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NO Questions Choice A Choice B Choice C Choice D 1 Unix is a _________________ Operating System Single User ans)Multi User Multi Processes Multi Thread 2 Multiple users can run separate _________________ Jobs Threads ans)Processes Commands 3 What is multi tasking System? Multiple users running multiple tasks ans)Single user running multiple tasks Multiple users running single task Single user running multiple commands 4 UNIX Commands performs ____________________ ans)Only one function Multiple functions Two functions None of the above 5 ______________________ provides many tools to perform various tasks Kernel Command ans)Shell Applications 6 _____________________________ used to perform pattern matching Shell Kernel Special Characters ans)Meta Characters 7 _________________________ used to write small programs to control Unix functionalities. Shell Commands ans)Shell Script Filters C Language 8 "_______________ refers to operating system in general, but was based on Unix." SVID XPG ans)POSIX IEEE 9 ________________________ is the unification of two standards POSIX ans)SUSV3 SVID XPG 10 POSIX 2 deals with _______________________ and _______________________. ans)Shell & Utilities Shell & Commands Kernel & Shell Filters & pipes 11 _________________________ interacts directly with system hardware. Shell Commands ans)Kernel Applications 12 ______________________ provides interface for the user. Kernel ans)Shell Commands Utilities 13 Unix designed as per _________________________ architecture. Client/Server Architecture File Architecture Module Architecture ans)Layard Architecture 14 Applications use ___________________ to communicate with kernel. ans)System Calles C Programs Shell Script Shell

15 Shell is a ___________________________________. ans)Command Interpreter Interface between Kernel and Hardware. Interface between user and applications. Command Compiler. 16 The __________________ is the core of the operating system. Shell ans)Kernel Commands Script 17 _____________________________ is loaded into memory when system is booted. ans)Kernel Shell Commands Script 18 _______________________ is the interface between user and kernel Script programs ans)Shell C programs System Calls 19 Kernel manages ____________________________ Hardware Resources Shell & Shell Script ans)System Resources User Resources 20 _________________________ is the program?s gateway to the computer?s resources. Shell Applications ans)Kernel System Calls 21 _________________________ & ____________________________ are two types or kernels Single user & Multi user ans)Monolithic & Micro Multi task & Multi user Micro & Macro 22 _______________________ kernel runs every service in the kernel space. ans)Monolithic kernel Micro kernel Exo Kernel Macro kernel 23 Micro kernel runs all the services as a daemon in the _________________ Kernel Space System Space Memory Space ans)User Space 24 In _____________________________ kernel there is no context switching Micro ans)Monolithic Exo Macro 25 "___________________________ kernel able to decide what do next, if problem accurse in any of the running service." ans)Micro Monolithic Exo Macro 26 First time UNIX operating system was developed to run on a ____________. 8 bit computer architecture ans)16 bit computer architecture 32 bit computer architecture 64 bit computer architecture 27 32-bit UNIX platforms use the _________________ programming model. IP16 IP32 ILP16 ans)ILP32 28 ILP32 stands for ____________________________________________. "ans)32 bit Integer, Long & Pointer " 32 bit Integrated Long & Pointer 32 bit Intelligent Long & Pointer 32 bit Inter Long & Pointer

29 Sing Unix Specification Version 2 provides enhanced support for _______________ 16 bit Unix 32 bit Unix ans)64 bit Unix 8 bit Unix 30 LLP64 also known as 8/8/8 ans)'4/4/8 4/8/8 4/8/4 31 __________________ is the process of starting up a computer. Boot Loading Boot Record ans)Boot Strapping Booting 32 "Bootstrapping, also known as___________________________" Quick boot ans)Cold boot Hot boot Fast boot 33 Most Unix systems implement a ________________ loading process. One stage ans)Two stage Three stage Four stage 34 The kernel probes the bus to locate the ____________________ and initializes. Memory IO ans)Devices Processor 35 "The kernel identifies the _____________,_________________ and _______________ devices and then starts programs to schedule processes." "ans)root, swap, and dump" "root, tmp and usr" "root, boot and dump" "root, boot and tmp" 36 __________________ manages the physical memory by moving process from physical memory to swap space when more physical memory is needed. Sched daemon ans)Swap daemon Init daemon Process daemon 37 The last step in bootstrapping the kernel starts the____________________process. ans)/etc/init /etc/sched /etc/swap /etc/kernel 38 The init process runs as __________________ and always remains in the background. Process 0 Process -1 ans)Process 1 Process 2 39 Single user mode shell is always __________________________ Bash Csh ksh ans)sh 40 Single user mode shell runs as __________________________ Admin user ans)Root user Super user Log user 41 Single user mode only __________________________ partition is mounted . boot usr ans)root tmp 42 Set of initialization processes is defined in the________________file. /etc/profile /etc/init /etc/boot ans)/etc/inittab 43 For every user ___________________________ script will be executed. /etc/inittab ans)/etc/profile /etc/login /etc/init

