 54,57. She'll identify items and has the entire rack of level 4 Mage Spells minus Capture Soul and Sinulacrum, but you've got those already. *The Shayder Bazaar, at 38,43. This place stocks a lot of weapons and armor, but there's no variety shops like at the Tower of Magi. *Bohman the Potions Salesman This guy's in a white priest's outfit and he's wandering around. *Judith the Priestess This woman has an incredible secret. She'll tell you, for the nice price of 1000 gold, where you can find a wonderful relic called the Fury Crossbow. You can usually find her wandering around the... *Shayder Docks You can catch a ferry to Marish here. It's another sidequest. *Shayder Library At 47,13. You can purchase a map of the Isle of Bigail here. *Shayder City Hall At 47,39. Talk to the mayor inside and ask her about "mission." She'll give you the mission to kill the cockroaches. Without a doubt, the most dangerous - or beneficial - place in the town is the Temple of the Anama, which is located at 25,26. The Anama is a religious order that eschews the use of Mage spells. They're based on the Isle of Bigail, but there are branches all over the world, and some places cannot be accessed without joining the Anama. HOWEVER, IF YOU JOIN THE ANAMA, YOU CAN NEVER, _EVER_ USE MAGE SPELLS AGAIN. YOU WILL NOT HAVE _ANY_ MAGE SPELLS, EVEN UNLOCK, AND YOU'LL NEVER BE ABLE TO USE THE MOST CRITICAL SPELL IN THE GAME, DISPEL BARRIER. Inside the temple, there's a man named Ahonar. He sells all the level 4 Priest spells. He also gives you the opportunity to join the Anama - but only if you've talked to all the Anama priests around the Isle and told them Yes to their questions.

If you join, you'll get a lot of powerful Priest spells early and have your Priest Skill permanently increased by 2 - for _every_ PC. You even learn Avatar, which is basically the most unbalancing spell in the game. From EALacey: "You have to talk to most of the priests, but you aren't required to talk to all of them." He's correct; only a few priests can be asked about "faith" or "beliefs." If you want to join, ask Ahonar about "join." You'll also find some staircases, which you can't go up unless you join... or buy the Anama Rings in Lorelei from the Thieves' Guild. We'll speak on that later. If you manage to join the Anama, you can... leave... by either increasing your Mage Skill or robbing their temple. However, unlike when you piss off a town, the Anama don't forget that you robbed the temple. You'll never be welcome in Shayder again. Other than that, you're pretty much done in Shayder, except for the sewers, which I'll cover now. Exit Shayder and enter from the south. Don't go in the gates, but rather go west to 15,59. Proceed through the tunnel to the cracked wall, and cast Move Mountains on it. Cast Move Mountains on the cracked wall at the end of the new tunnel and fight the Mung Roaches and Cockroaches behind it. Go to 13,54 and crack the wall to the south. Pick up the Sapphire and go to 6,54. Take the stairs down into the sewers. Make your way through the sewers to 2,5 and enter the boat. Navigate to 24,5 and then walk to 29,3. Get the gold behind the wall and go back to the boat. Navigate to 30,16 and walk to 28,21. Hope you've got wands or scrolls, because there's 4 Giant Roaches here, but the reward is a Wand of Fireballs. Exit the sewers. * * * * * Elephantine

Circumnavigating the Island

Exit Shayder. While you go around the island, expect LOTS of battles with roaches. They can cause Poison and Disease, so have a level 3 Priest Spell user with you and make sure they can case Cure Disease, or have a

set of Dust of Cleansing with you. Go northeast. Go to 57, 224 and go one step northwest. This place will come in handy later, so remember it. Go north and enter the town of Hectar. There's not much to do here, but you can heal up if you want to. I suggest you do. Next, go to 70,247. If you want to fight a large party of Gremlins, hit Yes. They steal food if they hit you, so that's your warning. Northpoint Lighthouse is at 77,245. Don't go here; it's a useless stopover. Go southeast to 114,272. The town of Fenris Port's there, and this place has ferries to the mainland. It also has an alchemy shop at 9,33. The Anama temple is at 11,23. Ask the priest inside about "faith" and say "Yes" if you want to join the Anama. If not, leave this town and don't look back. Follow the road south and go to 102,302. Go northeast through the pass and hit the special encounter. Say Yes, Pray, and you'll learn the spell Restore Mind. This is the first of five stone circles, and each one teaches you something different. Now go west, deep into the heart of the island. 79,311 has a pair of Dancing Boots. 77,311 has a Wand of Slow and a battle with giant spiders. Make your way to 67,308 and enter the dungeon there. I have only one thing to say to you Be afraid. Be _very_ afraid. Be bloody terrified. After all, you've just entered the household of the Happy Talking Spiders. If you've played Escape from the Pit or Crystal Souls, you know what I'm talking about. If not, consider yourself grateful. Don't talk to _any_ of the spiders here. Just go to 8,37 and go west through the wall. It's an empty treasure room. Go to 17,15 and Unlock the door to the west. Enter and hit the special. If it works, you'll fight four Hordlings (weak demons). Kill them, take the dagger, and cast Ritual-Sanctify on the altar if you've got it. You'll have to fight a Demon, though. Make your way to 18,3 and talk to the spider there. Don't even bother asking

him about anything but "Spider." Go into the next room and talk to the spider there. Ask him about "roaches" and he'll give you a mission. Get to 29,38 and then south, southeast, and east, then cast Move Mountains on the wall to the east. You'll find one bar of platinum and eleven Iron Bars in that room. Exit the Spider Lair. From EALacey: "It's probably obvious, but it might be worth pointing out that the Platinum Bar can be distinguished from the Iron Bars by its weight (18 vs. 20?)." Go due northwest to 57,297 and say Attack to the spider. Waste the cockroaches in the fight by any means necessary and then return to the chief spider in the spider lair. Ask him about "roaches" again and then exit the spider lair. Cheer, because you won't be coming back here ever again. Go due north of the spider lair to 69,272 and then go west through the trees. Enter the roach lair. There's only one thing to emphasize here: DON'T HURT THESE ROACHES! Find the one named "Filth Spreader" and ask it about "located." It'll tell you that the Filth Factory, which is the big place where the roaches are made, is northeast of Shayder. However, there are some stops you've got to make first. Exit the Roach Lair. Go to Kuper, which is at 107,313, and enter it. Heal up, and if you want to join the Anama, ask the priestess here about "philosophy." Say Yes, and you've got one more number added to your Anama Favor tally. At any rate, take the ferry to Kneece. Once in Kneece, go to 16,33, and kill everything in your path. All that's here are some giant lizards and a Salamander. Make your way from there to 19,29 and Unlock the door. Go in, talk to the wizard, and ask him about "device." Get the Phoenix Egg with him, and take the ferry back to Kuper. From there, make your way south to Bavner at 77,327. Enter the town. There's an Anama temple here. You know the drill. Ask the priestess about "share," hit Yes, and be gone. There's also a training shop here at 19,29, so spend your hard-earned gold and skill points here levelling up for the Filth Factory. You're going to need to do this, and this is the ideal time. Leave Bavner and make your way along the west road. Watch out for the encounter with a _LOT_ of roaches at 44,323. Keep going west until you see another town,

which is Port Townsend. Go in, go to the temple, and talk to the Anama in there. Ask him about "beliefs," say yes, and leave the temple. This town also offers a weapons shop, so if you need to buy or sell items, this is the place. Leave Port Townsend and continue along the road. There's a roach encounter at 20,320. However, north of that is Shayder. Go in, heal up, and go north to 27,283. Go north, fight the band of roaches, and continue northeast along the coastline to 30,281. Go north, fight the roaches, rest, and enter the Filth Factory. * * * * * New Jersey

The Filth Factory All right, this is a _HUGE_ dungeon.

Go east through the fake wall, then north to 5,20 and south through the fake wall for 500 gold, some Basic Powder, and some Cleansing Powder. Next, go to 22,44 and then follow the east wall. DO NOT GO IN THE AREAS MARKED OFF WITH RED WALLS. YOU WILL DIE INSTANTLY. Once you get to 23,54, sit for a second and remember this location. To the west is a one-time heal for all your PCs if they're diseased and you can't cast Cure Disease. (5,51) However, you're going east. Make your way northeast (fighting and killing everything in your path watch out for the Giant Slugs. They spit acid, which can only be healed by a use of Basic Powder) to 53,46. Cast Move Mountains on the wall due south of you and go in the new chamber to get some Cleansing Powder, a Medium Healing Potion, and Graymold (the last of which is used to make Graymold Salve). Continue northeast to 62,27. Go north through the door, then west and north to 56,16. Save here, then go north through the door. Go to 53,11, Unlock the door to the west, and trigger the special. Pick your strongest PC and send him/her through the portal. Pack a lot of potions and scrolls on this guy, and give him _tons_ of armor. Go south along the corridor. When the corridor turns, go into fight mode, then Bless and Haste yourself. Stand ready for a round, then continue following the corridor while in Fight Mode. Why stay in Fight Mode? Simple. Giant Roaches and Ghouls populate this area, and if you don't stay in Fight Mode, the Haste wears off. Kill them, then go to 48,23. Unlock the door to the north, go through it, kill the

roaches there, and then go to 42,15. Click "Halt Slime Flow" and run like hell back to the long hallway where you fought the roaches and Ghouls. Rejoin your party, and then run to 53,28. Unlock the door to the west and run southwest to the portcullis. Go through it, run southeast to the door, and pray that you have enough time to Unlock it and run through. If you manage to get through, go to 47,40, go one step north, and take the stairs down. * * * * * Humidifier

Filth Factory, Second Floor

Walk south to 49,29. Enter the room, pull the lever at 49,34, and exit. Go to 54,22, go west, and pull the center lever. This causes an explosion to open a door to the portal to the southeast. Go back to the first room with a lever, then go southeast into the portal. Once you're through the portal, go back into it. This time, it'll take you to the lower-right corner of the dungeon. Do it twice more to go to the northwest corner. From there, go east along the wall until 47,1, then go south along the gap. Kill anything in your path, then go to 36,7. Walk east through the walls, and then search the chests for: *Iron Short Sword *Iron Chain Mail *Iron Helm *Iron Shield *Crossbow *36 Bolts Go back out and follow the south wall west to the end of the hall, then go south to the end of the corridor. Go east at the end of that corridor, the north, and so on. It's a spiral, in case you couldn't tell. Once you're at 48,50, go southeast, kill all the roaches, and pick up the Steel Wave Blade at 45,57. Return to the hole at 14,29 and go east. Kill the Guardian Roaches there and work your way to the east along the spiral until you're at 24,28. Go east, trigger the special, hit Yes, then go into Fight Mode, Haste your whole party, and run your ass off back to the portal. Stay in Fight Mode the whole way - that way you outrun the quickfire a lot faster. Run to 6,39 and take the stairs up. Run like hell to the left, exit the Filth Factory, and read the dialogue. Your roach mission is _almost_ complete, despite what the dialogue says. * * * * * Stargazey

Clean Up What You Squash

Go to the southeast and return to Shayder. Go back to City Hall (46,39), talk to the mayor, and ask her about "mission." You'll get 500 gold and a Gold Skill Ring. Next, if you're going to join the Anama, see the section marked "Sidequests." Otherwise, go to Port Townsend, which can be accessed by going southeast along the road from Shayder. Once there, go to the ogre at the south end of town and buy a ticket from her. Go to the end of the far left dock, say Yes, and you'll end up at Farport, which is on the mainland. In Farport, there's very little to do. There's a smithy at 34,20 and a food shop at 34,23. A library where you can get items identified is at 14,23. That same shop sells scrolls which contain mage spells. Stock up if you want. From Farport, go south, cross the bridge, and then go due south to 110,388, then walk through the mountains to the south and then to 113,402. Go noth one square into a stone circle encounter. Click Yes, Pray, and the result is that your party learns the most useful spell in the game - Magic Map. Return through the mountain pass to 110,385. Go northeast to 129,387. Help the Nephilim in the battle, and you'll get a Medium Energy Potion. From here, go southwest to 88,393 and through the pass. Kill the Unicorns you encounter, and then go to 73,406, then west through the pass, and you're at Fort Emergence. Now that you've got Firewalk, stand on the square to the left of the top line of lava when you're enterering Fort Emergence. Cast Firewalk and move east across the lava. When the status windows shows that the spell's worn off, cast it again. After you walk through the fake wall, keep going east, disarm the trap, and get the Fine Crossbow, Iron Helm, food, and gold. Don't worry about stealing it; no one's going to know. Go back across the lava and then to Anaximander's office. He'll give you the Amulet of Rapid Returning, and when you use it outdoors on the surface, you'll instantly be taken back to the north end of Fort Emergence. This is arguably the best special item you're going to get for a while. Go see Levy again and ask him about "reward." This time, you'll get a Ring of Free Action. Exit Fort Emergence to the south and go to the Portal Keep. Take the portal to the Tower of Magi and talk to Solberg. Ask him about "reward" and he'll teach you Firestorm and Summoning. Check the Variety Shop in the Tower, and if there's anything good that you can afford, buy it. If not, go back through the portal and return to Fort Emergence. If you've got Skill Points, go to the training hall and buy yourself some skills.

Next up is a tough mission - the Giants and Troglodytes. * * * * * * * * * *

CHAPTER 3 They Might be Giants! This is the end of the freeware section. If you're going to go any farther, you must have the registered version. And besides, paying for shareware is a good thing. It certainly promotes good karma, ne? * * * * * * * * * *

Off to Sharimik!


Make your way southwest around the mountains past Pergies, then northeast to 33,408. Fight the lizards, then go to 37,410. Walk southeast one square, then south into the clearing. Follow the path east, trip the special encounter, and fight the Drake and his lizards. When you win, you'll get a Fire Orb Necklace. Hike up to 45,387, then one square west. Go one square southwest to trip the special, then say No to the question. We'll come back here later. You'll see. Next, go to the hut at 60,393 on the surface, and pay Ernest to go to Sharimik. Sharimik's the second portal from the left. Go through it, then exit the town, rest, and save. Things to do here: *Ehrenfeld's Armors, at 9,44. He sells bronze stuff. *Walk around town and find the archer named Sloan. Ask him about "Ginny" and he'll tell you that he lost a ring in the southwest corner of town. Go to 4,59 and take the ring, then go to 38,20 and talk to the woman inside. Ask her about "ring" twice and she'll pack you _tons_ of food as a gift for returning the ring. *The priestess of the Shrine of Happy Thoughts sells level 5 Priest Spells as well as healing. The location is 47,22. *The town smithy, at 25,20. This place has a nice power - not only can you buy iron and steel weapons, but you can sell your stuff here, _and_ this guy augments your weapons if you want. The catch is that his augmentation makes your weapons cast Flame a few times. It can only be attached to nonmagical identified weapons. My advice - this is a useful upgrade for now, but it'll be useless once you get magical weapons. Note from Magus999: "you're wrong about Grove. He does not make your weapons

do Flame damage. Instead, it's just like casting Flame. You get 8 casts of Flame, just like if you're holding 8 scrolls of Flame. It's useless on weapons and I'd recommend if you want the 8 casts of flame, go grab a Stick and Flame-enchant that (same effect as a real weapon, but cheaper cost). As well, there's a bug in his setup. It costs a good deal to enchant (16 times the weapon's value I believe), but you can then immediately sell the Flame weapon for a whole lot more (48 times the value). So you can buy a weapon from him, then sell it immediately for a profit. One warning, do *not* go over 32,000 gold in hand. Because beyond 32,000 your money will actually become negative. As well, you cannot enchant anything with a value of more than roughly 1200 gold. Well, you can enchant it, but you can't sell it, because there's a limit on the value of an item and if the item value exceeds the limit and you sell it, your money will also screw up and go negative. In real terms, this means Steel Broadswords and Iron Bardiches are pretty much your limit of items that you can buy from him." *The supply depot battle, at 9,16. You fight a Troglodyte Khazi and a lot of Troglodyte Defenders. It's a nice amount of experience, but nothing special really. *The town docks. You can buy tickets to Farport. I'll cover this city later. *Starcap Training, at 31,41. It's a training hall. *Ballard's Supplies, at 31,37. This guy sells good lockpicks and poisons. *Isaac's Missile Weapons, at 31,45. He sells darts, throwing knives, arrows, Cavewood Bows, javelins, throwing daggers, iron darts, iron arrows, iron javelins, and Lemonwood Bows. Without a doubt, this is the most comprehensive missile weapon shop in the game. *Spragins' Magical Consultation, at 25,49. This guy sells you level 5 mage spells, identifies your items, and is working on a way to convert magic map to work outdoors. However, you've already got that way if you're this far in the game; it's called the registered editor. After you do what you need to, your quest for a wonderful spell begins. Go to City Hall (41,43) and then to the mayor's office (46,47). Ask the mayor about "mission," then "problem."

