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La plantilla sugerida para la elaboracin del Informe Final de Ciclo que debe ser entregado a todos los estudiantes que egresen de un ciclo con adecuacin curricular significativa, es una gua para la elaboracin del informe. Este informe debe describir los logros alcanzados por el estudiante en el proceso educativo en el ciclo correspondiente.

1. Datos de la institucin 1.1. 1.2. Nombre de la institucin: Escuela La Perla Circuito escolar: 06

2. Datos de la o el estudiante 2.1. Nombre completo: Mara Elena Mendoza Chinchilla. 2.2. Fecha de nacimiento: 2.3. Edad: 12 aos. Sexto. 2.4. Nivel que cursa: 12-10-1999

2.5. Fecha de aprobacin de la Adecuacin Curricular Significativa: 25-4-2011 2.6. Asignatura (as) en la que cuenta con el apoyo de la adecuacin curricular significativa: 1. Espaol. 2. Matemtica. 3. Ciencias. 4. Estudios Sociales. 5. Ingls. 2.7. Nivel de funcionamiento en el que se aprob la adecuacin significativa (especificando en cada asignatura): Ingls, nivel de funcionamiento de Primer grado.

2.8. Docente Idioma Extranjero - Ingls:

Licda. Maurelith Elizondo Cspedes. 2.9. Fecha de elaboracin del informe: 3 de Noviembre del 2011.

3. Description of the conditions or significant achievements presented by the student: This report should be descriptive as the corresponding cycle. Relevant aspects to consider General health status, which result in obstacles to the educational process Student's status (relevant aspects to be described)
- Nutrition


Supports required - The Education Center offers room service, it ensures that the student daily eat nutritious food and as your body needs. - You have been supported with illustrations, as is very well developed visual memory and photography. It does not require any support in this regard.

-Visual capacity - Hearing - Chronic respiratory, neurodegenerative - Consequences due to accidents, among other

- Powered according to their economic potential - His eyesight and hearing is excellent. - No evidence or neurodegenerative diseases, respiratory rate, as well as the result of an accident.

Fitness and Mobility

- Mobility - Fine and coarse - Coordination visuomotor

- Your mobility is normal. - Has excellent coordination in gross motor and fine. - Develop exercise in the same way as their peers and actively participate in these events. A student with little interest, in fact constantly motivates you in your learning. - You want to finish elementary school to enter the school to continue their studies. - A student with a very selfinvolved isolated easily at certain times and not participates in class, I'm sorry you do not like to talk and excel in anything.


-Interest -Self-Esteem / Independence -Decision-making -Relationship with peers -Ability to follow established standards

- She constantly motivates rescuing their skills and potential; personal praise is asked to strengthen their self-esteem. - She constantly takes into account activities which involve the other students of the institution and was set personal

Relevant aspects to consider

Student's status (relevant aspects to be described)


Supports required challenges.

Family or caregivers and community


- Description of family involvement (nuclear family, extended or other significant adult) in the educational process and in decision-making. - Independent student's home and community support required for describing the active participation in these areas Language skills: - Listening, speaking, writing. - Communication systems used: tables or other forms of alternative and augmentative communication.

- The student has a family consisting of his aunt, uncles, cousins and siblings, as her mother and father do not live with them.

- She has told the aunt about the progress in the educational process that will stimulate and motivate the student to pursue specific objectives in line with education.

- The student has no difficulty in listening, speech has trouble expressing them. It's a very shy young man does not talk loud, you want to go unnoticed. - No need for LESCO, or any other type of communication system. - The student has a visual learning style based on the construction. - Has a learning rate significantly slower in comparison with that of other students. - It has a capacity of shortterm memory, while it must be constantly review each of the various topics, there is little to remember them. - Presents short periods of care, this because of that in most cases is distracted easily.