44 Various memory handlers run as ___________________________ . Process 0 Process -1 Process 1 Process 2 45 ____________________ can be used to set priority for real-time processes. ans)Scheduler Swapper Timer Page daemon 46 Text and binary files are ____________________. ans)Regular files Device files Special files Directory files 47 The directory file contains _______________________ and ___________________________. File names & File Sizes ans)File names & Inode Numbers File names & Address File names & Permissions 48 _____________________ files are used to perform operations on hardware resources. Executable files Special files ans)Device files Driver files 49 ____________________ directory contains all device files. /etc /etc/dev /root/bin ans)/dev 50 Lp0 a device file used to access _______________________. Floppy Cdrom ans)Printer Tap drive 51 __________________ option of ls command used to view file inode no. ?l -o ?a ans)?i 52 Any file's attribute information is stored in which structure on disk ans)Inode Data blocks File blocks Directory file 53 If two files on same partition point to the same inode structure they are called Soft links ans)Hard links Alias Special files 54 Which of the following umask settings allow execute permission to be set by default on regular files 222 111 000 ans)None of the given choices 55 "If a file with execute permissions set, but with unknown file format is executed" ans)The file is passed to /bin/sh The system returns an error The current shell will try to execute it None of the above 56 "find / -name '*' , this command will" List files named * in all subdirectories ans)List all files in all subdirectories starting from / List a file named * in / directory List all files in / directory only excluding subdirectories 57 _______________________ command creates an empty file if file not exist. Cat ans)Touch Ed Read

58 ________________ option of rmdir command used to remove directory with all subdirectories ?b ?o ans)?p ?t 59 ___________________ command used to identify file type. Type ans)File Finfo Info 60 Which of the following commands can be to change default permissions for files and directories at the time of creation Chmod Chwon ans)Umask Chper 61 The tar command is used for Creating and writing tape archives Deleting files Undeleting files Update modification time stamp on files 62 Which of the following commands will allow the user to search contents of a file for a particular pattern Touch ans)grep find ls 63 sed is a command typically used for Perform complex calculations Perform FIFO based non-blocking I/O ans)Modify/print selective contents of a file None of the above 64 Deleting a soft-link Deletes the destination file Deletes both the softlink and the destination file ans)Deletes just the softlink A backup of the destination is automatically created 65 Creating hardlinks pointing across partitions is allowed only to root user Can be done by all users The effects are unspecified ans)Is impossible to create such links 66 The command sequence ?chmod 4777 a.out;chown root:root a.out? will produce a.out with suid bit set and ownership set to root ans)a.out with ownership set to root but suid bit reset This sequence is not allowed a.out file with suid bit set but the ownership set to the original user. 67 Which of the following is not a valid file type on Linux Socket Softlink ans)Door FIFO 68 Which of the following is not a file-type on unix ans)Hard link Soft link Socket Character device 69 Executing cat /etc/password >> /dev/hda1 as superuser will Write data into a file called /dev/hda1 ans)Will write data to the physical device hda1 Create a temporary file /dev/hda1 and write data to it None of the above 70 __________________ command used to remove directory with allits sub directories and files ans)Rm -r rm rm -i rmdir -p