Exit City Hall. Go to 49,41 and talk to the man inside. You need 1000 gold to even begin this quest, so make sure you've got it before you go to this guy. If you've got it, go talk to him and ask him about "mission" twice. From here, go to the barracks at 40,17 and then to the office inside at 50,14. Talk to the woman there and ask her about "mission." You're now on a quest to pick up the spell Ritual - Sanctification, then wreck a troglodyte altar northeast of a town called Angel's Rest. After you're done with her, find the woman in blue named Sandra. She's an Exile, and she'll tell you about a place in New Cotra called the Bunker. Remember that you'll need to talk to Commander Johnson in Fort Emergence to get the password to enter. There's a man at 10,19 who'll sell you two alchemical recipes. Get them, then leave town. Head north to 163,284 and go southwest. The merchants there will ask for a load of food for gold, and you'll be able to do this three times, each time making a handy profit. From there, go northwest, around the mountains, to 145,267. Go northeast, into the deserted hut. This place is now yours, and it can do the following: *Store items for you *Teach you Magic Map *Act as an inn *Give you a Stone Axe and a Stone Knife *Give you 50 food Once you've explored this place, rest up and leave. There's not much here for you. If you joined the Anama, go to 183,252. There's a compound there that sells magical substitutes which are relatively cheap. Go to 203,276 if you're fairly strong. There's a crapload of troglos here and it's an excellent opportunity to gain some experience, and you'll pick up a suit of Steel Chain Mail. Make your way waaaaaay northwest to 150,188 and say Yes, Pray to the stone circle. This one makes you nimbler by 1 Dexterity point for every PC. If you want to increase your archery skills, go to 124,186 and pay 3000 gold to the man there. He'll increase one person's Archery skill by 2 points - and you won't even have to use a Skill Point! Finally, haul your butt to 121,205 and follow that path south to the Adobe Hut. Unlock the door, and ask the man inside about "Ritual," then "reason," then "troglos." You'll learn Ritual - Sanctification! Now you've got to trek over to Angel's Rest, which is a ways off from here. Trek to Sharimik and then east to 218,318. Heal up at the inn in Angel's Rest

and then go due east to 252,313. Follow the path to the northeast and enter the troglo temple. * * * * * Gabomba

The Troglo Temple

By now, you'd better have Ritual - Sanctification. If not, refer back to the previous section, then return here. Cast Stealth immediately if you've got a level 5 Mage - and there's no excuse not to at this point, as well as having a level 5 Priest. Go to 8,18, and north through the fake wall. Cast Firewalk, cross over the lava, and when the walls block you, go northeast one square, northwest one square, and then cast Move Mountains on the wall to the northwest. Enter the room and get the: *Steel Great Mace *Steel Helm *Steel-Toed Boots *Steel Chain Mail *Steel Shield *Steel Gauntlets Leave the ring - it's cursed. From there, return to the entrance. From the entrance, go to 14,29 and follow to path southeast to 17,39. Keep going south to 17,44, Unlock the door to the west, and then go the far left edge of the room. Go one square southwest, walk through the magical barriers, and then go west. Disarm the trap, Unlock the door, and kill the Basilisk there - or Capture Soul it, if you've got the MP to try. The items there are: *Bronze Mace *Bronze Breastplate *Iron Gauntlets *8 Iron Javelins *Iron Broadsword If you've got Piercing Crystals, use them on the magic barrier at the northeast edge of the room. Behind the barrier is a Fine Crossbow, 30 Iron Bolts, and 8 Magic Bolts. Return to 18,44. Make your way to 34,9 - and kill every single Troglodyte in your path. From there, go to 35,4 and enter the room. The room to the left of it contains 53 food in the chests. From there, go to the entrance. Go due east to 41,20 and take the stairs up. Fight and kill all the troglos here. Go to 21,13 and make sure your priest has 50 MP. Cast Ritual - Sanctify on the altar here, and make sure that you _don't_

step in the shock fields. Kill the 8 Hordlings that appear, and go to 11,18. Go south to 11,26 and go east into the next room. Kill the Trogolodyte Shaman and Unlock the door to the southeast. Don't read the book. It hurts. Go to 22,28 and walk through the fake wall. Go east along the passageway, kill the Statues, and cast Unlock on the door to go in. If you don't have 50 MP on your priest, don't go in; just wait until you get 50 MP. Once you do, cast Ritual Sanctify on the alter in there. Don't trigger the special; it kills you instantly. Once the spell's cast, you fight the most powerful kind of demon in the game: a Haakai. Just beat the crap out of it. Heal constantly, and if you have them, use Prismatic Wands. Once it's dead, go through the fake wall at 25,23. Kill the Demon in there, loot the chest, which contains: *Wand of Venom *Medium Speed Potion *1000 gold And return to the stairs where you came up from. Descend to the first floor, then exit the Temple. Return to Sharimik by trekking due west, then go to visit Commander Corie in the barracks at 40,17. Her office is at 50,14. Talk to her, ask her about "mission," and exit the barracks. Go to City Hall and see Mayor Knight in his office at 46,47. Ask him about "mission" and you'll get your true quest - speak with the king of the Troglodytes. He'll give you a leather scroll, and you'll need to leave Sharimik immediately. * * * * * Austin

To See the King

Once you've left Sharimik, go east-northeast to 238,298. Rest up, then go north one square. Say "Yes." You'll be allowed to pass. Go north to Castle Troglo and enter it. Say "Yes" twice, and you'll end up in prison in Castle Troglo. Walk around for a while, and eventually, the door will be unlocked. Walk north in the corridor, and read the scroll.

The "Glowing Ones" sound familiar, don't they? Anyways, walk around your cell for a bit longer, and then the door will be opened again. Go north to the throne room and talk to the king. Say "Yes," then ask him about "here." Then return to the cell. Read the scroll there. You're told to go kill a guy named Elhioc. If you accept this mission, go to 53,51 and walk west through the fake wall. Take the stairs down. Go south, walk through the fake wall, and kill everything in your way. Go north to 59,18, and enter the Halls of Concordance. Kill the 2 Shamans and the Warriors there, then go to 32,9, killing the Warriors and Shamans along the way. Trigger the special, read the dialogue, and keep going west. Go to 19,6 and beat the crap out of the two Drakes there. Get the Gold Bar and Quicksilver Band. From there, go to 14,17 and trigger the special. From left to right, set the buttons in the special to 5,4,3,2,0,2. Walk west through the block maze, then go north through the corridor. Unlock the door, go in, fight the Warriors and Elhioc, and then go north through the false wall at 6,7. Read the spellbook to learn Wall of Blades and Major Cleansing. * * * * * Indubitably

You Really Don't Want to do This

If your party's at level 20 or higher, I suggest you go to 7,45, enter Fight Mode, and Bless/Haste your entire party, then proceed south to fight a crapload of Khazis, Shamans, and Warriors, most of which will start summoning enemies. I highly recommend avoiding this section. However, if you're playing through the game with just one PC, odds are you'll be able to whip this section easily. From there, go to 24,52, go north, and waste all the Khazis and Shamans. Go north to 25,35 and search the bookcase to the north. Go through the fake wall to the north of that, then unlock the door, go northwest one square, and look to the west. Inside the chest is: *Magic Mace *1000 gold *Ambrosia * * * * * Trekkery

Back to Sharimik (Again)

Run back to the stairs behind the fake wall at 47,55. Go up the stairs, read the dialogue, and exit Castle Troglo. Go back to Sharimik and talk to Mayor Knight. Ask him about "mission." He'll give you access to the tome that teaches you the most useful spell in the game - Dispel Barrier. It's at 49,46. The tome is inside the library, and it's at 53,51. Once you've read the tome, heal up at the inn, then exit Sharimik. Your next destination is Lorelei. Go north to 160,226, then go north one more square. Agree to the search and then enter the town to the northeast, which is Lorelei. * * * * * Saotome

Lorelei (Not Gilmore, though)

This town's huge. It has tons of things to do, so get ready for a _long_ list. *Lorelei Stables, at 15,31. This place sells horses, which let you move twice as fast on the overworld map. *Randall's Item Shoppe, at 24,25. This place is a variety shop, just like the one in the Tower of Magi. *Shrine of the Anama, at 21,45. This place sells alchemical ingredients at friggin' _CHEAP_ prices, and the ingredients are good stuff, too, like Ember Flowers (which can be used to make Resurrection Balm, which is necessary to cast Resurrection/Raise Dead). However, you can't get in unless you joined the Anama... or you've got the Rings. *The Caring Cubbyhole Inn, at 27,50. Just another inn. *Ligaya's Fine Foods, at 30,36. *Lorelei Vo-Tech, at 48,36. This place is a training shop. *Divine Lucre Blades, at 50,36. This place sells well-crafted blades but they're friggin' _EXPENSIVE!_ Also, this guy can Bless your weapons permanently. It's even more expensive than the flaming weapon augmentation, but it's worth it, especially in the Tower of Magi event. *University of Valorim, at 44,22. The guy in here sells some alchemical recipes. *Lorelei Armory, at 47,17. The woman here sells armor, and it's pricey. You can also sell items here. *Sandra, from Unspecified Services. This woman tells you how to get into that big building in New Cotra that you weren't able to get into earlier. *Kendra's Fine Gloves, at 18,21. This woman sells gloves, but she's got a far better secret. Ask her about "guild" and she'll open a secret passage at 13,21 leading to...

*The Thieves' Guild, at 13,21. This place is one of the most useful places in the game. You can buy: -Anama Rings for 2500 gold. These let you into the Anama compound in the overworld, the Shrine in Lorelei, and the second floor of the temple in Shayder. -Tunnel permission for 3000 gold. This letts you go into Blackcrag Fortress via a back tunnel, and you MUST have this to beat the game. -Various thieves' tools. Ask the man about "tools" to get the list. *Lyle, at Internal Affairs, which is at 41,39. This guy sells you Hawke's Manse (a giant mansion at 18,13) for 8,000 gold. It's certainly worth it, though, for multiple reasons. -You can store items there. -It's a permanently free inn. -Free food for eternity. -Alien Blade (permanently poisonous weapon that does 13+3) in one statue at 27,22 inside Hawke's Manse. -Strong Healing Potion in a chest at 10,21. -A crotchety housekeeper by the name of Marjorie. *An Exile spy house at 49,45. There's a secret wall at 53,49. Go through it to the south and then follow the passage. There's another secret wall at the west end of the passageway. Talk to the guy inside for valuable information that you've got to relay to Anaximander. After you've explored Lorelei, go to 35,33, and talk to the woman in the room to the northeast. Ask the Empire Dervish therein about "mission" and you'll be told to go into the Giants' Lair. Exit Lorelei and go southeast to 231,269. From there, walk west through the fake wall. Fight the giants, and then heal up when you're done. Enter the Giant Lair to the south. * * * * * Hentai

Cave of the Giants

You enter the caves at 59,32. Remember these coordinates. Cross the bridge to the west and kill giant fighters, shamans, and ogres there. They're gonna _hurt_. Make your way to the caves to 35,4. The room there contains a Guardian (invisible enemy) and a chest with 250 gold and a Bronze Greathelm.

Navigate to 42,1 and look in the chest. Get the Embroidered Favor, which you'll return to the commander in Lorelei. The sword there is an Iron Greatsword no great shakes, since it's just an iron 2-handed sword. Go to 35,36 and kill the giants in that room. Go west through the false wall at 34,36 and loot the chests there. They contain: *523 gold *12 Bolts *Iron Studded Armor *Martyr's Shield (5) From there, go to 51,43 and search the chest to the north. Take the Locket with Painting from the chest. Go to 18,46, killing anything along the way, and get the Good Luck Charm from the chest to your north. The chest at 5,62 contains: *Scroll of Fireball *Brew of Ironskin *Yew Bow (+2) *Iron Arrows (20) However, there are 2 Guardians there. Don't loot the temple at 15,24. Quickfire plus sealed room = bad thing. The Hill Giant Chief at 6,6 drops _incredible_ treasure when he dies. I got a 2-use Weak Skill Potion off him, and also 500 gold, but gold's crap compared to Skill Potions. You can also loot the treasure chamber at 3,4, but you need to Dispel Barrier the magical barriers here. The treasure's nice, and it includes: *Weak Healing Potion (14 uses!) *Horn of Warriors (5) *Medium Energy Potion *Ebony Lizard The room directly east of that contains several giants and: *An Empire soldier's Love Letter *Strong Poison *Bronze Broadsword *297 gold Lastly, you need to go downstairs in the Giant Lair. Go to 1,8, go north one step, and take the stairs down. * * * * * Prizery

The Darkest Dank Pits

Go to 10,9, enter the Ogre shrine, kill everything inside, and leave. There's no treasure, but when you kill the Ogre Mage, you're eliminating a major pain, since that thing can cast Kill on you. Next, go to 8,17 and be prepared for the fight of your life - 3 Nagas, 2 Hill Giants, and a Hill Giant Chief. Once you kill them (and I recommend having Avatar, Wall of Blades, Divine Thud, and Major Blessing for this), you'll pick up incredible treasure, but the wall out's blocked. Step on the square at 2,20 to take down the wall. From there, go south to 4,33 and search the chests. You'll get a Large Iron Key (special item), 2500 gold, a Wand of Acid, Scroll of Stealth, Scroll of Ice Bolt, and 8 Magic Arrows. Go to 46,23 and enter the room. There's a button puzzle inside on the rune, and it's relatively difficult to solve. You can do so by looking at this: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Button Button Button Button Button Button Button 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 swaps swaps swaps swaps swaps swaps swaps Frag and Mung on and off. Ayam and Taful on and off. Glah and Frag on and off. Taful on and off. Taful, Owa, and Legov on and off. Ayam and Legov on and off. Glah, Frag, and Mung on and off.

You must get all 7 runes on to loot the next room. To open the door, press the buttons in this order: 7, 5, 6, 2, 4, 6. This opens the portcullis and lets you loot the next chamber. Kill the Imp inside along with the Black Shades and loot the chests. They contain: *Rocks *A shirt *A Magic Bardiche *The map to where you go to take down the barrier and complete the quest *Bones * * * * * Penitentiary

Let's Bust Outta Here!

Return to the first floor. Trek from wherever you are to 54,57. From there, go to the prisoners at 37,62, 1,12, 20,38, and 33,14.

(To get to the third one, go to 23,61 and walk through the fake wall to the west.) Ask them about "escape" and they'll get out of here. You have more things to do in the caves, though. Exit the caves. Go to 217,258 in the overworld. Go south, fight the battle, and then enter the dungeon to the south, which is the Giant's Forge. There's a magical artifact here that'll give you a hand with a big battle to come. It's a hammer called Smite, and it does massive damage against giants. You're going to get it. Go south, following the path, and kill everything in your way (including the Ogre Mage). Cross the bridge at 38,35 and go north to the chest at 40,16 for 237 gold and a Steel Broadsword. Go back to the first bridge. Go to 10,28 and Bless and Haste your whole party. Go west and fight the massive amount of Hill Giants, Shamans, and a Giant Chief. When you're done, get all the items you can carry. Among them are: *Magic Greatsword *Gold Bar *Platinum Bar *Uranium Bar (Don't get this. Just don't. It's permanent disease for your party as long as you carry it.) *Iron Great Mace Once you're done with that, go to 13,17 and cast Firewalk. Go along the lava to the northeast, refreshing your Firewalk as needed, until you get to 19,10. Fight mode, Bless, Haste, and kill the three Efreets there. From there, go to 27,16 and walk west through the fake wall. Don't step between the two pillars. Just don't. Go to the fake wall at 22,15 and loot the chest for: *2500 gold *Strong Curing Potion *Strong Healing Potion *Strong Energy Potion *10 Throwing Daggers *Iron Mace *Helm of Speed (Get this. This is the best helmet in the game.) Return across the lava to 19,10 and walk over to 3,5, refreshing your Firewalk as you feel necessary. Kill the Demon to the northwest and get the 1342 gold and 3 Sapphires. Return to 19,10. Cross the lava to 14,34. From 14,34, go across the lava to the west, and then to the south when the path ends. When that path ends, go east. Kill the demons and Black Shade here, and get the hammer on the pedestal. You've now got Smite! Go to 33,34 and walk through the fake wall to the north. The chest has: *Orb of Sight *Ruby *Smoky Crystal (needed for Mindduel spell)

Return to the entrance of the dungeon. You've pretty much looted it. * * * * * Miniature

Use the ChibiGas!