- You will be provided to support a reading book from the beginning of the school year, writing has no problems, his handwriting is very good - It provides group care, but in turn provides individualized attention to the exam periods. - It provides photocopying material and the textbook. - It gives you more time to finish their work - Awarded a tutor in the classroom, some of his companions offered to explain

Capabilities and basic conditions for learning

-Learning styles (Visual, auditory and kinesthetic) -Rhythm of learning (like their peers, slower, faster) -Memory (the ability to memorize information in the short and long term) -Attention and concentration (periods and types of activities that is able to keep performing a task)

Relevant aspects to consider

Student's status (relevant aspects to be described)


Supports required or motivate him to participate in class.

- He constantly

Must look for the simplest vocabulary possible to achieve meaningful learning. Academic performance
- Description of - English:

academic achievement attained by the student in each of the subjects, according to the PEI curriculum and sequence established in the official curriculum of each of these. - You must clearly indicate the performance level in each subject with which the student graduates from each cycle, as specified in Section B of this document.

Ask and give information where introducing herself to other people.

Greet and leave people.

Recognize and value the importance of speaking English. Distinguish among dates. Respond physically to specific commands. Exchange information about personal data. Identify one way of meeting new people. Identify the date and weather conditions. Exchange information about daily routines. Describe basic parts of the body. Identify the most important personal hygiene habits. (At least 5 of them). Identify healthy and junk food. (5 in each classification) Say numbers, sizes and shapes. (Numbers until 1-10 all the shapes and the most important sizes)

encouraged in all possible situations, to achieve emphasize the progress it has achieved and that this be an important motivation for himself reminded that everything has been achieved thanks to their effort and dedication. - You will be fully adapted tests applied based on the Individual Education Program, with satisfactory results. - It has been flexible on the presentation of their work and tasks, it is sometimes supports this work and tasks to ensure timely and regular reporting to achieve. - It gives you additional material adapted to their level of functioning and thus serves as a complement to you when

Relevant aspects to consider

Student's status (relevant aspects to be described)


Supports required studying.

Identify family members. (nuclear family and some relatives) Identify parts of the house (5 of them) Describe parts of the house using simple vocabulary. Identify and locate furniture. (In-out of-on). Express likes and dislikes related to family activities (at least 3 activities) Recognize foods and beverages. (3 for classification) Identify domestic and farm animals. (5 for classification) Identify articles of clothing and modern games and describe them using simple vocabulary. (10 articles of clothing and 5 modern games) Identify and say some school activities. (4 of them) Express likes and dislikes. Identify occupations, duties and responsibilities. Describe some actions.

3. Observations and Recommendations. (This section should include relevant observations to the continuity of the educational process, and recommendations of schooling. They must be issued in a collegial manner by officials who prepare the report.) This report is prepared by the teaching of English: Maurelith Elizondo Cspedes. As assessed during the 2011 school year, student Maria Elena Mendoza Chinchilla, has a lower performance level compared to most students their age and educational level. The student uses a lot of chips made by herself in collaboration with the teacher, this makes it easy for you to memorize the vocabulary simple and according to their performance level corresponding to a first grader. Use worksheets where you can see the pictures and name each shape with the drawing. It has managed to secure a breakthrough in strengthening self-esteem and personal development with their peers, including participation in the institution. Interest in learning a language foreign loves and calls attention to any activity integrated with their classmates. It is necessary that the student is assigned a mentor from their peers to have the confidence to join the working group or any activity that is of importance to their intellectual development.

Licda. Ana Rita Villalobos Campos____________________________________. Nombre y firma del director (a) de la institucin. SELLO

Licda. Olga Porras Mejas.________________________________

Nombre y firma del docente a cargo del estudiante o profesor (a) gua

Miembros del Comit de Apoyo (nombre y firma): Olga Porras Mejias Silvia Karina Madrigal Caballero Cristian Gutirrez Cruz ___________________ ___________________ ____________________

_________________________________________________. Nombre y firma del docente de apoyo de Educacin Especial (si lo hay)

5. Entrega del documento al responsable de la o el estudiante: Recibido conforme: ________________________________ Nombre y firma Fecha de recibido: _________________________________