71 _______________allows fast file system recovery. Ext2 ans)Journaling Caching Sysfs 72 ________________ can be used to obtain information about the system and to change certain kernel parameters at runtime using sysctl command. Ext3 Sysfs Isofs ans)Procfs 73 ________________________ file system used for CD-ROM. Ext2 Ext3 ans)Isofs Procfs 74 _______________ is use to exporting kernel objects so that end user can use it easily. ans)Sysfs Ext3 Isofs Procfs 75 _________________________ file system has jurnaling capabilities. Ext2 ans)Ext3 Isofs Procfs 76 _________________ & ____________________ are the two types of device files ans)Character special & block special Character special & Byte special Byte special & bit special Input & output 77 __________________________ is an example for character special file. Hard disk CD-ROM ans)Terminal Memory 78 __________________________ is an example for block special file. Virtual Terminal ans)CD-ROM Terminal Serial modem 79 All device files are stored in ____________________ directory. /etc /bin ans)/dev /usr 80 ____________ allows transparent communication between user space applications and computer hardware. ans)Device files Script files Special files Regular files 81 If superuser executed ?mount /dev/sda1 /etc? and /dev/sda1 contains a non-unix file system ans)The system will no longer perform correctly This operation will not be allowed The mount will succeed and no effects will occur on the system The behavior is undefined 82 "During theboot process, file systems listed in____________are automatically mounted" /etc/mount ans)/etc/fstab /etc/inittab /etc/boot 83 "________________________ is a directory (which should exist), on which to mount the file system." Root Boot ans)Mount-point Partition

84 ___________________ command used to mount file system read only. Mount ?a Mount ?v Mount ?f ans)Mount ?r 85 _______________ Force the mount of an unclean file system (dangerous). Mount ?a Mount ?v ans)Mount-f Mount ?r 86 "To increase the response time and throughput, the kernel minimizes the frequency of disk access by keeping a pool of internal data buffer called " Pooling Spooling ans)Buffer cache Swapping 87 Buffer cache contains the data in recently used _________________ Files ans)Disk block Directory Data block 88 kernel identifies the buffer content by examing _________________ and ___________________. Memory array & block header Block address & memory address ans)Device num & block num Non of the above 89 A buffer consist of _____________________ & ___________________________ Memory & blocks Device list & block List Header & body ans)Memory Array & Buffer Header 90 Buffer header contains Pointer ans)status data none of the above 91 ______________ is about how your Operating System allows you to manage a large number of open files. File Handling ans)IO Event Handling File Management IO Management 92 Traditional Unix systems provide the_______ and _____________system calls. ans)Select(2) & poll(2) Get(2) & put(2) Read() & write() None of the above 93 POXIS provides _________________________ interfaces AEO ADO ADD ans)AIO 94 FD stands for Fixed Data ans)File Descriptor Fast Data Full Data 95 File Descripter is a small non-negative number returned by ______________ function. Close() Read() ans)Open() Write() 96 The fd is an index into the _________________ file table Memory ans)Process Inod Non of the above 97 Fd for standard error __________________________. 0 1 2 Non of the above 98 Fd for standard input __________________________. ans)0 1 2 Non of the above 99 Fd for standard output __________________________. 0 ans)1 2 Non of the above

100 "Fd value used as _____________________________ in read(),write() & close()." Second argument ans)First argument Last argument Return value 101 "While using open system call if an error occurs in trying to open the file, a _____ is returned." 4 3 ans)Negative number 0 102 "While using create The named file is created as an empty file and opened for writing, __________________________ is returned." ans)Open file identifier Negative number 0 Non of the above 103 _____________________________ system call used to delete a file Delete Erase ans)Unlink None of the above 104 _______________________________ system call used to move position on next read / write Goto Move Jump ans)Lseek 105 _______________ value is used to specify read/write mode in open system call. 0 ans)1 2 3 106 The kernel provides random access by calling function ___________________. Random ans)Lseek Fetch Read 107 The signature of the lseek system call "int lseek(int fd, long offset, int origin)" "float lseek(int fd, long offset, long origin)" "long lseek(long fd, long offset, long origin)" "ans)long lseek(int fd, long offset, int origin)" 108 To read from the current position ___________ value can be specified as origin. 0 ans)1 2 3 109 To read from the beginning ___________ value can be specified as origin. ans)0 123 110 To read from the end ___________ value can be specified as origin. 0 1 ans)2 3 111 Which of the following tasks is not performed by the shell? ans)Disk Quota Mangement Command Execution Process Creation None of the above 112 The shell prints the Prompt String on which descriptor STDIN STDOUT ans)STDERR STDOUT + STDERR 113 Which of the following is not an IPC mechanism Shared Memory Unix Domain Socket Named Pipes ans)Memory mapping 114 Which of the following IPC mechanisms can communicate file descriptors to other processes Shared Memory ans)Unix Domain Socket FIFO Message Queues