Go back to Lorelei, and heal up. Stock up on Energy Potions or the ingredients for them, and get all the area-effect scrolls you can find. Train if you need to. Exit Lorelei after you're done, and head northeast to 254,200. Don't go into the inn southeast of here. Just go east to 280,199. After that, go south to 260,305. Enter the dungeon to the west. This dungeon's nothing big; it's just puzzles and timing. First of all, push the barrels into the pit at 27,43. When you can't get through the door, go to 36,31 and walk south through the fake wall. Push that barrel into the water, but don't leave that area yet. Go to 40,34 and go south through _that_ fake wall. Push that barrel into the pit and go to the door at 24,42. Here's where I can't help you. It's all timing in here - if you get pushed into a wall by these bricks, you die. It's that simple. When you get to 13,40, walk through the fake wall to the west. Go to the end of the corridor, and open the door to the east. Push that crate west, but not into the left corridor yet. When the block goes north past you, push the crate into the corridor, then go southwest, not west, and go south. Take the portal. Now it's more dodging walls, and this time, you can't block the bricks, so you're on your own here. I'll just point out safe spots and loot. *The wall west of 40,10 is fake. The chest inside it has 4 Ebony Lizards in it. *The wall east of 35,21 is fake. The chest there has a Strong Strength Potion and Killer Poison. *The wall at 33,23 is fake. It's a secret passage to avoid moving walls. Once you're through that, go to 23,20 and Fight, Bless, and Haste your entire party. Then go west through the room with the massive moving blocks, and be ready for a fight midway through it. To open the locked portcullises at the west end of that room, you've got to walk through

the fake wall south of 15,23 and then pull the lever west of the fake wall at 13,27. Go through the newly-opened portcullises and north along the corridor to the room with the BIG moving wall. Wait until it gets one square north of you, then run east. Use the crates to block the moving wall, then move other crates to allow the wall at the top-right to move south. Go through the fake wall at 19,4, pull the lever, and go to 8,19 and then west through the newly-opened portcullises down the stairs. Go west, and go into fight mode. Send the strongest member of your party forward, and Bless and Haste him/her multiple times. He's got to dodge a Doomguard (150 HP, but it splits _EVERY_ time you hit it, so don't even touch it). Make him kill the Crystal, then make him run like hell back to the stairs. However, he needs to step on a square next to the pedestal to pick up some Crystal Shards. The Doomguard will take care of any Troglos who try to follow you, and the giants will help them, too. Once you get back to the stairs, wait out the remaining fight, then come out and kill who ot whatever's left, then head south to the entrance to Castle Troglo. Make your way to the stairwell at 27,55, and take the stairs up. It's time to loot the castle! You'll find: *Shield of Khar *Over 1000 food *Over 5000 gold *Magic Shield *Magic Gauntlets *Medium Invulnerability Potion *Ring of Warmth In short, if you don't loot this place, you're nuttier than someone playing Pong on a PS2. Once you're done, leave Castle Troglo and go to Lorelei. * * * * * Terrence

Cleaning Up the Troglos' Mess

Once you're in Lorelei, go see the military commander at 40,30. Ask her about

"mission" multiple times. She'll give you 800 gold each time until you've returned all the items and soldiers the giants had taken. Heal up, check the junk shop for anything new, and exit Lorelei. Tap 9 to pull up your list of Special Items, and use the Amulet of Rapid Returning to be returned to Fort Emergence. Go to Anaximander's office and listen to his spiels. When he's done, go to the Portal Keep and take the portal. This time, it's not Solberg who's going to give you your rewards - it's a mage named X in a hidden library. The fake wall to enter it is directly west of 61,51. Go in, ask him about "earned," and you'll get Daemon and MindDuel, which are level 6 mage spells - ones Erika _didn't_ sell you. From here, find the mage in purple wandering around the Tower named Linda. Ask her about "demon" and she'll freak out and end your conversation. You can just tell that's going to be trouble later on, can't you? Check the junk shop if you want. Return through the portal to Upper Exile, then go north to New Formello. Its coordinates are 10,19. * * * * * Poirot

Playing Detective in New Formello

A while back, Anaximander asked you to go north to New Formello and check in with a man named Flanagan about some murders. Go in and look for the man who looks like Anaximander. Talk to him and ask him about "happened." He'll tell you that two men were murdered in a cave to the north. Finish your business in New Formello - which isn't much, especially since the town's completely incomplete - and exit. The cave is due north of the town. Just follow the road. When it dead-ends, go east to 17,7 and go north into the cave. Go north in the cave to 6,9 and trip the special. This gives you a hint that this wasn't exactly a natural event - and there's more in this cave than that. Go north through the fake wall north of 7,8 and follow the passageway. The stalactite maze is tough to figure out. Go to 15,6, then go east two squares, southeast one, south one, southwest one, then northwest one, and the rest is easy pickings. South of this, there's some Chitrachs and Null Bugs, the latter of which emit antimagic

fields. Just manually waste them. Once you get through the corridors (which are fireball-trapped, so heal up every now and again), be ready for a lot of Chitrachs and larvae. Waste them, then go to the north end of the cavern and trip the special. You'll get a fine steel key, and you'll get a hint that a very magical being must be behind this entire thing. It's time to do a little detective work. It's not Erika, because she can't ever see the sun again, and this is an upward-leading tunnel. It's not the dragons, because they're already on the surface. It's obviously not the Exiles, because they don't want to ruin the land that they want to go to. Who does that leave? That's right! The Vahnatai are behind the plagues! But you don't have any concrete evidence, so you're pretty much screwed from the get-go. Leave the cave and go to Fort Emergence. * * * * * Marple

The Bunker Well, you're back in Fort Emergence. Wow. Why are you hanging around? Nothing to do? WRONG!

Go visit Levy one more time and ask him about "reward." You'll get an Onyx Charm. This baby's wonderful - it increases magic resistance. Go find Commander Johnson and ask him about "Sandra." He'll give you a password - "Galros" - which you'll need in a bit. Exit Fort Emergence and go to New Cotra. Once you're there, go to 14,10 and read the special there. Go to the end of the hallway and take the door to the south. Ask the wizard inside there about "Vahnatai." Leave New Cotra, go to Fort Emergence, and heal up. Train if you've got skill points. Hell, you shouldn't be short on gold. Once you're done, go back to the surface. * * * * * * * * * *

CHAPTER 4 The Kabbalah Can't Help You Now! * * * * * * * * * *

Cross the Mountains


Well, back to the normal quest for you. Make your way to 57,381. It's north/northwest of Fort Emergence. From there, step north five times, northwest once, then west twice. Get the knife there and hold on to it - it's a Ravage Knife, which does 4+6 and does _INCREDIBLE_ bonus damage against demons. You're going to need this soon. Return to the mainland and make your way to Ernest's Hut (60,393). Pay the man, and take the portal to Lorelei. Exit Lorelei, then head north. Go to 177,189, use the Orb of Thralni, and fly northeast to the island. Go north, but don't fly - and you'll fight a mass of undead. Kill them, then go to the northeast edge of that island and use the Orb again. Fly due north to a second island, trip the special there, and pick up the Silver Ring (special item). Retrace your path back to the mainland. Use the Amulet of Rapid Returning, then go back to Ernest's Hut, and teleport to Shayder. Go to the docks and buy a ticket to Marish. Take the ferry, and then go north to exit the new town. Make your way north... way north, and a touch northeast. When you exit the town, you're at 16,272. You've got to get to 71,213. From there, go northeast to 75,170, and then go east. You're about to meet three of the most illustrious personages from the Exile series: Khoth, Sulfras, and Athron - the three surviving dragons. Despite the fact that dragons have HUGE hoards of treasure, don't steal from these people. Trust me. * * * * * Riverdance

Don't Step in the Lava

Go east to 85,170 and enter the northwest cave. You'll be in the lair of Athron, a dragon who's just laid a brood of eggs. _Don't_ screw with her kids - they'll attack you, but if you hurt them, she kills you. Go west past the barrier, then north to the pit. Climb down, and you're in Sulfras's Lair. Follow the path north, then east, and when the special opens the gates for you, go south through them. Use Firewalk to cross the lava safely. Go along the path (carefully, for lava _hurts) until you reach the south end, then go north and talk to the dragon there. Ask her about "pests," then leave the chamber where she is. Go to the northeast corner of her lair and dispel the barriers there. There's an obelisk there that says "Beast Pen." That's just what's in there - Alien Beasts. Kill them using whatever means necessary, then return to Sulfras.

If you _really_ want something nice, try to Capture Soul them. They're expensive to summon into battle, but they're damn well worth it. Ask Sulfras about "pests" then "exterminate." Leave the lava-filled area, and go to 45,45. Take that special up, then follow the path south. Head for the portcullises at 21,23 and pass through them. You're in Khoth's library, and there are _major_ benefits to being here. *The bookcase south of 22,10 contains the ritual that Sulfras wanted you to learn. *The bookcase at 20,9 contains the level 7 priest spell Ravage Spirit. This one whips up on demons. *The bookcase at 22,1 contains the recipe for a Potion of Clarity. This cures Dumbfound. *The bookcase at 16,1 boosts one person's Item Lore skill by 1 point. *The bookcase at 9,10 teaches you Avatar. GET THIS SPELL. IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO, GET THIS. *Khoth the Dragon, at 9,4. Talk to him, and he can sell you spells... that is, if you didn't buy them off Erika or get them from X already. If you did, consider yourself lucky - this guy's prices are bloody ludicrous. Once you get the ritual and the information, leave Khoth's Lair by going to 4,28 and going west. From there, enter the cave to the west. You're now in Athron's Lair. Go back to the barrier where you couldn't get in and trigger the special, then go northeast through the gap. Immediately go southeast one square and then walk east through the fake wall. Follow the passage and when you're at 18,19, go east through the other fake wall and talk to Athron. Ask her about "assist," then go to the middle chest to the southwest. Take the metal, and _DON'T_ try to loot the other chests. Go back through the secret passage exit the cave. Go back to Sulfras's lair and talk to her again. Ask her about "sword" and she'll give you a Beastslayer Blade, which is Smite - but against Alien Beasts. Leave the dragons' lairs, and go back to the overworld. When you're back on the overworld, go to 79,170. From there, go northwest, around

the mountain, then north to 70,104, and east. Follow the path south, then east, and enter the dungeon there. You'll end up in... * * * * * Millenium

The Defiled Crypt Go southwest.

Dispel a barrier, and walk west. Go south when you see the fires, and talk to the yellow Vahnatai. Ask her about "help." You're given the mission to explore these caves and kill the undead within. Go northwest, Dispel a path through the double barrier, and then go to 16,12. Go west to 10,12 and cast Shatter. That wrecks the walls around you and lets you deeper into the crypt. Kill the three Hraithes to the west and then go through the door to the southwest. Search the three cabinets and take the Platinum Key that's in the northwest one. Go to 2,13 and step on the rune there. The chests in the room to the east of the Hraithes contain: *Iron Wave Blade *16 Iron Razordisks *16 Steel Razordisks From there, go to 17,23, and continuously cast Antimagic Field around you while you move to the south. There are switches at 2,26, 19,36, 1,28, and 19,37. 19,37 turns the second statue on. 19,36 turns the second statue off. 1,28 turns the first statue off. 2,26 turns the first statue on. You must have both statues off to enter the rest of the crypt. However, there are blade, lightning, and ice walls that pop up throughout the maze, and undead pop up to boot. When you've tripped the switches at 19,36 and 1,28, go to 20,42 and walk through the hallway into the main crypt. At 27,42, you need the Platinum Key to open the door there. Walk through it and kill the Vahnavois and Hraithes. Proceed north to 41,27 and Move Mountains the wall to the east. Step on the rune. Go back to 39,46 and go east into a room full of Crystal Souls. After you've read the special, go back to the previous room where you stepped on the second rune.

Proceed to 32,28, then southwest to 30,34. Go west through the door. Kill the Vahnavois and Hraithes there, then return to the second rune room. From there, return to the Vahnatai at 32,17 and talk to the yellow Vahnatai from before. Ask her about "help" again. She'll give you rights to any treasure in there (none) and she'll also teach you Word of Recall, which will teleport you back to Fort Emergence from any non-town area in the game. It will only work outdoors, though. Leave the crypt. * * * * * Godawful

Another Long, Pointless Trek

Go northwest to 17,17, trip the special, and take the Ember Flowers. Flee the battle that takes place after that, and cast Word of Recall after you're done. After that, go to Ernest's Hut and buy a trip to Gale. Take the portal. Since the guards won't let you into Gale, you've got to find other ways in. Go to 58,6 and ask the man there about "assistance," then go through the trees at 57,8. Enter Gale via the stairwell. As a general rule, don't talk to anyone in Gale except the shopkeepers. They'll call the guards and get you thrown into prison, and that's not a good thing. Also, don't buy or use any Skribbane Herb. It's an addictive drug, and it'll hurt like hell when you go through withdrawal. There are things to do in Gale, and a lot of them. Here's a list: *You can sell items to Langley the innkeeper. *Asp the Weaponmaster, at 30,26. He sells iron and steel weapons and does improvements. Note from Magus999 on this: "The Gale weaponsmith will give your weapons the very nice (and exceedingly expensive) +3 enchantment. In real terms, this makes a Steel weapon slightly more powerful than a Magic weapon. The cost is extreme though, running up to the maximum amount of gold you can carry, 30k, for a Steel Halberd." *Gale Armorsmith, at 30,29. This guy sells steel armor, and this is the best non-magical armor you're going to get. *Zacharias, the High Priest, at 27,17. He sells level 6 priest spells, but you should

have them already. *Nantier's Alchemy, at 21,25. He sells excellent recipes, and very cheap, too. *Velnas the Mage, at 19,25. She sells incredibly useful spells that you may have missed the ones from Arion at the Inn of Blades and Identify. There's another way to get Identify, but this is the safest one. (Besides, Ernest will get pissed at you if you use the other method.) *Kalen's Training, at 21,34. *Stern's Missiles, at 19,34. This place sells even more than the missile shop in Sharimik, believe it or not. *A Skribbane Herb shop at 27,10. It's a fake wall. Follow the passage and go through the fake wall at the end. Ask the woman in green about "ownership" and she'll sell you the Electrum Key for 1000 gold. It opens the Gale Library. To access the Gale Library, go on the ramparts through the door at 13,38. Proceed south, then east along the ramparts to 28,55. Walk north through the false wall, then through the door at the north end of that corridor. Search _EVERY_ bookshelf in there. You'll get a recipe for Killer Poison, a text on Antimagic Cloud, and the location of Pachtar's Plate, which I'll cover later. You have to read this book to open the dungeon, though. *You can buy a boat from a Nephilim in an inn. Do it. After you're done, leave Gale. You'll be back here for a sidequest, but that's later. * * * * * Simpson

Golems Aren't a Walk in the Park

Well, you're out of Gale, and you've got to go north to Tevrono. Trek north to 305,130. When you go one square north, you've got to help Empire soldiers fight golems. If you're not at least level 30, turn back; you're not powerful enough. When you win that battle, the bridge is opened for crossing. Keep going north to 299,102. Fight the golems there, and keep going north to 299,93. Fight more golems and keep going north to Tevrono, which is the base of operations for General Baziron. He's the only one who's had any success at all killing the golems.

Once you're in Tevrono, go talk to General Baziron. He's at 34,10. He's the only thing in this town that's even remotely worth talking to/doing. Once you've satisfied your curiosity, leave Tevrono. *Note from Magus999: "The Tevrono weaponsmith is the one who makes your weapons Flaming weapons." Head north, to 320,61. Use the Orb of Thralni, fly across the water to the east, and trip the special for some Holly. Fly back across. Go north to 294,24 and pick up the Wormgrass there. Go southwest to 257,58 and use the Orb to fly south into the clearing past the mountains. Enter the tower there. Whichever way you came in, you'll see the same thing - a wall of magic barriers. Dispel one barrier, then walk through it and go into fight mode. The only thing you've got to do here is wreck a Power Crystal at 23,23 - that, and dodge/kill all the Ice Golems here (eight of them). Once the Crystal's dead, leave the tower the same way you came in. Fly back across the mountain range, and then trek to 277,79. Go west three squares, then go north to the next tower. The same process applies here - dispel the barrier, kill the Power Crystal, dodge or kill the golems, leave. Once you leave that spire, navigate from there to 299,58. Go southwest four squares, west one, southwest once, west twice, and into the tower. This time, there's Fire Golems here, but you shouldn't worry; if you beat the Ice Golem spire, you can take these things out easily. The agenda is the same thing - kill the Power Crystal. That's the last thing you can do before you go into the Golem Factory, but before you go for it, you've got a stop to make at the fourth stone circle. Trek south to 264,167. Walk west through the fake mountains and then follow the path to the southwest. Say Yes, then Pray, and you'll gain a _ton_ of experience. One last thing to do - you've got to get the final stone circle. This one bestows a wonderful gift on you - the spell Death Arrows, which is a multi-target Kill

spell. You also get Mass Paralysis, but that's a useless spell. Go way south to 292,369 and fly west over the mountain range using the Orb of Thralni. Hit Yes, and Pray when you trip the special in the middle of the four trees and you get the spells. Enjoy them, because the next section's a pain. * * * * * Shakespeare

Trek, Trek, Trek... Why Me?

