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COLLECTIVE NOUNS Collective nouns are words used to describe a group of nouns. We use collective nouns when we refer to a group of people , animals and thing as a whole .     A clump of kelp A field of plankton A basket of fruits A pack of cards     A crew of sailors A bed of oysters A team of scientists A panel of judges     A fleet of cars A herd of sea lion A swarm of bees A pod of dolphins Exercise 1 Give a suitable collective noun in each of the spaces 1. A _____________ of kittens 2. A _____________ of sheep 3. A _____________ of ships 4. A _____________ of thread 5. A _____________ of stamps 6. A _____________ of tools 7. A _____________ of trees 8. A _____________ of flowers 9. A _____________ of books 10. A _____________ of cotton 11. A _____________ of 12. A _____________ of 13. A _____________ of 14. A _____________ of 15. A _____________ of 16. A _____________ of 17. A _____________ of 18. A _____________ of 19. A _____________ of 20. A _____________ of mice pups chicken stars corn horses buffaloes fruit wolves dolphins EXERCISE 2 Fill in the blanks with a suitable collective noun from the box EXERCISE 3 Fill in the blanks with suitable collective nouns from the box. flock team set clump bed bunch cluster field fleet schoal 1. Of course you can’t feed the seals a _____________ of grapes! 2. There was a __________ of fishing boats heading out to sea. 3. When I was in Penang, I saw some ____________of seagulls near the beach. 4. The trawlers caught a ____________of sardines in the sea that day. 5. From the deck of the ship, he gazed up to look at the ________________of stars. 6. The fisherman cleared away the ________________of seaweed caught in his net. 7. The __________ of books over there are all about marine plants and animals. 8. There were two _____________ of players participating in the water polo match. 9. The tiny fish and other sea creatures feed on the ________________ of plankton around them. 10. The divers swam towards the __________of oysters because he wanted to look for the pearls. EXERCISE 4 Fill in the blanks with the correct collective nouns 1. The mechanic has a ____________ of tools in his garage. 2. I could see a ______________of fish in the pond. 3. The gardener cut down a ____________of trees. 4. Her father gave her a____________ of diamonds for her birthday. 5. She was given a ______________ of furniture as her wedding gift. 6. As winter approach a _____________ of birds flew south to warmer lands. 7. We need a ________________ of cards to play Black Jack. 8. Arrange your clothes in the ______________of drawers. 9. The Principal was presented with a ______________ of flowers. 10. A _______________of ships sailed out of the Harbour. 11. The farmer has a _____ of cattle on his farm. 12. Police have arrested a _____ of thieves 13. She bought a _____ of bananas from the market 14. The _____ of pupils are listening attentively to their teacher 15. I was attacked by a _______ of bees. 16. On a stormy night you could hear the howling of a _______ of wolves 17. A _______ of geese was heard a mile away. 18. There was a robbery at the ABC Bank. The thief ran off with a large ________ of cash. 19. A _____ of birds flew high in the sky. 20. They saw a _____ of lions at the zoo..

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