115 Which of the following time stamps need not exist for a file on traditional unix file system Access Time Modification Time ans)Creation Time Change Time 116 "Which of the following is not a system call, but is a library function" brk open creat ans)malloc 117 Which of the following is the first process on a Unix system ans)swapper sendmail ftp init 118 Which one of the following IPC mechanisms can communicate file descriptors to other processes Shared Memory Unix Domain Socket Message Queues FIFO 119 "For a real time signal, if a signal arrives while its previous instance is being serviced" The current instance is lost The service routine is invoked again ans)It is queued for service A second copy of the process is started. 120 Which of the following signals can not be handled or ignored HUP ans)KILL FPE QUIT 121 If a program executing in background attempts to read from STDIN It is terminated ans)It's execution is suspended STDIN is made available to it None of the above. 122 Which of the following mechanisms is used to provide virtual memory (swap) on new Unix systems Swapping ans)Paging Shared Memory None of the above 123 Which system call is used to duplicate one file descriptor to another known file descriptor number fcntl dup ans)dup2 reopen 124 "Which of the following redirection mechanisms causes shell to buffer data from STDIN (cmd is the command and >, < , >>, << are the redirection operators)" cmd < filename cmd >> filename ans)cmd <<String cmd > filename 125 "At start of process execution STDOUT, STDERR point to" ans)Current terminal device Are closed Point to special files on the system None of the above 126 "User's Primary Group id is listed in which file, at the time of creation of the user (On a standard Unix system)" ans)/etc/passwd /etc/groups /etc/login 127 "If two processes attempt to write to a file that has an advisory lock on it, the write will" ans)Execute correctly for both processes Will fail for both processes Depends upon the scheduler None of the above

128 In a multi-threaded process if one of the threads blocks in a system call other threads are ans)Suspended Continue execution Process is terminated The system does not block threads 129 Which of the following mechanisms is used to get lock on data in a multithreaded program ans)mutex shared memory signals pipes 130 How many number of unique user ids does a traditional unix system support ans)65536 256 2^24 2^32 131 After fork() (In a non-BSD system) if the child does modifies the parent's data ans)The system copies all memory segments before continuing the child's execution The child is suspended The parent is suspended till the child exits None of the above 132 After exec the file descriptors of the parent are available to the child if The KEEP_ON_EXEC flag is set ans)The CLOSE_ON_EXEC flag is not set The file descriptors are duplicated before exec exec is passed arguments to keep the file descriptors open. 133 To feed standard output of one command to standard input of another in a single shell session IO redirection can be used Named pipes can be used ans)The pipe operator provided by the shell can be used It can not be done 134 The return value from a successful exec system call is 0 -1 255 ans)None from the given choices 135 Which is the default executable format supported by new unix systems a.out exe com ans)ELF 136 The ldd command can be used to ans)List shared library dependencies of an executable file Load a library to memory Link a dynamic library to a running program Link multiple object files together 137 The executable segment of a program in traditional unix terminology is called Extra segment Code segment ans)Text Segment Stack segment 138 If the /etc/passwd file's password entry is indicated as a single x then the passwords are stored in ans)/etc/shadow /etc/enpasswwd /etc/.passwd The account is disabled 139 Messages are registered to the standard syslog daemon using which mechanism ans)Unix Domain Socket FIFO Message Queues Mutex