Well, now that you've been to the fifth stone circle, you've gotten nearly every spell in the game, and you're at least level 35, you've got to go to eliminate the fourth plague - the Golems. Use the Amulet of Rapid Returning to get back to Fort Emergence, then go to Ernest's Hut and buy a teleport to Gale. From Gale, trek northeast to 315,106. To get there, you cross the golem bridge and go northeast - but this time, you don't have to fight any golems. Fly across the mountains to the east and go into the aerie there. Talk to the wizard inside the house, and ask him about "drake," then "recently," and you'll get a mission to kill the drake. Exit the aerie, and fly back over the mountains. The town of Greendale is your next destination, since the drake lives near there. It's at 277,115. Just make your way back to the golem bridge and follow the road northwest. Oh, and when you see the sign - don't step on the road between the two trees unless you feel like fighting a lot of Jeweled Golems and Golems of Blades. Don't even enter Greendale unless you need to heal up. If so, do so. You might want to check out McElton's item shop at 36,33 in Greendale, though - he sells magic substitutes, and the Shielding Crystals he has make you invincible for a bit... but you have Avatar, and that's _far_ better than a Crystal. Go south from Greendale to 279,126. Use the Orb of Thralni and fly over the river. Go southwest to 272,139. Use the Orb of Thralni and fly west four times, then south into the clearing. Enter the Drake Aerie. This place isn't big or confusing. Just go northwest to 21,11 and go due west from there. You have two options when you find the drake - you can kill him or give him _all_ your food. Personally, I'd recommend the former, since he forces you to either swear to kill the golems or, if you don't swear, kill him. Your choice.

Plus, if you kill him, you get to loot his hoard, which contains: *Orb of Foul Vapors *8 Iron Darts *A Crapload of Gold *Aescal's Ring *Ruby Charm *12 Arrows *Magic Studded Armor *Iron Gauntlets *Steel Gauntlets *Cursed Boots *2 Diamonds *Medium Healing Potion It's your choice, just like I said. *Note from Magus999: "Killing the drake in the Golem quest is much more recommended, since you don't need to give up all your food. But the one thing you need to warn readers about is that when you refuse to give him your food, the entire party gets a quick Paralysis+Dumbfound cast on it. You can resist this with the proper equipment or just wear Anama Rings for their free innate chance to resist status effects (another bug, fake Anama Rings also give you this chance to resist just as well as real Anama Rings do), but it is something to watch for." Either way, after you're done, return to the mage's house and ask him about "assistance." He'll then tell you about the main golem tower, and you'll need to ask him about "information." He'll give you the location of the tower, and you're done with him - unless you want to ask him about "circles." He'll tell you about the three places where the Power Crystals were, and the fact that there's a _fourth_ Power Crystal in a mountainous region where you couldn't get to it. There is a tunnel to it from the main tower, though. Leave the mage's aerie and return to the crossroads north of Gale on the north side of the golem bridge (302,119). From here, go north through the woods to 286,58. Go west into a special encounter with golems. If you've got Woodsman skills, click yes to sneak past them. Otherwise, click Attack and fight them. Once they're dead, rest, save, and move west to 281,58. Same thing applies here sneak past if you can; if not, fight. Finally, follow the path southwest and enter the Tower of Shifting Floors. * * * * * Scooby

I _HATE_ Conveyor Belts!

Well, this is by far the biggest pain so far. The floors move, and you have to be careful where you go. Not only that, I'm not going to be able to help

you much Watch your message window. Every time it says "You hear a distant clang," more and more golems are released into the dungeon. You _really_ want to avoid this. If you can't make Medium Energy Potions - or a crapload of Weak Energy Potions get the hell out of here. You're going to need _tons_ of MP to even come close to beating this. Enter the dungeon. Wherever you enter from, it doesn't matter; you enter the tower from the east side. You're going to have to fight two Demon Golems and a crapload of Ice, Fire, Jeweled, and Blade Golems, so Bless, Haste, and Avatar immediately. Use multiple Blessings if you can, then cover the hallway in antimagic fields to prevent the Demon Golems from summoning and the breath spells from other golems. (Acid still hits, though.) Kill them, then make your way west to the end of the corridor... and wince in astonishment. This whole place is a dynamic maze - continuously shifting. Go south to 44,39 and take the conveyor belt to the east. Ride the belt, and stay on it when it turns west and then north. Exit the belt after it lets you off, and then look at the machine at 49,56. Cast Dispel Barrier on it and watch a golem-making machine go up in smoke. This makes one less golem appear every time the clangs sound. The golem generators are at: *23,26 *25,43 *31,56 *35,56 *14,13 *2,13 *12,7 *8,3 *6,25 *11,41 *16,54 *4,57 *30,12 Once you destroy those, golems will stop appearing in the first floor of the factory... at least until the generators regenerate, which takes about 500 moves. I can't really help you get through the conveyors - but here's how I did it. Go into Fight Mode and Bless, Haste, and Avatar everyone who can take it. Then just

run like hell across the conveyor belts. For some reason, you can move across some of the belts a lot easier in fight mode. Also, this enables you to get away from the golems faster, and after all, I'm certain you don't want to have to fight endless platoons of tireless enemies. The stairwell to the second floor is at 2,3. The second floor's not much different. You've got to find the lever at 57,35 and pull it. To do this, stick to the south-going conveyor belts. After you pull the lever, make your way back to the southwest corner via the conveyor belts at the northeast which lead to the northwest... and so on. From there, go back along the south wall to find the control room at 52,51. Just remember that to get in there, you've got to go _southeast_ when you hit the junction up against the east wall of the factory. You can't stand ready - you've got to go southeast. Kill the Demon Golem there and trip the north special. Set the three belts as follows: Alpha - B Beta - B Star - A You can't affect anything else, so don't worry. And across the belt, you can pick up some razordisks. As if there weren't enough proof the Vahnatai were behind it already. Make your way to the southwest corner again by the same method, and search the library there. The top bookcase teaches you Divine Thud, and the bottom one teaches you MindDuel... but you should have the latter already. Make your way back to the first floor, and take the stairs down at 23,61. Go through the portcullises to the east and follow the path north. If you set Beta to B, you'll be free and clear here. If at any time you land in the lava on the center of the lava pool, then go due south to get From there, go to the southeast edge of the basement's wall there (south of 24,22), and go south to get to a second floor, make your way to the to a stairwell to the basement. lava pool, walk through the fake stairwell to the first floor.

Align yourself with the middle belt and walk straight north. Don't use any other

key than the 8 key on your number pad to navigate here; if you do, you'll be kicked off the belt and thrown back to the start. Once you're at the top of the center belt, go through the door to the north, then outside to the final Golem Tower. This one has Jeweled Golems instead of Ice or Fire or Bladed, so prep your Basic Powder to cure the acid that they'll spit on you. The final objective's the same kill the Power Crystal in the center, then leave and reenter the Tower of Shifting Floors. Get back up to the second floor, and return to the control room. Set Star to A, and get to the Star belt, which is at 32,11. Go north from there to the stairs, and go up. The third floor is nothing but a wall of electric shocks. Go through them to the east, then south, and when you get to the portcullises, go west, and then fight the Golems of Blades and Jeweled Golems. Use whatever means you see necessary Shockwave, Death Arrows, Divine Thud, it doesn't matter. Just whack the crap out of the golems, then go north and kill the Mind Crystal. Speaking of the Mind Crystal, it's a tough bugger to whack. It's completely invincible to magic, fire, ice, and poison, and Shockwave doesn't work, so you're going to have to go up there and kill it with weapons. However, that thing knows all manner of magic literally (it can cast level 7 Priest and Mage spells), and it has no hesitation about casting Avatar or Divine Thud, and it _will_ cast Major Blessing a few times, so surround it with an antimagic field. Loot the chests at the north corners of the tower for: *Potion *Strong *Strong *Strong of Doom Energy Potion Healing Potion Strength Potion

When you climb down to the second floor and can't get out through the Star belt, go to 28,4 and walk through the fake wall to the west. Get on the belt, and when you reach the three-way axis at the top-left corner, hold left and you'll get to the stairwell that originally brought you to the second floor. Take it to the first floor and make your way back to the front door, then exit.

Use either the Amulet of Rapid Returning or Word of Recall to return to Fort Emergence. * * * * * Kimmel

Time for the Cleaning Lady! Well, that's the fifth mission in the bag. How is it the fifth? Simple. *Slimes *Roaches *Troglos *Giants *Golems

There's still tons of stuff to do before you go on the final quest. *Visit Anaximander and deal with his complaining. *See Levy and pick up the Boots of Speed he has for you. Just ask him about "reward." *Talk to Berra and ask him about "evidence" twice. He's the mage back from Chapter 1. Remember him? You shouldn't. It's been a while since you visited him. He's in his lab in Fort Emergence at 50,43. He's the wizard, not the woman in green. He confirms that the Vahnatai are the ones behind the plagues, and after you talk to him, you should talk to Anaximander again. *Take the portal in the Portal Fortress to the Tower of Magi and talk to X for two more spells. This time, they're Shockwave and Protection. You have to ask him about "earned" to get the spells. *Pick up the item from the Bunker in New Cotra. To get it, ask the wizard at 10,12 about "description." The item you'll get is a Thought Crystal, which will come in handy when you get through the next quest. *Go to the town of Ghikra. Enter, and explore... but your ultimate destination is 34,27. Follow the corridor there to the end, where you'll fight 2 Efreets. After that, go to 27,33 and trip the special to the west. Say Yes, and send your strongest PC through it. Heal up, save, and trip the special in the center of the new room to see the Vahnatai's notes on the monsters. After you click OK on the special, you'll have to fight a Vahnavoi and a Hraithe. Kill them, then head southwest to a new corridor (28,40). DO NOT KILL THE VAHNATAI BLADEMASTER HERE. Talk to him, and he'll tell you not to inferfere with the final plague. After he does that, he'll fade away.

Go back to the previous room, hit the special, and rejoin your party. Exit Ghikra. You're done here forever. * * * * * * * * * *

CHAPTER 5 Diplomacy Sucks * * * * * * * * * Cartman *

Off to Blackcrag

Well, the main quest is nearly finished, but you've got to act as a diplomat and not a mercenary for a little while. If you've not already done it, go to Lorelei and buy Tunnel Permission from the man in the Thieves' Guild. You must have this to get into Blackcrag Fortress. Return to Fort Emergence and exit to the surface. Go to Ernest's Hut and take the portal to Gale. From there, cross the golem bridge to the north and trek west from 302,119 to Greendale (276,114). Next, go northwest to 212,79. Use the Orb of Thralni to fly north across the river, and trek northwest to 196,19. Go north into the cave at the end of that path, and walk through the cave of the thieves. Just don't attack anyone. Go straight to 36,26 and enter the inn. Don't stay here; just talk to the bartender and ask him about "Blackcrag." He says to press the button in his office before you go. Make your way to 26,38 and walk through the fake wall to the west. Press the button to the left once and only once. From here, go to 38,26 and go north to 26,13. Unlock the door to the west, then Dispel the barrier behind it, and Unlock the door behind that. Follow the path southward. When you reach the end of the path and see the pit, cross the bridge. If you pressed the button an even number of times or didn't press it at all, you're screwed; you die instantly. If you pressed it only once like I said, you'll be safe and you can cross. Do so. Keep following the path. When you get to 13,27, go into fight mode and kill the four Spiny Worms there. After you waste them, follow the path to the west and then keep following it north. You'll emerge at a room containing a Doomguard. You must attack it... but here's the catch: you have to kill one Doomguard to open the portcullis. Position all your PCs next to the gate, then kill one Doomguard. Ignore the ones that split off. Exit fight mode, then run straight for the portcullis and through the tunnel to the stairs. Take them, and you'll be in Blackcrag Fortress. * * * * *

Into Blackcrag Fortress


Welcome to the biggest, most lethal Empire fortress in _any_ Exile game. However, these people are on your side. Anyways, after entering Blackcrag, go south around the end of the wall and then Unlock and go through the door to the west. There's shops along this corridor, and from north to south, they are: *Howar's Alchemy. He sells recipes you should get - Resurrection Balm and Medium Energy Potion. *Petrie's Magical Instruction. She sells level 7 mage spells, all of which you should already have except for Quickfire. Buy that and only that. *Shane's Magical Items. This guy sells magical items - scrolls, potions, and wands. They're useless to anyone with a decent magical skill... except the Potions of Clarity. Stock up on those. From there, go south into the Dining Hall, and from there, go along the east wall to the fake wall east of 58,49. Go through the fake wall, then go south, and follow the corridor. You're going to fight a crapload of Empire Dervishes and Empire Archers, and they've got a Wizard too. DON'T CAST SHOCKWAVE. Just beat the crap out of them with weapons. After you kill them, go to 60,47 and walk through the fake wall at 59,47. Go west, then Unlock the door at the north wall. Go through it and talk to the man there. Ask him about "request" and he'll open the throne room to you. If you've played Exile I, then I'll have to curb your tendencies here. DO NOT HARM _ANYONE_ in this fortress, least of all the Empress. Instead, talk to her. Ask Prazac about "mess," then "avoided," then "mission." She gives you a scroll, which you must take to Anaximander. Leave town through the tunnel you came in through, and cast Word of Recall. * * * * * Nosebleed

Back and Forth, Back and Forth... You're back in Fort Emergence.

Go talk to Anaximander. He'll give you a Diplomatic Scroll to take back to Prazac. Once you get it, go back to Ernest's Hut and take a portal to Gale.

Retrace your path to Blackcrag using the directions outlined in the last section. Once you're in Blackcrag, go talk to the guy guy guarding the throne room and ask him about "request." He'll let you in. Go talk to Prazac and ask her about "mission." She'll grant you access to Footracer Province, which is the domain of the Alien Beasts. You can finally begin the final quest. * * * * * * * * * *

CHAPTER 6 The truth is out there... and so are things that want to tear your head off * * * * * * * * Bosnia * *

Into Footracer

Exit Blackcrag and go southwest to the gate of Footracer Province. The coordinates are 152,52. Once you're through, you're going to fight a crapload of Alien Beasts and Pack Leaders. The latter's a more powerful version of the former (as if they weren't tough enough already) and they hit three times and poison when they hit. DO NOT GO INTO ANY TOWNS. THEY'RE ALL TRAPPED WITH QUICKFIRE. YOU _WILL_ DIE, AND YOU'LL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH. Make your way northwest to 107,46. When you get there, try to cross the bridge. You'll have to fight a crapload of Alien Beasts and Pack Leaders. I suggest Avatar and Major Blessing on everyone... multiple times, not to mention constant Revives. From the bridge, go west to 79,63... And enter the Keep of Tinraya. * * * * * Massage

The Vahnatai Bastion

There's nothing to do here. All you have to do is run like hell from the east entrance of the Keep to 49,45 and Unlock the door to the south. Kill the Pack Leader inside - and any of the buggers who are following you - then Dispel the barrier at 46,50. Walk west, then north, and take the staircase down. You're under the Keep. This place is literally _infested_ with Alien Beasts and Pack Leaders, so stay in fight mode and Bless, Haste, Revive, and Avatar constantly.

You start at 61,61. You must go north to 56,51, then west through the fake wall, and then follow the passage to 53,57. Go west, get on the boat, and navigate north to 51,20. Get off the boat to the south, and follow the path to the west. When you get to 35,26, go northeast to 40,17, and walk through the fake wall to the north. Cross the river via the stepping stones, and go east once you're across the river. When you reach 57,11, go south to 57,16, then go one step southeast and follow the path to the north. Your next stop is 61,4. Go due west from there until you hit a wall, then go north two steps, then keep going west to 37,1. Next, go southwest to 29,7. If you took my advice and got the key from New Formello, you'll be able to open this door. If not, you've got to go back to the beginning of the Keep, then teleport back to Fort Emergence, and _then_ go back to the cave north of New Formello and get the key. If you have it, however, enter the building and run south like a bat out of hell. The walls to the north open up and loose Alien Beasts. Run through the door to the south, and once you're through, throw up Force or Fire Barriers behind you. Go south along the passage to 11,47. Save, then enter the room. Rentar-Ihrno knocks you out, then dumps you in a cell. Amazingly enough, you're stuck there... until you walk through the fake wall at the southeast corner of your cell. But you can't do that for two days, so just keep walking around in your cell until the voice speaks and says that you can escape. Send your strongest magical PC through the portal behind the fake wall, and then save. Send a cleric if possible, for he'll have Avatar, and that's necessary. Make your way along the south wall, then enter the building when you can. If you sent a cleric through, you'll be able to get Location, and that'll help here. Follow the path west into the room at the end of the corridor. Kill the two Vahnatai there, then go through the door in the southwest edge of that room.

Go south through this room, and then go east in the long corridor. When you can go north, do so, but go northeast to the room with the two lit fires. Kill the Alien Beast there, then go north into the oom with the open portcullis. Look in the cabinet. It pops up a dialog with buttons. Only press one button - "Alarum Gedivus." That calls out the Vahnatai, but it also opens every portcullis in the building, and that's good. Kill everything in your way. Now's the time you're glad you sent someone who has Avatar, because here's where you'll need it. There's _tons_ of Vahnatai in your way. Once they're dead, go south into the corridor outside your prison (37,61). Push 2 and you're reunited with your party. DON'T PUSH 1 UNLESS YOU WANT TO FIGHT A LOT OF ALIEN BEASTS. From here, go to 26,56 and then due west into the Hall of Crystal Souls. If you got the Thought Crystal, it'll stop their attack in its tracks. If not, you're dead. She'll vanish if you win, and then you'll fight some Vahnatai Blademasters. Once you kill them, you can loot the chests behind a fake wall northwest of 5,49. *16 Steel Razordisks *Crystal Wand *3 Crystals From there, go through the north door in the Crystal Soul hall (11,49) and go northeast to 19,28 and take the stairs up. Once you're up, go south and then west once youre in the corridor. Dispel the barrier to the west of 7,32, kill the Alien Beasts there, and go around to 2,32. Take the stairs down and follow the passage to the door. Go west through it and face your penultimate trek... I swear. * * * * * Mojo Jojo

From Tinraya to Hell

Go west onto the lava, and use the Orb of Thralni to fly northwest into the clearing. Flee from all the battles, and head north to 73,33. From there, follow the path north to 57,13 and enter the final Stone Circle.

Go to the center of the town and walk up to the altar. Trigger the special, and smash the altar. Say No when the Haakais ask you to give them all your treasure to live, and enter fight mode. Start casting Avatar, Major Blessing, and Ravage Spirit as soon as you can. If you take out the Haakais, the rest of the enemies will die. They're the three demons marked by H in this diagram. H M Altar H H M

Like I said, kill them and your problems are over. Anyways, trek back south to 73,33 and then go east to the dungeon east of 79,31. * * * * * * * * * *

CHAPTER 7 It's all over but the shooting * * * * * * * * * *

Trek into Exile


You're in the newest Vahnatai factory. This place drains HP from you every few steps so have a cleric cast Heal All or Revive All every now and again. Also, pack Energy Potions to heal up your MP so you can cast the spells. From the start, go east to 9,17 and walk through the fake wall to the east. Go south along the belt and _don't_ step on any rocks. They explode, and it hurts. At 7,20, go northwest onto solid ground and follow the path south. Follow the path south and don't step on any conveyor belts. Also, some walls are fireball-trapped, so watch your step and HEAL. When you reach 17,41, step southeast, then east to bypass the conveyor belt. Go north through the door at 21,40 and press the button, then go on the conveyor belt to the southeast. Stay on that belt and go through the door at 36,42, then press the button to reverse

that belt's direction. From there, go to 39,43, then go southeast, then south. Push the button, then go back and ride the belt west. Hop off to the north when you're at 32,44. Make your way north to 15,17. Go north, then cross the belt to the east and go through the pathway. Get to 25,12 and go north onto the belt. From there, go north into the fake wall and cast Move Mountains on the cracked wall north of you. Go back south onto the belt and then go south one more square. Go southeast to 29,18 and get on the belt. Stand ready four times, then cast Dispel Barrier on the barrier to the southwest. Go back to 16,18 and then step to 15,17. Make your way back east to 29,18, get back on the belt, stand ready four more times, and then step southwest. Dispel the barrier to the south, and make your way to the southeast specifically, to 31,28. From there, go east twice, northeast once, and then east one more time. Stand ready on the belt until you get to 37,33, then step southeast. Follow the path southeast, then cross the belt to the east. Walk to 43,36. From there, get to 37,20, then step southwest and then west. Go one more step west, then stand ready twice. Go southeast one step, then north twice. Push the button to your east one time. Take the conveyor belt to the north. When you get to 38,15, step northeast once and then go east into the fake wall at 42,14, then step northeast once. From there, step northwest once then north twice. Go north to the path, then exit to the east. * * * * * Powerpuff

What, _MORE_ Walking?!?

All you have to do here is go northeast. I suggest going to 103,10 and heading east through there - there are less Alien Beasts that way. I suggest you flee the fight with the Alien Beasts and keep heading east. Once you get to 136,11, head northeast into the cold mountains, and then get to 151,9. Enter the cave. This is the Great Wall. You've got to fight your way through!

Don't even bother fighting. Just cast Major Blessing, Avatar, and whatever else you need to run like hell through the barricade. Just head due east, and Erika's amulets will blast holes in the walls as you move. When you get to the center of the second barricade, restock your speed and protection and rush south to the open portcullises. Go east through the portcullises at the south edge of the barricade. Run north to the center of the third of the barricade, then get into the center of it. Refresh your protection once more, then rush north to 51,9 and go west through the fake wall. Step on the runes, and the portcullises leading to Exile will open. Run down there, avoiding all the Vahnatai, and get to the center of the third barricade. Go east through the open portcullises and into Exile. * * * * * Mordor

Deep Below

Make your way southeast along the road to 58,57. Don't go south - cast Flight and go southeast, then southwest. This lets you skip a fight with the Vahnatai... and no, the Orb won't work here. Keep following the road to 84,85. Go east, fight the Vahnatai or flee the battle, and keep going east. Enter the tower. * * * * * Grimes

The Keep of Rentar-Ihrno

Go east to the wall of barriers. The following barriers can be walked through: Fake Real Real Real Fake Real

That is a diagram of the six barriers in front of her fort. Go through them, then Avatar, Bless, and Haste yourself. There is a secret dungeon here, but it requires you to have a pair of Pants. If you want to go here, check out the Sidequests section.

Kill everything in the room - and there's going to be a lot of Vahnatai in your way. To deactivate Rentar's powers, there are four staircases down, and at each staircase there's a button you need to press. The first stairwell is at 35,59. Take it down, and go north. Fight the Lich and his four Vahnavois. The Lich is like a Vahnatai Lord (level 7 Mage and Priest spells), but he's undead, so whack him with Dispel Undead spells. Once they die, go back to the stairs and go east, then northeast to 19,38. Go west to 12,40 and push the crystal in. Return to the stairwell and go to 16,29 and push in the crystal there. Return to the stairs, take them up, and go to 46,57. Unlock the door to the east, walk due east through the fake wall, and kill everything inside. From there, go to the northeast corner of the room, then walk south along the east wall through the barriers and down the stairs. Next, go east and north. Walk through the fake wall at 44,44 and push the button. Keep going north - and kill every Rakshasa there. They're all along the corridor, and I recommend flooding it with antimagic fields so they can't cast any spells and they love to cast Daemon. The next button to press is behind a fake wall at 45,29. Push that button, and go north through a fake wall at 33,26. Push the button there, and return to the staircase. Go back to 46,57. Go northeast. If you want, loot Rentar's quarters for a Ring of Will and a Ring of Speed. They're at 59,48. Other than that, go north through the courtyard. The third stairwell is behind a door north of 62,3. Open it and go down the stairs. From there, go south to 36,9 and push the crystal there. The second crystal is at 41,13. Push that, then go to 44,17, walk south through the fake wall and push the crystal there. After you do that, don't even bother exploring the rest of the area; just go back up the stairs, since there's Nagas, Efreets, and Ur-Basilisks _everywhere_ here. Go to 34,23 and press the button there, then go north to 42,1 and take the stairs down. From there, go to 12,13 and push the crystal. From there, go northeast around the big red wall and press the crystal at 13,17. However, you're going to have to fight five Alien

Slimes and three Dark Wyrms to get to the second crystal. Once you do that, return to the front entrance of the Keep and Bless, Haste, and Avatar. Race to her control panel, and she'll teleport you back to the entrance. Get to the panel one more time, and Erika will teleport in and start fighting on your side... but only if you've got her Amulets and they're activated. If you followed this walkthrough, then you do. ^_^ Get to the panel, and press "Release Slime Compounds," then "Power Up Chargers," and lastly, "Begin Process." This makes her compound blow sky-high. You're done, though. * * * * * * * * * *

CHAPTER 8 It's over already? * Ending * * * * * * * * *


At that moment, you're teleported out by the magi of the Empress Prazac, and she congratulates you, then thanks you, and grants the Exiles land on the surface. After that, you have the option to exit, start over, or load another game. It also hints at the five artifact quests, the people of Marish (undead central), and the Tower of Magi. Those will be covered in the Sidequests section. But congratulations, you've saved the surface, destroyed the Vahnatai, and restored the Exiles! You've done good. For now, anyways. * * * * * * * * * *

CHAPTER 9 Sidequests and Stuff * * * * * * * * Philip * *

Recover the Orb of Thralni

When you talk to Anaximander and he says the Orb's been stolen, go to the Portal Keep and take the portal. You won't arrive in the Tower of Magi you'll arrive somewhere in deep Exile. Go into Fight Mode, because there's about ten enemies here - and they're

not just grunts, there's a Mage and an Evil Priest here too. Kill them, then walk south to exit this place. Once you exit, you're somewhere in Exile. Not Upper Exile, but Exile proper, which is way beneath Upper Exile. Your coordinates here are 45,52. Make your way to 24,84, killing the groups of bandits and soldiers in your way, and enter the town there. You enter the town at 4,11 or 27,12, but in any case, your next destination is the docks at the south end of town. There are tons of bandits and soldiers here, and even some Worgs, so kill them and get to the boats as fast as possible. Oh, and did I mention the Mage and Wizard here? I didn't think so. If you want loot, there's a Bladesman, a few Evil Priests, and a mage inside the hut. There's also a fake wall to the southeast at 7,22 and a chest behind it. The chest has 400 gold. Go to the docks and get in a boat, then sail south out of town. Sail southeast, then down the waterfall, and east until the end of the river. From there, sail north to 27,24, then exit the boat, rest, save, and enter the tower from the south. You've entered one of the screwiest sections of the game. Enter the tower from the south and go into fight mode. Use your magi and clerics to kick the crap out of the Evil Priests and Archers on the east and west of the corridor you're in. Dash up to the north end of the corridor after you're done, Unlock the door, and kill the mass of enemies inside the courtyard there. From here, there are a myriad of ways to go, so I'm going to merely list a lot of places where treasure is. *The key to the locked room with the Orb of Thralni in the chest at 34,39. *2 uses of Graymold in the room at 32,11. *A room full of memorials to people killed in very disturbing methods at 21,11. *Purification Walk, which leads to the Orb of Thralni, at 15,27. You must have the marble key to even get the door open. Your second-to-last destination in this tower is the Purification Walk, which has

several traps. You must trip the three specials there. When it asks you to touch, drink, or leave, choose "touch" and keep following the corridor. Eventually, you'll end up at a vault containing the Orb of Thralni. This vault holds six special items, but three aren't here, and you only want two of the items that are here - the Orb and the Wand of Unusual Results. The cases are labeled, and they're positioned like this: --------| 1 2 | | | |---| | | | 3 4 | | | |---| | | | 5 6 | | | |--D-D--| The items you want are in cabinets 3 and 6. Once you get the Orb and Wand, proceed to 9,15, heal up, and save. Go directly west through the fake wall and get the Nimble Gloves in the room past the trap, then return to 9,15. Open the door to the north and run inside. From there, go through the door at 12,14, and trip the special. Walk back to the portal in the previous room, and attempt to go in. Go into fight mode immediately and cast Major Blessing if you can; if not, cast Bless Party and Major Haste. Start smacking around everything and everyone, and refresh your Major Blessing every two rounds (three of you're using the dualspell route). Once everyone's dead, go back to the special that asks you to power up the portal and activate the power, then return to the portal and go through it. You emerge in the Bandit Hideout back in Upper Exile. Your coordinates are 31,4. Make your way to 9,37 and walk through the fake wall to the east, and then exit the dungeon to the south. Go southwest to Fort Emergence, and then talk to Anaximander. He'll tell you to keep the Orb, and boy, you'll love him for it. * * * * *

Woodsy Tower


This tower's at 279,269 on the overworld. Enter from the north. It's the Tower of Vahkohs, and I'm not going to cover that now. * * * * * Armoire

Pachtar's Plate

This quest requires a crapload of gold - about 1000 or so, but hey, if you've followed my walkthrough, you're a rich bugger. Go to Gale and go into the Herb House. Talk to the woman in green selling Skribbane and ask her about "ownership." She'll sell you an Electrum Key for a thousand gold. Now go to Gale City Hall and enter the ramparts from there. Go south, then east when the southward path ends. Go north through the fake wall at 28,55 and enter the Gale Library. Read all the books there, and you'll find out that the Isle of Bigail holds Pachtar's Plate. Go back to Fort Emergence, then use Ernest's hut to teleport to Shayder and trek southeast to Kuper. Don't go into the town; go just east of it to 108,314. Use the Orb of Thralni to fly to the island, and trek northeast along the isle to 123,313. Enter the dungeon from the west. Time for a maze. >_< It's worse than the one in the Defiled Crypt, and _way_ worse than the Tower of Shifting Floors. To enter the dungeon proper, go to 10,43 and walk north through the fake wall. Go to 13,35 and go north to 13,29. Go east to 15,29, then north to 15,21. Go west to 11,21 and cross the lava to the north. Go east two, north four, and then go due east until the Efreets pop up and then kill them. After that, go east until the wall, then south until the barriers. Walk through them and go to 37,31, then dispel the barrier to the north and pull the level behind it. Go west, fight the Gorgons, and save. Go north through the shifting pillars to 22,25 and go through the fake wall to the north. Go east through the fake wall, and then go south along the east wall and follow the path. Don't go in the teleporter, whatever you do. Take the stairs down, then make your way southeast to 22,44. After that, go through the rock path to the north - specifically, 14,33. Heal up there

and then go north to fight some Drake Lords. Use magic, and it'll be easy, especially if you're targeting multiple Death Arrows on one subject. Also, if you use an Antimagic Cloud, they can't breathe on you and their magic is nulled. Kill the two Drake Lords, then go to 4,8 and Firewalk across the lava to the north. The treasure is: *Weak Curing Potion *Medium Curing Potion *10 Darts *Silver Ankh *Stone Short Sword *Steel Mace If you step on the body, you'll see that it's Pachtar's. Search the body, and pick up his Nice Plate. Identify it, and you'll see you've got Pachtar's Plate. His body contains: *Pachtar's Plate *Steel Gauntlets *Steel Large Shield *Boots *Steel Broadsword Return to the stairway to the first floor. Climb up, then take the portal out and exit the dungeon. Trek back to the town to the southwest and fly back to the Isle of Bigail. * * * * * Michiba

The Fury Crossbow

Go to Shayder and find Judith. Ask her about "location." She'll take a thousand gold pieces and tell you about the Pit of the Wyrm. Leave Shayder and cast Word of Recall or use the Amulet of Rapid Returning, then go to Ernest's Hut and take the portal to Lorelei. From there, go northeast along the road until you cross a north-south bridge. Go northeast from there to 246,129, and fly north across the river from there. Go east, then fly across the river when you're at 254,120. You've got to fly southeast and follow the wall to get into the dungeon. Follow the east wall to 260,130. Go east to enter the Pit. You start at 4,24. Don't even cast Light or Long Light; just work in the dark.

Go northeast to 12,14 and then northwest to 6,7. Unlock the door to the north and loot the chest to the northwest. After that, go back to 12,14 and east to 22,14. Save, then go northeast into the light. You'll be fighting about thirty of these Mutant Giants in this dungeon, so watch yourself here. Once you kill the twelve or so giants there, go east to 34,13 and then go southeast to 43,31. Take four steps southwest and then go due west... right into Mutant Giants. If you want, there's a secret passage south of 21,41 that leads to a ruined Empire garrison inside the pit. When you get to 32,43, cast Move Mountains on the wall to the east and kill the Mung Slimes therein. After that, go to 46,38 and Move Mountains on the wall to the north. Loot the chest for a Wand of Nullity and a Bronze Serpent Ring. Just follow the passage back to continue the dungeon. Kill them, and go northwest to 13,27. From there, follow the passages southwest, but make your way to 11,45. From there, go east along the passage to the special. Take the stairs down. The second floor is far worse than the first, especially since the Dark Wyrms here paralyze _and_ major poison you when they hit you. Hint - Avatar or Protection. You start at 5,45. Make your way north to 8,8. You'll find a Dark Wyrm in your path near the end. I suggest having someone cast Avatar or Protection and then have your mages and priests Bless and Haste that person repeatedly. After you kill that (and the undead it can summon), head east to 43,8. There's one more Dark Wyrm in the way, so kill it and keep moving. Go south to 48,35 and save. Follow the Dancing Bugrom (sorry, reference to Kusoyaro) west to 29,38 and do whatever's necessary to kill the four Dark Wyrms there. Kill them, then the false wall. 14,14. Unlock the door The doors along go north to 23,20. Go east to 30,21 and go south through Follow the passage and work your way to the end of it to the south and step on the rune at the end of the hall. the hall will be unlocked.