140 Message queue mechanism is implemented in which layer of the OS ans)Kernel Wrapper Library Separate driver None of the above 141 A user can change the default log-in shell using chmod ans)chsh rmsh tchsh 142 The Control+C character sequence generates which signal ans)SIGINT SIGTERM SIGQUIT SIGPIPE 143 A driver on Linux is called a Daemon Driver ans)Module None of the above 144 During exwcution of a system call Program execution continues in user mode ans)Program is switched to kernel mode to service the system call Normal users can not use system calls None of the above 145 During bootup init process reads this file for configuration settings initrc init.conf ans)inittab init.d 146 "After calling exit, till the point when the parent reads back the exit status the process state is" ans)Zombie Suspended Sleeping in interruptible sleep Waiting for Event 147 "When a process exits, all of its child processes are first sent" SIGINT SIGCONT ans)SIGHUP SIGTERM 148 When a child's parent exits before the child the child process is inherited by swapper kernel ans)init a special garbage collection process 149 Multiple functions registered with atexit are ans)Called in a LIFO fashion Called in a FIFO fashion Are executed in parallel atexit can register only one function 150 When data is piped into a while loop (in a shell script) the while loop is ans)Executed in a separate shell instance Executed in the same shell as the script It is not possible to pipe data into while loops None of the above 151 A process with priority +19 executes (On Linux) with low priority With highest possible priority ans)With lowest possible priority With RealTime priority 152 When a process exits the message queues created are Automatically destroyed ans)Remain on the system till explicitly removed or system reboot Process exit is not allowed till all associated message queues are removed The behavior is undefined 153 If one process passes pointer to a shared memory segment to another process The other process can access the shared memory ans)Such a pointer can not be passed Shared memory is accessible by all processes None of the above

154 On Linux if a mount is attempted on a directory on which some other device is already mounted The command fails The system unmounts the first device then mounts the new device ans)The mount succeeds on top of the old mount The behavior is undefined 155 The dmesg command Shows user login logoff attempts Shows the syslog file for info messages ans)Shows the kernel log messages Shows the daemon log messages 156 wtmp and utmp are files containig Temporary system data ans)User login-logout and system restart event log The user's command execution log The user's su and sudo attempts 157 The unlink system call on a file ans)Removes directory entry and then decrements inode link count Decrements inode link count by one and then removes the directory entry "Removes only the directory entry, the links count is decremented by a special process" None of the above 158 If a file open by a process is unlinked by another The operation is not allowed The process that is trying to unlink the file is suspended ans)The operation is carried out successfully but file contents are available to original process till file is closed Behavior is undefined 159 The area of a unix style partition that holds integrity checking information about data block allocations is called superblock ans)bitmap block inode block Integrity Block 160 Which of the following commands allows definition and assignment of environment variables under bash env ans)export environ setenviron 161 The $ variables in a shell script context designates The runtime of the script Number of command line arguments ans)PID of the shell running the script The exit status of the shell script 162 If a process receives SIGCHLD and has not made provisions to handle it It is terminated ans)Execution continues Behaviour is undefined None of the above 163 The alarm system call schedules delivery of SIGALRM to process after Scheduled time has elapsed in real time ans)Scheduled time has elapsed as process run time Scheduled time has elapsed while executing system calls None of the above 164 Which of the following system calls can be used to detect change in last status of an file descriptor (edge triggered behavior) select poll ans)epoll ipoll

165 If a write is going to block on a file descriptor marked as Non-Blocking ans)The call returns an error status indicating as such The call blocks The write is done to a temporary buffer and then transfered to the actual file descriptor The behavior is undefined 166 The command ?mknod myfifo b 4 16? will ans)Will create a block device if user is root Will create a FIFO if user is not root Will Fail if user is not root None of the above 167 While executing a command the shell Executes it in the same process ans)Starts a subshell to execute it Loads a special program to take care of the execution None of the above 168 When a user process's stack overflows the kernel Immediately terminates the process ans)Allocates extra stack for the process transparently Sends a SIGSEGV to the process The system crashes. 169 "Under Linux, after a fork if the child does not modify the parent's data till exit" "ans)Actual memory copy does not get carried out, only a separate process is created" A separate copy of all segments is created Only Data Segment is copied and Text is always shared The parent is suspended till child exits 170 "Which of the following is true for vfork system call, when compared with fork" The child and parent run simultaneously as threads ans)The parent is blocked till the child exits or calls exec The stack segments for both processes are shared vfork and fork are same 171 Which of the following is not a valid run-level S 0 ans)12 1 172 "On Linux, initrd is a file" containing root file-system required during bootup Contains only scripts to be executed during bootup ans)Contains root-file system and drivers required to be preloaded during bootup None of the above 173 Which of the following identifiers associated with a process decide its privilege level uid suid ans)euid gid 174 Which of the following mechanisms can be used for network communication unix domain sockets ans)ethernet link level protocol Shared Memory pipes 175 Which of the following IPC mechanisms allows file descriptors to be passed between processes ans)unix domain sockets message queues Shared Memory It can not be done