The northernmost room contains a Dart of Returning. The second door contains a Potion of Bliss. The third door holds Ambrosia. The southernmost door has a lever behind it. Pull it, then go back through

the passage (and then south) to 23,44. Go west to 14,42, then walk through the door to the east. Here's the troublesome part - walk only on the white tiles. They shift every move, but you can step on them. Just save every step, and if you screw up, you're teleported back to the beginning of the room and your HP is drained by half. Go right, up, up, right, down, right, down, right, right, up, up, and right to get to the northeast edge of the maze. After you get to the northeast edge of the room and go through the door, pick up the Fury Crossbow and retrace your steps to the beginning of the floor, then take the stairs up and retreat to the beginning of the dungeon. Exit the dungeon. You're done! * * * * * Kenichi

The Black Halberd

Go to Sharimik and talk to the bartender at 15,41. Buy the bourbon and then ask her about "knowledge." She'll take 100 gold and tell you to talk to Masok in Angel's Rest. Go east to Angel's Rest, and you'll find him in the bar in the bar at 17,12. Ask him about "halberd," "scroll," and "purchase." He'll give you a scroll for 2000 gold. From here, cast Word of Recall or use the Amulet of Rapid Returning. Go outside, then north to 57,68. This is a _long_ trek, so pack healing potions. Enter the cave to the west. Go west to 32,1 and then head due south to 32,14. You _must_ go due south to continue. Follow the path west to 15,1. Enter the room. Push the crates south of 2,17 to 10,3. FOLLOW THESE DIRECTIONS _EXACTLY_. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. When you're standing at 10,3 and you have a crate one square south of you, go south, southwest, east, west four times, south once, northwest, southeast, south, east three times, south, northeast, southwest three times, south, west twice, east four times, south, northeast, southwest, south, west three times, south, northwest, southeast twice, south, and then push the crate due east to 13,16. Push it north onto the rune. Search all three chests. Get the Piece of Paper and read it. Go to the door at 8,19. Go through it to the south, and prepare for pain. Thanks to Ming Wang for giving me clues on the next segment

When you trip the special that carps about the triangle tiles, follow this path exactly. Two south, two east, two south, one east (through the pillar), two south, four west, and two north. You'll be teleported to the exit. From there, go east, and step on the runes until only six braziers remain in the row to the north. Trek southeast through the stalagmites, and go north along the path. From there, search the stalagmite east of 42,27 and keep going north. Follow the path until you exit it and take the center path to the stairs. Take the stairs down. Make your way to the room to the east, then go to the room to the south, and kill the Gazers there, then go east through the door on the east wall. Follow the path and cast Antimagic Cloud when you encounter the Rakshasi that is, fight, Avatar, mega-Bless Party, Antimagic Cloud, kick arse. From there, follow the doors north and west until you reach 21,15. Go west through the false wall and then north along the path. When you reach the square just south of the north door, go into fight mode, start beating the crap out of the Ur-Basilisks and undead that appear, and then Unlock the north door. The chests inside carry: *Firestone (9) *Mandrake Root (2) *Wand of Rats (6) *Wand of Vorb (6) *Scale Necklace (5) *Black Halberd Congrats, you're done. Make your way back to the start of the dungeon, exit the pit, and you've completed the quest. Once again, thanks to Ming Wang for helping me get through the maze. * * * * * Sakai

Knowledge Brew

First of all, go to Lorelei, and stay in the inn at 27,50. Stay a night, then go back and ask the innkeeper about "rumors," then "recipe." After that, trek to the junk shop at 24,25. Ask the man there about "recipe," and you'll be directed to Internal Affairs at 41,39. Talk to the man there and ask him about "recipe." Now comes a painful quest. You've got to find the bard Foxfire. She goes through Lorelei and the nearby towns, so you've got to find her. Check Lorelei and Bengaro (which is north/northeast of Lorelei), and you'll eventually find her. She's dressed in a bikini, so she's fairly easy to spot on the map. When you find her, ask her about "coin" five times, then "recipe," "gift," and lastly "payment." Once she gives you a key for 500 gold, exit the town,

cast Word of Recall/Amulet of Rapid Returning, and exit Fort Emergence to the north. From there, trek over the world to the east, and end up at Storm Port (321,417). Many thanks to Insomniac Hyperpunk for telling me where it was. While in Storm Port, check out the junk shop there. They may have something you like. It's at 38,12. Take the ferry there (24,39 - and buy tickets from the beggar there) to Gebra. Head south in Gebra to 34,34 and go south through the fake tree. Follow the path around to the door, enter, and fight the Mad Monks. These buggers possess a decent amount of power, so pack what you can in, and use all your clerics to continually cast Light/Heal All. Oh, and did I mention that they're resistant to magic, fire, cold, and poison? Once they're dead, look in the chest for your first vision of an infamous phrase - "Feisty Slap of Pain!" Exit the building, return through the fake tree, and then exit Gebra to the south. From there, go to the special at 306,440 and say yes. Take the ferry across, then go to 312,451 and do the same there. Proceed to 304,458 and fight the Monks, Mad Monks, and Assassins there. After that, go southeast to 308,464 and walk _east_ across the stones and islands. After that, make your way east to 331,464 and enter the Monastery of Madness to the north. Upon entering the monastery of the Sacred Tai Kwon Leap Fighting Martial Art Organization, head north to the cross-corridor, and prepare to fight a _crapload_ of Mad Monks - something like twenty or thirty at the entrance alone. Odds are after that battle, the monastery will nearly be empty. I'll point out interesting locations. *24 food at 38,18. *The Room of Intriguing Surprises (monsters in the chests) at 33,35. *The Room of Hitting Each Other on the Head With Clubs, at 37,28. *The Chamber of the Throwing Rocks, at 33,30. *The Chamber of the Learning to Firewalk, at 33,25. *A supply room, at 33,14. It contains: -2 Wands of Carrunos -Wand of Fireballs (6) -Stone Mace -Iron Mace -Steel Mace -Cursed Mace -Leather Gloves -Bronze Gauntlets -2 Iron Gauntlets -Crude Buckler -Iron Buckler

*The Chamber of the Throwing of Anvils, at 32,8. *A dark altar at 22,7. Don't pray to it, or you lose 20 experience every time. *The Chamber of the Pool of Acid to Walk Over, at 19,8. *65 food and a Potion of Doom in the storeroom at 21,12. *24 Javelins in the Chamber of the Throwing of Spears, at 15,24. *The Chamber of Extreme Self-Deprivation, at 11,18. *The Chamber of the Practicing Jumping Twenty Feet Up Backwards Into a Tree Kung Fu, at 11,13. *The Melee Chamber, at 11,30, has 3 Bronze Broadswords and 3 Iron Shields. *The Room of Learning from Books on Pedestals, at 16,35. Make sure to read books 1, 5, and 6 in the row. *The stairs up, at 11,6 and 36,6. Take the latter set up to the second floor. On the second floor, just follow the path along the east wall. Cast Magic Map if you like, but it's pretty straightforward. Your two destinations are the library (5,15) and the Sacred Hall of Duels, which is just to the north of it. The library's far southeast bookcase contains the recipe for Knowledge Brew, which adds 2 Skill Points to the user's repertoire for later training. Once you go north to the Sacred Hall of Duels, send your strongest warrior through (preferably a priest with Avatar), and step onto the mat on the left side of the room. After that, fight the three monks, and Once you've killed them, you can go through the door at 17,10 and loot the chests there for: -2500 Gold -An Ur-Basilisk -Steel Greathelm -Magic Hammer -Weak Invulnerability Potion (6) There's also a Quicksilver Band in the room where you fought the Mad Monks a few second ago. It's under the crate. Finally, go through the fake wall west of 10,8 and read the plaques there from left to right. Enjoy Vogel's jokes, then exit the Monastery and return to Gebra and then Storm Port. Oh, you can't get out of the Sacred Hall of Duels? Simple. Go to the room with the plaques that I just mentioned, then go south through the fake wall at 8,8. Step west and trigger the special. And finally, on your way bad, it's time to fight an uber-crapload of the survivors from the monastery. There's about thirty Mad Monks here, so Avatar and Bless Party a _lot_. Congratulations, you're done with this quest! If you want Mandrake, there's a shop for it that I'll detail later. * * * * * Ishinabe

Ring of Endless Magery

Okay, go to Krizsan, and unlock the door at 54,18. If you don't find a man there, rest for a few days, then come back. Talk to him, pay his cost, and get the area he mentions. Go to Ernest's Hut and take a portal to Gale. Buy the skiff from the Nephilim at 45,47 and head south out of town to the island south of Gale. Get out of this town _fast_. There are undead everywhere. Proceed south to Vila, which is at 323,187. Enter if you wish; it's filled with undead. There are some Ember Flowers in here, though, so... Whatever you do, don't trip the special at 316,201 unless you have a priest with Resurrection _and_ a bunch of Resurrection Balms. If you trip the special at 309,225 and win the battle there, you'll pick up a Scroll: Firestorm _AND_ the spell Force Barrier, which is a more powerful version of Fire Barrier. Make your way to 296,271 and kill the vampires there, then enter the tower to the west. This maze is damn hard. Follow this coordinate list _exactly_. Oh, and it also drains your MP, so pack _tons_ of Energy Potions. Make your way to 42,1 and hit the lever through the fake wall to the wast. From there, go to 36,3 and west through the fake wall. Go to 25,7 and north through the fake wall. Go to 3,1 and south through the next fake wall. After that, take the portal, kill the enemies there, and dispel the barrier at 9,45. Go south, then east through the fake wall, kill more monsters, and go north through the fake wall at 14,39. Take the portal there. Go northwest to 3,17 and north through the fake wall. After that, follow the path and take the stairs down. Next... Yep, another floor of MP-draining crap! Go southeast to 16,32 and north through the fake cave wall. Take the portal there, and take the next portals in this order: northeast, northeast, southeast, northeast. After that, go northwest to 32,41 (fake wall) and run fast (fight mode) past the descending walls. Run through the Fire Barriers to 31,36 (fake wall) and run through to the west. Here's an ugly part. Once you walk through that wall, make sure you cast Force Barrier to your north and south. Hopefully (if you had brains) you cast Magic Map on this level, so watch when the wall above you turns yellow, then Dispel the barrier and move north. Repeat the process when the wall comes down at you again (Force Barrier, wait, Dispel). Keep doing this and make your way to the door

at 31,28. It's not locked; just run through to the east. Don't take the portal here; just move east and north into the mage Zkal's home. The room at 37,20 has Ember Flowers. _Lots_ of them. Get them. The room at 42,11 is trapped with moving walls. All you need to do to get past them is block them with Force Barrier, but remember - the lever to open the portcullises is at the northeast edge of the room. After you pull it, get to 39,9 and walk into the room to the west. Time to fight Zkal! He's a Lich, by the way. Capture Soul him if you can. There are also two demons here, and everything in that room's going to start summoning. Needless to say, heal up before entering here and _PACK AREA EFFECT SPELLS._ My advice - Antimagic Fields. _Lots_ of Antimagic Fields. Once he's dead, pull the lever to the northwest and return to the chamber at 35,23. Loot the chests for: -Bronze Ring -Bronze Serpent Ring (3) -Ring of Weight -Ring of Endless Magery (40) The Ring of Endless Magery can be used 40 times and restores 45 MP each time. I suggest you hold on to this for _major_ battles, like Rentar-Ihrno. To get out, I suggest you use the editor. When you killed Zkal, you kinda spawned a crapload of undead all over the tunnels, and that's not a good thing. If you don't want to cheat, trek back through the caves and out of the tower. Yosh! You're done here! * * * * * * * * * *

CHAPTER 10 Sidequests, More Trekking, and Pain in General * * * * * * * * Clergy * *

Joining the Anama

To join the Anama, you're going to have to do _tons_ of running. Starting from Shayder, go around the Isle of Bigail in a clockwise method, and talk to each priest in each town. Ask them about "faith" or "beliefs" and then say "yes" when they ask you their questions. After you've been around the island, return to Shayder. Go to the temple in Shayder and talk to Ahonar. Ask him about "join." If you select Yes, you'll lose _all_ your Mage Skills and spells, and each member will gain 2 points of Priest Skills. From there, go up to the second floor of the Anama Temple.

Down the hall from the stairs is a room filled with spell tomes. These teach you level 5, 6, and 7 Priest Skills, but they'll only work if you're a genuine member of the Anama - you cannot use the rings from the Thieves' Guild to get the spells. (Nice try, though.) Included among the spells are Divine Thud, which is a non-elemental magical spell that is straight out of Monty Python; Avatar, which makes you invincible, hasted, blessed, inflicts Martyr's Shield, and makes you Magic-Resistant for a short time (it's also known as the great unbalancer); and lastly, Wall of Blades, which spews a large field of swords over an area and cuts the crap out of whatever it touches. There's a shop called Magic Substitutes here, and it sells items that can substitute for the spells Dispel Barrier and Unlock. However, they're nowhere near as accurate or powerful as the spells. Across the hall at 12,21 is a secret passage in the east wall. Walk through it to begin the process of robbing the Anama Temple, which is _NOT_ recommended unless you've got the fully registered game and editor, in which case you can get the items and stuff in there in the editor. There are many Ur-Basilisks and a ton of Black Shades behind this door, and when you kill them and open the doors, you'll get tons of good treasure. *3000 gold *Micah's Gloves *Magic Great Mace *Ring of Will *Magic Boots Again, don't even bother robbing the Anama; it's not worth it. * * * * * Kono!

Rentar-Ihrno's Pantless Dungeon Take some Pants to the Keep of Rentar-Ihrno.

At 22,55 there's a fake wall. Walk west through it and then go south through the fake wall at the end of the corridor. Place the Pants on the pedestal, then step on the rune. Seeing as how there's no hard monsters or traps here, I'm not going to walk you through it. Just be grateful that you get to meet Jeff Vogel at the end, and behind the inn are four signs which act a lot like the hidden Burma Shave message (Shift+7,8,9,0). * * * * * Broflovski

The Tower of Magi, Part Deux

This event takes place on day 160. You'd better be level 45 by now, or you're in serious trouble. Before we begin here, there's a quick checklist of things you'll need

before you go do this. You'll need: *Ravage Spirit. This is _mandatory_. You can get it in Khoth's library or by joining the Anama. *Prismatic Wands, if you can find them. Check the junk shops (Storm Port, Lorelei, and a few other places). *_Good_ armor and weapons (Alien Blade, Black Halberd, Fury Crossbow, etc.) *Arrows of Light, if your archer uses a longbow. Otherwise, pack Magic Bolts. *Energy Potions. Take a lot of them, or bring alchemical ingredients. Once you've got all of those - or as many as you can get - the event will trigger on day 160. No matter where you are in the world, be you in a dungeon or on the world map, you'll her a telepathic scream of pain. Leave wherever you are, use the Amulet of Rapid Returning, and then run to Anaximander's office. He'll tell you that the Tower of Magi's been overrun by demons. Surprise, surprise. Now do you know why I told you to tease Linda earlier? Yeah, that's right. She's the one who opened the portal to the netherworld, and she's using her soul as the gate. Talk to him, and ask him about "portal." Haul thine arse to the Portal Keep and take the portal down. You emerge at 1,62. Proceed to 11,59, and go north to 5,52. Talk to the mage to the west. It's Solberg! Talk to him, listen to his rantings, and completely ignore him. After all, my advice is much better, ne? If you don't have Major Summoning already, follow the directions from the earlier sections to go get it. Follow the path south of the meeting room east to 61,51. Along the way, you'll have to fight some Demons, Imps, Fire Lizards, and a bunch of Hordlings. If you've got Ravage Spirit and Antimagic Cloud (which you've no excuse not to have if you've completed the Golem mission and found the dragons) you'll be fine here. Just Ravage Spirit the Demons, then cast up an Antimagic Cloud around the remaining hellspawn and move in for hand-to-hand combat. Kill them and get to 61,51. Go west through the fake wall into X's library, which, amazingly enough, is unscathed. Follow the lines of bookshelves south and talk with the mage there. It's Linda! She'll tell you that some shades of the demons' victims are hanging around, and to destroy the portal (her soul), you need to get the Blessed Athame and slash the portal. No biggie, right? Right. Exit X's library and make your way to 51,39 and talk to the shade there. Ask it about "spell" to learn Move Mountains... again. Retreat to 61,37

and go west through the locked door. Keep going southwest, and end up at 58,48. Ask the shade there about "carrie," then "help," "please," and remember the phrase "love." Proceed to the temple, which is at 56,16. Go south to one square north of the altar, and save before you trip the special. Take the Athame, and fight off the ten or so hellspawn there. Use Ravage Spirit on the Mung Demon _fast_ to keep it from draining your MP. Keep using Antimagic Cloud, Ravage Spirit, and Avatar (if you want, but I prefer Bless Party/Major Haste for large groups), and you'll be fine. Exit the temple and kill the demons there. Odds are that Grah-Hoth's getting stronger, and true enough, he blasts you with electrical force. I suggest you heal immediately after that. Wander around the Tower for a bit, and make sure you end up at 18,30. Proceed south through the door, then dispel the barriers, and cross the lave to the south. You can find the following in the chests in the room to the south: *Strong Energy Potions (2) *Strong Healing Potions (2) *Shielding Crystal (4) Get back to the beginning of the lab, and go east into the garden - if you think you can handle five Haakai, three Mung Demons, and a crapload of lesser beings. I took them on - they're not that hard. From there, make your way to the northwest corner of the tower, where the schools were. After you get there (it's around 15,15), cross the lava, fight the two Haakai guarding the portal, and step on the portal. WHEN YOU TRIP THE SPECIAL THERE, DO NOT CLICK "STEP IN." YOU WILL DIE. Click "Attack," and you'll rip Linda's soul apart with the Blessed Athame. You're fooped back to the Portal Keep, and congrats, you're done. Return to Fort Emergence and talk to Anaximander, then go see Levy the steward. Ask Levy about "reward," and you'll get a Magic Large Shield. Oh, and don't worry if you've not completed the troglo/giant and golem quests, or you missed the roaches or slimes. X and Solberg will be wandering around Fort Emergence to give your rewards. * * * * * Shoujo-ai

Dryad's Grove

Trek on the overworld to 282,402. Go north into the town. This is a trap, and only one PC can go inside, so be careful. Ask the green dryad there about "accept," and walk northeast to 30,20. Pick your cleric out of the party and trip the special. Choose the cleric,

and follow the path north. Don't hurt the gremlins here, whatever you do. Follow the paths until you get to 20,23. Talk to the gremlin there, and ask it about "5678." Follow the southwest path. It goes northwest, and you'll eventually end up at 3,1. From there, go south, and don't step on the odd grass. Make your way to 4,10, and follow that path south to 3,21. Choose Yes when the special's tripped, and fight the Ogre there. Kill it, and go to 8,27. The items there are your reward. They are: *45 Food *180 Gold *Medium Speed Potion (1) *Fang Necklace *Iron Mace *Iron Bolts (10) *Sapphire (1) Return to the entrance of the grove, and trip the special there. You're escorted out, and you can't get back in ever again. * * * * * Megadeuce

The Perfect Flower

Trek on the surface to 270,400. If you just completed the quest above, you're very close to it. Go northwest along the mountain path to 243,386, fighting three small groups of Gremlins along the way, and trip the special to the west. Pick the flower there, and cast Word of Recall/use the Amulet of Rapid Returning. Go northwest to 45,387, and then west through the false tree. Go southwest to the special, trip it, and say Yes twice. From here, go to 54,218 and north through the fake tree, then stand at 54,215. Go due south (yes, through the fake trees) to 54,226, and take the Ivory Charm there. * * * * * TiVo

Bail Out the Nephilim

Trek on the overworld to 233,422. Go northwest from here and trip the special. Hit "Attack" and begin the fight against some Goblins and a _lot_ of Ursagi. It's not hard; this is more of a level 10 sidequest than a late game thing. From here, you can go northwest into the Nephilim valley and shop at two shops. The shop at 223,411 sells steel weapons at a nice price (Somewhat Pricey). The shop at 222,415 sells the following at a _very_ nice price: *Glowing Nettle *Comfrey Root *Holly * * * * *

The Golddale Mines


Make your way to Golddale. It's at 222,366 on the overworld. Enter it and trek to 27,30. Talk to the woman to the west and ask her about "mission" to get the mission to kill a bunch of Slithzerikai in the mine to the north. Exit Golddale and go north to the mine. Enter it. Cast Magic Map _immediately_. Don't cast Light or Long Light you'll just attract Sliths. Follow the path northeast, and when you get to the row of stalagmites, cross through it, then go into fight mode and cast (Light) Heal All or Revive All. Go north and kill the Sliths guarding the entrance, and proceed to 15,17. Unlock the door to the west and proceed through. From there, go to 7,24 and search the body to the southwest to find a Scroll of Fireball. Trek northeast to 14,12 and pass through the door. Follow the path to the west around the center room. The room at 9,2 holds 6 uses of Gold Ore, and the room at 9,8 holds 6 Silver Ores. The room at 11,8 has 30 food, 3 Lamps, and 3 Iron Spears. My advice is to take the food and leave the rest. Go to the barracks at 11,3 and fight the Slith invasion force. You'll fight: *Slith Chieftain *Slith Archmage *3 Slith Warriors *Slith High Priest Suffice it to say, this is a difficult fight... until you hit level 20 or so. When youo're done, pick up the Wand of Fireballs from the dresser in the northeast corner of the room. The dresser in the southwest corner contains a history of this group of Sliths. It's a link back to Escape from the Pit, so don't worry if you don't understand it. Your job here isn't over yet, though. Get to 18,2 and go east, then south to 31,12. There are Sliths in these tunnels, so kill them and keep moving. Your ultimate destination is 29,45, where you'll go west through a fake wall to loot the mine there of Gold and Silver Ores. There's tons of stuff in this place, so take whatever you want. It's great for looting. After you take what you want, return to Golddale, and talk to the woman west of 27,30. Ask her about "mission" again, and she'll reward you with 1,000 gold. Ask her about "mission" a third time, and she'll give you a mission to clean out a cavern of Ursagi. Exit Golddale and trek east to 270,349 and enter the cave. Go east, and after a short trip, the cave roof behind you will cave in, and you'll be trapped in the cave.

There's not much that I can describe here; just cast Magic Map and wander around, killing everything in sight. A few points of interest are: *An Ice Drake and his hoard of treasure at 6,37. The hoard contains: Iron Flail Cursed Knife Bronze Greathelm Ruby Sapphire

*100 uses of Gold Ore through the fake wall north of 4,13. That's right, _100_ uses. Drool your hearts out, because since this is an early-game quest, that's a crapload of money. *A dark Ursagi altar at 42,5. Don't trip the special. Once you've killed everything in the dungeon (use Detect Life and the automap to check), exit the cave via the back exit at 5,5. Return to Golddale, and talk to Delenn again (she's the woman who you asked about "mission"). Ask her about "mission" one last time, and she'll give you a Magic Broadsword (9 damage, 5 bonus). Enjoy it. * * * * * Fushigi

Marish and the Undead (OUCH)

Yosh your way to 16,272 on the overworld, and enter the town to the south. Go to talk to the mayor at 17,34, and ask him about "adventurers." He'll recruit you to clear out a cave full of undead to the north. Leave Marish and head to 28,221. Enter the cave to the west. Save immediately. At 38,14, make sure that you go into fight mode and cast area effect spells over the ledge to the west. Use stuff like Antimagic Cloud, Firestorm, and Divine Thud. Continue south to 35,31 and kill the two Ice Drakes on the ledge to the west using Fireball/Firestorm/Flamestrike. Keep going south to 30,44 and then go east into the next room. Kill the two Ice Lizards there, then kill the Ice Puddings, and look on the bodies there for: 8 Javelins 10 Throwing Knives 12 Bolts Crossbow Bronze Broadsword Bronze Greathelm Steel Studded Armor

Retreat to 30,39 and trek west along the path. Make your way to 16,39 and kill everything in your path. Go west along the path, and then north. You'll fight three Nagas, about ten Ice Drakes, and a crapwad of undead. Kill them all, using Antimagic Clouds and Avatar/Bless Party/Major Haste

to offset their magic, and Curse All/Slow Group if you want. Once the _last_ of the Nagas is dead (8,12 is ther real lair), go to 3,7 and dispel the barrier to the north. The fake stalagmite is at 1,2. Walk through it and look in the chest to find: Wand of Rats (1) Scroll of Flame Scroll of Slow Weak Strength Potion (1)

Next, walk over the chest, then east twice, southeast once, and then go through the fake wall to the east. Dispel the barrier to the east, then go north, dispelling another barrier, and make your way to 14,3, dispelling barriers and killing Ur-Basilisks. If you accidentally loose the Quickfire in here, just cast Force/Fire Barrier and contain it. There are two Guardians here. Kill them and loot the chests for: - Medium Energy Potion (3) - Airy Stone (though if you're on a PC, it'll weigh 236 instead of negative something) - Bronze Serpent Ring (3) Go south through the fake wall to 16,8 for a Wand of Acid (7). Retreat back to 19,11, and make your way through the fake wall to the north. Kill the Specter there, and get to 27,3. Dispel the barrier to the west and loot the chest at the end of the corridor for 1,000 gold. Make your way back to Marish and talk to the mayor again. He'll give you a Helm of Alertness and spread your good name around Valorim. * * * * * Leary

The Calloc Deserters

Make your way to Calloc. In there, go to 18,4 and west through the fake tree. The locked door at 9,6 holds a roomful of Empire deserters, and there's a crapwad of treasure when you kill them. The dresser in there holds: *Pants *Shirt *Mug *Plate *Wand of Nullity (5) *Arrows of Light (5) After that, exit Calloc. * * * * * Chibiusa

The Mandrake Shop

This is quite possibly the cheapest thing in the game. It's over the east ocean, and you can't use the Orb of Thralni to fly to it. You've

got to _walk_ over the water. With this and the recipe for Knowledge Brew (and the shop in Gorst), you could legally max out every stat for each PC given enough time. Needless to say, don't cheat using this unless you _really_ want to. It ruins the game. Go to 327,365 on the overworld. Go northeast five times, northwest twice, north once, northwest once, north once, northwest once, then north to 328,352. Go northeast once, then northwest until you reach land and go west onto it. Follow the path between the trees to the northeast corner of that island, and buy Mandrake at the shop with the special. It's 800 gold to boot. It _is_ cheap, though, so don't abuse it. * * * * * Cheesypoofs

Go Suck a Drake!

Trek on the overworld to 209,435 and walk south through the fake mountains. Hit "No" instead of attacking and, you'll fight ten Drakes, a crapwad of Salamanders, and some Fire Lizards. You'll have a group of Giant Lizards and a Drake Lord on your side. Once you kill them all, you'll get a suit of Steel Plate and quite a bit of gold off the dead Drakes. Enjoy it, but it seems to be rather useless at this point in the game. * * * * * Sparring

Steal the Identify-icon

Go to Golddale and talk to Ivanova. She's at 19,28. Ask her about "mission," and she'll try to get you to steal a book from Ernest. If you do this, Ernest will be pissed for a while (one teleport), and then it's back to normal. The book's in his bookcases in the second room in his house - specifically, the bookcase at 12,15. Once you get it, take a portal to anywhere. You'll end up in the Drake Lair. To leave that lair, just go east. However, there's some treasure here, namely at 25,30. In all, you'll find this here if you go all over the place: Magic Darts (6) Fine Crossbow Dancing Boots Steel-toed Boots Leather Greathelm Steel Buckler

- Crystal - Platinum Bar - 13 Rubies. Yeah, you read that right. 13. That's 2,275 gold. Ernest is now no longer angry at you. * * * * * Professor

Troglos and Strife

Go to 156,370 and go one square north. Choose Attack, and fight the massive horde of Troglos, Troglodyte Warriors, and Troglodyte Shamans. After you loot their stuff, go west to 150,369 and trip the special to the west. Choose Attack, and you'll fight a CRAPLOAD of Troglos, Troglo Warriors, Bears, Troglo Khazis, and a Troglo Defender. You'll get a ton of gold, a Gold Statue, and a Magic Broadsword from that fight. It's still not over, though - go to 146,375 and north through the fake mountains. Open the chest there and loot it for: - 100 Food - 8 Iron Javelins Now you're done. Use that Gold Statue when you're in _real_ trouble. It summons a Gazer. * * * * * Hammertime

Wolfrider Warren

Go to 179,415 on the overworld and enter the cave to the west. Once inside, kill everything in your path until you reach 14,10. Go east through the door. The chest at 19,22 is behind 2 Force Barriers. You must use a Piercing Crystal/Dispel Barrier to gain access, but it's worth it. It holds: Wand of Paralysis (5) Ruby (2) Sapphire (2) Asp Fangs (1) Unicorn Horn (1) Mandrake Root (2)

Other than that, there's very little in this dungeon to interest anyone. Pull the levers at 17,26 and 27,9 to open the portcullises to the west, and exit through the west entrance to the cave. Go north to fight the goblins, goblin warriors, and Worgs. Go even further north to loot the special, which is a mine. It gives you some gold. Exit the mountain range to the west. You're done here. * * * * * Negotiator

Loot Upper Exile _Dry_

A list of interesting places and things to get in Upper Exile is as follows, - 68,140: Go west through the fake wall. You'll find an Iron Short Sword. - 26,108: A ruined shrine. Nothing's here. You must have the Orb of Thralni to get here. - 90,81: 8 Steel Razordisks. You must walk east through the fake wall at 84,77 to get here. - 86,55: The Crystal Cave. Walk over the stepping stones in the southeast corner to find chests containing two Iron Wave Blades and 24 Steel Razordisks. This cave is only opened after Ghikra is abandoned. - 4,54: Walk through the fake wall to the north to find a village of cannibalistic Nephilim. Kill them all to get some gold and a Fang Necklace. It's at 6,50. Go over it twice to get it. - 8,38: Follow the spiral to the west and trip the first special ten times. Once you've done that, go through it and trip the second special for a Steel Shield. - 34,11: Follow the path to the northeast and when you reach the end, trip the special to get a Slith Spear. You'll also have to fight some things. - 77,66: This is the biggest battle in all Upper Exile. Go north and fight the Ogres there. From there, move northwest to fight the Slithzerikai there. After that, keep going west to fight a _lot_ of Ogres and Slithzerikai, and there are Ogre Mages and Slith Priests here. Keep going west to 60,52, and loot that special for quite a bit of gold and a Fine Crossbow. Of course, on the way out, you get to fight tons of undead in payment, including Ghasts, Wights, and a Vampire. That's pretty much it for Upper Exile. * * * * * Akira

The Unicorn Pit

There are very few interesting things in here. You can kill the Unicorns and take their horns to the man in Krizsan for gold, but you can find a the following through a fake wall at 10,1: Bronze Chain Mail Bronze Shield Iron Broadsword Pants

There's also a demon in a bubble of lava at 16,12. That's about it for this pit. Oh, yeah, you can take the horns from the unicorns to the guy in Krizsan. He's at 48,9. Just ask him about "horns." * * * * * Hakaider

Gukhbar's Hovel

Trek over the world to 61,440 and enter the dungeon to the north. That's Gukhbar's Pit.