176 electricfence is a Firewall for Unix ans)Library wrapper around malloc to detect memory leaks at runtime A physical security implemetation for intrusion detection None of the above 177 Which Lock will actually preventread()s andwrite()s to file. ans)Mandatory systems Advisory system Auto Lock None of the above 178 Advisory read locks also referred to as external locks exclusive locks ans)shared locks None of the above 179 POSIX:XSI Extension define time resolutions of nanoseconds ans)microseconds seconds minutes 180 POSIX:TMR Extension define time resolutions of ans)nanoseconds microseconds seconds minutes 181 The _______________ spesifies thread safe alternatives POSIX:XSI POSIX:TMR PSIX:TSM ans)POSIX:TSF 182 A clock is a counter that increments at fixed intervals called ans)clock resolution clock timer clock seconds Non of the above 183 The function used to set clock time in POSIX clock_writetime clock_puttime ans)clock_settime clock_time 184 The function used to get time in POSIX ans)clock_gettime clock_readtime clock_time None of the above 185 Which one has interval time POSIX:TMI ans)POSIX:XSI POSIX:INT POSIX:TSF 186 Which POSIX function used to create a thread ans)pthread_create thread_create pthread_new thread+new 187 Which POSIX function used to wait for a thread pthread_pause ans)pthread_wait thread_wait thread_stop 188 Which POSIX functionused to set thread to realease resources pthread_release pthread_close pthread_exit ans)pthread_detach 189 Which PSIX function used to start a thread pthread_start pthread_resume pthread_wait None of the above 190 Which function does not have to be thread safe ans)strerror strread strwrite strerror_r 191 ULT usually link to a special library in which each library function is enclosed by a brace brackets ans)jacket Non of the above

192 User Threads runs top of ans)kernal threads shell threads application threads Non of the above 193 Which one schedules kernal-level threads Shell Kernal it self ans)Operating System User 194 Which parameter is apointer to the attribute object in threads ans)attr pram var Non of the above 195 A thead has a __________________ whose location and seze are user settable attribute ans)stack functions variable 196 A ___________________ is a special variable that can be either in the lovked state or the unlocked state condition variable read-write locks sync variable ans)Mutex 197 A program must always intialize _________________ valraible before using them in mutex pthread_mutex_a ans)pthread_mutex_t pthread_mutex_p pthread_mutex_s 198 The _____________________ function blocks until the mutex is available ans)pthread_mutex_lock pthread_mutex_trylock pthread_lock pthread_mutex_trylock 199 A __________________ is software notification to a process of an event. interrupt lock ipc ans)signal 200 Every signal has a symbolic name starting with ___________ SIGNAL SGL ans)SIG SNL 201 Which command used to generate signals signal ipc gen ans)kill 202 Which signal used to stop background process attempting to read SIGREAD ans)SIGTTIN SIGRED SIGIN 203 If kill command unsuccessful because of invalid signal it returns ________________ error EPERM ESRCH ans)EINVAL ERROR 204 The ___________________ function allows to examine the action associated with a specific signal ans)sigaction sigexam siganalyse signotify 205 "Kernel maintains free space of the swap device in an in-core table, called " page Block ans)map section 206 The kernel must gather the ____________ of data at primary memory to be swapped out ans)page addresses map address block address Non of the above

207 In ___________________________ not all page of process resides in memory Swaping ans)Demand Paging Paging Memory 208 "In Demand Paging when a process accesses a page that is not part of its working set, it incurs a " ans)page fault. page error an exception Non of the above 209 ___________________ contains the physical address of page swap table page entry swap entry ans)Page Table 210 _____________________ contains swap device no and block number swap table page entry ans)Disk Block Discriptor Page Table 211 Which command displays information about ipc respirces ans)ipcs ipc ipcinfo ipcset 212 Which function returns the semaphore identifier associated with the key parameter seget ans)semget sget get 213 Each element of a semaphore set must be intialized with _______________ ans)semctl semid semvar semtem 214 Which function atomically performs a user-defined collection of semaphore operations semctl semid ans)semop semnum 215 ___________________ allows processes to read and write from the same memory segment register ans)shared memory buffers Non of the above 216 Which header file defins the data structures for shared memory ans)sys/shm.h sys/share.h sys/mem.h sys/mstrea.h 217 Which function used to attach the shared memory segment shatach shmatach ans)shmat shmem 218 Which function provides a variety of control operations on the shared memory segment shctl sctl shmemctl ans)shmctl 219 The ________ is a ipc machanism that allows a process to send receive messages Shared Memory semaphor ans)Message Queues Non of the above 220 Which function returns the message queue identifier ans)mesget msgread mget msget 221 A_______________ is a process that has completed execution but has not been waited for by its parent. thread ipc ans)zombie Non of the above 222 Which function used to create a TCP socket bound to port ans)u_open u_create u_port u_accept

223 Which function waits for connection request on fd u_open u_create u_port ans)u_accept 224 Which function intiates a connection to server u_open u_create ans)U_connect u_accept 225 A __________________ is a logical pathway for information ans)comunication chanel commnucation path communication route Non of the above 226 Which api provides connection-oriented communication CIUI ans)UICI UCCI UICC 227 Which function creates a communication endpoint and returns a file descriptor. ans)socket bind accept connect 228 A successful socket return a nonnegative integer corresponding to a socket ans)socket file descriptor ip address port no 229 Which function associates endpoint with specific port socket accept connect ans)bind 230 To use the socket to accept incoming request an application need to call _______ function socket accept ans)listen connect 231 The server handles incoming client connections by calling _______________ function socket ans)accept listen connect 232 Which function a client uses to establish a link to the well-known port of the server socket accept listen ans)connect 233 Which function behaves like inet_addr except that its parameter can be either a host name or an address ans)name2addr addr2name gethostbyname host2name 234 Which function a parent process can use to block until child's status finishes. fork ans)wait pause block 235 Which function used to create a copy of current process exec create child ans)fork 236 Which function used to create a child process that is different form calling process ans)exec create child fork 237 Which process creation function pass the command line arguments in an explicit list execv execvp exec ans)execl 238 A __________ is a background process that normally runs indefinitely thread child process daemon Non of the above

239 Which library function used to get group process id getpid getpd getppid ans)getpgid 240 On many systems the end of file character is Ctrl C ans)Ctrl D Ctrl Z EOF 241 Which function provides a method of monitoring file descriptors from a single process. monitor poll ans)select check 242 Which function organizes the information by file descriptor rather than by type of condition monitor ans)poll select check 243 ________________________ represents the user home directory / . .. ~ 244 Which function returns current pathname of the current working directory getpath pathconf ans)getpwd pwd 245 Which function used to open a directory open ans)opendir raed readdir 246 The opendir function returns _____________________ ans)DIR type FILE type int int pointer 247 Which function takes file name and retrieves file status accesss fstat ans)lstate files 248 Which function accesses a file with an open file descriptor and returns the state accesss ans)fstat lstate files 249 Which PSIX Macro used to determine pipe or FIFO special files S_ISDIR S_ISSPE ans)S_ISFIFO S_ISREG 250 Which POSIX Macro used to determin shared memory object S_TYPEISMQ ans)S_TYPEISSEM S_TYPEISSHM Non of the above 251 __________________ command used to determin the path of an executable file ans)which where wexec what 252 ______________________ is the simplest ipc machanism. Shared Memory ans)pipe FIFO Message Queues 253 _____________________________ is a named pipe and appears in the directory listing. Shared Memory pipe ans)FIFO Message Queues 254 _________________ command or function used to create FIFO create_fifo ans)mkfifo mk_fifo cfifo 255 ___________________ command used to set terminal IO charactresistic tty ctty ptty stty 256 How many number of user singals available 1 ans)2 3 0