From the entrance, go to 7,26 and trip the special. Hit "Wait," and go west through the fake wall at 5,27. Follow the path to 2,11, and then go southeast along the path to 15,4. Talk to the dryad in the cell and get her to cast Stealth on you. Get to 29,15 and loot the box there for the Giant's Key. Don't touch any of the other boxes. Return to 15,4 and she'll kill the Hill Giant Chief here for you. You can now loot the boxes at 28,11 for: Stone Club 300 gold 80 food Poison Potion (1) Medium Speed Potion (1) Bronze Mace Steel Helm Sapphire

There's a hidden room through the fake wall west of 11,1. The room holds: 6 Torches Bronze Short Sword Bronze Studded Armor Crude Large Shield

There's another secret room east of the fake wall at 27,6. The room contains nothing. Leave. There's nothing left here. * * * * * * * * * *

CHAPTER 11 Appendices * * * * * * * * Richmond * *

Spell List and Discourses MAGE SPELLS Spell Name Light light around prefer Long Light, Level 1 MP Cost 1

Effect Creates a short-term field of the user. Personally, I or just Magic Map and the

automap. Spark 1 often the last resort power. One target. Minor Haste 1 target, ally only,

A very weak attack. It's of a mage who ran out of

A weak Haste spell. One

and it's only half as powerful as a normal Strength Single target, Scare the enemy's them flee. It's a single-target, enemy-only spell. Flame Cloud one square. in the field, but it only covers one square. Identify identifies inventory. Scry Monster one target Monster menu Goo Single-target. True Sight Magic Map. Minor Poison enemy. Very Flame attack spell. Single-target. Slow on one enemy, until they only Dumbfound 2 rendering them unable target is dumbfounded, they lose the ability to cast one Envenom weapon. When the 2 2 or two levels of spells. Places poison on an ally's weapon hits the enemy, it poisons the enemy. Stinking Cloud 2 that curses 2 Creates a 3x3 cloud of stench 2 go once every two turns. Strikes the target dumb, to cast spells. Each time the 1 1 2 2 1 3 2 3 for later use. This creates a field of webs. A weak, small-area field of Inflicts a weak poison on an useless, in my opinion. Freaking _awesome_ low-level Fire element, obviously. 2 2 Inflicts the Slow condition which removes half their AP 1 50 This incredibly useful spell _every_ item in everyone's 1 2 This takes the information on and enters it into your Scry 1 2 Creates a field of fire on This does damage to anything 1 1 1 1 Haste. A weaker version of Bless. ally only. A weak Fear spell. It lowers morale, and it might make

anything inside it. Nice, but there's better. Summon Beast 2 magical beast to the Conflagration 2 flame clouds, which and persists for a Dispel Field walls of stuff. Quickfire. Sleep Cloud which can put 2 2 few turns. Dispels some fields, such as It sometimes works on 2 6 Creates a field of sleep gas, anything inside it to sleep _if_ it works. Unlock 3 spell's going to be quest - it's probably the most-used spell in the game. Haste 3 doubles your AP or of 18. Single target, ally-only. Multiple Hastes increase Fireball 3 spell. This casts 3x3 square. It creates _PAIN_. You should start your quest with one mage knowing how to cast this. Long Light It lasts about 3 3 Creates a long-lasting light. ten times as long as a Light spell. Fear 3 enemy's Morale and useless, and Wall of Force 3 fields that lasts anything that Weak Summoning 3 monsters to the field doesn't work if there 6 touches it. Summons up to eight weak to aid your party. This 5 a single-target spell. Creates an 8x2 line of shock for several turns and damages 3 A spell that reduces the tries to make it flee. Pretty 5 the effect. Lina Inverse's favorite a searing orb of fire over a 3 A full Haste spell. This adds 6 to it up to a maximum 3 It unlocks doors. This used quite a bit through your 2 4 Summons a low-power, nonfield. Useless. Creates a radius 2 field of damages anything inside it

are a lot of monsters in the town/battle. Flame Arrows at multiple 3 4 This spell fires Flame spells targets up to a maximum of eight. It increases Web a 3-radius area, Resist Magic on the target. 3 3 6 4 with your level. Creates a field of webs over slowing everything in it. Reduces the effects of magic Single-target, ally only. Wears off quickly. Poison 4 poison on one enemy. special. Good on Ice Bolt 4 based spell fires and freezes the crap in them. It's excellent against anything Slow Group 4 within an 8-radius. overwhelming numbers. Magic Map 4 but when you do, entire dungeon that can be viewed by hitting "a" and moving the map to somewhere you can see the room and the map at the same time. _FREAKING AWESOME_ when you get Capture Soul 4 monster in a Soul Requires a Soul Crystal to work and has a _high_ fail rate on powerful monsters. I recommend capturing the following in it: Pack Leader, Alien Beast, Simulacrum Soul Crystal to 4 ?? (Depends on what is Naturally, the more Ur-Basilisk, Jeweled Golem. Summons a monster from your aid your party in battle. 30 lost. Captures the soul of one Crystal for later summoning. 4 but cold-type monsters. Casts Slow on every enemy Very useful when facing 8 Requires a Sapphire to cast, it creates a map of the 5 enemies with a lot of HP. Now we're talking! This coldoff an icy blast at one enemy 4 Inflicts a good amount of Nice, but nothing really

summoned) more MP it costs. It work. Venom Arrows 4 Poison on multiple eight. The number

powerful the monster, the requires a Soul Crystal to

Casts a slightly weaker targets, with a maximum of of arrows increases with your

level. Wall of Ice which damages It persists for

Creates an 8x2 wall of cold, anything that walks into it.

Stealth 5 the darkness when in dark towns for Major Haste 5 This casts Haste on a normal power Fire Storm 5 fire over the field. it. Fire-element, Dispel Barrier 5 quite a bit in your and Force Barriers

several turns. This blends your party into in a town. This is best used

infiltration missions. A freaking awesome spell. your _entire party_, and it's

Haste to boot. Casts a radius-2 blast of It nukes everything within

obviously. You're going to use this travels. This dispels Fire as well as unlocking doors

and removing traps Fire Barrier 5 barrier which can be block Quickfire, but Summoning 5 normal-powered monsters party. In general, this Shockstorm 5 shock fields over an in it and it lasts Spray Fields of cross-shaped ice, fire, blades, 5 6 for several turns. This throws out a huge area fields, which can be shock, 6 sucks. Sprays a radius-2 field of area which shocks whatever's 10 can be destroyed by enemies. This summons a horde of to the field to aid your 9 on them. This creates a magical walked through. This can

or even antimagic. It's a radius-1 field set, and you can throw up to 8, which increases with Major Poison 6 approximately the It's focused, and as always, repeated casts amplify the power. I've seen poison do 150 damage on a certain Vahnatai whose defense is quite nice. Group Fear 6 within an 8-radius. to cast this. Kill what the name does massive magic-elemental damage, and odds are you're going to be casting this a lot. Paralysis succeeds. This far more damage, and it prevents the enemy from moving and Daemon 6 Demon to the field this bugger'll summon something himself to boot. Antimagic Cloud 6 antimagic clouds. from casting any magic at all, and very few spells can go in it, but Divine Thud and most area-damage spells MindDuel Crystal to cast. 6 ?? (can be drained or duel with the enemy's gained) feed you. _BUT_ here's the catch - run out of MP, and you're and can drain MP from him to can do the job. This spell requires a Smoky It engages your mind in a 10 Creates a radius-2 field of This prevents all within it 12 attacking. Summons a garden-variety to aid your party. Odds are 6 7 Paralyzes an enemy - if it allows physical hits to do 6 6 Casts Fear on every enemy You're probably never going 8 This awesome spell does just says - it kills things. It 7 your level. This poisons an enemy with power of two Poison spells.

Flight you can fly for can't cast it


either dumbfounded or dead. Cast this spell outdoors and three squares. However, you indoors, and the Orb of

Thralni outdoes this Shockwave on _everything_ cast this spell if Major Blessing and hastes your their weapons to boot. Awesome spell. Start off every battle with Mass Paralysis in a 7-radius. 7 20 this. Casts Paralysis on everything Pretty useless, in my opinion. Protection 7 invulnerability _and_ party Magic Major Summon 7 the field to aid your powerful stuff, but it's nothing next to Simulacrum. Besides, Force Barrier that blocks most However, you are not able to walk through it as you can a Fire Quickfire 7 Quickfire. You're bloody a waste of MP, it's not cost-effective, and unless you surround yourself with Fire Barriers, you're not going Death Arrows Kill on multiple eight). The higher 7 10 to live through it. This hard-to-find spell casts targets (up to a maximum of 50 Barrier. Creates one square of _NUTS_ if you use this. It's 7 10 summons are a waste of MP. This spell creates a barrier mosters as well as Quickfire. 14 Resistance for a whlie. Summns up to 8 monsters to party. This summons pretty 10 This gives the caster gives everyone else in the 7 8 you've got friendlies nearby. This is excellent. It blesses entire party _and_ poisons 7 12 by quite a bit. This inflicts magical damage within a 12-radius. Don't

your level is, the more arrows you can fire. PRIEST SPELLS Spell Name Minor Bless Single target, Minor Heal Single target, Level 1 1 MP Used 1 1 1 2 1 Effect A weaker version of Bless. ally only. A weaker version of Heal. ally only. A weaker version of Cure ally only. A weaker version of Dispel target. Returns the X-Y coordinates You have to have this to understand my guide. Sanctuary 1 invisibility until move away without Symbiosis another PC and 1 3 being attacked. This merges the caster with lets him absorb half the damage that PC takes. Minor Manna 1 food for your party. you run out of food Ritual-Sanctify 1 energy from a spot. seem to recall it being used four times in this game. Stumble 1 one square. Bless 2 target hit more often he/she hits. Cast this a _lot_ to increase its effects on a target. Cure Poison 2 body - or, if it's depending on the caster's level. 2 Removes poison from an ally's major poison, it lessens it, 1 2 This creates a web field over This great spell makes the and do more damage when 50 on your long treks. This will drive the evil However, it's rarely used. I 5 Creates a small amount of Great for those times when 1 Hides a party member in they attack. This lets them

Weaken Poison 1 Poison. Single target, Turn Undead Undead. Single 1

Location 1 of your location.

Curse 2 do less damage. It this in

Makes the target hit less and is the opposite of Bless. Use conjunction with Bless to

vastly improve your odds against powerful enemies. Light Don't know why Wound non-elemental when you don't Summon Spirit 2 field to help you Move Mountains rubble near you. some walls. Charm Foe enemy favorably works. Disease target. Great Awaken magical sleep. Heal on one PC. Light Heal All PC you've got, tough fights. Holy Scourge like Unholy but at a lower Detect Life Magic Map, this living beings on Cure Paralysis it does - heals 3 3 the automap. Does just what the name says a PC of the paralysis condition. Manna 3 your party to eat 10 Creates _lots_ of food for 3 3 level. When used in conjunction with lets you see the locations of 2 5 8 have Smite or Flamestrike. Summons one Spirit to the out. Really dumb spell. Shatters broken walls and This lets you pass through 2 6 This attempts to make one disposed towards you... if it 2 2 3 3 4 2 3 4 This creates disease in one for long, drawn-out battles. Awakens one target from a Not really useful. Heals a medium amount of HP It works nicely for a while. Casts Light Heal on _every_ and it does the job nicely in 3 3 Slows and curses a foe. It's Ravaging from Exile I and II, 2 2 2 3 The same as the Mage's Light. Jeff put this in here. This deals a nice amount of damage to a target. Use this

when you run out of the good stuff. Forcefield 3 fields which lasts Cure Disease 3 condition from one PC. Permanent Disease Restore Mind 3 Dumbfound condition, spells normally. Smite smackdown on with its arrows effect (more targets as your level increases). Cure Party 4 lessens it if caster is a low-level Curse All radius. Freaking you blessing your Dispel Undead 4 around for a nominal hurt the non-undead, Remove Curse 4 cursed equipment, identify items before you equip them, you should never have to use Sticks to Snakes to the field. If Asps will be summoned instead, and more snakes will be Martyr's Shield who inflicts 4 5 created. When cast on an ally, anyone damage on said PC will receive half of it back Cleanse poison from one 4 5 on them. Removes disease, webs, and 4 6 this spell. Summons up to 6 Giant Snakes the caster is a high level, 15 though. This lets one PC remove their though since you should 5 party. Smacks undead creatures amount of damage. Doesn't 4 5 character. Curses every enemy with an 8awesome when combined with 5 Cures the party of poison, or it's major poison or the 3 4 trait, so don't bother. This spell removes the allowing your PCs to cast 6 This ice-based spell lays the your enemies, hitting up to 8 5 3 Creates a 3x3 spray of shock for several turns. This removes a disease However, it cannot remove the

PC. Just remember, it doesn't remove Permanent Firewalk 4 to walk over lava However, it lasts far Bless Party spell on every power when it's Major Heal 5 damage to one PC. Revive... Raise Dead 5 Resurrection Balm to work, small chance that it'll fail and the PC will be turned to dust. Flamestrike 5 of fire that lasts with twice the power Mass Sanctuary 5 invisible until they Summon Host a Deva to the 5 10 12 of a Fireball. This makes the whole party physically attack something. This summons four Spirits and field to aid your party. Heck, they might even Shatter 5 but on every square radius. Dispel Fields 5 Mage's Dispel Fields. indicate that this Heal All 6 every member of the Revive removes any and This is _awesome_ when you've got one PC deep in the fray and the Hyperactivity 6 sleep on all members 8 rest are back supporting. This spell prevents magical 6 8 7 works better on Quickfire. This casts Heal on each and party, regardless of range. Revive fully heals one PC and all poisons from their body. 12 summon something to boot. Shatter is Move Mountains, around the party in a 16 This is a duplicate of the However, my tests seem to 8 This calls down a 3x3 blast one turn and nukes enemies 7 cast multiple times. This heals a large amount of It is useful for a while, but 25 This spell requires and even so, there's still a 5 6 longer in battle. This casts a full-power Bless member of your party. Awesome 8 Disease or Dumbfound. This spell allows the party without being injured.

of the party and awakens any PCs who are already Destone 6 condition. This is basilisks. Guardian 6 powerful monster) is you. Mass Charm 6 every enemy within an Protective Circle 6 a 1-radius of line of blades, a 1-line of ice, a 1-line of shock fields, and Pestilence enemy in an 6 7 a 1-line of flame clouds. This casts Disease on every 8-radius. It's great for long battles. Revive All 7 However, this Revive to a full heal. Ravage Spirit 7 will kill everything (level 30 and up) and it will kill Haakais, the most powerful demons Resurrect work, but it It might lower a Divine Thud 7 Think of the foot. squashes your enemies Avatar 7 invincible, magic-resistant, poisoned weapon, not to mention a Martyr's Shield. The Blesses and Hastes aren't as powerful as the individual Wall of Blades 7 energy. It damages 12 spells, though. Creates an 8x2 wall of blade 12 and does a crapwad of damage. This makes the user blessed, hasted, and with a 10 statistic, though. Remember Monty Python? Good. That's what this does. It 7 35 ins the game, in two shots. Requires Resurrection Balm to _will_ bring back a dead PC. 10 Casts Revive on each PC. only heals 200 HP as opposed 10 An anti-demon spell. This up to Demons in one shot 8 asleep. This spell removes the stone excellent when you deal with 14 A Guardian (invisible, called to the field to aid 17 8 A Charm spell is cast on 8-radius. This spell surrounds you with antimagic fields, then a 1-

anything in it and persists for multiple turns. Word of Recall 7 you're returned to the north side of Major Cleansing in your party. * * * 7 * 10 * * * Fort Emergence. This casts Cleanse on each PC * * * 30 When this spell is cast, bridge over the lava in the

CHAPTER 12 Interesting stuff * * * * * * * * * *

Reader Comments Special note from Tuxedo Jack


"This section is filled with comments from the Exile III boards on GameFAQs. The ones that contain pertinent information will be folded into the next update, and their authors will be given credit in the Version History section. However, this section will be wiped with each update." Magus999 "Woodsy Tower is *not* somewhere you should be going early game. Haakai, Rakshasi, and a few Eyebeasts just to screw up your magical support. The only reason you should go in there early game is to drink from the one pool that gives you Revive All. And the game, btw, does warn you that the place is extremely dangerous. Tower of Magi is at day 160. By that time, you should have a pretty good party. Actually, if you're following a walkthrough, you could easily have beaten the game long before day 160. My first time playing I managed to do every single quest in the shareware version and explore every single black area (literally the maps of every single accessable square of map and every dungeon I could enter were totally revealed) before hitting day 160. If I wasn't restricted by the shareware version, I could've easily beaten at least the Troglo/Giant quests (you can actually walk by the tunnel in the shareware version, but a message comes up saying you're not allowed to enter it)." Insomniac Hyperpunk "Assuming someone out there is playing the game for the first or second time, you should try to get the Tower of Vahkohs, the Woodsy Tower, and the Tower of Magi walkthroughs up A.S.A.P because those can really screw people up. FYI the Woodsy Tower is different from the tomb, its northeast of the barrier tunnel entrance and has a Haakai and a bunch of Rakshasa." * * * * * Arigato

Acknowledgements and Thanks

Thanks to the following: Jeff and Shirley Vogel for creating the Exile series and making it require so little hardware to run on. My uber-elite 28.8 modem for downloading and connecting to the net when I needed it. TrueC for nudging me into getting this damn thing going. Caffeine for allowing me to pull all-nighters while writing this. The International Channel ( for playing anime and giving me a massive surge of writing energy. Kanako Himezaki-Urashima for her gift. She'll understand. My carpal tunnel syndrome for forcing me to end this quickly. The various people from GameFAQs's Exile III board who pointed me in the right direction when I got lost and gave me boots to the head when I forgot stuff in here or screwed up. * * * * * Mamoru

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