257 A process can send a signal to itself with _________________ function ans)raise signal throw Non of the above 258 Which function causes a SIGALRM raise ans)alaram kill Non of the above 259 A progrm can access system time by calling ____________________ function time_t sys_time ans)time stime 260 which function converts the structure returned by localtime to a string ctime ans)asctime local time 261 which function used to return UTC time utime asctime ans)gmtime localtime 262 The ________ function takes into accout both the time zone and day light saving time. ans)ctime utime asctime gmtime 263 _________________________ function used to find out own thread ID pthread_getid ans)pthread_self pthread_id Non of the above 264 Which function used to terminat a thread ans)pthread_kill kill kill -9 Non of the above 265 Which function used to set its signal mask for a thread pthread_mask pmask ans)pthread_sigmask pthread_msk 266 ______________________ sychronization always gices preference to writers Writer Strong Writer Full Writer Non of the above 267 Which function allow a thread to acquire a read-write lock for reading ans)pthread_rwlock_rdlock pthread_rwlock_wrlock pthread_rwlock Non of the above 268 Which function allow a thread to acquire a read-write lock for writing pthread_rwlock_rdlock ans)pthread_rwlock_wrlock pthread_wrlock Non of the above 269 Which function implemetns the classic semaphore wait oparation wait pthread_wait ans)sem_wait Non of the above 270 Which function implements the classic semaphore signalling sem_sig ans)sem_post post pthread-sig 271 Which function intializes the value of the shared variable. initsh initsm initshared init 272 Which header file has the POSIX thread functions thread.h posix.h ans)pthread.h Non of the above 273 The ___________ function establishes the connection between a named semaphore and a sem_t value sem_create ans)sem_open sem_ns Non of the above

274 To remove POSIX:XSI ipc resources ____________________ command is used ipcs ipcremove ans)ipcrm ipcdelete 275 The __________________ command used to start a forground proccess in background ans)bg fg background forground 276 ________________________ creates a one way connection between process FIFO ans)pipes shared memory massage queue 277 The ______________ function can be used to print a meaningful description of the error. ans)perror ferror error Non of the above 278 "the _________________ as a special file that can store a limited amount of data in a first in, first out manner" FIFO shared memory ans)pipe Semaphores 279 The ___________________ command is an alternative to echo command ans)printf print display Non of the above 280 The _______________ command used to record a user login session in a file macro read ans)script none of the above 281 Which command is used to display the operating system name os Unix kernel uname 282 __________________ command is used to display the unix version ans)uname r uname -n uname -t kernel 283 __________ command is used to print a file print ptr ans)lpr none of the above 284 The ___________ command is used to display the octal value of the text octal text_oct oct ans)od 285 The ____________ command is used to view compressed text file contents cat type ans)zcat print 286 The _____________ command changes a file's group owner cgrp ans)chgrp change group 287 The ____________ is used to search for a pattern in vi editor \ * ans)() ? 288 The ____________ command is used to extract intermediate result in a pipeline ans)tee extract exec none of the above 289 The _____________ command is used to extract a column from a text file paste get ans)cut tar 290 The _______________ variable is used to display number of arguments specified in command line $0 ans)$# $* $?

291 Which variable contains current shell process id $* $? ans)$$ $! 292 Which variable contains last background job process id $* $? $$ ans)$! 293 Which command can be used to test various file attributes if file ans)test type 294 Which command is used to debug a shell script program set ans)set -x debug db 295 Which command is used to set limits on file size fsize flimit ans)ulimit usize 296 Which command is used to display disk consumption of a specific directory ans)du ds dd dds 297 The ______________ command is used to perform backup backup ans)cpio zip gzip 298 Which function is used to create softlink link softlink ans)symlink slink 299 Which function is used to change the file's modification and access time ans)utime touch stime sftime 300 Which function is used to duplicate a file descriptor dup_fd ans)dup fd dfile